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Fifth Generation

95. Isaac ADAMSON1 was born about 1795 in Tennessee.28 He died on 13 March 1833 at the age of 38 in Delaware County, Indiana.1,28

Moses Trader Shepherd's life story compiled by Bliss Brimley in the
Moses Trader Shepherd Family Organization Newletter, June 1978:
"...The Adamsons were Quakers who had been early settlers [to Delaware Co]
from Wayne Co., Indiana in 1832. Isaac Adamson, had been killed that first
year by a fall from a barn he was helping to raise for a neighbor..."
DEATH: His estate was probated on this date.
OTHER: Aaron Adamson Shepherd record book in possession of Ivan Shepherd,
Payson, Utah
Ind. Pub A Vol 40
"Indiana Mag. of History"
"A Portrait and Biographical Record of Delaware and Randolph Co., Indiana"
Family records of Bliss J. Brimley, Pleasant Grove, Utah

1820 Wayne Co IN
Isac Adamson. 1m under 10, 1m 16-26. 1f under 10, 1f 16-26

Land Patent #4813 to Isaac Adamson of Wayne Co IN, the East 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 24, Township 18, Range 12. 80 acres. 10 April 1824

1830 Wayne Co IN
Isac Adamson. 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40. 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40.

Patent #1712 to Isaac Adamson of Wayne Co IN, the SE 1/4 of Section 36, Twp 21 N, Range 8 E. 160 acres. Issued 5 Aug 1834 - more than a year after his death.
Isaac Adamson of Wayne Co IN had a patent for the SW 1/4, Section 36, Twp 21-N, Range 8=E, 2nd Prime Meridian, Delaware Co IN, 5 Aug 1834. This Section bordered Madison Co IN; his neighbors were Archibald Parker, John Finney, Stephen Crowse, John Crowsaw and John Crowsore [is this perhaps the same man?] Enoch Garner was some north of Isaac, and owned almost all of the south half of Section 13, also on the Madison Co line.

Isaac ADAMSON and Nancy GARNER were married on 12 April 1818 in Wayne County, Indiana.38 Nancy GARNER1, daughter of ??? GARNER, was born about 1797 in North Carolina.1

Moses Trader Shepherd's life story compiled by Bliss Brimley in the
Moses Trader Shepherd Family Organization Newletter, June 1978:
"...Some of Nancy's brothers, Job, Henry, James, and Enoch Garner also
were early settlers in Delaware Co., Ind, Job Garner having been appointed
guardian of the minor children of Nancy Adamson..."

1860. Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN. Hh 271
James Adamson, age 29. Rebecca, age 26.
Isaac A., 6
Nancy, age 63, b. Tenn [James's mother]
next door in Hh 272
Aaron Adamson, age 36, b. IN. Amy, 33, b. Ohio
Children born in IN: James 9, William 8, Cinderella 5, and John H., age 2.

Isaac ADAMSON and Nancy GARNER had the following children:



Henry Riley ADAMSON was born on 16 March 1819 in Wayne County, Indiana.1



Priscilla ADAMSON1,5 was born on 5 November 1820 in Wayne County, Indiana.1 She died on 17 November 1882 at the age of 62 in Delaware County, Indiana.34

Said to have married John Adamson - he was her second cousin.

1870 Census Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN Hh 3
John Adamson, age 54, b. TN [b. 1816]
Precilla, age 49, keeping house
Elizabeth, age 19
Riley Gronandike, age 9

1880 Census. Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN, Hh 206
Percilla Adamson, age 55, widow
N. C. Jones, age 32, male, farmer, b. IN, parents b. VA
R. Elizabeth, age 30, housewife, b. IN [possibly Priscilla's daughter]
David R. Gronendike, age 18, nephew, b. IN
Wm Adamson, age 50, uncle, retired, b. IN [probably her husband John's brother]
Priscilla Adamson was born on 5 November 1820 in Wayne Co., Indiana. She died on 17 November 1882 in Delaware Co., Indiana. Parents: Isaac Adamson-1922 and Nancy Garner-1923.
Spouse: John Adamson-1925. Priscilla Adamson and John Adamson were married about 1840. They were married. Children were: Henry Riley Adamson-1926.
John Adamson was born in 1816 in Tennessee. He died on 21 March 1875 in Delaware Co., Indiana. Parents: Abraham Adamson-230 and Eleanor Lewis-231.



Eliza Jane ADAMSON5 was born on 31 August 1822 in Wayne County, Indiana.1 She died on 12 August 1897 at the age of 74 in Huntington, Emery County, Utah.1

Eliza was married to Moses Trader Shepherd on 22 Mar 1840, Muncie, Delaware Co IN. The License was issued on the 19th and they were married by Jesse Stout, JP.. He was born 9 Jan 1820 in Warren, Franklin Co, Ohio. They had 11 children. John Mack b. 1840 & d. 1841, Priscilla Ann, William C. R., born in Delaware Co IN but died in Iowa before 1850. Nancy, b. in Missouri, d. 1851 in Iowa. Aaron b. in Pottawattamie Co, Iowa. Peter b. & d. 1852 "on the plains", presumably on their trek to Utah. Eliza Jane, Moses Andrew, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Garner & Mary Elizabeth all born in Utah.

1850 Census. Pottawattamie, Iowa, Hh 830
Moses Shepperd, 31, b. Ohio
Eliza, 28, b. IN
Priscilla, 8, b. IN
Nancy, 3, b. MO
Aaron, 1, b. Iowa

1860 Census. Spring Town, Sanpete, Utah Territory
Moses T. Shepherd, age 40, b. Ohio
Eliza, 37, b. IN
Hyrum, 13, b. Iowa
Aaron A., age 10, b. Iowa

The 1860 Census in Sanpete Co, Utah, shows a slightly different family.
Moses T. Shepherd, age 40, b. Ohio. Eliza 37, b. IN. Hyrum age 13, b. Iowa [son of Hannah & 1st husband Isaac Hatch], Aaron A, 10, b. Iowa. Next household is Hannah Shepherd age 42 with Thaddeus 10 [another son of Hannah & Isaac Hatch, Joseph 3, Danl Y. 4/12 [Joseph & Daniel were sons by Moses], Eliza J. age 6, Moses A. 4, and Benj. F. 2 [these last three are Eliza's children]. Apparently Moses was one of the early Mormons that practiced polygamy and the children were variously distributed between the wives in this census.

Moses married Eliza Jane Adamson 22 Mar 1840 in Delaware Co IN. The database says that they sold their 32 acres in 1848 to her brother John Adamson [I don't find that Eliza had a brother John - she did have a brother-in-law John, husband of her sister Priscilla]. After the Shepherds got to Iowa, Eliza was disillusioned and refused to continue West. Moses went on without her and married Martha Amanda Bryant about 1847 or 1848 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co, Iowa. They had one son. Moses made a trip back to Iowa to help other immigrants to Utah and persuaded Eliza to go West - Martha & the baby had died when he returned to Utah. Moses then married Hannah Garlick on 1 Apr 1856 in Provo, Utah, by whom he had sons Joseph & Daniel. Hannah had previously been married to Issac Hatch by whom she had sons Hyrum & Thaddeus. He married Mary Christina Olsen on 17 Dec 1864 in Salt Lake City and had a daughter Rhoda, b. 1865, who was only about a year old when her father Moses T. Shepherd died.

Moses died 19 Sep 1866, Spanish Fork, Utah Co, UT.

Eliza married (2) Stephen Markham. He was born 9 Feb 1800, Avon, Livingston Co, NY, the son of David and Dinah (Merry) Markham. Stephen had six other wives; he died 10 Mar 1878, Spanish Fork.

1870 Census. Spanish Fork, Utah Co, Utah Territory, Hh 14
Stephan Markham, age 70
Lydia, 71. Mary, 37. Eliza J. 45. [Three wives, I believe]
Orvel 19, Don Carlos 16, Stephen 15, Sarah 12, Atta B., 10, Homer M. 8, Emily 6, Margaret, 5, Joseph, age 1.
Moses Sheppard, 14, Benjamin 11, Mary 4, Isaac 8
Julia Ann Sheppard, 20, b. IN, domestic servant

1880 Census. Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, Hh 380
Eliza Shepherd, 57, b. IN
Benjamin, 22, son, b. Utah
Hh 381
Moses Shepherd, 24, b. Utah
Rachel Ann, 20, wife, b. Utah
Rachel, dau, b. Utah
Isaac Shepherd, 18, brother, b. Utah

Eliza married (3) to Joseph Huff.

She had a total of eleven children by her first husband, Moses Shepherd.
1. John Mack Shepherd, b. 30 Dec 1840, died young in Indiana
2. Priscilla Ann Shepherd, b. 4 May 1842, Mt. Pleasant, Delaware Co IN; married Benjamin Franklin Barney in Salt Lake City - he had three other marriages
3. William Cummins Riley Shepherd, b. 1 Apr 1844, Mt. Pleasant; he married Anna Pierson, 27 Nov 1871
4. Nancy Shepherd, b. 17 Dec 1846, died ca 1850 in Missouri
5. Aaron Adamson Shepherd, b. 9 Aug 1849, Council Bluff, Pottawattamie Co, Iowa. He married Eliza Ann Job, 27 May 1869, Goshen, Utah Co, UT
6. Peter Burr Shepherd, b. 21 Jul 1852, died same year in Council Bluff.
7. Eliza Jane Shepherd, b. 12 Sep 1853, Spanish Fork, UT. Married (1) William Howard Avery, 1 Nov 1869, Salt Lake City.
8. Moses Andrew Shepherd, b. 31 Jan 1856, Palmyra, UT. He had three wives and fourteen children.
9. Benjamin Franklin Shepherd, b. 5 Apr 1858, Spanish Fork. Three wives, ten children.
10. Isaac Garner Shepherd, b. 8 Aug 1861, Spanish Fork. Twelve children.
11. Mary Elizabeth Shepherd, b. 15 Sep 1864, Spanish Fork. She married James Douglas Hay, Sr., 14 Oct 1880, Salt Lake City. He was born in England. They both died in Idaho; twelve children.

She is buried Spanish Fork City Cemetery, Utah County, Utah

FindAGrave, Memorial #12497910
DESCRIPTION: Life Story: "...She was tall with black hair and dark eyes and was undoubtedly very beautiful as were her daughters...Eliza Jane was a good sport, and I am sure her sense of humor was helpful through it all (polygamy)...She had a pleasant personality but was known to scold quite a bit. If her family was together and someone would start scolding, someone else would say, `You sound just like Grandma Shepherd.'...She was a large woman and her care (after her stroke) was not easy for those who waited on her. She stayed in various homes for a few months at a time..."
OCCUPATION: Life Story: "... (After Moses died) She kept cows and milked, selling the milk and butter or trading them for the things she needed. She also sold medicine for home use, made herbs, etc. She had many home remedies for most kinds of illnesses and was often called upon by her neighbors when sickness came to their homes...Eliza Jane left Mr. Huff (her third husband) and moved in with her son and children to help out (after the death of their mother, Eliza Ann Job Shepherd)...Hannah remembers that her grandmother was a good cook and took delight in making the many good dishes she knew how to prepare. She made her own sauerkraut and in the summer always had a crock of homemade beer out by the well..."
DEATH: Life Story: "...About four years before her death, Eliza Jane suffered a paralytic stroke. Hannah (Aaron's daughter) came home from school one day and went into the bed and found her unable to move or speak. She had lain down for an afternoon rest when she was stricken. It was three days before she regained her speech. She slowly regained her strength and with some assistance she could get from the bed into a chair and sit for a few hours. Many times she tried, with the aid of a cane, to stand, hoping she might be able to walk again, but she never was able to do so. This illness was most certainly the biggest trial of her life. She often said that it was harder to take than anything that happened previously in her life...It was during her last visit with Eliza Jane (her daughter) that she passed away, 12 Aug 1897. Her body was taken and shipped by train to Spanish Fork where services were held and she was buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery."
Information submitted by Rosemary Nyman, November 22, 2008.



William ADAMSON1 was born on 28 August 1824 in Wayne County, Indiana.1 He died on 13 March 1890 at the age of 65 in Afton, Union County, Iowa.

Married 3 Jan 1849 to Mary Hopkins.
I have not positively been able to identify this couple in the census, although they are said to have had a son John b. 1854 and daughter Jane, b. 1856.

Based on names of these children [names of William's siblings], I suspect this is William & Mary and the children above are incorrect:
1860 Census. Jackson Twp, Wells Co IN, Hh 822
William Adamson, age 36, b. IN. Mary, age 31, b. TN
Nancy E., age 5. Percilla, age 5, Aaron T., age 3
Samuel Jones, age 38, lived with them. He was born in Ohio.

1870 Census. Monroe Twp, Madison Co IN, Hh 300
William Adamson, age 46, b. IN. Mary, age 46, b. NC
Children born in IN: Nancy, age 18, Priscilla 16, Aaron 13, John 10, Robert 7.

In 1880, still in Monroe Twp, William is not in the household, but Mary states she is married.
Mary E. Adamson, age 57, b. NC, parents b. NC
Aaron T., son, age 23, works in saw mill
John, son, age 21, works in saw mill
Alexander, son, age 19, works in saw mill

He is said to have married a second time to Sarah Ann Grove, 14 Oct 1883, Afton, Union Co, Iowa.

I did not find William in Iowa in 1880. I did find Sarah in 1900.
Union Twp, Union Co. Iowa, Hh 152
Sallie A. Long, b. Oct 1851, age 48, a widow. Had 4 children, 3 are living. Born in Iowa, parent b. Ohio
Minnie Adamson, dau, b. Aug 1886, age 13
James W. Adamson, son, b. Jan 1890, age 10



Aaron ADAMSON1,5,45,46 was born on 16 September 1826 in Wayne County, Indiana.1 He died on 24 May 1881 at the age of 54.5

Aaron's first wife's given name was Amy. They were in Delaware Co IN in the 1860 Census. Aaron gave his age as 34, born in IN. He was enumerated next to his brother James.

1860. Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN. Hh 271
James Adamson, age 29. Rebecca, age 26.
Isaac A., 6
Nancy, age 63, b. Tenn [James's mother]
next door in Hh 272
Aaron Adamson, age 36, b. IN. Amy, 33, b. Ohio
Children born in IN: James 9, William 8, Cinderella 5, and John H., age 2.

The online Roster of the 57th Regt, Indiana Infantry, lists Aaron Adamson in Company K. He enlisted as a private and was a private when mustered out. That is probably this man.

By 1870, he had a new wife. Susannah, age 23, born in Ohio. She possibly had been the widow Susannah Hudlaw as there was a 2-year-old boy, Edward Hudlaw in the household.
P.O. Yorktown, Harrison Twp, Delaware Co IN, Hh 44
Aaron Adamson, 43, Farmer, b. IN
Susannah, 23, b. Ohio
William T., 18
Linda O., 15
John H. 12
Arminda, age 8
Edward Hudlaw, age 2

Although the Pike Family History had a date of death in 1881, I have been unable to find a trace of this family in the 1880 census.

Cemtery record on
Jones Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware Co IN.
Aaron Adamson, no birth date, d. 21 May 1881, age 54. Married to Amy.
Amy Adamson, d. 27 Dec 1968, age 41, wife of Aaron [date of death is surely wrong- it should have been 1868, since she was not in the 1870 census.]
Cinderilla Adamson, dau of Aaron and Amy. d. 26 Jun 1879, age 24y 9m 19d [again this date of death is wrong on FindAGrave - recorded there as 1979]

Other Adamson graves in this cemetery are
John, d. 21 Mar 1875, 58 years old. "Father and Mother" on the monument
Peracilla, d. 17 Mar 1882, died age 60y 4m 12d - wife of John
Nancy, d. 17 Feb 1849 - age 12 years [stone is broken]



Sarah Jane ADAMSON was born on 14 January 1828 in Wayne County, Indiana. She died on 3 May 1883 at the age of 55 in Fall River, Greenwood County, Kansas.

1860 Census. Jefferson Twp, Poweshiek Co, Iowa, Hh 696
William Moore, 43, b. Ohio
Sarah J. 33, b. IN
Samuel Owen, 14
Thomas H. 10
Margaret A. 8
Jonathan B. 6
George W. 3
Rachel Ellen, age 1

1870 Census. Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas, Hh 147
William Moore, 51, b. Ohio
Sarah, 42, b. IN
Samuel O., 23, b. IN
Thomas H. 20, b. IN
Margaret A., 18, b. IN
Jonathan, 16, b. IN
Rachel, 11, b. Iowa
Joanna, 8, b. Iowa
Mary E., 4, b. Kansas
William C. 8 months, b. Kansas

1880 Census. Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas, Hh 1
Wm Moore, 65, b. Ohio, father b. Delaware, mother b. Ohio
Sarah J., 52, wife, has asthma, b. IN, father b. TN, mother b. NC
Thos. H., 30, son, b. IN
M. A., 27, dau, b. IN
Jno, 26, son, b. IN
R. E., 21, dau, b. Iowa
M. E., 14, dau, b. Kansas
Wm. C., 10, son, b. Kansas
Florence, 3, granddau., b Kansas, parents b. Iowa (Joanna was the only other child beside Rachel born in Iowa)



James ADAMSON1,47 was born on 17 August 1830 in Wayne County, Indiana.1 He died on 29 September 1915 at the age of 85 in Stafford County, Kansas.

Wife's given name was Rebecca. James gave his age in the 1860 census as 29.

1860. Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN. Hh 271
James Adamson, age 29. Rebecca, age 26.
Isaac A., 6
Nancy, age 63, b. Tenn [James's mother]
next door in Hh 272
Aaron Adamson, age 36, b. IN. Amy, 33, b. Ohio
Children born in IN: James 9, William 8, Cinderella 5, and John H., age 2.

1870 Census. Providence Twp, Hardin Co, Iowa, Hh 5
James Adamson, age 39, b. IN
Rebecca, age 37, b. IN
Born in Indiana: Isaac A, age 16. Mary P. and Nancy E., both age 9.
Jonathan, b. Iowa, age 6 months, born June [1869]

1880 Census. Marion, Marshall Co, Iowa Hh 10
James Adamson, age 50, b. IN, parents b. Tenn.
Rebecca, wife, age 46, b. IN, parents b. NC
Emanuel, age 3, son, b. IN
Hh 1 [next house - apparently a new neighborhood]
James R. Adamson, age 30, b. IN [possibly a nephew - son of Aaron]
Nancy, 34, wife, b. NC
Fred M., age 4, son, b. Iowa
John M., age 1, son, b. Iowa.

1900 Census. Rose Valley Twp, Stafford Co Kansas, p.352, Hh 70
Emanuel Adamson, b. Feb 1879, age 22, b. IN, parents b. IN
Cleo A., wife, b. Nov 1876, age 23, b. MO, parents b. Ohio
James, Father, b. Aug 1830, age 69, widow. Born IN as were his parents.

1910 Census. Rose Valley, Stafford Co, Kansas, Hh 63
Emanuel Adamson, 33, married 1 time for 10 years, b, IN
Cleon A., wife, 33, has had 1 child, b. MO
Gladys W., dau, 5, b. KS
James, father, 79, widowed, b. IN
next door:
William A. Adamson, age 30, b. Iowa, married 1 time for 10 years [not sure who this is...some have him as a son born just after the 1800 census.]
Myra, wife, age 35, b. IL, two children
Elza, son, age 7, b. Iowa
Vera, dau, age 4, b. Iowa

Buried Fairview Park Cemetery, Saint John, Stafford Co, Kansas - joint marker with Rebecca.

William A. was living Pottawattamie, Iowa, in 1900, Wright Twp. He was born Jun 1878, age 21; born in Iowa; parents born in Indiana. If he was James's child, he should have been with the family in 1880 and he was not. Almira P., wife, b. Jun 1873, age 26; born Illinois as were her parents. They were recently married.