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Second Generation

6. Mary WARD was born about 1636 in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.

Mary Ward was married by 1659 for she was among the daughters not given legacies in her father's will because they had received portions at their marriage. She is named as Mary Burr in December of 1665 in her mother's will. There is no suggestion of children for Mary in that will although other grandchildren are named along with their parent. Some have attributed Daniel & Esther Burr as children to Mary - they each received 10 shillings from Mary's mother as an afterthough in the will. Some have tried to suggest that Jehu Burr was married to both sisters, Mary and Hester, but in the Puritan society which regarded with abhorrence a marriage to a dead wife's sister, that seems quite unlikely.

The only Fairfield Burr available to be Mary Burr's husband seems to be John, brother to Jehu. He did marry Sarah Fitch but not until about 1673 when he was nearing forty. An earlier marriage would be probable. In 1864, the will of Moses Dimon, who married Abigail Ward, Mary's sister, called John Burr and Samuel Ward [brother of Abigail & Mary] his brethren. This term seems unexplainable unless John Burr was the husband of Mary Ward and another brother-in-law.

John BURR18, son of Jehu BURR, was born about 1633.15,16,20 He died in 1692 at the age of 59 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut.16,21

The Burrs were of Fairfield. At the time Mary Ward was referred to as Mary Burr in her mother's will, 1665, the only unattached male Burr seems to have been this John. They appeared to have had no children.

John Burr was a deputy for Fairfield at various times from 1666 to 1690. He was Capt in the Fairfield Trainband, Apr 1690; Commissary of Fairfield Co 1693, and Sergeant-Major, Fairfield Co, 1694.

It is certain that about 1673, John Burr, near age 40, did marry Sarah Fitch, daughter of Thomas Fitch of Norwalk, and she was the mother of his ten children whose births were recorded at Fairfield.

John's Will was dated 19 Mar 1693/4. It named wife Sarah, son John to be Executor and to receive the homelot; son Samuel to have the farm in the woods and four years in College; son Jonathan to have land in the new field; son David the homelot bought of John Cable. Daughter Mary to have 100£ at 18 or marriage; daughter Deborah the same. Daughter Sarah has already received her protion. Overseers to be brother Nathaniel Burr and cousin Peter Burr. He stated he had not received from his father Fitch, his wife's portion. Witnesses: John Edwards, Eliphalet Hill.
Inventory of the estate was dated 5 Nov 1694.