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Second Generation

5. Hester WARD18 was born about 1634 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.16 She died about 1666 at the age of 32 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Hester is not mentioned as a child in the Andrew Warde book - it's Mary that married Jehu Burr. Burr Genealogy and History of Fairfield both go along with the Ward Genealogy in stating that Jehu was married to Mary Ward. There is considerable confusion about which of Andrew's daughters were married to which of Jehu Burr's sons. The wills of Andrew and his wife Hester seem to only add to the confusion. The Families of Old Fairfield devotes some three pages to the solving of this mystery and the conclusion therein seems to have merit.

Andrew's will of 1659 does not name his married daughters - neither Mary or a Hester. Hester's will of 1665 names her daughter Mary Burr with a smallish bequest. She named Sarah & Nathaniel Burr as grandchildren and children of daughter Sarah - who is certain to have married Nathaniel Burr. Then as an afterthought, Hester gave 10 shillings each to Daniel Burr & Hester Burr without naming their relationship - if they had been children of Mary it seems she would have said so at the instance she named Mary Burr in her will, as she did the other grandchildren with their parents.

It is known that Jehu Burr married sometime after 1655, Esther, who was the widow of Joseph Boosey of Westchester and by 1666 he was married to Elizabeth Prudden, daughter of the Rev. Peter Prudden. The will of Jehu in 1869 names a son Daniel [apparently as the eldest son] and a daughter Esther who had received her portion. Most of the rest of his children were still underage. Certainly Hester, or Esther, was an often-used given name in the Ward family and it would be reasonable to assume Andrew & Hester did have a daughter named for her mother Hester. It seems also reasonable to propose that Jehu Burr's first wife was a daughter of Andrew Ward, and young widow of Joseph Boosey, and that she died prior to 1666. The Burr and Ward families were closely associated.

Families of Old Fairfield goes on to suggest that the reason Daniel & Hester Burr received a token legacy was first of all because their mother was a daughter of Andrew & Hester and therefore they were entitled to recognition. However, Hester Boosey had inherited an estate of upward of 64£ from Joseph Boosey, an amount which the Burr children would have inherited upon her death which likely had taken place only a short time before the elder Hester wrote her will - this was considerably more than the 9£ allotted to other groups of the grandchildren so they were well provided for.

Jehu Burr and wife Hester conveyed her interest in Boosey property on 27 Feb 1661/2. The deed at Wethersfield stated that James Boosey gave the land to his son Joseph Boosey who was the first husband "unto the said Easter, now the wife of the said Jehu Burr". She certainly must have been the mother of the elder Burr children, Daniel, born as early as 1660, and Esther, named for herself.

Hester WARD and Joseph BOOSEY were married. Joseph BOOSEY18, son of James BOOSEY and Alice [BOOSEY], died in 1655 in Westchester, New London County, Connecticut.

Joseph left his entire estate to his wife Hester. It was worth upwards of 64£.

Hester WARD and Jehu BURR were married after 1655.9 Jehu BURR18, son of Jehu BURR, was born about 1631.19

Jehu could have been born as early as 1625 - his mother may have been a different wife from the younger children of his father Jehu Burr.

His will was dated 11 Jan 1689/90 and proved 31 Oct 1692. His wife was mentioned but her name not stated; sons Daniel, Peter, Samuel who was a minor; daughter Esther had received her portion; daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Joanna, and Abigail were all under age 18; grand child Mary, only child of dec'd daughter Mary by son-in-law Samuel Wakeman. Jehu's brother John and Nathaniel, to be overseers.

Hester WARD and Jehu BURR had the following children:



Lt. Daniel BURR.



Hester or Esther BURR18 was born about 1663.

Esther may have married John Bulkley.