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Fourth Generation

111. Lavinia WALTERS19,35,72,76 was born on 7 May 1774 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.19,192 She died on 13 February 1813 at the age of 38 in Franklin County, Georgia.192

Levinia married 26 Dec 1788 in Pittsylvania Co to Samuel Prewett Jr The Walters book says she married 2nd John Dodson on 26 Dec 1806 in Pittsylvania Co but this is incorrect. The Levinia Walters in Pittsylvania Co was the daughter of the Robert Walters that married Seletha McBee - they lived in Pittsylvania Co VA and were not in Georgia. In 1827, when Robert Walters of Franklin Co GA wrote his will in his daughter was deceased and was still Lavinia PRUITT.

Samuel Pruitt is said to have been born 10 Sep 1761 or 1762 and died 19 Dec 1845 in Franklin Co GA. Samuel & Lavinia may not have gone to Georgia as early as some of the others did, but perhaps had moved there by 1798. Various online databases [copies in my files] give more information about this family. Levinia is said to have died by about 1813, as Samuel married 15 Nov 1814 in Franklin Co GA to Keziah Stokes Connally, widow of Charles Connally. Samuel's will dated 15 May 1839 left bequests to wife Kezia, daughter Lucy Riley, orphans of son Samuel Prewitt deceased, sons Hezekiah, John W. [500 acres on which he now lives], Robert W., and Joseph Prewett, and daughter Polly Chandler [land on Hudson River after death of wife Kezia], grandson Samuel W. Prewitt [170 acres on fork of Flat Creek], grandson Samuel Riley [187 acres N side of Danielville Road]. John W. Pruitt believed to be the only son of the marriage to Kezia.
The Samuel Pruitt who married Levinia Walters was the third Samuel. His father was also Samuel Pruitt, born about 1720, Frederick Co MD and died perhaps 17 Nov 1801 in Pittsylvania Co VA. He married Lucy Owen. His will doesn't mention Lucy but does name daughters Ruth Cook, Elizabeth Butt, Polly Hawker & Sallie Pruett, and sons Samuel & Joseph. He also probably had had sons Phillip, Zachariah & Benjamin. Samuel II moved from Maryland to Halifax Co VA about 1762 where he had land on Sandy and Birches Creeks. Samuel II was also the son of a Samuel Pruitt, born 4 Apr 1700, whose will was written 3 Jan 1760, probated 29 Apr 1760 in Frederick Co Maryland. His wife was Elizabeth Hawker; they married about 1720 in Maryland. Other information indicates Elizabeth was born in Prince George's Co MD, 4 Dec 1701, and they perhaps lived there prior to Frederick Co. Samuel I's will names wife Elizabeth, son Samuel, daughters Priscilla Duval and Sarah Boylston.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.241 4 May 1793 Samuel Pruitt of Pittsylvania to James Woody. 64#'s. Tract on Waters of little Sandy Creek. 235 acres. Begin sd Pruit's old corner. Signed: Samuel (P) Pruitt
Wit: Wm Dix, Thos Dix, Adamson Trigg, James Dix, Thomas Atkinson
16 Sep 1793 Proved by two of wit. 21 Sep 1795 Proved by oath on one other witness.
p.341 15 Apr 1796 Samuel Prewitt Senr of Pittsy to Samuel Pruitt Junr. 50#'s. 100 acres on waters of Sandy Creek. Begin white oak in John Walters line, along same, along John Stamps & Edward Burgess. Signed: Samuel Pruitt Senr. 18 Apr 1796 Ack. by Samuel Prewet Senr.

Lavinia WALTERS and Samuel PRUITT III were married on 1 January 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192 Samuel PRUITT III11,192 was born on 10 September 1762 in Halifax County, Virginia.192 He died on 19 December 1845 at the age of 83 in Franklin County, Georgia.192

Information on the family of Samuel Pruitt from Ann Nollsch <> on WorldConnect, updated 26 Aug 2003; and Don Galloway <>, updated 4 Dec 1999..

Samuel is believed to be the son of Samuel Pruitt II, b. about 1720, Frederick Co MD [or Prince George's Co]. Samuel II married about 1754 to Lucy Owen, probably still in MD. In 1763, he received a grant for 350 acres in Halifax Co VA. Thereafter he is granted several patents in what became Pittsylvania Co. He gave material aid during the Revolution and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. His Will is in Pittsylvania Co, WB 11, p.240. Dated 13 Nov 1801 and recorded in Order Book 10, p.15 on 21 Dec 1801. He named daughters Ruth Cook, Elizabeth Butt, Polly Hawker, Sallie Pruitt, and sons Samuel & Joseph Pruitt. He is also said to have had sons Phillip, Zachariah, & Benjamin.

Zachariah, son of Samuel II, served in the Revolution and received a Pension, #S-5952. He had served several tours of duty, the first from Pittsylvania Co and later in North Carolina after moving to Sullivan Co in 1780. He returned to Pittsylvania Co in 1783 and remained there; his pension was based on his application of 7 Jan 1833. Zachariah stated he was born in 1758 in Maryland.

Samuel II was the son of Samuel Pruitt, born 1 Feb 1699/1700 in Frederick Co MD and Elizabeth Hawker, b. 14 Dec 1701, also in Frederick Co MD. The first Samuel Pruitt's Will said dated 3 Jan 1760, probated in Frederick Co MD on 29 Apr 1760 - named wife Elizabeth, son Samuel, daughters Priscilla Duvall & Sarah Boydston. The tract of land he leased said to have been 100 acres, called "Easy Purchase".

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782: Samuel Pruett, 392 acres. His brother Joseph also seems to be listed with 50 acres.

Samuel III & Lavinia probably moved from Pittsylvania Co VA to Franklin Co GA between January of 1796 and April of 1798.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.176 14 Oct 1797 John Stamps to William Rice. 12#'s. Samll tract on S side Sandy Creek, about 22 acres. Being Ambross Huckers line, Edward Burgess line. Signed: John Stamps Wit: Samuel Pruett Junr, Zachariah Butt, Timothy Stamps 16 Oct 1797. Proved by wit
p.177 29 Apr 1797 Basel Hawker to John Stamps.[Hawker/Hucker] 8#'s Tract on branches of Sandy Creek, abt 16 acres. Begin post oak Erasmus Stinsons line on Wilson's old road, John Stamps line Signed: Basel (x) Hucker Wit: Samuel Pruett Junr, Zach Butts, Timothy Stamps 16 Oct 1797 Proved by witnesses.
p.395 26 Nov 1798 Samuell Prewett Juner of Pittsylvania to Japbeth Pruett. 60#'s. 100a On waters of Sandy Creek. Begin white oak in John Walters line, along the same, along John Stamps & Edward Burgess line, new line. Signed: Samuel Pruett Jr Wit: Zachariah Butt [brother-in-law], Zachariah (Z) Pruett [brother], Edward (x) Holloway, George Spratton 21 Jan 1799 Proved by three witnesses

Franklin Co GA Court: 12 Feb 1805 Samuel was appointed administrator of the estate of his brother Joseph. On 4 May 1807, Samuel was appointed guardian of the four minor children of Joseph: Phillip, Patsy, Tilman & Zachariah Pruitt. Their mother, Nancy had married Charles Toney as her 2nd husband. 24 Sep 1826, he was dismissed as administrator and guardian; apparently all the children having reached majority.

After the death of Lavenia Walters in 1813, Samuel married Keziah Stokes Connally, widow of Charles Connally. They had one son, John Willis Pruitt.

Samuel Pruitt's will was dated 15 May 1839 in Franklin Co GA. Left his wife Kezia, slaves, horses, furniture, land. Polly Chandler to receive all of the tract on the Hudson R after the death of Keziah, then to her sons Wilkins Daniel & Johnson Prewett. Grandson Samuel W. Prewett, land on fork of Flat Creek of 170 acres and a slave. Grandson Samuel Riley all land on N side of Danielville Road, 187 acres. Daughter Lucy Riley, $200 extra. Son Hezekiah, $2. Son John W. Prewitt, 500 acres on which he lives and the slaves in his possession. Sale of remaining property to be equally divided between dau Lucy Rily, the ophans of Samuel Prewitt dec'd, Robert W. Prewitt, Joseph Preweitt, and Polly Chandler.

The family Bible of Samuel Pruitt II [as he is designated in the Bible] & John Willis Pruitt, Samuel's son by his second wife has been transcribed online. In 1948 this Bible was in the hands of Mrs. W. P. Harden [Ada Pruitt] in Banks Co, GA. It was printed 1816 by M. Carey, Philadelphia.

Lavinia WALTERS and Samuel PRUITT III had the following children:



Hezekiah PRUITT192 was born on 5 October 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192,193 He died on 25 August 1844 at the age of 54.192

Hezekiah married Fanny Allen, 7 Aug 1811.



Lucy PRUITT192 was born on 10 March 1791 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192,193

Lucy married John Rylee, 2 Oct 1811.



Samuel PRUITT IV192 was born on 2 September 1792 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192,193 He died before May 1839 at the age of 46.

The orphans of Samuel Prewitt, deceased, were left an equal share in the will of Samuel Pruitt, his father.

Samuel married Adecia Montgomery, 10 Sep 1816. She was the daughter of James Montgomery.



Elizabeth PRUITT was born on 14 June 1794 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192,193

Elizabeth was not named in the will of Samuel Pruitt III, nor were any grandchildren named with an unidentified surname. Apparently she had died without issue.



Robert Walters PRUITT was born on 14 January 1796 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.192,193

Robert is not referred to as a son in the will of Samuel III, but bequests indicate he likely was. He married Isabell Little, 2 Jun 1820.



Joseph PRUITT192 was born on 7 April 1798 in Franklin County, Georgia.192,193

Joseph was not named as a son in the will of Samuel Pruitt III, but the bequests indicate he likely was. He married Martha Sneed Hensley.



Polly PRUITT192 was born on 14 April 1805 in Franklin County, Georgia.192,193

Polly's married name was Chandler. She is not specifically named as a daughter in the will of Samuel Pruit, but the bequests would indicate she was.

The Bible record gives his named as Daniel Chandler. They were married 10 Jan 1817.