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Fourth Generation

138. Elizabeth WALTERS15,87,91 was born maybe 1786. She died on 11 June 1861 at the age of 75.

Elizabeth's year of birth is questionable. The 1850 census indicates she was born 1787; 1860 census suggests 1785; her grave marker said she was 75 in 1861, indicating a year of birth as 1786. All of these years present problems because she had a sister, Fannie said born 6 Nov 1785 and a sister Lucy born 28 Jan 1787, only 14 months later. Of course all the dates are given many years after the actual birth event and any or all could be off a year or two which is not unusual in this time period.

The family moved to Georgia certainly before the birth of Lucy in 1787. Elizabeth's birth said to be Virginia in 1850, Georgia in 1860. Either is possible as she was obviously born near the time the families moved from Virginia.

Married William Wilson on 9 Apr 1829.

I received additional information about Elizabeth and William wilson from a researcher, descendant of William Wilson and his first wife Mary Leak.

In 1850, Elizabeth was living with her stepson, William Asbury Wilson in Stones, Dekalb Co. she was listed as age 63 [born 1787] in Virginia. William was 25, born in Georgia

By 1860, the Stones District had become a part of Fulton Co. In Hh 1914:
W. A. Wilson, age 36, farmer, b. GA
Sarah A., age 20, b. GA
Elizabeth, 75 [born 1785], b. GA
In Hh 1913 is:
Elizabeth Donohoo, age 58, b. GA [stepdaughter of Elizabeth]
Francis Donohoo, age 30, an M.D. [1850 shows him as James F.]
Cornelius, age 25, Farmer
Sarah J. age 22 [probably wife of either Francis or Cornelius]
and John age 2
Charley Baker, age 33, a laborer, appears to be listed first as head of household - but I just suspect the household number got in the wrong place and Charley belongs with the preceding household.

Elizabeth and William are buried in a Family Cemetery, Adamsville, Fulton Co, GA.

Elizabeth WALTERS and William WILSON were married on 9 April 1829 in Franklin County, Georgia. William WILSON was born on 15 August 1775. He died on 27 May 1839 at the age of 63 in DeKalb County, Georgia.

The birth of William Wilson is stated from a paper on file at the Atlanta History Center which has 15 Aug 1775. His grave marker says that he died 27 May 1839, aged 64 years, 9 months, and 11 days, which calculates to a birth of 16 Aug 1774.

William was first married to Mary Leake, 12 Jun 1800. Mary was born 1 Aug 1784 and died 13 May 1827. The family lived first in Franklin Co, GA, the moving to DeKalb, an area which is now Fulton County.
Children with Mary were:
Samuel, 1801-1837
Elizabeth, b. 1802, married James Donehoo
John F., 1808-1858, married Mary P. Stubbs
James Harwell, 1810-1865
Martha B., b. 1813, married a Stubbs
Sarah, 1815-1833
Nancy L., b. 1818
Mahulda, b. 1819, married Thos. M. Pool
William A., 1824-1903
Twins - Louise Hester and Evelyn - their mother died at their birth 13 May 1827.
Information furnished by Mrs. H. P. Redwine, Fayetteville, GA, 9 Jul 1938.