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Fourth Generation

135. Robert WALTERS15,87,90,204 died about 1840.87

I believe this Robert Walters is the one often referred to as Robert Jr. in Franklin Co. His uncle Robert, brother of his father Elijah, was the Robert Sr.

Robert said born ca 1798 [This is an error, given he had a child by 1804- he was probably 15-20 years older] and d. 1841. Said to have married a Nancy. Children: Word H., Green C., Rufus King, Alfred F., Abner C., James T. and two daughters, names unknown. In the 1850 Franklin Co Census, Green C. Walters was 39, or born 1811. There's no way his father Robert could have been born in 1798 as given online. Also Word H. Walters was in the 1830 census, and was then age 20-30, or born between 1800 and 1810 so Word was older than Green C. The Robert Walters in the 1830 census was aged 40-50 or born between 1780 and 1790 which seems much more likely for this man.

The Walters book by Bettye Steele Walters lists two wives for Robert. Nancy who was mother of Word, Green and Rufus. He then supposedly married Ella Ford who was the mother of Alfred, Abner, James T. and the daughters. [But there does not seem to be an Ella Ford - Nancy was his widow.] Also in a Cawthon database at WorldConnect was an estimated birth for Robert of 1785.

Martha Walters Acker's book "Deeds of Franklin County, Georgia, 1784-1826":
Deed Book OOO, Page 35: Deed dated Franklin Co. 30 Mar. 1802, rec. 18 May 1804, from Thomas Carter (x ) and wife Elizabeth (x ) of Elbert Co. Ga. to Henry Walls of Franklin Co. In cons. of $100, conveys 75 ac. in Franklin Co. on a branch of Little Shoal Crk. on the old trading path which is the line between said Wall and John Payne, deceased, being part of 155 ac. surveyed for said Carter 10 Dec. 1791 and granted to him 25 Nov. 1795. Wit: Peter Walters, J.P., Moses Payne.
Deed Book MM, Pages 39, 40: Deed dated Franklin Co. 1 Nov. 1813, rec. 14 Dec. 1814, from Henry Wall (x ) of aforesaid to Robert Walters, Jr. of Franklin Co. In cons. of $100, conveys 25 ac. in Franklin Co. on a branch of Little Shoal Crk., being part of 155 ac. surveyed for Thomas Carter 10 Dec. 1792 and granted 25 Nov. 1795, the old trading path being the line between said Wall and John Payne, deceased. Wit: Joseph Walters, J.P., Samuel Walters (Note: The remaining part of this 155 ac. seems to belong to said Robert Walters).
[This Robert Walters Jr. likely the son of Peter Walters. Samuel Walters likely an brother of Henry's wife Susannah Walters. Joseph Walters, JP, perhaps Susannah's nephew, son of her brother Robert.]
Deed Book MM, Pages 40, 41: Deed dated Franklin Co. Ga. 29 July 1814, rec. 14 Dec. 1841, from Jeremiah Milner of aforesaid to Robert Walters, Jr. of Franklin Co. In cons. of $100, conveys 150 ac. in Franklin Co. on waters of Little Shoal Crk., adj. Richard Carnes, on a road leading from said Carnes to Samuel Powers, Richard Davis and said Walters. Wit: Joseph Walters, J.P., John C. Payne.
[These last two deeds were recorded the same day.]

DEEDS OF FRANKLIN CO GA 1784-1826; Martha Walters Acker, 1976
DB TTT; p.135 28 Dec 1812; Rec. 23 Nov 1813 Robert Walters Jr and wife Nancy to Nathaniel Ayers [brother-in-law] for $100, 50 acres on Paynes Crk adj John Wright, Solomon Hix. Wit: David Ayers, Swan Hardin JP.

Recipts of Jackson M. Walters, Admr. de bonis for 1849 and 1852 included one full share of Elijah Walters' estate was divided among Alfred F., Rufus K., Green C., Abner C., James T., Word H. Walters, and James T. Crump [prob a son-in-law of Robert]. These were obviously heirs also of Robert. In Sept of 1832 there was a receipt from Robert Walters as an heir of Elijah, but Robert does not seem to be in the 1840 census so he likely died between 1832 and 1840.

This is the family line of Martha Walters Acker who has compiled the majority of books on the records of Franklin Co GA. Alfred F. Walters, son of Robert & Nancy, married Mary Craft and were her gg grandparents.
Alfred F. Waters married Polly Craft on 7 Oct 1846 in Franklin Co GA
Martha Acker believes Robert's first wife to have been Nancy Payne and she lists Nancy as the mother of Alfred.

History of Franklin Co Georgia by the Franklin Co Historical Society, 1986, lists all the children as being those of Robert and Nancy.

Also from Martha Acker:
HART CO. GA Loose Papers PLATS were found indicating that 96 acres, set off to Nancy Walters for her dower, was resurveyed 30 Oct 1841 and laid off. (I think it is now referring to land of Robert, dec'd) And that lot # 1, 80 ac went to O.P. Walters, and lot # 3- 40 ac. went to A.C. Walters. No other such plats were found. (these are two sons of Robert : Oliver [?Alfred] and Abner)
Franklin Co. Tax records list Nancy Walters, widow up through 1848

1830 Census, Franklin Co GA, p.238 [Same page as Elijah's widow Judith, and Jackson M. Walters] 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 2m 15-20, 1m 40-50 [born between 1780-1790] 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 40-50
Also in the same census, p.243, seems to be the same person. The ages of the children slightly different. Robert did probably own land in two places in the county - perhaps counted twice:
Robert Walters: 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50; 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50.
On page 243 is also Word H. Walters, son of Robert. 1m 20-30, 1f -5, 1f 20-30.

1840 Census, Franklin Co GA, p.300 Rufus K. Warters. [son of Robert] 1m -5, 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30.
Rufus K. Walters married Rody Cawthon on 31 Jan 1839.

1850 Census, Franklin Co GA. Green C. Walters, [son of Robert] age 39. Wife Sarah 41. Robert P 16, Rufus K 14, Benj W. 12, James T. 10, Jeremiah F. 8, Terrell 6, Berry C. 4, and Louisa E. age 3 months.

Robert WALTERS and Nancy PAYNE were married. Nancy PAYNE19 was born (date unknown).

Nancy's surname is given by Robert B. Walters as Nancy Payne, along with a death date of about 1847. Since the first child of the second wife was born by 1815, she died much earlier.

Robert WALTERS and Nancy PAYNE had the following children:



Word H. WALTERS was born in 1804.205



Green C. WALTERS was born in 1811.205

1850 Census, Franklin Co GA. Green C. Walters, age 39. Wife Sarah 41.
Robert P 16, Rufus K 14, Benj W. 12, James T. 10, Jeremiah F. 8, Terrell 6, Berry C. 4, and Louisa E. age 3 months.



Rufus King WALTERS.



Alfred F. WALTERS206 was born in 1815.206 He died in 1869 at the age of 54.206

Alfred married Mary "Polly" Craft.



Abner C. WALTERS207 was born about 1821.207

Abner married (1) Rhoda C. ??? and (2), Frances Thornton with whom he was living in the 1860 GA Census.



James T. WALTERS207 was born about 1824.207

James T. died in the service of the Confederacy during the Civil War. He married Elizabeth Buffington on 12 Jun 1856.



[Daughter] WALTERS was born (date unknown).



[Daughter] WALTERS was born (date unknown).