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Third Generation

24. Elijah WALTERS10,11,15,20,87 was born on 10 June 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia.15,20 He died in 1829 at the age of 71 in Franklin County, Georgia.15

Elijah was b. 1758 in Virginia and came to GA about 1784. He married Judith Cawthon [1762-1844]. Elijah died 1829. Children: Charles, Frances "Fannie", Anna, Jerimiah, Milcah Elizabeth, Robert, Jackson M., Lewis C., Elizabeth, Lucy, Mary, and Abner.

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. Elijah Walters, 188 acres. This list is probably arranged by neighborhood - Elijah was near his father Robert Sr and his brother Robert [listed as son of Robert].

Elijah had probably aleady gone to Georgia when this deed made.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.53 15 Aug 1791 Hugh Kelley Senr to William Madding. 122#'s Tract of 176 acres. Begin at post oak on the road on Elijah Waters line; Anderson & Ponds lines. Signed: Hugh (X) Kelley
Wit: Thos. (T) Shelton, Wm (X) Shelton, Bennett Chilton.
Proved 15 Aug 1791.

Franklin Co GA Tax list of 1798 includes Elijah Walters.

The daughter Milcah married Nathaniel Ayers on 12 Jan 1813 in Habersham Co GA; she was born 23 Sep 1795 in Franklin Co GA and died 26 Jun 1854 in Habersham Co GA.

Son Robert born ca 1798 [I doubt this] and d. 1841. Said to have married a Nancy. Children: Word H., Green C., Rufus King, Alfred F., Abner C., James T. and two daughters, names unknown. In the 1850 Franklin Co Census, Green C. Walters was 39, or born 1811. There's no way his father Robert could have been born in 1798 as given online. Also Word H. Walters was in the 1830 census, and was then age 20-30, or born between 1800 and 1810 so Word was older than Green C. The Robert Walters in the 1830 census was aged 40-50 or born between 1780 and 1790 which seems much more likely for this man.

Green C. Walters said to have married Sarah Carnes [1809-1890], daughter of Richard Carnes. 30 Mar 1834 in Franklin Co. Her given name and age are confirmed by the 1850 Census. They perhaps lived in the part of Franklin which became Hart Co.

Jackson M. Walters married Polly Cawthon on 12 Feb 1828. Found in 1850 Census

Lucy Walters, daughter of Elijah married Steven Maret. She was born 28 Jan 1787.

Elijah Walters estate file.
Letter of Administration to Jeremiah Walters 4 Jan 1830.
Order to have leave to sell land and negroes 6 Sep 1830
Return of adm'r Oct 1837. Receipts of Stephen Meret, Anna & J. M. Walters, John Meret, Robert Walters, Mary Harrison and William Wilson
Return of Jeremiah Waters, admr Jan 1840. Recipts of Lewis, Abner & Charles Waters, Nathaniel Ayers.
Appraisers appt. 5 Jul 1847 [death of Judith?]
Jackson M. Walters appointed adm'r de bonis non on 5 Jul 1847
Admr have leave to sell land and negroes 2 Nov 1847
Loose papers. May 1832 shares paid out to heirs. Sept 1832 return has receipts of Judy, Ann, Jackson M., Abner, Lewis C., Charles & Robert Walters, Nathaniel Ayers, William Harris, William Wilson, John & Stephen Merett. Return of Feb 1833 has receipts of William L. Harrison, Lewis C. Abner & Charles Walters, Stephen & John Meret, William Wilson. Jan 1840 returns of Jackson M. Walters for equal shares by Thomas J. Tate for the minor heirs of J. Walters [Jeremiah apparently died before Jul of 1847 when Jackson took over the administration of the estate], Mary Harrison, Lewis, Abner, Anna & Charles Walters, John Merrett, Elizabeth Wilson, Milcah Ayers and one full share divided among Alfred F., Rufus K., Green C., Abner C., James T. & Word H. Walters, James T. Crump [Robert has also died as these are his children.]

Elijah WALTERS and Judith CAWTHON were married. Judith CAWTHON88, daughter of Charles MACCAWTHON and Elizabeth WOMACK, was born in 1762.15 She died in 1844 at the age of 82 in Franklin County, Georgia.15

Walters book states her parents were Charles Cawthon and ??? Womack.

1830 Census, Franklin Co GA, p.238 Judeh Watters: 1m 20-30, 1f 30-40, 1f 60-70 [Judith]

Possibly living with son Abner as found on p. 322 of the 1840 Franklin Co Census. He had a lady age 60-70 in his household at that time.

Loose Papers of Franklin Co GA. Judith/Juda Walters
Deed of Gift proved 6 Apr 1847. To daughter Anna Walters stock and personalty. Signed 26 Jul 1846. Wit: N. Lindsey, Jackson M. Walters. Rec. 10 Apr 1847, DB CCC, p.2
4 Sep 1848 Deed of Gift recorded as testamentary paper & Anna Walters apptd adm'x with will annexed.
4 Nov 1848 Inventory & appriasement.

Elijah WALTERS and Judith CAWTHON had the following children:






Charles WALTERS.



Frances "Fannie" WALTERS15,87,89 was born on 6 November 1785.90 She died on 24 November 1880 at the age of 95 in Pickens County, South Carolina.19

There is no Frances or Fannie mentioned in the estate settlement of Elijah Walters. The receipts are dated beginning Sep 1832. There is a John Merett who receives distributions who cannot be otherwise accounted for; presumbly he was Fannie's husband.

Said to have married John Maret on 23 Nov 1814, Pickins Dist SC. John Maret was b. 7 Sep 1785, Orange Co NC and d. 11 Apr 1862 in SC. [His name may also be spelled Merrit] Both are buried Beverdam Baptist Cemetery, Fairplay, Oconee Co, SC.



Elizabeth WALTERS.



Lucy WALTERS15,87,91 was born on 28 January 1787 in Franklin County, Georgia. She died on 28 April 1877 at the age of 90 in Oconee County, South Carolina.19,91

Lucy married Steven Merett. He was one of the recipients of a share of Elijah Walters' estate. Stephen was born 20 Feb 1770 in Orange Co NC and died 27 Jul 1852. They are buried at Beaverdam Baptist Cemetery, Fair Play, Oconee Co SC. Stephen's parents were Benjamin Meritt [1740-1830] and Judie Harbin, dau of John Harbin and Elizabeth Judy Jones. Stephen's will probated 7 Nov 1852 in Picken Co SC. They owned 376 acres on Beaverdam Creek and had 14 children.

[It's likely Steven is a brother to the John "Maret", husband of Lucy's sister Fannie.]



Mary WALTERS15,87 was born about 1794 in Franklin County, Georgia.19 She died about 1875 at the age of 81 in Gilmer County, Georgia.19

Married William L. Harrison



Jeremiah WALTERS15,87,90,92 was born in 1794.90 He died about 1840 at the age of 46 in Cherokee County, Alabama.19,87

There was a Jeremiah Walters in the 1830 census, age 30-40, or born before 1800. He received administration of his father's estate on 4 Jan 1830. He had died before Jul of 1847 when his brother Jackson took over these duties. There is a receipt dated as early Jan 1840 by Thomas J. Tate for the minor heirs of "J. Walters". [The Walters book says that Jeremiah went to Cherokee Co AL in the 1830's.]
Jeremiah Watters married Eliza C. Tate on 29 Nov 1825

1830 Census, Franklin Co GA, p.250: Jeremiah Walters with 1m under 5, 1m 30-40, 1f under 5, 1f 20-30.



Milcah Elizabeth WALTERS90,93 was born on 23 September 1795 in Franklin County, Georgia. She died on 26 June 1854 at the age of 58 in Habersham County, Georgia.

Milcah married Nathaniel Ayers on 12 Jan 1813 in Habersham Co GA. He was a son of Moses Ayers & Mary Ayers [cousins], grandson of Nathaniel Ayers whose will was probated 22 May 1777 in Pittsylvania Co VA. Nathaniel was born 17 Dec 1788, NC and died 10 May 1846 in Habersham Co GA. Nathaniel owned property on Reed Creek & Shoal Creek in Franklin, now Hart Co; they moved to Habersham, now Stephens, Co in 1825. The village of Ayersville was named for him. Nathaniel and Milcah were parents of 17 children. Said to be buried near Ayersville at the foot of Dix Hill in the family cemetery.

DEEDS OF FRANKLIN CO GA 1784-1826; Martha Walters Acker, 1976
DB TTT; p.135 28 Dec 1812; Rec. 23 Nov 1813 Robert Walters Jr and wife Nancy to Nathaniel Ayers for $100, 50 acres on Paynes Crk adj John Wright, Solomon Hix. Wit: David Ayers, Swan Hardin JP.



Anna WALTERS15,19,87,89 was born in 1800 in Franklin County, Georgia. Anna Walters may be the single woman living next door to Jackson M. Walters in the 1850 Census.

Anna was still unmarried in the 1840 distribution of her father's estate. Said to be living with her brother Jackson M. Walters on the 1850 Franklin Co GA census, age 50.

Robert B. Walters gives her birth as 1790, ten years earlier than the above census shows.






Abner WALTERS15,19,94,95 died on 12 March 1881 in Gilmer County, Georgia.19

Name given as Henry Abner Walters by Robert B. Walters. Married (1) Ferriby Tate on 8 Nov 1821 in Franklin Co GA and married (2) Martha Jane Morgan, 1864, Gilmer Co GA.

1830: Franklin Co GA, p.221 Abner "Watters" 1m under 5, 1m 20-30, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30.

1840: Franklin Co GA, p.322 Abner Walters. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 40-50 [he seems to have aged 20 years instead of 10], 1f 10-15, 1f 60-70 [Judith his mother?]



Jackson M. WALTERS.