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Fourth Generation

72. Mary WALTERS35,38 was born on 17 January 1789.38 Married Barton Terry. Clement Scott was bondsman. Archibald Walters, father, gave permission. Elias Dodson was the minister.

Found on Pittsylvania Co VA USGenWeb county page Queries, 1998:
March 6 from Deborah Hutchins
Deborah Hutchins <>
I'm a descendant of HENRY TERRY (b.c1735) (who is probably a son of
Champness Terry and his wife Christian)and who died in Pittsylvania Co.
His wife was MARGARET _???. His son BARTON (I) married Susanna (Last
name unknown) and their son BARTON (II) married Mary Walters, daughter
of Archibald Walters. They moved to Ohio and then to Illinois.
Does anyone know parents of Champness (all sorts of contradictory info
on the internet)and the last names of Henry & Barton I's wives. I have
wondered if Margaret Terry could have been a Barton, since it's the
son's name, and if Champness Terry carries a mother's maiden name as his
lst name. I'd appreciate any help or direction, since I can't get out
to Virginia right now.

Mary WALTERS and Barton TERRY II were married on 4 February 1805 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.40 Barton TERRY II186,187,188, son of Barton TERRY and Susannah [TERRY], was born (date unknown).

Various databases online have just as much conflicting information about the Terry family as I've found for other families living in Pittsylvania Co VA. Apparently the large families with so many similar given names, as well the formation of counties in this area has created mass confusion. Barton's ancestors as given here are not adequately researched by me and should be considered tentative and suggestive at best. It is a combination of information found online as well as common sense in eliminating improper places of birth and impossible dates. I do believe there was a familial relationship between most of the Terrys found in Pittsylvania Co.

Only one child is attributed to Mary and Barton online. The censuses indicate other children, presumably Mary Walters was Barton Terry's only wife.
Database found at a later time lists others: Lucinda, Sarah, Rebecca, Nancy, and Susan, born 1800, who married Joseph Mooney in Highland Co Ohio, 27 Dec 1827. Susan said to have died 26 MAR 1898 in Pleasant Twp., Putnam Co., OH

1820 Highland Co Ohio, Madison Twp.
Barton Terry 1m -10, 1m 16-18, 1m 16-26 [probably same boy age 16-18 counted twice], 1m age 26-45 [Barton]. 3f under 10, 2 fm 10-16 [one would be Elizabeth age 14], 1f 26-45 [Mary]
[Highland Co was part of the Virginia Military Reserve - used for bounty land for Virginia's Revolutionary Soldiers.]

Another Terry that moved to Highland Co was David Terry & wife Elizabeth Anderson Terry. David was a son of John & Sarah Hodnett Terry, and a grandson of Joseph & Judith Crawford Terry. [Margie Brown]

1830, Highland Co Ohio, Madison Twp.
Barton Terry 1m age 15-20, 1m 40-50 [Barton]. 2f under 5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50 [Mary]

In 1840, there was no Barton Terry in Highland Co Ohio - or anyplace else in Ohio, nor in Marion Co Indiana, where daughter Elizabeth was living. I did find a Mary Terry, of the correct age, 50-60, living in neighboring Ross County, Ohio, Paint Twp. She had two females age 10-15, an older man 70-80, and 10 males between the ages of 20-30. Obviously some sort of boarding facility. I have no idea if this could be the widow of Barton.

Mary WALTERS and Barton TERRY II had the following children:



Elizabeth TERRY.