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Second Generation

4. Robert WALTERS1,2,3,9,10,11,12,14,15,16 died in 1793 in Franklin County, Georgia.15

That Robert was a brother to Thomas and son of William cannot be proved by any record found. However the circumstantial evidence is very compelling. Robert was assigned the care of two of William Walters "orphans" as was Thomas Walters - a natural assumption is that they were the older brothers. The families interact and use very many of the same given names - enough so that marriages, etc. have been assigned to the wrong offspring by researchers. DNA studies with perfect matches [with limited numbers of matches] do indicate that Thomas and Robert were kin, as was also the much younger Ezekiel Walters found in Caswell, NC, and Halifax & Pittsylvania Counties in Virginia.

Lunenburg Co Tax List for 1748 lists Robert and Thomas Walters. One tithe each. They may have both been over 16, but not much older.

Halifax Surveys:
19 Apr 1747 Robert Walters 285 acres. Neighbors: William McBee Jr., William McBee, John Parish, John Hickey

Halifax Co Virginia Colonial Poll & tithablesLists; Mary Bondurant Warren, 1991, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA
Undated list of taxpayer's land
William Eckhols, 643
Redford Maxey, 300
Isaac Eckhols, 365
Richd Eckhols, 1850
Robert Waltrs, 285
Another list, undated, same handwriting
Robrt. Walters, 285
1755 List of Land Tax & Negroes returned by Robert King
Robert Waltrs:  285, no slaves

VA Land Patent
5 Aug 1751 To Robert Walters. 285 acres in Lunenburg County on the branches of Midway River; on James Parish, on William Macby, the longrounds of the River. PB 29, p.477
[Midway later became Birches Creek]
This property sold to Henry Hopson on 21 May 1772. Halifax DB 8, p.346

19/68 1753 Robert WATERS appointed surveyor of a road from Middle Fork of Miery Creek to the Double Creek.

Pittsylvania Co Surveys
15 Feb 1757 400 acres, Fork of Burches Crk. Neighbors: His own land on the North, Charles Weatherford on East & South, Thomas Walters on the West

Halifax DB 1, p.238 17 Mar 1757 Samuel Harris, Gent. of Halifax Co VA to Daniel Williams, planter, of Halifax. 40£. Tract now in Halifax, formerly Lunenburg. 400 acres. Adj lines of Robert WATERS, William Mackley [Mackbey], Harris' own line. Wit: Nathl Terry, Robert Wade Jr. & Thomas Spragon
This Patent awarded to Samuel Harris on 16 Aug 1756 in Lunenburg Co. [had already become Halifax Co] - adj Robert Walters and William Mackby Senr. VA PB 34, p.107

Halifax Will Book 0 [Zero]; p.50
8 Jul 1758 Moses Eckhols, Daniel Williams, and Robert (R) Walters completed the inventory and Appraisement of the estate of Richard Weavor. Rec. 20 Jul 1758.
[Note: Robert signed with his mark, which was the letter "R"]

VA Land Patent
15 Jul 1760 Robert "Warters" Halifax County [later Piitsylvania] 400 acres on Warter's Fork of Burches adj Weatherford land. PB 34, p.648
[Surveyed 15 Feb 1757]

16 Feb 1763
Walters Hogan & Cornelius to Procession.
Pursuant to an order of the County Court of Halifax bearing date the 18th day of Augt. last past for this vestery to appoint Processioners according to law where upon it is ordered that Robert Walters, Thomas Walters, James Hogan & William Cornelius Procession all the Pattent Land in the following bounds....

p.235 3 Nov 1762 Robt. Warters 400 acres on Birches Crk beg at the upper Lick thence up & down for Qty.
p.236 3 Nov 1762 Robert Warters. 400 acres on Grassy Branch beg where road crosses the sd Br thence up & down for Qty.
also 400 ac on Cargills Fork of Fall Crk beg at white oak markt RW thence up & down
also 400 acres on Sandy Crk of Dan beg at Wm Kings upper line when run, thence up on both sides
p.266 31 Oct 1764 Zachariah Waller 400 acres on branch of Double Crk beg where the path crosses that goes from Maddings to Robt Warter's thence up & down.
p.278 20 Jun 1765 Robert Walters 400 acres on br of Birches Crk beg at mouth of Suck Branch thence up & down the Main br both sides
also 400 acres on Main Birches Crk beg at Posimmon Tree thence up & down
p.287 1 Feb 1766 George Musick enters all vacant land bet his own & Robt Walters line on Flat Rock Crk beg at his own upper line
p.289 25 Mar 1766 Jos. Terry 400 acres adj Robt Walters upper line when run which is above the Haricane thence off each way
p.295 17 Jul 1766 Wm Madding 400 acres on Brs. of Birches Crk adj Robt Walters upper line of his new Surv & thence towards the Brs. of Sandy Crk

Charlotte Co VA; DB 1, p.33
5 Apr 1765 David Gwin of Cornwell Parish, Charlotte Co to Robert Walters & Company of Whitehaven. 159£ 1sh 7 1/2 p paid by sd Robert Walters & Co. Tract on West side Little Roanoke, being land whereon he now lives, containing 310 acres, part of a larger tract granted to David Gwin, dec'd for 700 acres patent dated 28 Aug 1746. Begin on Little Roanoke bounded by line of John Towns. Signed: David Gwin
Wit: Clem Read, Sam Cobb, Thoms. Read, Thoms. Spencer.
[Charlotte created from Lunenburg 1765. The little Roanoke in in the NE corner of Halifax - about 3 miles east of Wallace Crk where Thomas Walters bought land in 1750. There is another reference to Robert Walters & Company in the Pittsylvania Court Records which makes me think this is likely the same Robert.]
Pittsylvania Surveys
24 Mar 1766 384 acres. Neighbors: William Dodson, Charles Weatherford, Robert Walters, William Walters

10 Jul 1766 VA Patent to Robert Walters of Halifax Co - 120 acres on branches of Little Toby's Crk adj Parish, etc. PB 36, p.967
[Sold to Henry Hobson on 21 May 1772]

First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania Co in THE HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY by Maud Carter Clement, dated 1767, includes: Thomas "Waters", negro Lucy
Robt. Warters & Wm Warters are also on this list, presumably his brothers.

Pittsylvania Co Court Records, Book 1 1767-1772
24 Jul 1767 A deed from John & Robert WALTON to David Ross with endorsement thereon were by the said John & Robert acknowledged to be their respective acts & deeds & Ordered to be recorded. [I have wondered if Walton was incorrectly recorded but there was a John Walton definitely in Pittsylvania at this time and I've found no evidence this should have been Walters. If it were Walters, it would show a relationship between Robert and the John Walters who lived on Swan Creek in NE Halifax County but I find no proof this is so.]
26 Mar 1768, p.35 Robert Walters & Company Plaintive, against George Lumkin, Defendant, In Debt. Sherif having returned on the attachment against the said defendan't estate, he had levyed the same on a Knife. The defendant did not appear. It is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the sd Defendant, 20.9.5, according to a Judgment of the County Court of Orange Co NC.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 6 has a few court records from 28 Aug 1767
Robert Walters and John Dix are appointed Surveyors of the Road from Terry's Road to the Country line and It is ordered that they with all the hands Convenient to the said Road do clear & keep the same in Repair according to Law.

That Robert and Joannah Walters were members of Fall Creek Baptist Church seems certain. Found online at <>
is an article concerning the Walters neighbor Samuel Harris who was Pastor of the Fall Creek.
"Fall Creek — So called from a little Creek running into Dan River (on the North Side of the river at the Falls of Dan, and present city of Danville) in the Parish of [blank here, but probably Camden] County of Pittsylvania. Two hundred miles from Williamsburg, and ____ miles from Philadelphia. The church consists of five branches; one near Falls Creek — another at County-Line Creek — another at Reedy Bottom — another at Sandy Creek —another at Cub Creek (in Charlotte County) in each of which is a meeting house; that at Falls Creek was built in 1771 on land given by Thomas Ayeres, and is 32 ft. by 20. No estate, no salary. Here laying on of hands, ruling elders, love feasts, annointing the sick, right hand of fellowship, kiss of charity, devoting children are admitted. The families about 350 whereof 120 are baptized and in communion which is celebrated here the first Lords day in the month. They began in the month of July, 4th Friday 1770 when the following persons (members of Dutton Lane) were constituted into a distinct Church.
Rev. Samuel Harris and wife, Robert Walters and wife, Thomas Wynne, Ambrose Haley and wife, Talman Harbour, William Barker, Thomas Ayers, George Tweedale and wife, Bob and Hanibal and their wives (negroes), James McDonald, Joel Serbin, Mary Lawlels, Elizabeth Linch, Elizabeth Sertin, Susanna Pollon, Mary Brown, Abbe Mackly [probably Abbie Mackby/McBee], Frances McMahany, Ann Seal, Sarah Roach, Mrs. Roebuck. They joined the Association the same year. No remarkable event, only they met in Mr. Harris house from the beginning to - - - -

15 Sep 1770 Robert Walters entered 400 acres. Beg. at Moses Terry corner, head of Grassey Branch including the waters of Bents Fork.
30 Dec 1770 Wm Russell entered 400 acres on Branches of Birches Crd adj line of Rob Walters last entry on the lower side.

16 Feb 1771 VA Patent to Robert Walters of Pittsylvania Co - 384 acres on branches of Birch's Crk; adj Weatherford. PB 39, p.301
[Surveyed in 1766. 198 acres of this tract sold to Tunis Cole on 17 Oct 1791]
DB 8, 1770-1772
p.346 21 May 1772 Robert Walters & Joanna his wife of Pittsylvania Co to Henry Hopson of Halifax 100£. several tracts containing in the whole 405 acres. #1 280 acres in Lunenburg, now Halifax, on branches of Midway R (now Burches Cr) bounded by James Parish, William Magby [McBee]. Patented to Robert Walters on 5 Aug 1751. #2 120 acres in Halifax on br of Little Toby & bounded by Parrish, Byrd, sd Watters, Harris Moore - patented to Robert Watters 10 Jul 1766. Signed: Robert (R) Waters. Rec. 21 May 1772
[Robert & Joannah had been living next to her father.]

Pittsylvania Surveys
29 Mar 1774 Robert Walters 375 acres Burches Crk Neighbors: Samuel Harris, John Lawless, William Walters, Joseph Terry, Wm Dodson
1 Apr 1774 400 acres br. of Sandy Crk Neighbors: Wm Owen, Charles Weatherford, Wm King, John Waller estate, George Musick
[This survey done on the same day as two of those of John Walters, son of Thomas - this land could be that of John's brother Robert instead of this Robert.]
Robert Walters took the oath of allegiance in 1775 in Pittsylvania Co VA. Listed as Revolutionary Patriot by DAR. Also on p.207 of the Walters book is a copy of the receipt when Robert Walters provided beef for public use; dated 27 Nov 1781.

VA Land Patent
12 Jun 1780 to Robert Walters, Pittsylvania Co. 376 acres both sides Burches Crk adj land of Terry & Dodson. Land Grants A, p.435

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 6
p.67 25 Jan 1780 Robert Walters to William Russel for 100#, tract of 192 acres, bounded by Robert Walters, Lains Branch. Signed Robert Walters. Wit: Fortin Dodson, John Case, Robert Walters. Rec. 21 Nov 1780.
p.145 12 Mar 1781 William Russell to John Wilson. 6000£. Tract on Birches Creek. 192 acres. Begin Robert Walters corner pine, along same line, new line, new dividing line, Old Line, crossing Lains branch, sd Walters corner red oak, crossing Lains Branch. Signed: William Russell.
Wit: James Lawless, Wm Lynch, Robt Walters
Proved by two of wit 15 May 1781. 21 Aug 1781 further proved.
[See Deed p.67 on 25 Jan 1780 – Robt Walters to William Russell]p.240 20 Mar 1781 Robert Walters Senr of Pittsy to William Reynolds. 20£. Tract on branches of Birches Creek. Begin pointers in William Twedels line, crossing a branch, white oak in Robert Walters's line, along his line, red oak in Thomas Walters line and along the same. Signed Robert (R ) WaltersWit: Fortun Dodson, John Pond, Robert Walters Jr
16 Oct 1781 proved by one of the wit 19 Feb 1782, further proved
[no acerage given, but DB 7, p.518, suggests this was 204 acres and part of a tract of

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. Robert Walters Senior - 722 acres.
Pittsylvania Co DB 7
p.138 26 Jul 1783 Robt Walters of Pittsy to Hugh Kelley of sd county. 50£. Tract of 176 acres. Begin post oak near the Road on Elijah Walters Line, bounded upon Andersons and Ponds Lines crossing two branches. Along the road to the beginning.
Signed: Robert (R) Walters
Wit: Robt. Clopton, Mathew Anderson, Wm Herring
21 Oct 1783 Proved by oaths of witnesses
p.389 3 Nov 1784 Mathew Anderson to John Watson. 100£. On branches of Burches Creek, 356 acres. Begin William Walters corner pointers, new lines, crossing a branch and road; to Thomas Walters corner pointers, along his line to Robert Walters corner red oak and thence along his line, crossing a branch, along William Walters line. Signed: Mathew Anderson
17 Jan 1785. Ack by Anderson
[This would seem to indicate that all the families of Thomas and Robert lived in close proximity. The only William old enough to own land in 1785 was William, son of Robert, unless they are referring to a former owner, the brother of Thomas and Robert. Thomas' son Robert was old enough at this time, as was Robert Jr, son of Robert & Joannah, so the Robert could be either.]
p.518 14 Oct 1785 Robert Walters to William Rice. 80£. 300 acres part of tract in Pittsy Co on waters of Falls creek containing 504 acres granted to said Walters by patent dated 13 Jun 1785. Begin Orlandes Smith corner, crossing two branches, crossing another branch, white oak in Robert Walters's line, along the same, red Oak in Walters line, along the same, Along William Russells line, along Smith's line to the beginning. 204 acres part of patent of 504 acres sd Walters had sold to William Reynolds. The remaining 300 acres I the sd Walters do sell to the sd Rice. Signed: Robert (R) Walters
17 Oct 1785. Ack by Robert Walters.

VA Land Patent
21 Jun 1784 William Twidwell 440 acres, Pittsylvania Co on branches of Fall Creek adj John and Robert Walters. PB N, p.56

Married Johannah McBee. Robert and family moved from VA to Franklin Co GA in 1787.

Pittsylvania Co DB 8
1st day of ?June [very dark] 1789 Roderick McDaniel of ?Cazewel Co NC to Mathew Anderson of ???? [not Pittsylvanis, Lawrence?] Co VA. 60£. Tract in Pittsylvania Co on branches of Burches Creek. 298 acres. Begin Robert Walters corner pointers, Samuel Harrisses line, Grays corner, Robert Walters line crossing Burches Creek to Dodsons corner pine, Dodsons line, to William Walters corner white oak, along his line. Signed: Rotherick McDaniel
Wit: Matthew Tanner, Creed Tanner, William ?Bennett, Nathan Tate.
20 Jul 1789 Proved by oaths of witnesses

Found the following:
Pittsylvania Co Land Entry: 25 Sep 1790. Robert Walters [son of Robert] entered 200 acres on branches of Birches Creek beginning at pointers in Creed Tanners line, joining his fathers line and by a warrant issued to Crispin Shelton on 7 Mar 1783 #15126.
Then from Franklin Co GA comes the following power of attorney:
Franklin Co DB K, p.24b [No date] Power of Attorney from Robert Walters Jr [sic - abstract is in error, it was SR here] of Franklin Co to his son Robert Walters Jr to make title to 400 [should be 450] acres in Pittsylvania Co VA on the South Fork of Birch's Creek adj Charles Weatherford, Creed Turner [Tanner], John Nelson, Josiah Harp. Make good title to 275 acres sold to Basil Wilson; remaining 175 acres to be sold & money from sale to be converted to his own use. Signed: Robert Walters. Wit: John Walters, Elijah Walters who made oath before Joseph Humphreys JP on 20 Jan 1794.

HISTORY OF FRANKLIN CO GA says that Robert Walters moved to Franklin Co in 1784. His will of 1793 names his children as: Robert Jr, John, Elijah, Peter, William Samuel, Moses, Betsy/Betty, Susannah, Hanna, and Mary. Robert Sr. was born in Scotland in 1732 [error] and came to America in 1743; served in the French & Indian Wars [wrong man, see later] and in the Revolution. Found at <>
that Robert Walters served in the 7th Company of the Virginia Regt. in 1754.
[Examination of records of the Virginia Colonial Wars reveals that this last reference was to a Robert Walters that lived in Northumberland; he died at Ft. DuQuesne in September of 1758. Obviously a different Robert Walters.]

[Perhaps Robert did not move to Franklin Co as early as 1784; he still gives his residence as Pittsylvania Co VA in 1787.]
DEEDS OF FRANKLIN CO GA, 1784-1826; Martha Walters Acker
DB C, p.20b 15 Oct 1787 Larken Cleveland & wife Fanny to Robert Walters of Pittsylvania Co VA for £32, three slaves and a horse - 600 acres in Franklin Co on the Tugalo R adj John Payne. Wit: W. Cauthon, JP
p.8 26 May 1790; Rec. May 1790 Thomas & Mary Carter to Peter Walters, all of Franklin Co. £20 for 26 acres upper side of Little Shoal Crk adj Robert Walters & Carter, inclduing improvements where Peter Walters now lives. Wit: John Payne, JP

1790 Reconstructed Census (tax list) Franklin Co GA: Robert Walters, John Walters, Moses Walters and Peter Walters. Charles Cawthon, Claborn Cawthon, and David Cawthorn. Mathias Magbe (McBee) and James McBee.

Although Robert Walters had long since moved to GA, he still owned land in Pittsylvania Co. His son Robert Jr. may have remained in Pittsylvania approximately 8-10 years longer than his father did. He had his father's power of Attorney. I believe this would be Robert Jr witnessing most of the records below.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9,
p.89 21 Nov 1791 Samuel Watkins & Mary Watkins his mother to John Givens. 150 acres. Waters of Burches Crk. William Collie's line; John Scales/Seales, Robert Walters line. Signed: Samuel Watkins, Mary (X) Watkins
p.121 17 Oct 1791 Robert Walters of County of Franklin and state of GA to Tunis Cole of Pittsylvania. 50# Tract on drafts of Burches Creek and bounded: Begin at John Wilsons dividing line, thence new lines; crossing two Branches; being part of tract of land granted to Robert Walters dated 16 Feb 1771 containing 198 acres. With all houses, orchards, etc.
Signed: Robert Walters [no mark] [Patent contined 384 acres originally.]
Wit: William Collie, Polley (X) Walters, Robert Walters Jr.[prob]
20 Feb 1792 proved by oaths of witnesses & ordered to be recorded
p.143 18 Feb 1792 William Collie & Mary his wife to Matthew Fitzgerald. 40£. 100 acres on waters of Burches Crk. Begin on post oak in Robert Walter's Srs line;
Signed: William Collie, Molley (X) Colley Wit: James Thompson, Charles Collie, Benjamin Lawless Ack 20 Feb 1792
p.147 6 Feb 1792 Andrew Gray to Nathan Cunningham. 30£. Tract on branches of Burches Crk. 100 acres. Fork of a branch, thence along Walters' line to his corner pine; along Samuel Harrises line; new line; fork of the branch. Signed: Andrew (+) Gray. Wit: Creed Tanner, Matthew Tanner, Robert Walters Jr
20 Feb 1792 Proved by two of the witnesses. 22 Mar 1792, proved by third witness
p.177 17 Mar 1792 Thomas Chilton to Josiah Earp 80£. On waters of Burches Crk. Begin oak standing in Robert Walters's line, running with his line; dividing line between said land & John Walters's land 157 acres. Signed: Thomas Shelton
Wit: William Collie Robert Walters Jr Nathan Cunningham, Billey Holloway
16 Apr 1792 Proved by oaths of witnesses
Test: Will. Tunstall, J/S C Clk
p.206 3 Mar 1792 John Givins & Betty his wife to Matthew Fitzgerald. 20£ 100 acres on waters of Birches Crk. Begin Robert Walters line, said Fitzgerald's line, Samuel Watkins's line, Billey Holloways line, William Collies line, corner pine of Walters line and on his line to the beginning. Signed: John [O] Givens, Betty [X] Givens. Wit: John (+) Collie, Billey Holloway, William Collie, Robert Walters Jr 16 Apr 1792 Proved by oaths of three of the wit
p.379 27 Oct 1792 John Givens & Betty his wife of Montgomery Co NC. To John Collie. 35£
Tract on waters of Burches Crk. James Collies corner, along his line, on Robert Walters Junr's line; to a gum in Robert Walters Sen. Old line crossing a branch. William Collies Corner, his line. 150 acres. John (x) Givens. Wit: Charles Collie, Robert Walters, Billey Holloway, William Bennett.
15 Apr 1793 Ack by oaths of witnesses.
p.423 29 Jan 1791 William Russell, planter, to John Barry. 70£. Waters of Fall & Burches Creeks. 300 acres part of greater tract of 504 acres granted to Robert Walters by Patent recorded in Land Office of this State. Same land which Robert Walters conveyed to William Rice & by sd Rice conv. To sd William Russell. Signed: William Russell. Wit: Wm (X) Reynolds, Richd (R) Reynolds, W. Wright, Wm Wilkinson
21 Mar 1791 proved by one of the witnesses. 16 Sep 1793 proved by two other wit and Ordered Recorded
[See DB 7, p.518 for Walters to Rice]

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.51 17 Mar 1794 Robert Walters of Franklin Co GA to Bassel Wilson of Pittsylvania Co VA. 120£. Plantation lying in Pittsylvania on Water's fork of Burches Creek, the lands being the property of the said Walters's Father Robert Walters who made his son Robert Walter Power of attorney to sell & convey the said lands to the said Bassel Wilson. 275 acres. Begin at pine in Weatherford line, thence new lines, dividing line between the within mentioned land and the said Robert Walters; pine in Weatherfords line, along his line. With all houses, outhouses, Orchards, Gardens, etc. signed: Robert Walters
Wit: Matthew Fitzgerald, William Walters, Ezekiel Walters, Samuel Hedgbeth.
15 Apr 1794 proved by oath of one of the witnesses. 15 Sep 1794, further proved by oaths of two of the other witnesses. Teste: Will Tunstall CS
p.52 Robert Walters Senior of Co of Franklin in state of GA by these presents do make my Son Robert Walters junior my true & Lawful Attorney for me and in my name to make & assign title to a certain tract of land in Pittsylvania VA on South fork of Birch's Creek, bounded by lands of Charles Weatherford, Creed Tanner, John Wilson & Josiah Harp containing 450 acres. 275 acres sold to Basil Wilson. To make & assign good title to the sd 275 acres as I myself might or could do were I personally persent. Also the remaining part of 175 acres to make of and make good & sufficient title to any person as he shall think proper. And consent the money arising from the Sale of this last tract to his own use.
Signed: Robert Walters (R)
Wit: John Walters, Elijah (X) WaltersGeorgia, Franklin Co
Personally appeared before me John Walters & Elijah Walters & being duly sworn. They saw Robert Walters, sign, seal as his act & deed the within power of Attorney.
28 Jan 1794 Jos. Humphreys
Rec in Clerks office in Franklin Co Book K, folio 25, the 28th day of Jan 1794 Jno. Smith CFC
Georgia, Franklin Co. Certify that the Hon. Joseph Humphreys esq is one of the Judges of the Inferior Court of sd County. 28 Jan 1794 Jno Smith.
15 Sep 1794 Pittsylvania Co VA. Power of attorney from Robert Walters Senr to Robert Walters Jr with the Certificate of the Clerk of the County Court of Franklin in Satate of GA were exhibited & Ordered to be recorded.
p.365 22 Dec 1796 Robert Walters of Franklin Co & State of GA to John Akin of Pittsy. 70£. Tract on little Burch Creek containing one hundred and _____[page has blot] acres. Begin John Wilsons line, Josiah Earps line, Elisha Cooksons, Matthew Fitzgeralds line, pointers in Bassel Wilsons line, dividing line between said Akin & Bassel Wilson to the beginning. Signed: Robt Walters.
Wit: Samuel Pruitt Jr, Joseph Flippin, Loyd Simpson, Jer. Simpson, Reuben Lewis, Geo. Shelton
18 Apr 1796 proved by three of wit.
[The remaining 175 acres of Robert Sr's tract of 450 acres.]
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
Robert Walters, son of Thomas, bought back land that had belonged to this Robert. See DB 7, p.518 and DB 9, p.423:
p.350 5 Feb 1807 Elijah Creel to Robert Walters. 160£. 300 acres on waters of fall and Birches Creek, part of a tract of 504 acres granted to Robert Walters Senr by patent duly recorded. The said Robert Walters Senr sold unto William Rice and William Rice conveyed to William Russell as by record in the County Court in the Clerks office. Joining Reynolds land and others. Signed: Elijah Creel. Wit: Geo. Dodson, Josiah Atkinson, Laban Walters, Lemuel Walters, A. Whitlock, John Dodson, Lemuel Walters, John Slayden, Thos. Shelton, Robert W Ragland, William Ragland
15 Jun 1807. Proved by three of witnesses. [Lemuel Walters was listed twice as a witness.]

DEEDS OF FRANKLIN CO GA, 1784-1826; Martha Walters Acker
DB K, p.15 2 Nov 1793; rec. 18 Dec 1793 Robert Walters Sr to to Elijah Walters for 5sh. 50 acres on Little Shoal & Big Shoal Creeks adj John Walters. Signed: Robert (x) Walters. Wit: Joseph Humphries JP [Elijah was his son; he had both a brother & a son named John]
DB K, p.16 2 Nov 1793; Rec. 18 Dec 1793 Robert Walters Sr to Robert Walters Jr for 5sh. 50 acres on Tugalo R and Big Shoal Crk adj Elijah Walters. Signed: Robert (x) Walters
The deed books indicate Robert was a Justice of the Peace in Franklin Co in 1795.

DB O, p.78 21 Apr 1802; rec. 15 Oct 1802 John Walters sold 50 acres on Little Shoal Creek to Robert Walters for $250. [This could be Robert Sr and his brother John, or Robert & John, sons of Robert Sr, or any combination thereof.]

The dates of birth of the children as given in the Ancestral File is obviously in error. The age span is far too wide and there's a period of some 12 years when no children were born at all. Probably all the children from Moses on down were born some 10 years earlier than usually seen. The birth order with all the girls last is no doubt from the Will of Robert Walters. It was commonplace to list the daughters after the sons. They were likely interspersed among their brothers. The Ancestral File also gives the birthplace of most of the children as Lunenburg Co VA - this was the parent county of Halifax, Halifax was parent county of Pittsylvania, etc. By the time these children were born Robert & Joannah seem to have been living in Pittsylvania which was formed 1766.
In 1793, Robert was a member of Constitutional Convention of GA.

Abstract of his will found online: Proved 9 Oct 1794, presumably in Franklin Co GA. Children: William, John, Robert, Elijah, Peter, Samuel, Moses, Betsy, Susannah, Hannah, Mary. Returns of his estate dated Nov 1794 & Jan 1795 include receipts of legatees: Moses, Peter & William Walters, John Prestridge, Henry Wall [the last two are sons-in-law - Elizabeth Walters married John Prestridge and Henry Wall married dau Susannah.]
From the copy of the Will in the Walters book: Son William, son John, son Robert, son Elijah, son Peter and son Samuel, each a slave. To Samuel part of tract whereon he now lives; mouth of Big Shoal Creek to the waggon Road and up the ridge bet the River Tugalo and the said creek. 200 acres. To son Moses, 200 acres, also part of whereon I now live including the plantation and mill with all dwellings and improvements and a slave. To my four daughters: Betsey, Susannah, Hannah & Mary, a slave to be sold and the money divided amongst them. Remainder of property to be divided among all children. Sons John & Robert to be Executors. 2 Nov 1793. Signed: Robert Walters. Wit: John Smith, Joseph Humphries. Proved 9 Oct 1794.
Inventory of personal estate presented to the court by John & Robert Walters on 8 Nov 1794. Includes 8 negroes, $4 cash, 2 horses & other livestock, tools, furniture, etc.
On 14 Nov the appraisal by Thomas Canter, Aaron Camel & John Payne was presented to the court.

A grave marker has been placed in the Cemetery at Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Parkertown, Hart Co GA, by Norman H. Walters, 1995. It states that Robert Walters, SR was born about 1732, died circa 1794 and was in the Revolutionary War. He states also believed buried here are: Peter Walters, John C. Walters, Franklin M. Walters. Much of the original Walters land now lies under Hartwell Lake.
Peter's dates are given as born circa 1755, died circa 1832.
John C. Walters, b. 1785, died 1858.
Franklin M. Walters, b. 1830, d. 1871, "Confederate Soldier"

Re the Oath of Allegiance:
In May of 1777, the Virginia legislature passed a statute requiring an Oath of Allegiance. All free born males over 16 years old (as of October 1777) were to swear a standard oath before the local Justice of the Peace. In this oath, each man renounced all allegiance to King George of England, and swore allegiance to Virginia and the United States. Each JP made a list of oath takers (also those who refused) and filed his list with the county court. The lists for Pittsylvania County were published in the Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 23, No. 1 (available on in the early 1980's.
In JP Charles Kennon's list we find (in alphabetical order): Elijah Walters, John Walters, Robert Walters, Robert Walters Jr., Thomas Walters, Thomas Walters Jr., and William Walters. These men are presumed to be Robert Walters (later of Franklin County, Georgia) and his sons Elijah, John, Robert Jr., and William, plus Robert Sr's brother Thomas and Thomas' son, Thomas Jr. [My Note - Robert Jr could also have been Thomas's son of that name who is thought to have been slightly older than Robert's Robert Jr. and both are at times given the "Jr" suffix]
Robert Sr's other known sons, Moses, Peter, and Samuel, were either under 16 years of age in 1777 (born after about 1761), or already living elsewhere outside of this family group in Pittsylvania County. I think it's more likely these three sons of Robert Sr. were under 16 in 1777.

Robert WALTERS and Joannah MCBEE were married.1 Joannah MCBEE, daughter of WILLIAM MCBEE and SUSANNAH VARDRY, was born in 1733 in King George County, Virginia.1

Joannah was named as Joannah Walters in her father's will. She received only 1 shilling, indicating she had already received her inheritance, probably at her marriage. Robert Walters was one of the securities for the widow Susannah Vardy when William McBee died.

Robert WALTERS and Joannah MCBEE had the following children:



Robert WALTERS Jr..






Elizabeth "Betty" WALTERS.






William WALTERS11,15,17 was born (date unknown).

In the Walters book, William is shown as having married Elizabeth Ball in Pittsylvania Co VA. This is an error. The William that married Elizabeth Ball and then Anna Babb was a son of Thomas Walters who moved to Henry Co TN and died there in 1824. These marriages and the children from them are well-documented in Bible records and cemetery records in Tennessee. He was a 1st cousin to this William and very close to the same age.

There is a marriage for a William Walters to Mary E. Blank on 2 Dec 1835 in Franklin Co GA. As this is quite late in life, perhaps he did have a previous wife, or perhaps this is a different William.

It is likely that William never came to Georgia with the rest of the family but may have remained in Virginia,at least for a time. He is also probably much older [possibly 20 years older] than indicated in some files as being born in 1777. He appears to be in tax lists in Pittsylvania Co as early as 1782 along with his father and brothers Elijah and Robert Jr. [I did not find William listed in the Land Tax book, c. 2006, prior to 1786, although others have stated he was there - I have not seen the actual film. A deed of 1783 does indicate he was a land owner that early.]

The 1786 Pittsylvania Land Tax List shows William Walters as William Walters [son of Robert] with 120 acres. Yes, the designation "son of Robert" was included.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.102 18 Aug 1783 Enoch James of Halifax Co to Matthew Hendason of Pittsy. 40#'s. Tract of waters of Burches Creek. 232 acres. Begin William Walters corner, with William Walterses Line. Signed: Enock James
Wit: Rotherick McDaniel, Thomas Bennett, John Hall, Thomas Dodson
19 Aug 1783 Proved by oaths of three of the Witnesses
[This would seem to be this William. His uncle William is already believed departed for Kentucky but often deed records refer to former land owners as markers. His cousin William, son of Robert was too young to own land at this time.]



Susannah WALTERS.






Samuel WALTERS15,18,19 was born about 1764 in Virginia.20 He died on 9 October 1815 at the age of 51 in Madison County, Mississippi Territory.20

Samuel married a Molly and also said to have married Sally Woodall on 6 Dec 1784 in Pittsylvania Co VA. - see later that this marriage took place in Charlotte Co and is likely a very different Samuel Walters. He died in Madison County, Mississippi Territory, the part that became Alabama.

His often seen suggested birth as 1779 would not be possible if he married Sally Woodall in 1784. However, there is a will of a Samuel Walters in Jessamine Co KY in 1805 and his wife was named as Sarah - seems that he is a different Samuel & is most likely the husband of Sally Woodall, and the Samuel here was the husband of Molly. Additional research needed regarding this line.; VIRGINIA MARRIAGES TO 1800
Charlotte Co: Walters, Samuel to Woodall, Sally Marriage Date: 06 Dec 1784
Added from Charlotte county Virginia Marriage Bonds 1765-1863; Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1937:
Sampson Woodall, father of the bride. John Woodall, bondsman

Franklin Co GA Tax list of 1798 includes Samuel Walters.

In 1810, Samuel sold land in Franklin Co GA to William Cleveland. In Nov 1810 he applied for land in Madison Co, Mississippi Teritory [Alabama now], stating he was of Lincoln Co TN. The land was granted 29 Apr 1811. He was a private in the 7th Regt, MS Territory Troops [presumably War of 1812].

A very different birth year of 1749/50 seems as unlikely - Samuel was listed as the 6th son in his father's will and wills often reflect birth order. Estimates of birth years for all the children of Robert did not seem to take this into consideration.
Researcher Robert B. Walters gives a birth year as ca 1749 and lists children as:
Charles B. who married Sarah Horton on 4 Dec 1824, Madison Co AL
Benjamin F. Walters
Elizabeth Walters who married Peyton Vance
Orpha Walters who married William C. Thompson and lived in Tuscaloosa Co AL in 1830
Lucinda [b. 1 Jul 1795, d. 9 Sep 1890, Madison Co TX] who married (1) Alsimedan Thompson and (2) John Lennox about 1813 [See email below - this was Lucena, not Lucinda and John Lennox was her 1st husband.]Dosia who married Melton Swift
Mary Walters

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 21:01:57 -0600
Subject: Lucena (Pertheny)Walters
I was interested in the information found on your website concerning Lucena
Walters, born 1 July 1795, daughter of Samuel Walters.
Lucena (Pertheny) Walters married John Lennox(Lenox) 20 February 1813 in
Madison Co. AL. John Lenox (my ancestor) was a 1st Lt. in the War of 1812
and was killed in battle in January, 1814, leaving a son about 4 or 5 years
old. In probate records found in Madison Co. AL, Lucena asks for payment
for his care beginning with the date of her marriage to John Lenox. I'm
trying to determine if this child, Samuel W. Lenox, is Lucena's natural
child or if she is his stepmother. She raised Samuel even after her
marriage to Alcimedon Thompson and appeared on the various census records
with or near him in Tishomingo Co. MS, Ouachita Co. AR and finally, Madison
Co. TX.
I have a copy of her widow's pension file from the War of 1812.
If you know anything about this child, Samuel Lenox, please contact me.Marjorie









Mary WALTERS15 was born (date unknown).