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Fourth Generation

35. Laban WALTERS4,113,114,115,116 was born on 23 July 1779.113 He died on 27 June 1854 at the age of 74 in Williamson County, Tennessee.1

Nancy's parents were Ezekiel Chaney and Lette Dodson, dau of Joseph4, Thos3, Thos2, Charles1.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.96 18 Jan 1800 Robert Walters to Archer Walters of Halifax. In consideration of love, good will & affection to the said Archer and for the better maintenance of the said Archer Walters, confirms to him a tract of 103a. In Pittsy Co. S side of lower double Crk; metes & bounds. Signed Robert Walters. Wit: Laban Walters, John Slaydon, Geo. Dodson
17 Feb 1800 ack by Robert Walters
p.170 11 Sep 1800 John Templemon to Samuel Walker. 50£. Begin pointers in Samuel Walkers red oak in Benjamin Burgesses line. Robert Walters's old line, along the same. Dodsons line to Samuel Walkers corner, along Walkers corner. [no acres given] Signed: John (x) Templeman, Ann(X) Templemon Wit: Charles Shelton, Laban Walters, Elisha Ford, Daniel (x) Slaydon Junr, John (X) Hubbard
15 Sep 1800 Proved by oaths of 3 wittnesses. Anne, wife, relinq dower.
p.171 18 Apr 1800 John Collie & Fanney his wife to John Templemon. 20£. 78a on waters of Birches Creek. Signed: John (x) Collie, Fanny (x) Collie Wit: Charles Shelton, Daniel Slaydon, Laban Walters, Samuel Walker Jun 1800 Proved oaths of two. 15 Sep 1800, further proved

Pittsylvania DB 15
p.350 5 Feb 1807 Elijah Creel to Robert Walters. 160£. 300 acres on waters of fall and Birches Creek, part of a tract of 504 acres granted to Robert Walters Senr by patent duly recorded. The said Robert Walters Senr sold unto William Rice and William Rice conveyed to William Russell as by record in the County Court in the Clerks office. Joining Reynolds land and others. Signed: Elijah Creel. Wit: Geo. Dodson, Josiah Atkinson, Laban Walters, Lemuel Walters, A. Whitlock, John Dodson, Lemuel Walters, John Slayden, Thos. Shelton, Robert W Ragland, William Ragland
15 Jun 1807. Proved by three of witnesses. [Lemuel Walters was listed twice as a witness.]

1820, Davidson Co TN. Laban Walters. 2m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45 [Laban]; 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45.

1830 Census. Williamson Co TN
Laborn Walters: 2m 15-20, 1m 20-30. 1f under 5, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50

1840 Census. Williamson Co TN
Laban Waters: 1m 5-10 [Gilbert], 1m 20-30 [Edward], 1m 60-70 [Laban]. 1fm 50-60 [Nancy].
Gilbert was a grandson, child of Laban L. by his first wife - he was apparently raised by his grandparents.

Laban age 71, b. in Virginia, Nancy age 67 also b. VA, and Gilbert M. age 15 b. in TN, found in the Williamson Co TN 1850 Census.
Slave Schedule in 1850 listed the following: Female age 46, male age 33, female age 30, male age 24, male age 16, male age 13, male age 10, female age 8, male age 7, female age 4. has the estate file for Laban Walters.

Will of Laban Walters. Williamson Co TN. To grandson Gilbert M. Walters, son of son Laban L. Walters, Negro slave Alfred when he reaches age 21; horse, saddle & bridle; suit of clothes; one bed of furniture. Beloved wife Nancy all the remainder of my personal & real estate. After her death to my four children: Eli A. Walters, Labon L. Walters, Edward Walters, and Elizabeth Steele, share and share alike except what is given my grandson Gilbert to be charged to his father's share. Son Edward to be executor. Dated 2 Apr 1849. Signed: Laban Walters. Witnessed: M.L.Andrews, J.M.E. Stuy??

Inventory signed by Edward Walters, Oct 1854. Included 120 acres of land, 10 slaves: Lucy age 50, Wash age 39, Mary age 35, Jack age 30, Orrange age 20, Henry age 18, Alford age 16, Liddy age 14, Jerry age 12, and Judy age 9. $277 in cash. 7 horses, 12 head of cattle, 19 head of sheep. A buggy. 7 bedsteads, clock, 2 looking glasses, many household items and tools.

Settlement of the Estate filed 12 Nov 1856, by Edward Walters indicated Nancy Walters had received an advance of $61.53. Taxes had been paid in 1854, 1855, and 1856. Balance of estate to be paid to the four heirs.

Each of the 4 heirs received their equal shares:
Eli A. Walters, Refunding Bond. Jan. Term 1857. He received on 1 Jan 1857 his share $61.02 1/2 of the balance due against Edward Walters as Administrator of the estate of Laban Walters. Signed by Eli A. Walters, and Richd Steele.
Laban L. Walters - same as above except his co-signer was Edward Walters.
Rich'd Steele - for his wife Elizabeth H; co-signed by Eli A. Walters
Edward Walters - co-signed by L.L. Walters

The following deed is in Laban Walters Sr's estate file, but was surely part of the next file belonging to his son Lindsay L. or Laban L. Walters
Deed recorded 13 Oct 1849; Registered 25 Oct 1849, Book 1, p.121.
Dated 5 Jul 1849 - James H. Wilson to Laban L. Walters, both of Williamson Co, TN. For $4,719.00. Land on the waters of Hays' Creek; begin corner of land purchased by Wilson from Mary P. Breathitt, mouth of Free Ben's lane; boundary of what is known as the Thomas tract formerly preperty of Edward Breathitt, deceased. 355 acres. Another tract of 55 acres adjoining and south; conveyed by Alison & Rebecca Tradewell to Wilson on 1 Jan 1849; within the boundaries, 5 acres has be conveyed to other persons. Signed James H. Wilson. Wit: F. B. Carter, James M. Carsey, Franklin Wilson.
Note 1 Jul 1849 - there was a mistake in the deed - the first tract contained 374 acres for a total of 429 acres.
Fountain B. Carter and James M. Carsey proved the deed, as did the witnesses to the note of correction. 1 Oct 1849.

There is a paper in the file of Laban Walters Jr., a grandson, that should have been filed with Laban Walters Sr. It says "Laban Walters, Inventory, 1854". Lists only three items - one old still, a pair of card, one
spining wheel. Signed Edward Watters, who was admin of the older Laban's estate. "shaking leaves" reports the estate file of Laban Walters as a "Divorce" case since it is in a databases called Tennessee Divorces and Probates!

Son L. L. Walters, was born 1811 in Virginia. He married Martha Ann Marshall on 12 Jan 1834 in Williamson Co TN. She was the daughter of Gilbert Marshall and Martha McMullen. Martha was born 29 Dec 1815 in Franklin, Williamson Co TN and died 1855. I wonder if this death date is correct - she may have died in 1835. A divorce suit in Williamson Co reveals that children of the divorcing couple - Thomas P. and Sarah Carsey - included Martha J. Walters, wife of Laban L. There is a second marriage for Laban L. Walters, 17 Nov 1836, to Martha Carsey.

Robert B. Walters wrote the National Archives for a copy of Claim # 19025, filed by L. L. Walters 10 or 11 Aug 1877 for reimbursement of property - mules and horses - taken by the Union Army during the Civil War. The claim was for $749; $500 was allowed and paid. L. L. Walters stated that he was 66 years of age and resided about 8 miles from Franklin in Rock Hill, Williamson Co TN. He was a farmer and lived there for 28 years. He was opposed to the war.

1860 Census. Williamson Co TN. East Subdivision, Arington P.O. Page 215, Household 494.
L. L. "Waters" age 49. Farmer. Value of real estate $12,800, Personal Estate $19,940. Born Virginia
M. G. age 30, b. TN. Female; presumably a young wife.
Thos. L. Waters age 19, Eli age 13, and Sarah age 11.

1870 Census. Williamson Co TN. 14th Civil District; Franklin P.O. Page 232, Household 151.
Laban L. "Waters" age 59. Farmer. Value of Real estate $8540. Personal $600 [Looks to me like he might have owned slaves before the war.] Born Virginia.
Maria age 35. Keeping House, b. TN [she aged only 5 years!]
Mary age 9, b. TN. Attends school

1880 Census. Williamson Co TN, 14th Civil District; Household 210
[This page is barely readable.]
Linsy L. Walters age 69, Farmer, born VA as were both his parents.
Mariah, Wife, now age 25 [good trick if you can do it] Keeping House; born TN as were both parents.

18 Apr 2012. I received an email:
"I don't know if You're interested in these attached photos but I thought I'd share them with You. Here's how I came across these tombstones in Williamson Co., TN.
While vacationing in 2004, My husband and I were driving around the Franklin, TN area and I stopped under some trees to cool off. I happen to notice a small cemetery, which was next to a high? school or large regional park parking lot and playing field and I decided to walk thru this small and well shaded cemetery to get a closer view some of the old tombstones.
I only took photos of four of maybe two dozen tombstones that were at this cemetery and just recently, decided to post these photos onto the Find A Grave website, in hopes of locating a descendant of one of these people and finding out the exact name of this cemetery. "
Two of these photos appear to be of the grave markers of Laban and perhaps a son.
Laibern Watters
Born July 23rd, 1779
Died June 27th, 1854
memory of
Eli A. Walters
Born April 19, 1807
died Jan 19, 1861

Photo taken later also shows that wife Nancy is buried in the same cemetery - as are several other members of the family.
memory of
Nancy Walters
Born Aug 19, 1783
Died May 7, 1856

Eli A. Walters was certainly a son.

Laban WALTERS and Nancy CHANEY were married on 8 August 1803 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.40,117 Nancy CHANEY, daughter of Ezekiel CHANEY and Letty DODSON, was born on 10 August 1783 in Virginia.113 She died on 7 May 1856 at the age of 72 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Laban WALTERS and Nancy CHANEY had the following children:



Elizabeth H. WALTERS.






Laban Lindsey WALTERS.