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Third Generation

18. William WALTERS1,4,8,10,48,49 was born in January 1775 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1,50 He died on 23 April 1839 at the age of 64 in Henry County, Tennessee.50
William Walters that married Elizabeth Ball is also sometimes given as a son of Robert Walters and Salethia McBee; this is incorrect.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.542 19 Apr 1794 John Johnson & wife Anne to Asa Thomas. 14£. 56 ¾ acres. Head of Sandy Crk. Road on Wm Dix's line, pine on Anne Daniel's line. Dividing line bet sd Johnson & the Excr of John Watkins dec'd, up the road to the beginning. Signed: John (X) Johnson, Anne (X) Johnson
Wit: William Payne Jr., Peyton Thomas, William Walters, Richard Rannolds, W. Wilkinson. 21 Apr 1794 Ack. by Johnson

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.80 11 Aug 1794 John & Francis Akin to Jeremiah Simpson. 20£. Tract of 43 acres being part of tract where Edward Bryant now lives at upper end of sd tract on the S side of the upper double creek. Begin at the Crk on Jeremiah Simpsons line, along his line to Erasmus Simpsons line, Basil Hawkens line at the upper end of Hawkins Old field, Hardy's line, running with the Crk to the beginning. Signed: John Akin, Frances Akin. Wit: Benjamin Burgiss, Loyd Simpson, Erasmus Stimson, William Walters, William Bryant.
15 Dec 1794 Proved by oaths of three of the witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
2 Nov 1796
Moses Hanks to John Cheney. 35£. Tract on waters of Double Creek, 100 acres. Maple corner tree in Charles Collies line and William Walters, thence Walters line to post aok corner, thence Walters line to pine corner tree in Walters line and Jonathan Weldon's, thence Weldons line to white oak in John Madden's line, on Madden's line, William Wilder's line. Signed: Moses Hanks Wit: Heath Gardner, Charles Chaney, James Donneson, George Dodson. 17 Apr 1797 Proved by three of witnesses.
p.270 4 Oct 1797 Charles Waddill to Allen Waddill 300£ land on Sanday Creek of Dan River. 400 acres. Begin black oak S side of Sandy Creek, new dividing line to corner pin in Robert Williams, Woodes line, William Harrison dec'd line to Noell Waddill Junr corner in Harrisons line thence Noel Waddills line to his Spring branch, down the branch to Sandy Creek
Signed: Charles Waddill Wit: Henry Cook, Champness Terry, John Scott, Robt Walters, Wm Walters, Archer Walters 16 Apr 1798 Proved by three witnesses
p.271 3 Oct 1797 Noel Wadill Senr to Charles Waddill. 300£.Tract both side Sandy Creek 800 acres. Begin mouth of Noel Waddill Junior's Spring branch, to Charles Waddills line, his line to Robt Williams, along Williams to John Walters, along his line to Williams line across the Creek to Woddes, along his line toAkisson, to Burgess's, his line to the creek Signed: Noel Waddill Wit: Robert Walters, Wm Walters, Archer Walters Proved 16 Apr 1798 by witnesses
p.373 1 May 1798 William Russell to William Burges. 40£ Begin at Dodsons corner, white oak in Macbees line, along the same, Samuel Harris's corner black jack, along his line; to William Walters corner maple on abranch, along Dodson's line to the beginning. Signed: William Russell. Wit: Benjamin Twedwell, Ezekiel Russell, James Harden 18 Jun 1798 Proved by two witnesses. 15 Oct proved by another.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.30 26 Sep 1799 John Hall of Boon Co KY, attorney for Daniel & Sarah Johnson of Scott Co KY to John Herring of Pittsylvania. 100#s. Waters of Birches Crk 100a. tract sold by Joseph Terry dec'd to Chichester Grubbs. Signed: John Hall Wit: Robert Walters, William Walters, Bennett Shelton, Allen Watson 21 Oct 1799 proved by three wit
p.31 19 Oct 1799 John Chaney to William Walters. 5£. tract of 5a on Waters of lower Double Creek. Begin maple corner on branch of said Chaneys & said Walters & Charles Collies land. Up the meanders of the branch to waid Walters line, with Walters line to his corner, corner with said Williams' line. Signed: John Chaney. Wit: John Herring, John Slaydon, John Mading. 21 Oct 1799, Ack by John Chaney
p.396 21 Oct 1801 John Chaney & wife Susany to Charles Collie. 150£ 95 acres. Waters of lower Double Creek. Begin fork of crk, corner of said Collie & William Walterses land, up the meanders to branch, said Walterses line in another place, with his line, Jonathan Weldons line, Madings line, Weldons old tract, said Colleys line. Signed: John Chaney. Susanah (x) Chaney. Wit: William Slayden, John (x) Collie, James (x) Collie. 19 Oct 1801 proved by three sitnesses.

Pittsylvania DB 13
p.98 22 May 1802 Henry Cook of Halifax to Achilles Whitlock . 177£, 2sh. Tract on upper double Crrek, 99 and ¼ acres. Begin at corner pine, metes & bounds. Signed: Henry Cook. Wit: Wm Barksdale, Samuel Walker, Bird Moore, Bartlett Cates, Presley Dodson, John Dismukes, Archer Walters, Jas. Richarson, Wm Walters, Robert Carter, Benjamin Marable, Stepn Edwards, Fleming Bates. 20 Sep 1802 Ack. By Henry Cook

Pittsylvania DB 15
p.318 7 Mar 1807 John Hardy, aged & Inabled in body , place of residence for myself and wife Martha. Deliver to Samuel Walker of Pittsylvania the following property for the purposes of obtaining a Suport. Two cows, one calf & one yearling, feather bed & furniture, dishes, etc, one bay horse 8 years old. …..during the time we may be on the premesis of the said Walker fully authoring him as he may think proper to make sale Signed: John (x) Hardy. Wit: Benja. Watkins, Sto. Turner, Wm Walters, Archer Walters, William Walker. 20 Arp 1807, proved & recorded.

Marriage to Elizabeth Ball, dau of John Ball. Sur: Carter Ball.

William and his brother Abraham came to Henry Co TN soon after the death of their father - about 1820. William and his brother Abraham came [early] to Tennessee, according to The History of Henry County, Tennessee by E. McLeod Johnson, Vol. 1, 1958. The first tobacco was raised in Henry County, Tennessee, by William Walters.

Lila Moorer email Aug, 2003:
"From Pittsylvania County, Virginia Deed Book 26 - 1823-24 p 471 29 March 1819 William Walters gives Power of Attorney to Archer Walters...................."One certain tract piece or parcel of land in the County of Pittsylvania Virginia on waters of the lower double creek (sic) containing by estimation one hundred and eighty six acres more or less adjoining lands of Charles Colley Jason Brightwell & others............
"Note: This is the only time William Walters sells land in Pittsylvania County. This is the same land his father left him "bounding on Colley."

Mervin Walters has written that William Walters had a land purchase in Henry Co in 1823; Abraham not until 1827. No details were provided.

From "Early Deed Abstract, p.60" from Henry County "Old Time Stuff": Genealogical Records: Early TN Settlers, 1700s-1900s.
4 Dec 1823 Indenture: R.E.C. Dougherty of Carroll Co TN. 260 acres to William Walters of Henry Co.
"It was around 1826 that William Waters raised the first tobacco in the county".

Henry County settlers mentioned in Goodspeed's History of Tennessee published in 1887
Early Settlers of Henry County
Southeastern Henry County
Joel Hagler, Willis Hagler, James Williams, William Wyatt, Rev Benjamin Peeples, Rev John Manly, Richard Manly, Hamilton F. Manly, John Stoddart, Abraham Waters, William Waters, Cullen Bryant, William Jones, James Hicks, Thomas Lilly, Johanan Smith, Henry Wall, ? Randle, Reuben Bomar, William Porter, John Porter
Please Note: According to Brenda Wyatt, the two men referred to by Goodspeed as Waters, Abraham and William, were actually Walters.

1830 Census. Henry Co TN
William Waters: 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 3m 10-15, 3m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60
2f -5, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50

William and both wives are buried in the Walters Cemetery, 4 miles south of Paris, Henry Co, TN.

William died at age 64 years, 4 months.

William WALTERS and Elizabeth BALL were married on 10 December 1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.12,40 Elizabeth BALL, daughter of John BALL and Mary [BALL], was born in 1787.8 She died on 1 September 1824 at the age of 37 in Henry County, Tennessee.49,50

William WALTERS and Elizabeth BALL had the following children:



Jane WALTERS8,19 was born on 16 November 1805.50

Jane married (1) Richard Vinson Woodson in 1822 in Henry Co TN Richard was b. 27 Dec 1791 and d. 10 Mar 1835. She married (2) Lewis Hyer on 20 Feb 1839.



Lucy WALTERS8,51 was born on 15 December 1806.50

Lucy married in 1825 to Rev. George Washington Moody [1799-1838] He is buried Walters Cemetery. She married (2) on 4 Oct 1840 to Willis Williams. Willis was b. 1798, d. 1844 and is buried Manley Cemetery, Henry Co TN Lucy married a 3rd time, to Eaton Davis on 6 Sep 1855.

Children by Moody:
1. William Moody, died young
2. Thomas Moody, m. Elizabeth Provow
3. Edwin Moody, married Tabitha Hays in 1875
4. Samuel Moody, b. abt 1832, married Sarah Mankins
5. George Moody, b. abt 1834, m. Martha Jane Carter
6. Lewis Moody, b. ca 1835, married Elizabeth Stroud; lived in Tiptonville TN
7. Robert Moody, b. ca 1836, married Laura Cheek
8. Jeremiah Moody, b. 1829
9. Elizabeth Moody, b. 1837, married a David

Children by Williams:
10. Green Williams, b. 1842
11. Henry Williams, b. 1844

1850 Census, Henry Co. 7th Civil District, p.299, Household 108.
Lucy Williams, age 43, b. VA. Jeremiah Moody age 21, Samuel Moody 18, George Moody 16, Lewis Moody 15, Robert Moody 14, Elizabeth Moody 13, Green Williams, 8 and Henry Williams age 6.






Martha Jane "Patsy" WALTERS8,52 was born on 1 March 1810.50 She died on 13 February 1880 at the age of 69 in Henry County, Tennessee.53

Martha was the wife of Thomas Addison Young. They were married 11 Apr 1827, Henry Co TN. He died 1877.
Martha is buried Bass Cemetery, Henry Co TN.

1850 Census, Henry Co. Thomas A. Young, age 55, storekeeper, b. NC. Martha age 40, b. VA. Children born in TN: David 22, Mary 20, Sarah 19, W. H. [m] 17, Martha J. 16, Eliz. 14, Robt. 12, Wilmoth [m] 10, R. T. [m] 6, Lucy 4.



Elizabeth WALTERS54 was born on 23 September 1811.50 She died on 8 August 1856 at the age of 44 in Henry County, Tennessee.49

Grave markers in Walters Cemetery show that Elizabeth Walters' husband was William Moody, b. 12 Apr 1803 and d. 8 Jan 1876. Their children also buried in this cemetery include: Henry Moody [31 Aug 1834 - 28 Dec 1834], daughter Wilmouth Moody [25 Feb 1839 - 29 Aug 1840], Robert [1 Dec 1850 - 19 Oct 1855] and Joseph [1 Dec 1854 - 19 Oct 1855]

1850 Census in Henry Co. Wm Moody, age 41, b. VA. Eliz. 39, b. VA. Children: W. J. [m] 17, Eliz 15, M. Jane 13, T. Jeff. 8, Mary E. 7, Saml W. 4, John 2, Robt 8/12. Frances Myrick age 15 was living with the family; probably "helping out".



William WALTERS8,55,56,57,58 was born on 2 January 1813.50 He died in 1885 at the age of 72 in Gregg County, Texas.8

William married Elizabeth Arnett in 1833.
Which William? Is the following William son of William & Elizabeth Ball, or is it William, son of Abraham & Judith Thomas [see his notes].
I believe this man's death recorded 1885 in Gregg Co TX as in the family group sheets in the Library in Paris, Henry Co, TN may be an error, and it was his cousin William, son of Abraham & Judith that died in Texas.

In 1840 there were two William Walters living in Henry Co TN. They could be the two first cousins.
One was listed as having 2 males, age 20-30 in the household [this William would have been about age 27 and had several brothers of similar age], and 1 female age 20-30.
The other William Walters was age 30-40 [William son of Abraham would have been about 34], 1 female under 5 and 1 female age 20-30. The section for young males is obscured by a blot.
There was also a William Walters living in Grainger Co TN and one in Washington Co TN, but neither of them fit the families any better than those in Henry Co.



Spencer WALTERS8,59 was born on 26 January 1814.50 He died about 1846 at the age of 32.8

Married 1 Feb 1842 to Tabitha E. Randle.

In another place in the Walters Papers, his wife is given as Mary E. Walters. She's said to be in the Henry Co 1850 Census. Mary Walters, age 26, b. NC. Robt 8, Eliza Jane 7, Jackson 6, and Joel age 4.



Joel WALTERS8 was born on 16 October 1815.50 He died on 20 September 1836 at the age of 20 in Henry County, Tennessee.49



Nancy WALTERS8,19 was born on 6 January 1817.50 She died in 1840 at the age of 23.8 Nancy married in 1836 to John W. Bomar, son of Reuben Bomar Sr. Nancy's brother John married Ann Bomar, another child of Reuben.
This is the line of James F. Cantrell who left copies of his research papers in the library at Paris, TN.

Haymes Cemetery, Henry Co TN
19 May 1816/1817
03 Jan. 1854

wife of J.W.
01 Jan. 1817

wife of Reubin/Reuben
died Aug. 1851/1857
aged about 67 years

died 25 Feb. 1841
aged 82 years

Children of Nancy & John Bomar were:
Srah Ann, b. 15 Dec 1837 and d. 1905 in Henry Co TN. Married Archibald Walters Carter on 28 Jul 1860, Henry Co.
Nancy Parlea, b. 1840. Married Marion R. Swayne on 11 Jun 1868, Henry Co.



John WALTERS8,19,60 was born on 1 March 1818.50 He died on 23 October 1863 at the age of 45 in Jonesboro, Coryell County, Texas.8,19

John married Ann Bomar 5 May 1842, daughter of Reuben Bomar, Sr. Ann was born 1 Jan 1825, died 24 Jul 1897 in Jonesboro, Coryell Co, TX

1850 Census, Henry Co TN, p.299b Household 114.
John Walters, age 32; b. VA. Anne, age 24, b. in TN. Calvin age 8, J. W. a male. age 4, a female child E. M. age 2.

John died during the Civil War, cause unknown. The family went to TX, presumably before the War. The widow Ann married a Fontain after the death of John. The following children were listed in Ann's Bible which was at one time in possession fo Mrs. Walters Byles of TX:
1. Calvin L. Walters, b. 25 Jul 1843, died young.
2. John W. Walters, 1846-1879, m. Lucy Langford. Buried Starville Cemetery, Smith Co TX
3. Elizabeth A. Walters, 1848-1856. Buried Haymes Cemtery, Henry Co TN with grandparents Reuben Bomar, Sr & his wife Nancy.
4. Robert E. Walters. b. 14 Oct 1851, d. 9 Feb 1854.
5. Ewing Walters, 1854-1913, m. 1870 to Martha Helen Browning (1858-1949) Both buried Starville Cemetery; several of their children also buried there.
6. Reuben Bomar Walters, b. 29 Feb 1856; Buried Haymes Cemetery, Henry Co TN
7. Edwin C. Walters, 1858-1884; m. Katie Perry
8. Wilmoth I. Walters, b. 5 Mar 1860, died young
9. Anna Walters, b. 1 Aug 1862, died young

Information from Robert B. Walters has slight differences and additions.
1. Calvin d. 29 Sep 1861 in Henry Co TN
2. John William Walters, b. 31 Jan 1846 and d. 3 Apr 1879. Married Lucinda J. Senter on 31 Jan 1876 in Smith Co TX [perhaps she was a widow]
3. Elizabeth b. 19 Apr 1848, d. 17 Sep 1856, Henry Co TN
4. Robert B. instead of Robert E.
5. Ewing was b. 9 Jun 1854, d. 22 Oct 1913 in Smith Co TX. He married Martha Helen Browning on 27 Feb 1879 in Smith Co, Book H, p.452 of Smith Co Marriage Records
6. Reuben d. 15 Sep 1865.
7. Edwin was b. 27 Mar 1858 and d. 20 Apr 1884 in Smith Co TX. He married Catherine "Kittie" F. Perry on 2 Dec 1880 in Tyler, Smith Co TX. Edwin is buried Starrville Cemetery in Smith Co. Kittie remarried to W. W. Chisholm and is buried with him in the Liberty Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Smith Co TX. She was b. 26 Sep 1861 and d. 1 Mar 1927.
8. Wilmoth d. 8 Oct 1867, Henry Co TN
9. Anna d. 24 Aug 1863, Henry Co TN.



Robert WALTERS8,19 was born on 22 December 1820.50

Robert married 8 Mar 1854 to Polly Ann Jones. Robert died in Little Rock, AR.



Obadiah WALTERS8 was born on 1 September 1822.50 He died in April 1883 at the age of 60 in Henry County, Tennessee.19

Obadiah married Jemima Rushing 1 Jan 1845. Said to be buried with Jemima in Haymes Cemetery, Henry Co TN.
Jemima was born 1827 in Humphreys Co TN. Her parents were Abel Rushing and Sarah Griffin. Another post gives her parents as Abel Rushing and Sarah Jane Herrin. [See additional information below.] Jemima died Feb 1874 in Henry Co TN.

1850 Henry Co TN, Dist 7, Hh 98
Obediah "Walker", age 26, b. Kentucky. Jemima, 24, b. TN. Robert 5, Sarah Jane 3, and William H. age 8 months.

1860 Henry Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 695
Obediah Walters, 36, b. KY. Jemima 33. Robert S. 14, Sarah J. 13, William H. 9, and Elizabeth A. age 7.

1870 Henry Co TN, Dist 7, Hh 32
O. Walters. age 47, b. KY. J. age 44, b. TN. W. H. 18, and J. F. age 8, male child.

1880 Henry Co TN, Manlyville, Dist 73, Hh 138
Robert S. Walters, age 32, b. TN as were his parents. Nancy V., 28, wife. William 9, son. James R. 6, son. Nellie M. 1, daughter.
Obediah age 65, father. b. TN, parents b. VA. Widowed.

Their children:
1. Robert Spencer Walters, b. Feb 1845, d. 30 Nov 1911, m. 2 Nov 1865 to Nancy Andora Bush
2. Sarah Jane Walters, b. 1847
3. William Henry Walters, b. Mar 1851, m. 27 Mar 1873 to Mary J. Winsett
4. Elizabeth A. "Mitttie", b. 1853, m. 24 Dec 1867 to James Guerin.

Information about the Rushing family came from Early Settler Biographies, Benton Co, TN; submitted by Dallas Greer from the files of Norma Watson to
The suname of Jemima's mother was indeed Sarah Herrin. She married Abel Rushing 22 Jul 1807.
Abel Rushing was born 1787 in Anson Co NC and died 26 Aug 1835. Sarah Jane Herrin was born 20 Mar 1788, died 29 Nov. 1857.
The Rushings moved to Stewart Co TN from NC. He served in the War of 1812 & crossed the Tennessee River to claim a land grant by December 1820 - this area became part of Benton Co. His relatives Willis & Dennis settled with him along Rushing Creek near the Big Sandy River.



Sarah Ann "Sally" WALTERS8,61 was born in January 1824.50 She died on 13 November 1878 at the age of 54 in Benton County, Tennessee.

Sarah married 17 Oct 1839 to Robert T. Rushing.

1850 Benton Co TN: Robert T. Rushing age 39, Sarah age 27. Thomas 16, William 8, Jane 6, Elizabeth 4, Mary 3/12. James Helms, age 22, living with them; probably a farm hand. [Information below indicates Thomas was age 10, not 16, in 1850.]

Information about the Rushing family came from Early Settler Biographies, Benton Co, TN; submitted by Dallas Greer from the files of Norma Watson to
Robert T. Rushing was a son of Abel Rushing & Sarah Jane Herrin, and a brother to Jemima Rushing that married Sally's brother Obadiah Walters.
Robert T. Rushing born 29 Feb 1812, died 21 Feb 1854, Benton Co TN.
Sarah "Sallie" Walters Rushing died 21 Feb 1854, Benton Co TN.
Children were Thomas J., born 1840; William L. b. 1842; America Jane b. 1844, married James C. Lindsey; Elizabeth b. 1846, Mary B. b. 1850, married William H. Brummit.

William WALTERS and Anna BABB were married about 1825 in Henry County, Tennessee.1 Anna BABB8,49,62,63 was born in 1782 in North Carolina.62 She died on 29 July 1874 at the age of 92 in Henry County, Tennessee.49

Anna was the daughter of John Babb and Media Brown. There is a problem with the date of the marriage seen as 9 Jun 1824 because the cemetery records of Elizabeth Ball Walters state that she died 1 Sept 1824. William could hardly have married another wife before the first had died. Descendants of this line state that they married in 1825 - much more likely.

Records compiled by Dora Walters Latham, daughter of John Henry Walters, son of Henry Babb Walters, son of William Walters gives this information in her research for membership in DAR:
William Walters married Anna Babb in March, 1825, in Henry County TN. Anna Babb was the 3rd child of John Babb and Media Brown. She resided on a farm granted to her father for services in the Revolutionary War. According to the 1850 and 1860 census, Anna Babb Walters was born ca 1782 in North Carolina. She is buried in the Walters Cemetery near Manleyville.

1850 Census, Henry Co TN Henry B. Walters, age 24. Ann, age 61, b. North Carolina lives with his family.

1860 Census, Henry Co TN, District 7, p.381, Household 660
Henry B. Walters household includes Anne, age 73, b. NC.

Anna Babb Walters grave marker says she was 92 years old in 1874. This would indicate a birth year of 1782. The 1850 census indicated she was born in 1789; perhaps her age in 1850 was 67 rather than 61.

William WALTERS and Anna BABB had the following children:



Henry Babb WALTERS8,19,49,62,63 was born on 23 September 1826 in Henry County, Tennessee.1,50 He died on 7 September 1892 at the age of 65.49

Henry married Emily Louise Alton 18 Jul 1850. He married Elizabeth Bell on 4 Nov 1873.

Henry was head of household in 1850. Age 24. Living with him was Emily, age 15, Ann, age 61 born in NC, and Mary age 20. Emily was his wife; Ann his mother.

1860 Census, Henry Co. Henry B. Walters age 33. Emily L. 25, William R. age 9, Ann and Louia age 6 [apparently twins], John H. age 2. Ann Walters, age 73, b. NC.

Markers in Walters Cemetery show that Emily Alton Walters, wife of H. B. Walters was born 27 Jul 1835 and died 2 Dec 1867. A second wife, Elizabeth C. Bell Walters, born 6 Jun 1836 and d. 11 Aug 1892, is also buried there. Two daughters of Henry and Emily are buried in Walters Cemetery: Louisa [13 Oct 1853 - 20 Dec 1867] and Emma [15 Jan 1856 - 17 Apr 1956]

Children of Henry and Emily were:
1. William Roland Walters, 1851-1921, m. Mary Elizabeth Riggs
2. Louisa Walters, 1853-1867; Louisa and Anna were twins.
3. Anna Walters, 1853- ? , married Dr. W. Quincy Lee, went to TX
[Emma should be listed here.]
4. John Henry Walters, b. 1858, m. Dora Johnson, went to TX
5. Thomas Babb Walters, b. 1860, d. 1942 m. Minnie M. Doty on 18 Sep 1907
6. Minnie Walters, 1861-1913, m. Thomas Doty
7. Mary Walters, b. 1866. m. Penick Henry who married (2) Elizabeth Bell
Child of Henry and Elizabeth Bell:
8. Elizabeth Walters, b. 1876, m. Rev. Rice



Frances Emily WALTERS8 was born on 31 December 1827.50 She died in 1902 at the age of 75.8 Emily married 25 Aug 1948 to William Russell Haymes. He was a cousin; the son of Mary Mann Russell & Charles J. Haymes. Mary Russell was the daughter of George Russell & Margaret Walters.



Mary WALTERS was born on 14 December 1829.8

This child found on a family sheet in the Walters Papers. Not given in the bible record. However she is in the 1850 census living with her brother Henry, his wife, and their mother.

In the Texas Deaths & Burials, 1903-1973, at there is a listing for the death of Mary Walters, on 19 Dec 1921, San Marcos, Hays Co, TN. She was buried the next day. Mary was age 92 (born 1829) and still single. Parents are listed as William Walters, born Halifax, VA, and Annie Babb, b. Raleigh, NC.