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Fourth Generation

38. Lemuel WALTERS4,124,125 was born on 30 July 1786 in Halifax County, Virginia.1 He died on 1 July 1837 at the age of 50 in Maury County, Tennessee.19

Lemuel Walters married Elizabeth Dodson, dau of Joshua Dodson. Sur: Laban Walters. Married by the Rev. Elias Dodson.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.81 29 Nov 1805 Jackson Walters to Archer Walters of Caswell Co NC. For $350. Tract of 125 acres in Pittsylvania on the Lower Double Creeks. Begin black walnut tree on S side of Creek, course with the sd Archer Walters line, red oak in Pillipses line. John Walterses line, down the meanders of the creek. Signed: Jackson Walters Wit: Thomas Walters, William Simpson, Lemuel Walters, John Dodson. 16 Dec 1805 presented by one of witnesses. 16 Jun 1806, ack by Jackson Walters. Polley the wife of Jackson relinquished her right of Dower.

p.287 15 Oct 1806 Martin Daniel to John Dodson for 25£. 25 acres on waters of Lower Double Creek. Corner with said Dodsons line, Madings corner, Madings line, Chaneys line to Sheltons corner, Sheltons line, down the branch. Signed: Martin Daniel. Wit; Robert Walters, Lemuel Walters, Thos Shelton Junr, Thomas Richardson. 16 Feb 1807 proved by three of witnesses.

p.350 5 Feb 1807 Elijah Creel to Robert Walters. 160£. 300 acres on waters of fall and Birches Creek, part of a tract of 504 acres granted to Robert Walters Senr by patent duly recorded. The said Robert Walters Senr sold unto William Rice and William Rice conveyed to William Russell as by record in the County Court in the Clerks office. Joining Reynolds land and others. Signed: Elijah Creel. Wit: Geo. Dodson, Josiah Atkinson, Laban Walters, Lemuel Walters, A. Whitlock, John Dodson, Lemuel Walters, John Slayden, Thos. Shelton, Robert W Ragland, William Ragland
15 Jun 1807. Proved by three of witnesses. [Lemuel Walters was listed twice as a witness.]

Deed from Maury Co TN, DB 0, p.279 on 5 Jan 1830 William Dodson to Allen Walters. Wit: Thompson Pell, William Phelps, Lemuel Walters.

It appears he may have already been deceased at the time of the 1840 census:

1840 Census. Maury Co TN
Elizabeth Walters: 2m 10-15 [Lemuel & Anderson], 1m 15-20[Joel], 1m 20-30 [Byrd]. 1f 10-15 [Nancy Jane], 1f 15-20 [Elizabeth], 1f 50-60 [Elizabeth]
Christopher Walters, 3m -age 5, 1m 20-30 [Christopher] 1f 20-30
Allen Walters [Thomas A.?] 1m 5-10 [George], 1m 30-40 [Thomas A.?]
1f -5, 2f 5-10 [Celetha & Parthena], 1f 30-40

1850 Census. Maury Co TN Hh 1082
Elizabeth Waters, age 65, b. VA
Elizabeth Mosley, age 27, b. TN
Lemuel J. Waters, age 20, b. TN
Nancy J. Mosley, age 4, b. TN, Sarah age 3, Allen G. age 2
Jane Waters, age 21, b. TN
In Hh 1079 was:
Christopher Waters, age 37, b. VA. Holly, age 35 b. TN
Children born in TN: William B. 18, Robert L. 11, Anderson 7, Allen G. 5, Madison 2, and Doctor C. age 1
Hh 1080:
Joel B. Waters, age 25, b. TN. Elizabeth J., age 25, b. TN
Children born in TN; Edward W. 3, Sarah C. 1
p.190, Hh 521
Thomas A. Waters, age 41, b. VA. Elizabeth, 47, b. TN
Children born in TN; Celetha T. & George, age 14, twins, Parthena P. age 11, and William W. age 9

The Christlieb database gives the death of Lemuel as 1851 in Maury Co TN - but where was he in 1840 and 1850?

There is a grave marker pictured on FindAGrave in the Walters Cemetery, LaFollette, Campbell County, Tennesse with only names and no dates. It is being attached to this Lemuel, but it is NOT this man
This is Lemuel Walters who married Elizabeth Oaks and lived in Campbell Co - other members of his family are buried in this cemetery. Campbell is across the state from Maury.

DEATH: info from 18__ Widows' Pension application No. 2706, certificate dated March 06, 1872. Widow was Elizabeth. His service was in Capt. Samuel Carter's Co, VA, Militia. [It's not certain this is the correct Lemuel Walters. For one thing it did state his death as 1851. There was also a Lemuel Walters, son of Obediah & Abigail McBee who was born 1803, Grainger Co TN, died in Campbell Co as above, and a Lemuel Sylvester Walters, born 17 Nov 1795 in Person Co NC who married three times to Sally Turner, Elizabeth Isaacs, and Sarah E. Smith. This may also be the Lemuel S. Walters from Person Co.]
Another War of 1812 Pension application is for soldier, Lemuel S. Walters, SO #27905. He was a Private, Capt Joseph Clay's Co, 10th U.S. Infantry. This one is likely Lemuel Sylvester of Person Co NC.

Lemuel WALTERS and Elizabeth DODSON were married on 29 December 1807 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.12,35,40 Elizabeth DODSON60,126,127,128, daughter of Joshua DODSON and Ann SHELTON, was born on 24 April 1784 in Halifax County, North Carolina.4 She died after 1870 at the age of 86 in Maury County, Tennessee.128,129

1850 Maury Co TN census, District #19, p.22, Household 1082.
Elizabeth Waters, age 65, b. VA. Elizabeth Mosley [widowed daughter] age 27, b. TN [1823], Lemuel J. age 20, Farmer, b. TN. Nancy J. Mosley age 4, Sarah Mosley age 3, Allen G. Mosley age 2, and Jane Waters age 21 [not the daughter Nancy Jane - perhaps a daughter-in-law or niece? Could she be the wife of Lemuel?]

In 1860, Elizabeth is found in the household of son Christopher.

In 1870, she appears to be listed with T. A. "Waters". Age 84.
Although the Dodson book lists her as having died in 1868, this does not seem to be so.

Lemuel WALTERS and Elizabeth DODSON had the following children:



Thomas Allen WALTERS128,130,131 was born on 7 May 1809 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.19 He died about 1880 at the age of 71 in Weakley County, Tennessee.19

1850, Maury Co TN. Thomas gave his age as 41, Farmer, b. VA. Elizabeth, wife was age 47, b. TN. Children were Celetha S. and George, age 14, apparently twins. Parthena P. age 11. William W. age 9.

1860: T. A. Waters, age 51. What appears to be the initial "O" for the 55 year old female living with Thomas. She may be a 2nd wife. None of the children at home.

1870: T. A. Waters, age 62, b. Tennessee. Occupation is Mason. Living with him is E. Waters, age 84. Apparently his mother. They are found living near several other members of the family.



Amy C. WALTERS was born on 18 June 1810.19



Christopher Coleman WALTERS127,132,133 was born on 20 June 1813 in Virginia.19,132

Christopher is in the 1850 Maury Co TN census as age 37, born 1813, in VA. His wife Holly was 33. Children were: William B. age 13, Robert L. age 11, Anderson 9, Allen G. age 5, Madison 2, and Doctor C. age 1.

The 1860 enumerator for Maury Co gave only initials. In Dist #18 was C. C. Waters, age 46, Farmer, bo VA. "M" or Mary was age 44 [Is this a 2nd wife, or did the enumerator mistake the name Polly in 1850?] W. B. was age 24 [William], R. L. was 22 [Robert], W. W. was 19 [???], C. A. was 17 [Anderson?], A. G. age 15 [Allen], M.F. age 13 [Madison] D. A. age 10 [Doctor?]. M. A. age 7, female, M. C. age 3, male. M.R.J. age 2 months, female. Samuel Jack age 45, b. NC lived with the family - he is listed as "idiotick". Elizabeth Water, age 73, b. VA - she owned $5000 worth of real estate.

1870. Again the Maury Co enumerator gave only initials. C. C. Waters, age 57, b. VA. [The enumerator then "dittoed" all the rest of the family as born in Virginia which is certainly not the case.] M. age 54, female, Keeping House. An 18-year-old male works on farm - his initals could be almost anything. "A." age 15, female. "R" age 9, female. M. G.age 12, male. L. E. age 7, female. and M. T. or F. age 22, male, also a farmer.
On the same page are other Walters families.
This one is likely William B., eldest son of Christopher. In Household 23: W. B. Waters, age 33, b. TN. M. age 28, female, Keeps house. S. A. Hight, age 11, male and G. Hight, age 9, also male, could be stepsons. M. Waters, age 6, female, E. Waters, age 4, female, C. D. age 2 male, and S. age 8 months, female, would probably be children of William B. & this wife.
There is still another Waters on this page in Household 26. His initials are H. H. Waters and he is age 27 - he could be the mysterious "W.W." from 1860 who was not in the family in 1850, given the poor handwrinting in these records. Again we have only initials to deal with. H. H. is age 27, b. TN. M. L. female age 26 keeps house and was born in MO. Children born in TN: R. A. 9, a male; E age 7, female; E age 5, female, D. age 3, male; and M. age 1, female. H. Harper age 56 lives with the family and his occupation is "Asst. H. H.".



Byrd G. WALTERS19 was born on 18 June 1818 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.19 He died in 1890 at the age of 72 in Carroll County, Arkansas.19

Byrd married Eliza Ann Cathey on 12 Jan 1841, Maury Co TN. She was born 17 Feb 1820 Maury Co and died 1890, Carroll Co AR. The name was usually spelled "Waters" in Arkansas.



Elizabeth D. WALTERS126 was born on 27 July 1820 in Tennessee.19,132

Elizabeth's married name was Mosley. In 1850 her children were Nancy J. age 4, Sarah, age 3, and Allen G. age 2. She must have married about 1845. She was living with her mother, sister Jane, and brother Lemuel in 1850. The 1850 census gives her age as 27, or born 1823.



Joel Bigby WALTERS134,135,136 was born on 7 September 1822 in Tennessee.19,132 He died on 10 August 1863 at the age of 40 in Maury County, Tennessee.19

Joel married Elizabeth Jane Gaskill, 4 Feb 1836, Maury, TN.

Joel gave his age as 25 in the 1850 census, or born in 1825, in TN. His wife was Elizabeth J. also age 25, Edward M. age 3, and Sarah C. age 1.

1860. J. B. Walters, age 35, Farmer. E. J. age 35. E. M. age 12. S. C. age 10, G. C. age 9, male. A. E. age 8, female. M. A. age 7, female. R. A. age 5, male. D. A. age 4, male. F. A. age 2, female.

1880 E. J. Walters, age 55, keeping house. Born TN, father b. VA, mother b. NC. Edward, age 32, son. Amy E. age 26, daughter. David A. age 22, son. Fannie age 21, daughter. Byrd, age 18, son. ?Golden, age 16, daughter. Mary Ann, age 23, daughter.



Anderson M. WALTERS was born on 11 December 1824.19



Nancy Jane WALTERS137,138 was born on 28 December 1827 in Tennessee.19

Nancy is said to have married Thomas E. Walker.
1850 Census. 19th Civil District, Davidson Co TN, p.265B, Household 1321.
Thos. Walker, age 31, Farmer, b. TN. Nancy Walker, age 23, b. TN. Miranda age 2 and Eugene age 1 month.

1880 Census. 19th District, Davidson Co TN, p.299d & 300, Household 75
Nancy Walker, age 54, b. TN, both her parents b. in VA. Fowler, son, age 22. Rosa, daughter-in-law age 18. Lincoln, son age 17. John, son age 15. Allen Walters, brother age 75, b. VA as were both his parents. [This is likely Thomas A., Nancy's eldest brother and he was probably not quite this old.]
Other children of Nancy are listed on p.300.
Household 76. Mazine Walter, age 25. Mattie his wife age 21. Howard 6, and Lawrence 3. Nellie, age 3 months, born in February.
Household 78. Kossuth Walter, age 27. His wife Lizzie age 19. Luther age 1.
Household 79. Eugene Walker, age 29. His wife Maggie age 23. Enoia, daughter age 2 months, born in March. Harvy Ross age 26 lived with the family as hired help.
Household 80. Samuel Wilkerson, age 43, Florence, wife age 30 [daughter of Nancy & Thomas Walker]. Nettie, daughter, age 11, Cora 9, Aubrey, son age 6, Margie 4, and Emery, son age 1.



Lemuel J. WALTERS126 was born on 7 April 1830 in Tennessee.19

Middle initial was J. in 1850. He was living at home with his mother and one of his sisters in 1850. His wife Jane, age 21, could be in the household but with no relationship given it is impossible to tell.

The Walters DNA Project indicates his wife was a Jane Elizabeth and Lemuel died abt 1865 in TN. He had a son William C. "Bill" Walters, b. 21 Apr 1852 in Tennessee.

1860 Census. 19th Dist, Davidson Co, TN, Hh 775
L. J. Walters, 30, Horticulture & Gardner
Mrs. Walters, 34
Leroy 17.
William 8, George, 6. Sallie, 4. Saml. 3. and Babe (male, age 1