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Fourth Generation

51. Susannah WILLIAMS17,55 died before 1795.56

After the death of Christopher Brooks, Susannah married William Higgason Rice [1784]. He was a first cousin to William & Anna Rice who had married Susannah's siblings. William Higgason Rice remarried to Sally Gooch in 1795 after the death of Susannah.

Caswell WB F, p.7
Dec Court 1808
26 Dec 1808 Appraisal of negroes left to children of William H. Rice and Christopher Brooks by the last will of Henry Williams by Jethro & John H. Brown. Division to Rebecca Rice, Henrietta Rice, Elizabeth Rice, James Scott [married to Polly Rice], Samuel Watt [married to Marcy Rice], Christopher Brooks. All children of Susannah - James Y. Rice, son of Susannah & Wm H. seems to have been omitted from this division.

Susannah WILLIAMS and Christopher BROOKES were married.7 Christopher BROOKES57, son of THOMAS BROOKES and MARY BLACKNALL, was born in February 1755 in Gloucester County, Virginia.17,58 He served in the military in 1777 at Pay record from the Hillsborough Treasury Office in Revolutionary War. He died about 1781 at the age of 26 in Caswell County, North Carolina.57

I think this name in the Kingston Parish Records of Gloucester Co VA must be Christopher although it isn't clear in the record - transcribed as .....her Brookes. Apparently part of the name is unreadable.

I believe this person to be Christopher Brookes found in Caswell County with other members of this family.

Christopher Brooks received payment from the Hillsborough Treasury Office as found in "North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts" by Wynette Parks Haun. c1992.

From the Court Minutes of Caswell County: p.7, Dec 1781: Susannah Brooks resigned as administrator of estate of Christopher Brooks and gave authority to Henry Williams.

Copies from received from NC Archives: Adminstrators Bond in the amount of 500 pounds, dated 4 Dec 1781 signed by Henry Williams and Nath'l. Williams in presence of A. Murphey to bind Henry Williams as Administrator of Christopher Brooks, Deceased. Caswell County March Court 1782 - Inventory of estate of Christopher Brooks returned by Henry Williams, Administrator, and ordered to be recorded. Sold by David Shelton, Sheriff 24 Jan 1782. Buyers included Susannah Brookes, Henry Williams, William Holderness, Nath'l Williams, John Pane, Thos. Brookes.

Caswell WB A, p.186
March Court 1782 Inv of estate of Christopher Brooks by Henry Williams, Adm.

TN Land Entries
#3989 25 Nov 1783 Warrant 312 Cr.William Brooks, heir of Sgt. George Brooks, 1,000 acres delivered to Henry Williams; 84 months; file #13. Grant to Christopher William Brooks. [Vol 3, p.336] [for grant see file #104 in Davidson Co; warrant not mentioned in Glasgow land fraud]
[Christopher William Brooks is believed to be the son of Christopher Brooks who died in 1781 and his wife Susannah Williams, daughter of the above Henry. We know from the records of Christopher Brooks that Henry Williams was administrator of his estate. The logical explanation is that Sgt George Brooks, his uncle, had also died during the Revolution - under the laws of Primogeniture still in effect during the War, if George had no issue, any bounty land would revert to his eldest brother, and if he were also deceased but had sons, the brother's eldest son would then inherit.]

Susannah WILLIAMS and Christopher BROOKES had the following children:



Christopher Williams BROOKS.

Susannah WILLIAMS and William Higgason RICE were married on 20 December 1784 in Caswell County, North Carolina.7,17 William Higgason RICE7,25,56, son of Thomas RICE, was born on 12 March 1761 in Hanover County, Virginia.7,59 He served in the military in 1778–1781 at Militia, Caswell Co, NC in Revolutionary War. He died on 30 August 1847 at the age of 86 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.59,60

According to his Revolutionary War Pension Application, William Rice moved to Caswell Co NC with his father in 1775. He stated his place of birth and birth date; said he had the record copied from his father's family Bible. Had lived in Rockingham Co about fifteen years when he made application. Jonathan Brooks of Guilford Co deposed in support. William Rice also testified in support of Jonathan Brookes pension application as they had served together. [Jonathan's deposition is not included in the brief form of William H.'s pension file that appears on HeritageQuest.] Elizabeth, his third wife, applied for his pension and for bounty land and gave his date of death. has the complete pension file. Jonathan Brookes testified at the Superior Court of Rockingham Co NC on 30 Oct 1832. He was at that time living in Guilford Co. He stated that he and Williams H. Rice had lived in the same neighborhood in Caswell County before the commencement of the Revolution. Jonathan entered a Militia Co in Caswell Co, the early part of Nov 1778. It was commanded by Capt. George Moore and the enlistment was for 5 months; William H. Rice was drafted in the same Company at the same. Col. James Saunders commanded the Regiment. Rice continued to serve until the expiration of the tour of five months and they were both discharged at Turkey Hill, 10 Apr 1779, South Carolina. Brookes was drafted in a Militia Company commanded by Capt. Wilson in Caswell Co, the latter part of Sep 1780 for three months. William H. Rice was drafted by the same company at the same time and continued to served until the end of the tour. They were discharged at Salisbury the latter part of December. In August or September of 1781, Brookes enteres a Militia Company commanded by Capt. John Oldham for three months, Caswell Co. William H. Rice again served in the said Company, as Lieutenant for the three months. Brookes served the same period. Signed: Jonathan Brookes.

William H. Rice was guardian of Susannah's son Christopher Williams Brooks - I believe this to be the same as the Christopher W. Brooks that married Sally Holderness.
Caswell Guardians' Account, 1797, William H. Rice, guardian of Christopher Williams Brooks

Caswell WB E, p.21
July Court 1803 Estate of William Gooch, dec'd. At auction 18 May 1803., Negro girl Milley sold to William H. Rice..

12 Mar 1804. William H. Rice relinquished right and interest in land warrant #1759 granted Henry Williams; he being entitled to same in consequence of former wife Susannah an heir of Henry Williams.

Caswell DB O, p.218-219. John Windsor (husband of sister Rebecca); Hugh Gwynn [husband of sister Sally], Wm. H. Rice and Williamson Rice of Caswell to John of same, all claims and right which John Rice'dec'd devised to them in his last will. John Reed to pay to each of the others 1/5 part. 16 May 1804. Wit: Robert Parks, William Rainey.
p.221. Power of attorney from John Windsor, Hugh Gwynn, Wm. H. Rice and Williamson Rice of CC to John Reed of same to carry on suit in behalf of lands devised them by John Rice decd. 26 May 1804. Wit: Robert Parks, William Rainey

Caswell WB F, p.7. December Court, 1808. Appraisal of Negroes left to children of William H. Rice and Christopher Brooks by last will of Henry Williams. 26 Dec 1808. Division by Jethro and John H. Brown. Rebecca Rice, Henrietta Rice, Elizabeth Rice, James Scott [Polly Rice], Samuel Watt [Marcy Rice], and Christopher Brooks.

Caswell Deed Book DD, p.430
13 Mar 1838 William H. Rice of Rockingham Co to Stephen Rice of Caswell for $650, 363 acres adjacent William Slade formerly James W. Brown, Samuel Tapscott, Joseph Windsor, Charles Thacker, Nathan Williams, thomas Reid, and Robert Brown, son of Robert Brown, dec'd. Wit: William C. Rice, William Slade

1840 Census, Rockingham Co NC
W. H. Rice, 1 male age 70-80, 1 female age 30-40; William H. Rice, Revolutionary Pensioner, age 79.

Caswell County Family Tree database on WorldConnect:
The will of William H. Rice is dated 19 April 1841 and recorded in November 1847 in Rockingham County, North Carolina (WB C, p. 61). In it he names his wife Elizabeth and the following children:
(1) Rebecca Neal, wife of Zachariah Neal
(2) Marcey Watt
(3) Polly Scott
(4) Betsy Simpson, wife of Oliver Simpson
(5) Henrietta Rice, widow of Nathaniel Lacy Rice
(6) Stephen Rice
(7) James Y. Rice, deceased, to his widow Sarah H. Rice
(8) William C. Rice
(9) Solomon Rice
Executors were his sons Stephen Rice and William C. Rice.
C. Graves was a witness.

Susannah WILLIAMS and William Higgason RICE had the following children:



Rebecca RICE7 was born in 1785 in Caswell County, North Carolina.61 She died in 1858 at the age of 73 in Caswell County, North Carolina.61

16 Dec 1811, Married Zachariah Neal who had come to Caswell from Amelia Co VA.

Rebecca & Zachariah lived on land purchased from the estate of George Simpson on the the county line of Rockingham & Caswell. About 1840 they purchased the estate of Col. John Williams and moved to Caswell when Zachariah died in 1850. Rebecca lived there until her death. The Heritage of Rockingham County NC 1983; Rockingham Co Historical Society.



Mary "Polly" RICE7,61 was born (date unknown).

Polly's married name was Scott. She married James Scott, 1806.



Elizabeth RICE7,61 was born in 1790 in Caswell County, North Carolina. She died in 1875 at the age of 85 in Drew County, Arkansas.61

Elizabeth's married name was Simpson. She married 10 Mar 1810 to Oliver Simpson. She died 1875 in Drew Co, Arkansas.



Henrietta RICE.



Marcy RICE61 was born (date unknown).

Marcy is believed to have married Samuel Watt, 25 Jan 1808, Caswell Co.



James Y. RICE61 died in 1829.61

Some place James as a son of Sally Gooch. James's wife's name was Sarah, surname unknown.