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Fourth Generation

49. Henry WILLIAMS17,53 was born about 1778.

Caswell DB J, p.367
26 Nov 1793 [The elder Henry had been dead since 1785, and young Henry was probably a teen-ager - this grant came many years after the original entry.] NC grant #1086 to Henry Williams. 100 acres on Nats Fork of Country Line Cr adj Barton.

Guardianship of Daniel Gooch [his older brother-in-law who was married to his sister Jane] ended in 1799.
Caswell Co Wills, Book C, p.400
11 Jul 1799 Rec'd of David Gooch $476 being in full his account as guardian for me. Signed: Henry Williams. [It would seem he's come of age]

Henry married Mary "Polly" Gooch - she is named in the will of her father William Gooch, Sr. as "Polley Williams, wife of Henry Williams", 1801.

1800 Census. Hillsboro, Caswell Co NC [next to his mother]
Henry Williams: 1m under 10, 1m 16-26. 1f 16-26.

Caswell DB O, p.67
3 Nov 1804 Joe Leath to Henry Williams. 77 acres on Stoney & Country Line Creeks both sides the Hillsborough Rd adj Williams, Rice old line, Thomas Brown, and Smith. Wit: George Shelton

Caswell Deed Book P, p.326 Henry Williams relinquishes all right to warrant #1759 granted Henry Williams HIS FATHER to Nathan Williams. 12 Mar 1804.
DB P; p.101. 26 May 1807. Elizabeth Williams to SON Henry Williams for love & affection at her death, gift of black walnut desk and folding table. Wit: Nathan Williams

1810 Census. Caswell Co NC
Henry Williams. 1m 26-45. 3f under 10. 1f 26-45.

Frances Gooch of Caswell Co to son-in-law Henry Williams & his wife Polley, for love & affection, negro girl Dilsey about 5 years old. 3 Apr 1812. Wit: Nath. L. Rice.
Alexander Murphy, Security for Marriage bond.

Caswell DB S, p.248
2 Apr 1818 State of NC Grant #1239 To George Williamson, 200 acres on Country Line Cr adj heirs of John Kerr dec'd, Thomas Slade, Henry Williams, Robert Mitchell, Rice old line, Nathan Williams.

Caswell DB S, p.272
9 Oct 1818 Nathan Williams to Joseph King for $700. 178 acres both sides of a fork of the South fork Country Line Cr adj Enoch, Edmund Browning. Wit: Henry Williams, John Pinson.

Caswell DB T, p.187
5 Oct 1819 Henry Williams to Sterling Ruffin of Rockingham Co NC for $3000, 507 acres adj Nathan Williams, John Anderson, William Smith. Also 100 acres adj Nathan Williams, Barker. Wit: Anthony Foster, Hosea McNeill

Caswell Co Deed Book U, p.68: Henry Williams to Willis Ashford, 3 undivided lots of 10 acres each that Elizabeth Williams decd possessed being part of Henry Williams, Daniel Williams and David & Jane Gooch. 5 Oct 1819. Wit: Jas. Wilder

Caswell DB DD, p.271
29 Sep 1836 Thomas Ruffin of Orange Co to James Miles of Caswell for $4000. Three tracts on Stoney Cr except 1/4 acres graveyard where his father & mother are interred. 851.8 acres on Caswell old road adj James Sheppard to Rawley's fork, Hargrove old line, Simmons, Barton, John Mitchell, Anderson which was conveyed by Nathan Williams to Sterling Ruffin 5 Oct 1819. 507 acres adj Anderson conveyed by Henry Williams. 216.1 acres conveyed to Thomas Ruffin by John Page, 2 Mar 1832. Wit: Geo. Williamson, David Knott.

Henry WILLIAMS and Mary "Polly" GOOCH were married on 31 December 1799 in Caswell County, North Carolina.3,27,54 Mary "Polly" GOOCH, daughter of William GOOCH and Frances RICE, was born (date unknown).