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Fourth Generation

67. Marmaduke "Duke" WILLIAMS27 was born on 14 February 1768 in Orange County, North Carolina.3,27 He died on 22 September 1834 at the age of 66.3

There were two Marmaduke Williams' living in Caswell Co at about the same time - cousins. I have seperated them according to my best judgment. I believe the Marmaduke whose wife was Agnes Payne Harris lived on Horsley's Creek while the Marmaduke who married Edy Harris lived on Country Line Creek.

Caswell DB E, p.294
11 Sep 1787
Edmond Haggard to Duke Williams for 162£. 162 acres both sides Country Line Crk adj John Williams, Parker. Wit: Betsy Williams, John Williams [probably his parents]

Marmaduke's father's will dated 31 May 1798 also mentions two grandchildren names Betsy Williamson Williams and her brother John Williams. They may have been Marmaduke's children.

1800 Census. Hillsboro, Caswell Co NC
Duke Williams: 3m under 10, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45 [he would have about 32]
1f under 10, 1f 26-45

Caswell DB N, p.41
24 Jan 1803 Duke Williams to George Williamson, 27 acres on Country Line Cr adj Nathan Williamson. Wit: Walter Fairfax, MDuke Mitchell.

Caswell DB O, p.141
17 Jan 1806 Duke Williams to Azariah Graves [probably his brother-in-law], 6 acres on Country Line Cr adjacent land Graves purchased of Nathaniel Hart. Wit: George Foote Junr., Francis Rice.
p.144 27 Jan 1807 Duke Williams to David Barker 9 2/3 acres between Country Line Cr and Rocky Br. Wit: John Barker, MDuke Mitchell

Caswell DB T, p.118
27 May 1811 Duke Williams to Jethro Brown for $2000, 534 acres, both sides Country Line Cr whereon Williams lately lived. Wit: Tho. Blackwell, Ibzan Rice. Proved Jul 1819

Caswell DB R, p.370
20 Oct 1816
Elizabeth Williams to daughter in law Edy Williams, wife of Duke Williams, for love & affection, loan of two negroes Philiis & Simon now in her possession in the state of TN; these to go to her children by Duke Williams; also negro girl Barbary now in possession of grantor. Wit: B. Yancey, Jno W. Graves. Recorded 5 Nov 1816.
Definitely the right Marmaduke.

Caswell DB R, p.406
15 Jan 1817
George Williamson sheriff to Azariah Graves Sen. by court order, the undivided interest of Duke Williams to negroes Betty, Jack, Moses, Claborn, Rose, Doll, Milly, Phillis, Barbary, Sam, Elijah, Zack, James, Selah, Ketty, [Jenny & ? left to Elizabeth Williams]. Azariah Graves purchased Doll and her child Moriah for $400, Elijah for $200, Zachariah for $200, Linda for $150, Moses for $150, Barbary $200 - total $1300. Wit: Azariah Graves, Alex Murphy
Is this the right man - he does show slaves named Phillis & Barbary. And the other Marmaduke is believed to have left for Alabama.

Marmaduke "Duke" WILLIAMS and Edy HARRIS were married on 4 November 1790.29 Edy HARRIS, daughter of Tyree HARRIS and Elizabeth CHAPMAN, was born on 6 September 1775. She died on 26 November 1816 at the age of 41.

Edy's older brother, was her guardian after the death of her father:
Caswell WB B
July Court 1790 Acct of Ede Harris with Tyree Harriss, guardian.