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Second Generation

7. Elizabeth WILLIAMS was born on 14 September 1714 in Hanover County, Virginia.5 She died on 12 May 1790 at the age of 75 in Granville County, North Carolina.

Elizabeth WILLIAMS and Samuel HENDERSON were married on 14 November 1732 in Hanover County, Virginia.3,11 Samuel HENDERSON7,11, son of Richard HENDERSON and Mary ?WASHER, was born circa 1700 in New Kent County, Virginia.11

Came to Granville Co when it was Edgecombe, about 1740. He was sheriff of Hanover Co VA before coming to NC and became one of the early sheriffs of Granville Co, 1754-55.

Evelyn Wallace states that this Samuel Henderson was likely the son of Richard Henderson and his wife Henrietta. Richard died testate in Louisa Co. Henrietta of Cumberland Co. deeded land to her three sons - James, Nathaniel & Samuel; later Samuel of Granville Co sold his share of this land. [Evelyn did not give dates, etc. which I would like to see. Richard's will is recorded in Goochland DB 5 - he died in 1748 - when he wrote the will in 1745, HIS son Samuel was not yet 21 so dates seem to rule out this connection. Perhaps Samuel had a brother named Richard who gave his children similar names.. This Samuel had a son named Richard - he is the Richard Henderson of the Transylvania property and Richard was born ca 1735.]

The Williams webpage states that Samuel was the son of Richard Henderson & Mary Washer of Ashland, Granville Co, NC.

Others have tried to make him a sibling of Ursula Henderson.
Samuel, one of several children (b 1700), married a little Welsh girl, Elizabeth Williams, aged about thirteen. He settled in Granville Co., N. C., and founded a very large and prominent branch of the family. His son, bearing the same name, removed to Kentucky at an early day where he assisted in the rescue of Jemima Boone and Elizabeth Callaway from the Indians and on the following day (7,. Aug. 1776) he and Elizitbeth Callaway were married. Their daughter, Fanny, b 29, May 1777, was the first white child born in the State of Kentucky, of parents married in that State. Another son of Samuel Henderson, Sr., was Judge Richard, who was appointed one of the two Associate Judges of North Carolina in 1768 by Gov. Tryon. Judge Henderson was President of the Transylvania Company, which, with Daniel Boone, Messrs. Hart and others, he organized. It was one of the greatest land companies ever in operation and comprised nearly the whole of Kentucky. Judge Henderson married Elizabeth Keeling, stepdaughter of his kinsman, Judge Williams, and among his children were: Judge Leonard Henderson, Chief Justice of the Supreme of N. C.; John Lawson Henderson, Clerk of Supreme Court; Richard, and Archibald, great-grand father of Prof. Archibald Henderson, Ph. D., of the University of North Carolina. Gov. Alexander Martin of N. C. was of this family. Thomas Henderson was also the ancestor of the several generations of Nathaniel Hendersons, who removed to Alabama in 1818. A descendant, Hon. Charles Henderson, is now the chief executive of that State.

Elizabeth WILLIAMS and Samuel HENDERSON had the following children:



Mary HENDERSON12 was born on 10 January 1733/4 in Hanover County, Virginia.3

Married Joab Mitchell, 14 Oct 1751, Granville NC. Moved to East Tennesse, but later to Grindal Shoals on the Pacolet River in South Carolina where other members of the Henderson family moved.



Judge Richard HENDERSON.



Nathaniel HENDERSON13 was born on 1 December 1736.3

First married Sarah Franklin, widow of Sugar Jones.

Marriage Bonds at Oxford, Granville Co., North Carolina
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 1.
(Jul., 1904), pp. 23-24
Nathaniel Henderson & Sarah Jones, October 31, 1763.

Married (2) a widow by the name of Morgan.1



Elizabeth HENDERSON.






Susanna HENDERSON11 was born on 23 April 1742.3

Married Reuben Searcy.



John HENDERSON14 was born on 24 October 1744.3

Moved to Grindal Shoals on the Pacolet River in South Carolina. He married Sarah Alson, 4 Jun 1772, Granville, NC. She may have been a widow, nee Hinton.






Gen. William HENDERSON11 was born on 5 March 1747/8 in Granville County, North Carolina.3 He died on 29 January 1788 at the age of 39 in South Carolina.3,15

Married Letitia Davis, widow of Jared Nelson.
Moved to Grindal Shoals on the Pacolet River in South Carolina, prior to the Revolution. In 1782 he sold out to his brother John and moved over on the Santee.



Maj. Pleasant HENDERSON.