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First Generation

1. JOHN WILLIAMS1,2 was born on 24 January 1679.3,4 He died about 1741 at the age of 62.5

Doubtful York County, VA location:
The Williams Family, likely of Welch descent, settled on Queen's Creek in York Co VA prior to 1645. This are was near the line between York and New Kent. This records is in Fleet's "Colonial Abstract" Vol. 24, p.90. John Bell assigned 250 acres in Hampton Parish to John Williams on 1 Oct 1645. The children of this earliest John included John, Nathaniel, William, Randall, Lewis, Daniel, Sarah and Mary. His wife's name is unknown.
At a meeting of the York Co Court in Feb of 1688 there was a suit pending between John Williams, plaintiff, and William Clopton, defendant, which was passed over to the next meeting of the court. William Clopton was an important personage, who owned considerable property, both in York and New Kent County and the presence of litigation in the courts initiated against him by John Williams indicates they were probably of about equal standing in the Colony at that period.
This birthdate as 24 Jan 1679 in York County is in doubt as there are records showing he was living on a plantation with his wife and family as early as 1685 -from "Colonial Granville" - a book containing a great many errors.
Actually, I believe that all references to this John Williams in York Co, are to a very different man, born a generation earlier....

Another citation is 26 Jan 1679, born in Llongollen Wales. The date is said to have been preserved by a descendant. However, on closer examination, the date is preserved, but NOT the location in Wales. Accessed 20 Jan 2008.
John Williams. (A few sources may use "Jonathon", but I will use "John", as that is the name that John Drayton Williams recorded in 1845 and I will continue with this tradition.**). John Williams was born 26 January 1679 in Llangollen, Wales. [** John Drayton Williams, the grandson of Brig Gen. James Henderson Williams (killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain), recorded in 1845, names and birthdates of early family members. These he kept with the family Bible. In 1910 Barbara A. McClung, copied these records, loaned to her by Wm. D. Williams, Jr. of Greenville, Tenn
This website states that John did not emigrate until circa 1690. If this is true, then some of these records are obviously those of another John Williams.
Note: The above doesn't really state that this birth in Wales was in the Bible, nor the records found with the Bible. The transcript of the records I found on line doesn't say anything about Wales. The origin of the Williams name is likely Welsh, I think there is an assumption regarding John Williams, not a certainty. He may very well have come from any place in the British Isles.

The ancestral home in Hanover Co was called Studley, built sometime prior to 1712.

JOHN WILLIAMS and MARY KEELING were married.5 MARY KEELING2,5, daughter of GEORGE KEELING and URSULA FLEMING, was born on 26 September 1684.3

The date of 26 Sep 1684 for the birth of Mary is said to have been preserved by descendants. Her surname is unproved, but generally accepted as shown here. She is thought to have been the daughter of Capt. George Keeling and Ursula Fleming.

JOHN WILLIAMS and MARY KEELING had the following children:









Ann WILLIAMS3,6 was born on 1 September 1708 in Hanover County, Virginia.2

Married John Daniel, son of John Daniel and Ann Bates. John moved from York to Hanover, then to Goochland, then Caroline near cousins, and finally moved to Granville Co NC where he died leaving a will naming his five children in 1762.

In the name of God amen.
I John Daniel of Granville County in the province of North Carolina
this nineteen day of June one thousand seven hundred and sixty
two being of sound and perfect mind and memory, thanks be to
almighty God for the same , and calling to mind the uncertain estate
of mankind and that is appointed for all men once to die, do make
constitute, appoint and ordain this my last will and testament in
writing, hereby revoking and dis annuling all other wills heretofore
by me made, that is to say, first of all I give my soul unto the hands
of God that gave it. Nothing doubting but at the general resurection
I shall receive the same again, by the mighty power of God, and my
be buried in decent , Christian burial at the descretion of my executors
hereafter by me named, and as touching my worldly estate where-
with it hath pleased almighty God to bless me with in this life,
I give , bequeath , and dispose of the same in the manner and
form following.
Item. I lend to my well beloved wife Ann all my estate both real and
personal during her life and after her decease all my estate both real
and personal to be equally divided between my five children vis;
James Daniel, John William Daniel, Sarah Harisson, Martha Barbey
and Elizabeth Dudley
to their heirs and assigns forever.
And as I am informed that I did some years past make a deed of gift
to my daughter , Elizabeth Dudley , wife of Christopher Dudley, my
Negro wench, Hannah, together with her increase, I do hereby declare
the said gift to be void and entirely contrary to my will. I not being in my
proper sense s at the execution of the said deed of gift.
And do by this present writing appoint James Daniel and John Wm
Daniel my executors to this my last will and testament.
John Daniel ( seal)
Joseph Linsey
R John Woalker his mark. Jurat.
John Dunkin Exrs. Qualified
Granville County ?? August Court 1762
This will was proved by the oath of John Woalker and of the sub-
scrihing Witnesses whereto ? on Motion in Order to be recorded
Then James Daniel & John Daniel executors therein named
Qualified as such which was Ordered to be Certified.
Teste Paul T Weldon CC






Nathaniel WILLIAMS.



Elizabeth WILLIAMS.



Sarah WILLIAMS2 was born on 15 February 1716 in Hanover County, Virginia.

Sarah married Thomas Castello.