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Third Generation

22. Joseph WILLIAMS3,5,29 was born on 6 September 1742. He died in 1773 at the age of 31 in Granville County, North Carolina.

Married Sarah Lanier, dau of Thomas Lanier & Elizabeth Hicks, on 3 Jan 1766 in Granville Co NC. Robert Lanier, security, for the marriage of Joseph Williams and Sarah Lanier. She married (2) his cousin Col. Robert Williams of Pittsylvania Co VA.

From the "Logan Manuscript" published in Vol. III of the Joseph Habersham Chapter DAR of GA, p. 111:
Maj. Joseph Williams, cousin of Col. James Williams killed at King's Mountain, was the youngest son of Nathaniel Williams ........Hanover Co VA. Joseph lost his father when he was 15 years old and was taken care of by a namesake, and kinsman, Joseph Williams, a merchant of Williamsboro, Granville Co NC. Joseph Williams settled at the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin before the Revolution, and died in Aug 1827, his widow surviving until 1832. The following is a letter from his son Alexander Williams of Greenville TN, written 28 Jun 1845, this being the postscript: "I expect I received a letter from the same gentleman you speak of, from Baltimore, Mr. Lyman C. Draper, who wishes to know something of my father, and particularly as to the battle between the Whigs and Tories fought near Shallow Ford of the Yadkin, at which battle my father headed and commanded the Whigs. It is a little singular, history has never named this battle, although nearly 100 Tories were killed and only one Whig lost his life. A.W."
From the above letter it will be observed that Maj. Joseph Williams (son of Nathaniel) was partly, if not mostly, raised at Williamsboro in Granville Co NC by his cousin, a Joseph Williams. This Joseph Williams (the cousin) was the son of Daniel Williams and his wife Ursula Henderson....... there were two Joseph Williams, prominent merchants in this section of North Carolina; Joseph of Granville (now Vance) at NutBush or Williamsboro, and Maj. Joseph Williams, merchant at the Shallow Ford, on the Yadkin.

Halifax Co VA Deed Book 5, p. 73
18 Oct 1763 Joseph Williams of Granville Co NC sold to Thomas Tunstall of Halifax Co 400 acres of land for £80. This tract was the upper half of a great Tract granted by patent 10 Apr 1751 to William Irby and by him conveyed to Daniel Williams who devised the same to be equally divided between his sons James Williams and the said Joseph Williams. Signed: Joseph Williams. Wit: Richard Brown, John Hunt, John Grizzel, Henry Wade. Proved by two fo the witnesses in Halifax Co, May Court 1764.

Nov 1, 1768 from Thomas Tunstall of H[alifax] to William Nunn of King and
Queen Co. 90 pds. about 400 acres which is the upper part of a greater tract
of land patented Apr 10, 1751 to William Irby and by him sold to Daniel
Williams who devised the same to be equally divided between his two sons
James Williams & Joseph Williams by the conveyance from William Irby to
Daniel Williams & by his will & the same was conveyed by Joseph Williams to
Thomas Tunstall by deed recorded in H[alifax]. Signed - Thomas Tunstall.
Wit - none. Recorded 19 Jan 1769 after a commission examined Ruth, the wife
of Thomas Tunstall

From post to NCCASWEL, Rootsweb mail list, 1 Sep 2005 by E.W.Wallace.
Joseph's will recorded in Granville Co NC late 1773.

In Joseph's will (Granville Co. WB 1-33-35, written 3 Nov 1773, proved May
court 1774), he left to his wife all land on west side of Hico [Hyco] road at
lower end of Nutbush old race path at Col. Bullock's line, all household
furniture, 3 horses which I purchased of Thomas Wiggons, 50 cattle; if my
wife be with child, whether it be boy or girl, I wish it to have my property
beginning at the line of Col. Henderson's bridge on Great Nutbush Creek at
Col. Bullock's line which I purchased of Nathaniel Norwood, John Mitchell,
and others, and if she be not with child, then this land to my daughter Mary
Williams; if Mary, my daughter, die without issue or under age, to revert to
my wife; to my daughter Mary, the land I bought of my brother John Williams
[son of Daniel, frequently calling himself "S.D."], containing 350 acres with
all land east of Taylor's road not yet disposed of; my negroes to be divided
between my wife and my daughter Mary Williams and my wife bear child, then
that child to get one-third of these negroes; all goods in my store to be
sold to pay my debts and also the land I have on Great Island Creek which I
bought of my brother James Williams [of Battle of King's Mountain fame]
whereon he now lives, including land whereon Samuel Henderson formerly lived;
all else to my wife and child or children that she may be with; my executors
to complete the building of my new dwelling house. Exrs: wife Sarah
Williams, Richard Harrison, Joseph Williams, Jr. Wts: William Taylor, Isiah
Paschal, John Hunt."
Codicil: 18 Nov 1773 "Joseph Williams wills that the land bought of
Alexander Douglas to be sold and also wishes Thomas Lanier [his
father-in-law] to be an executor with the others already named. Wts: Robert
Lanier, John Hunt, Thos. Rue (?), Samuel Hopkins."
The will was present May Court, 1774 for probate.
Inventory is in Will Bk 1-42
Will B-1 p. 261: "Appointed to divide estate of Joseph Williams, May Court, 1775. Wm. Bullock, Henry Lyne [Lyne?], John Renn [Penn?], Daniel Williams.
The latter Daniel Williams is probably the brother of Joseph, both sons of the elder Daniel I (died ca. 1759 in Granville Co.)
Apparently only two children - Mary and Robert (child unborn mentioned in will)
Granville Court, September term 1790, court records p. 67 Guardian account of Robert and
Mary Williams, orphans of Joseph Williams, deceased, asked that certificate
from Pittsylvania County, Virginia be recorded.

Caswell Co NC; WB B, p.421
July Court 1791 The exec. of Henry Williams in acct. with Joseph Williams orphans. [must refer to children of Henry's brother Joseph]. 17 Jul 1791. Approved by David Hart, Lanslotte Johnston, James Williamson
WB C, p.143; Oct Court 1795. Letter of attorney. Sarah Williams, exec. of Joseph Williams late of Granville Co NC to Matthew Clay of Pittsylvania Co to collect and recover a Judgment obtained in Pittsylvania Co in May 1788 by Exec. of said Joseph Williams against Daniel Williams Junr and Elizabeth Williams, executors of Henry Williams dec'd who was exec. of James Williams dec'd, for the sum of 58£, or 345 #'s tobacco. 11 Sep 1795. Wit: Greaf Barksdale, Jno C Russell, John Dawson.

Joseph WILLIAMS and Sarah LANIER were married on 3 June 1766 in Orange County, North Carolina.30 Sarah LANIER31, daughter of Thomas LANIER and Elizabeth HICKS, was born (date unknown).

Duncan Campbell, Security, for marriage.

Caswell Co NC Jan Court 1794, WB C, p.143
Power of Attorney. Sarah Williams, exec of Joseph Williams late of Granville Co NC, to Matthew Clay of Pittsylvania Co VA, to collect and recover a judgment obtained in Pittsylvania, May 1788, by the Exec. of said Joseph Williams, against Daniel Williams Jr. and Elizabeth Williams, exec. of Henry Williams, dec'd, who was exec. of James Williams, dec'd. for the sum of 58#'s which is 345 lb. tobacco.
11 Sep 1795. Wit: Greaf Barksdale, John C. Russell, John Dawson.

Joseph WILLIAMS and Sarah LANIER had the following children:



Mary WILLIAMS was born about 1770 in North Carolina.



Robert WILLIAMS was born in 1774 in Granville County, North Carolina.

Joseph mentioned his wife was with child in his will. He named only Mary, but their are guardianship records for Mary and Robert. Presumable this is the child born after his father had died.