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Third Generation

21. Col. James Henderson WILLIAMS3 was born on 10 November 1740 in Hanover County, Virginia.27 He died on 8 October 1780 at the age of 39 in Battle of Kings Mountain.28

Wife's name was Mary. Children were Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Washington, James, and Daniel.
From the SOUTHERN GENEALOGISTS EXCHANGE QUARTERLY, Vol, 22, #100, Winter, 1981, p.163. James Williams found on a list of Regulators of Orange Co NC in Oct 1769. ...moved to 96 District in SC, was later so harassed by Tories during the Revolution that he removed his family & belongings to Caswell, left his family with his brother, Col. Henry Williams, made his will and returned to battle, being killed in the fierce battle at King's Mountain. A year later, his two older sons were murdered by Tories. Other sons remained in least one moved to Tennessee.

From post to NCCASWEL, Rootsweb mail list, 1 Sep 2005 by E.W.Wallace.
These may be Virginia Lands Patents for James in Lunenburg Co VA
16 Aug 1756 400 acres to James Williams on head branches of Sneeds Creek, adjacent Brown. PB 33, p.44
16 Aug 1756 810 acres begin at mouth of Hounds Creek, PB 33, p.46

From PARTISANS & REDCOATS by Walter Edgar:
p.38 After his father's death, James Williams moved to North Carolina where his older brother and several cousins lived. In 1772 he settled along the Little River in Ninety Six District SC. He was elected to the First Provincial Congress in 1775. He served in the Snow Campaign and in the 1776 campaign against the Cherokee. He operated a flour mill and was a whiskey trader.
p.69 In 1779 he wrote his son that he had been "obliged to take the field in defence of my rights and liberties and that of my children" Fighting the British was not a matter of choice "but of necessity, and from the consideration that I had rather suffer anything than lose my birthright, and that of my children" [He joined Sumter's command and was a general leading an assault at the Battle of King's Mountain on the 7th of October, 1780.]
p.119 [following the battle] As the prisoners were being rounded up, a Tory foraging party returned to the scene of the battle. Nor realizing what had occurred, they opened fire on the Whigs and mortally wounded Col. James Williams. The partisans ...opened fire on the unarmed prisoners.

The Patriots at Kings Mountain by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press; Blacksburg, SC, 1990, p.270
James Williams, son of Daniel and Ursula Williams of Wales, migrated to Granville Co, NC. In 1773 he moved to present day Laurens Co SC. During 1775 he became a captain in the militia and was on the Snow Campaign. In 1776 he became a lieutenant-colonel and was on Williamson's Expedition against the Cherokee Indians. In 1778 he led his unit on the Floria Campaign. He commanded a detachment in the battles at Stono & Briar Creek. In was in the siege of Savannah. Later that year he served on another expedition against the Cherokee. In 1780 he served under Sumter as commissary on the expedition to Rocky Mount and Hanging Rock. For his part in the defeat of the Tories and British in the battle at Musgrove's Mill, he was awarded commission of brigadier general. He was wounded in the battle at Kings Mountain and died the next day. His estate supplied 150 gallons of whiskey for militia use.

Will probated in 1780. In Caswell Co Will Book A, p.113
Will of Col. James Williams, of 96 District, South Carolina, but now in the State of North Carolina, as a refugee. Wife Mary Williams, certain lands in 96 District, South Carolina, along the line of the land I bought of John Calwell. Son, Daniel, 250 acres and other lands, and a child's part of all my estate when he becomes 21. Sons Joseph Williams, lands, etc; John Williams the same. Daughters Elizabeth and Mary, certain lands and each a child's part of the estate; daughter Sary Williams, cash to buy land, etc. Son James Williams, land, etc. Son Washington Williams, the land which was left to his mother for her lifetime. All the lands, stallions, still, wagons and horses and horse creatures to be sold at public sale and the store, books and bonds and notes and other due collateral, to be divided among my eight children. Executors are son Daniel Williams, brother Henry Williams, and Joseph Hays. Signed Jun 12, 1780. Probated Dec Court 1780. Witness: William Rice, James Goodman, James Cook.

Caswell Co NC; WB B, p.421
July Court 1791 The exec. of Henry Williams in acct. with Joseph Williams orphans. [must refer to children of Henry's brother Joseph]. 17 Jul 1791. Approved by David Hart, Lanslotte Johnston, James Williamson
WB C, p.143; Oct Court 1795. Letter of attorney. Sarah Williams, exec. of Joseph Williams late of Granville Co NC to Matthew Clay of Pittsylvania Co to collect and recover a Judgment obtained in Pittsylvania Co in May 1788 by Exec. of said Joseph Williams against Daniel Williams Junr and Elizabeth Williams, executors of Henry Williams dec'd who was exec. of James Williams dec'd, for the sum of 58£, or 345 #'s tobacco. 11 Sep 1795. Wit: Greaf Barksdale, Jno C Russell, John Dawson.

Col. James Henderson WILLIAMS and Mary WALLACE were married in 1762.27 Mary WALLACE was born (date unknown).

Mary's surname and the date of the death of Col. James Williams found in DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION MAGAZINE, Vol 135, #2; Feb 2001, "Patriot Index" Corrections, p.147

There are questions concerning proof of her surname.

Col. James Henderson WILLIAMS and Mary WALLACE had the following children:



Daniel WILLIAMS was born in 1763 in Granville County, North Carolina.27 He died on 19 November 1781 at the age of 18 in Hayes Station, South Carolina.27

Slaughtered by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham, Tory, at Hayes' Station, the year after his father was killed at King's Mountain. Daniel served under the command of his father at Kings Mountain. He also served as lieutenant and captain under Col. Benton and Gen. Francis Marion.
The Patriots at Kings Mountain by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press; Blacksburg, SC, 1990, p.269



Joseph WILLIAMS was born in 1767.27 He died on 19 November 1781 at the age of 14 in Hayes Station, South Carolina.27

The Patriots at Kings Mountain by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press; Blacksburg, SC, 1990, p.270
Joseph Williams, of SC, served with his older brother Daniel and their father, Col. Williams, in the battle at Kings Mountain. He was executed alongside his brother, Daniel, by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham at Hayes Station.



John WILLIAMS2,27 was born about 1769. He died about 1782 at the age of 13.27

Took the slaves to Virginia to keep them from the Tories; took ill and died while he was there. It is said he was poisoned.



Elizabeth WILLIAMS2,27 was born (date unknown).

Elizabeth married James Tinsley. She is buried in the William Family Cemetery, Laurens Co SC.






Sarah "Sary" WILLIAMS2,27 was born (date unknown).

Sarah married John Griffin about 1787.



James WILLIAMS2,27 died on 13 August 1833 in Newberry, South Carolina.2

James married (1) Rebecca Watts. He married (2) to Rebecca Williams Bullock his widowed first cousin, daughter of Col. John Williams of Edgefield.



Washington WILLIAMS27 was born on 22 August 1771 in Laurens County, South Carolina.2 He died on 24 June 1829 at the age of 57.

Washington married Sarah Griffin.