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Seventh Generation

128. Catherine Sheffield THOMAS was born on 12 October 1892. She died on 12 July 1983 at the age of 90.

1920 Census. Martinsville, Henry Co VA. Oct 29, 1920, Supplement, no household numbers
Bettie S. Thomas, head of household, age 61, Widow
Catherine, dau, age 28.

Married John Ross-Duggan and was living in Australia in 1927, according to her mother's obituary.
There is evidence of children.
Passenger List of the Franconia which arrived in New York, 21 Sep 1930. Sailed from Liverpool on 13 Sep 1930.
John Ross-Duggan, age 42, Company Director (Manufacturers Agent), British Citizen, born Wellington, New Zealand. His passport issued in Melbourne, Australia - his last permanent address.
Yancey Mary Reamey Ross-Duggan, 11 months old, Infant, British citizen,born in Melbourne
Catharine Sheffield Ross-Duggan, age 34, Housewife, Citizen of the USA, born in Martinsville, VA, passport issued by the Consulate in Melbourne
John Kimbell Ross-Duggan, age 5, child, Citizen of the USA, born in New York, NY

Passenger list of the Bremen which arrived in New York, 21 Apr 1938 from Southampton, England. Sailed on Apr 16th.
John Kimbell Ross-Duggan, age 49, Director, English Citizen, b. Wellington, New Zealand, Passport issued in London, last residence was London
Catharine S. Ross-Duggan, age 39, married, housewife, US Citizen, b. Martinsville, VA

Naturalization Record Indexes:
John Kimbell Ross-Duggan, 550 N. Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
Born, New Zealand, 25 Jun 1888
Date of Arrival in U.S., 1 Aug 1938, New York.
Date of Naturalization, 23 Jun 1942
Byford E. Troutt and Michael Smyth were witnesses.

Passenger list of the S.S.United States, departing Southampton, 7 Nov 1953, arriving New York, 12 Nov 1953.
John Ross-Duggan, P.O. Box 1991, Delray Bearch, FL, b. New Zealand. U.S. Passport

Found on Google Books
Dynamic Equivalence: The Living Language of Christian Worship, By Keith F. Pecklers
Notes from the book. [Much of the data seems somewhat inaccurate...]
2.3.1 "The Role of Colonel John Kimbell Ross-Duggan"
Born in Scotland 1888, at the age of two the family moved to Wellington, New Zealand and he lived there through his colleges years. In WW I, he joined the British Army and fought from Messines to Flanders. He had been interested in English liturgy since childhood but during his military service he came in contact with Jesuit liturgist, C. C. Martindale who was at Oxford, 1917-18.
After the War, Ross-Duggan came to the U.S., settling first with an uncle in San Francisco in 1919, then moving to New York. In 1942 he became a member of the English Liturgy Society, which changed its name to the Vernacular Society of Great Britain in 1945. The St. Jerome Society, a similar group, was formed in the U.S. and Ross-Duggan was asked to reorganize it with headquarters in Chicago. In 1949, he left his job as published of the Chicago-based periodical "Quick Frozen Foods" to devote all his time to the vernacular cause.
The article goes on to describe his travels, visits to the Vatican, Paris, etc.
Little is known about his personal life. He married Catherine Thomas of Hillsborough, NC in 1920, soon after his arrival in the States, but little is heard of her after that. [They married in NY in 1924. See above passenger list.] Apparently his European trips were made alone and no extant letters remain. Presumable they separated at some point as his obituary in 1967 notes that she survived him. He was close to two children - a daughter Remie who married Kenneth Fenske and lived in Rockaway, NY, and a son - Dr. John K. Ross-Duggan II of Long Beach, CA. Ross-Duggan spent a good deal of time either with his children in New York or California or in a hotel in Delray Beach, Florida. At times he worked for Westinghouse and American Steel Export and traveled in India, China, and Japan.
In 1937, Ross-Duggan returned to Hillsborough. He became a U.S. citizen in 1940 and moved to Chicago and was employed by Time, Inc. In 1944, he established Quick Frozen Foods.

I think the following may be a grandson, born 1950 - John Ross-Duggan ....
John Ross-Duggan is described as a California golden boy. He began sailing at age 7; by 1977 while in his 3rd year of medical school, he won the Hobie 16 National Championship. Eight months later he broke his neck in an auto accident; he lost control of his car and hit a bridge. He was age 23. He did finish medical school and complete his residency. [He became a radiologist.] He returned to sailing and campaigning for the Paralympics. He made the debut as an exhibition sport in the 1996 Paralympics. Unfortunately his mother had died two weeks before the 1996 games and he didn't perform as well as he hoped. In 2004, his team qualified for the Paralympics and went on to win the Bronze.

Here is a newspaper article, prior to his accident.
Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, GA, Saturday, 18 Nov 1975, p.17
Californias Top Boat Event
Hilton Head Island, SC. California sailors continued to dominate the 1957 Hobie "16" national sailing championships Friday, with defending champion Dick Beauchamp of Corona Del Mar maintaining his lead.
Beauchamp goes into Saturday's championship race with five points. Behind him are fellow Californians Randy Hatfield, Long Beach, 10 1/2; Bob Seaman, Los Angeles, 12 3/4; John Ross Duggan, Newport Beach, 16; and Jerry King, Newport Beach, 20.
Outlook hopeful for injured surfer
February 05, 2006, By Lauren Vane
Experienced wave rider is recovering from a spinal cord injury that nearly paralyzed him.
Newport Beach local Jeremy Ross-Duggan has surfed all over the world. He's hit epic waves in Peru and tackled more than a few cliff dives. An athlete with a ferocious appetite for adventure, Jeremy Ross-Duggan admits he's done some crazy stuff in his 43 years.
With all the risk-taking, Ross-Duggan never dreamed he'd come so close to a life-threatening injury while surfing one-foot waves in the ocean where he grew up.
Jeremy Ross-Duggan and his close friend, Mark Schmidt, were surfing Jan. 29 near the Newport Pier when Jeremy Ross-Duggan mistakenly dove into shallow water and hit his head on a sandbar.
The accident instantly paralyzed him. Jeremy Ross-Duggan was drowning when Schmidt pulled him out of the water and onto the beach. Lifeguards and paramedics responded quickly and took Ross-Duggan by ambulance to nearby Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian.
There, he learned he had suffered damage to his spinal cord.
"I've always been a nutty, diver-daredevil freak, so this was not even a risk," Jeremy Ross-Duggan said from his hospital bed Saturday.
For Jeremy Ross-Duggan and his family, the accident had a surreal element of familiarity.
Jeremy Ross-Duggan's brother, John Ross-Duggan, is quadriplegic. He broke his neck and was paralyzed in a car accident 28 years ago.
"I screamed at the doctor over the phone because I thought that they were joking me," said John Ross-Duggan, 50, of his reaction when an emergency room doctor told him of his brother's accident.
Minutes later, when John Ross-Duggan saw his brother in the hospital, he knew it was real.
"There he was -- couldn't move anything," John Ross-Duggan said.
Jeremy Ross-Duggan, John Ross-Duggan and their sister Robin Ross-Duggan are self-described "old Newport salt" -- locals who have traveled the globe, but always call Newport their home.
A police report taken at the accident scene originally identified Jeremy Ross-Duggan as being from Ventura.
Jeremy Ross-Duggan, now 43, attended Newport Elementary School and Newport Harbor High School, before moving to London to finish his high school education.
In London, he was adopted by his stepfather, and he took the name Jeremy Henderson, the name many of his friends know him by.
Jeremy and John Ross-Duggan grew up surfing together. They remember sneaking into Trestles and running across the railroad tracks when they were kids.

Catherine Sheffield THOMAS and John Kimbell ROSS-DUGGAN were married on 15 May 1924 in New York City, New York. John Kimbell ROSS-DUGGAN was born on 25 June 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand. He died on 1 February 1967 at the age of 78 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA, 17 Dec 1919, p. 4
An interesting incident showing the alertness of the Prince of Wales is told by Lt. J. Rose Duggan of the New Zealand field artillery. Lt. Duggan was the only New Zealand officer in the line forming part of the guard of honor of British war veterans to the Prince of Wales on the occasion of his landing at the Columbia Yacht Club. ....prince was quick to detect the (New Zealand) insignia on Lt. Duggan's lapel.

Seattle Daily Times, Sunday, 19 Sep 1926, p.35
J. R. Duggan Named New Sales Director of Westinghouse Co.
J. Ross Duggan manager of export of the Westinghouse Union Battery Co, has been appointed vice president in charge of sales and has taken up his duties at Swissvale, PA. During the time Mr. Duggan has been at the head of the export deparment, with headquarters in the Westinghouse Building, New York City, he has been prominently identified with the automotive industry, both domestic and export.

A border crossing record from Canada into Buffalo, NY, states he was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He was apparently enroute from England via Toronto. Date was 28 May 1938 and he gave his age as 49. His nearest relative was listed as daughter Ramie Ross-Duggan, but she would have been only a child.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH, Sunday, 14 Apr 1940
"With Stamp Collectors Here and There"
Johnston Surrender Cachet
To mark the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Gen. Joseph E. Johnson to Gen. William T. Sherman, a cachet will be sponsored by Col. J. K. Ross-Duggan, owner of the house which was Johnston's last headquarters. The cachet will be applied on April 26 to all cover sent ready-to-go to Col. Ross-Duggan, Hillsboro, NC
[In philately, a cachet is a printed or stamped design or inscription, other than a cancellation or pre-printed postage, on an envelope, postcard, or postal card to commemorate a postal or philatelic event.]

World War II Draft Registration:
27 Apr 1942
John Kimbell Ross-Duggan
Lake Shore Club, Chicago, IL
Age 53. Born 25 Jun 1888, Wellington, New Zealand
Time, Inc., 230 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago will always know his address
He was 5'9" tall and weighed 209 Lb. Hazel eyes, Brown & gray Hair, Light complexion

American Foreign Service
Report of Death of Armerican Citizen
Wellington, New Zealand, Mar 7, 1967
John Kimbell Ross-Duggan, Retired (New Zealand ex-serviceman)
Naturalized Citizen.
Last address in the U.S. - Long Beach, CA
Died 1 Feb 1967, age 78, at the Home of Compassion, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. He had Congestive heart failure, 1 week, and carcinoma of the colon, 15 months
Buried Karori Soldiers Cemetery, Wellington on Feb 6th
Disposition of effects: unknown - affairs looked after by sisters and son
Copy of report send to:
Misses Myra and Eileen Duggan, 58 Glenmore St., Wellington, NZ, Sisters
Dr. John K. Ross Duggan c/o 58 Glenmore St., Wellington, NZ, son
He was residing with sisters.
Certified copy to the Department of State, U.S.
New Zealand - Register, Book of Deaths [same basic information as above]
Father: Alfred Ross-Duggan
Mother: Mary Jane Ross-Duggan Maiden name: McNally
Father was a bank officer
He was born in and had lived in Wellington over 30 years
He was married in the U.S. at age 35 to Catherine Thomas. The widow is age 72.

Sprinfield Union, Springfield, MA, 6 Feb 1967, p.10
John K. Ross-Duggan
Auckland, New Zealand.
The former president of the Vernacular Society of the U.S., Col. John Kembell Ross-Duggan, 78 of Long Beach, DA, died last week while on a visit to Wellington, New Zealand.

Catherine Sheffield THOMAS and John Kimbell ROSS-DUGGAN had the following children:



Dr. John Kimbell ROSS-DUGGAN II was born on 9 April 1925 in New York City, New York. He died in September 1977 at the age of 52.81

Social Security Card was issued in Illinois.



Yancey Mary Reamy "Ramie" ROSS-DUGGAN was born in October 1929 in Melbourne, Australia.