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Sixth Generation

54. Faith THOMAS49,51,52 was born in August 1863 in Henry County, Virginia.49,51

Faith's married name was Parrott. Married as A. F. Thomas - she was age 28, W. H. Parrott was age 43. His parents listed as C. H. & M. A. Parrott; hers as C. Y. & M. A. Thomas.

1900 Census. Martinsville, Henry Co, VA, Hh 311
Mrs. Mary A. Thomas, b. Jun 1833, age 66, widow. Had 8 children - 6 are living, b. VA
Mrs. W. H. Parott, dau, b. Aug 1863, age 36, widow
Catherine [dittoed as Parott], dau, b. Jun 1867, age 32
Suzanne [dittoed as Parott], dau, b. Nov 1870, age 29
Ned Maline, servant, white, b. Jan 1894, age 6, b. NC
John Milliner, servant, Black, b. Apr 1835, age 65
Susan Craig, Servant, Black, b. Jul 1878, age 21
Ben F. Gravely, grandson, b. Aug 1884, age 15
Richard Gravely, grandson, b. Sep 1885, age 14.
Note: the enumerator mistakenly marked Catherine & Suzanne - their surname was Thomas - they were unmarried daughters.

Faith THOMAS and W. H. PARROTT were married on 29 June 1892 in Henry County, Virginia. W. H. PARROTT was born in 1849.