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Fourth Generation

14. John Watkins THOMAS14,31 was born on 23 April 1785 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.31,32 He died on 4 August 1831 at the age of 46 in Henry County, Virginia.32,33

Bond dated 16 Oct 1815. Surety: James Watkins. Married by the Rev. Thomas Boaz.

17 Feb 1816 Pittsy DB 19, p.380 Philip Thomas to son John W. Thomas. In consideration of a Negro I was to have given John W interest in tract of land in Pittsylvania Co purchased by myself & sd John W. Thomas from Richard M. Beavers.

Moved from Pittsylvania Co to Henry County, the month of December 1828.

1830 Census: Henry Co, p.209
Thomas, John W. 1m age 10-15 [C.Y.], 1m age 40-50 [John W.]; 1f under 5, 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15. 2 females age 30-40 living in the household - one would be Nancy.
John Watkins Thomas was born between 1780-1790; he died after this census and before 1840.

John W. & Nancy had four daughters as indicated by this census.

Henry County, VA Chancery Records, Index # 1874-004; Case #400
Matilda F. Gravely etc vs Heirs of John W. Thomas
John W. Thomas departed this life about 1833 in Henry Co. intestate leaving his widow Mrs. Nancy Thomas and five children to wit: Christopher Y. Thomas, Adeline E. who married Thomas Thornton, Matilda F. who married Peyton Gravely, Julia C. who married Benj. F. Gravely, and Martha A. W. who married Wm. J. Hamlett. Widow paid off his debts; sd. Thomas Thornton and Peyton Gravely departed this life several years ago leaving their respective widows surviving them.
Mrs. Hamlett died about the year 1857 leaving her husband, the sd Wm. J. Hamlett, and eight children namely Adda, who married John W. Booker, Cornelia who married H. W. Schroeder, John T. Hamlett, Julia Hamlett, Anna Hamlett, George Hamlett, Christopher Hamlett, and Wm. J. Hamlett.

John Watkins THOMAS and Nancy WATKINS were married on 31 October 1815 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.12 Nancy WATKINS31,33,34,35,36, daughter of James WATKINS, was born on 8 June 1792.12 She died on 23 April 1872 at the age of 79 in Leatherwood, Henry County, Virginia.12

1840 Census, Henry Co. Nancy Thomas with 1m age 20-30 [C. Y.] and 1m age 90-10 [possibly her father?] 1f age 10-15, 2f age 15-20. 1f age 40-50 [Nancy].

A Nancy Thomas is found in the Henry Co VA 1850 Census. Living alone. Age 56 & born in VA. P.36b, Household #497. There is an Echols family living nearby.
Slave Schedule: 22 total. Female age 70, female age 44, male age 42, male age 40, female age 34, male age 32, female age 23, male age 21, female age 19, female age 16, male age 14, male age 12, female age 10, 2 females age 8 - one of them is mulatto, 2 males age 6, 3 females age 3, a male 7 months, a male 5 months, and a male 4 months old.

1860, Henry Co, Leatherwood P.O. Nancy still lived alone. Now age 67.
She now had 33 slaves on the 1860 Slave Schedule: A female age 80, 2 males age 55, a male 45, a female 45, male age 38, female age 36, female age 34, female age 28, male age 23, 2 females age 18 - one of them mulatto, 2 males age 16, 2 females age 11, 2 males age 10, female age 9, 2 males age 7 and one female age 7, female age 6, male age 5, 2 females age 5, male age 4, 2 males age 3 - one is mulatto, 1 female age 2 and 1 male age 2, a female age 5 months, a female age 3 months - a mulatto. 8 slave houses.

1870, Henry Co, Leatherwood P.O. Nancy now age 77. Living with her is Wm Hamlett, age 14, said to be "At School". A possible grandson? The 1860 Census does show a William Hamlet, age 52, on p.69. He was Deputy Sheriff. Apparently his wife was already deceased; his 8 children do include a William Jr. age 5. In 1850, William J. Hamlett's wife was Martha, age 35, or born 1815.

John Watkins THOMAS and Nancy WATKINS had the following children:



Martha A W. THOMAS.



Christopher Yancey "C. Y." THOMAS.



Adeline Elenor THOMAS.



Julia Caroline THOMAS.



Matilda Francis THOMAS.