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Ninth Generation

354. Virginia Clara RUSSELL99 was born on 2 June 1881 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas.99 She died on 3 September 1976 at the age of 95 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.

Dallas Morning News, 21 Aug 1910
State Social Affairs
Mrs. Hub Thomas honored her guests, Mrs. Holderness of Emory, Miss Lena Holderness of Madill, OK, and Mr Johnnie Thomas of Wichita Falls with a lawn party Tuesday evening. Twenty couples of young ladies and gentlemen registered in the pretty book of green and pink, representing the colors of the watermelon.
[There must be errors in the above - I believe "Lena" must have been Lynna Holderness, but she was of Cumby.]

Married H. H. Thomas who died of influenza during the epidemic of 1918. She reared 5 children.

1920 Census. Sulphur Springs, Ward 2, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 132
Virgie Thomas, age 38, b. TX
Marvin, son, 19, bookkeeper at the bank
Harrold, son, 14, cash boy, department store
Robert, son, 12, newsboy, street
Virginia, daughter, 4 years, 11 months
Earl, son, 1 year, 8 months.

1930 Census. Sulphur Springs, Ward 2, Hopkins Co TX Hh 126
Virgie Thomas, age 48, widow. 18 when married. Born TX, father b. TX, mother b. AR, Supt of Cafeteria, high school.
Virginia, daughter, age 15
Earl, son, age 11

Texas Death Certificate #69424
Virgie Russell Thomas died 3 Sep 1976 at the Hart Manor Nursing Home, Commerce, Hunt Co TX. Her usual residence was 1707 Jackson St. in Commerce. She waas born 2 Jun 1881 in Sulphur Springs TX and was 95 at her death. Her father was John G. Russell; her mother Rebecca Holderness. Virginia Taylor, daughter, was the informant. Virgie died of congestive heart failure. She was buried City Cemetery, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co, TX.

Virginia Clara RUSSELL and Hubbard Harrison THOMAS were married.150 Hubbard Harrison THOMAS150 was born on 3 December 1878 in Hopkins County, Texas. He died on 8 December 1918 at the age of 40 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas.

1900 Census. Whitewright City, Grayson Co, TX, Hh 90
Hubbard H. Thomas, b. Dec 1878, age 21, married 1 year; merchant, shoes
Virgie C., wife, b. Jun 1881, 18, 0 children
Eddie Russell, sister-in-law, b. Apr 1886, 14

21 Sep 1918 World War I Draft Registration
Hubbard Harrison Thomas of Conally St, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co TX was age 39, b. 3 Dec 1878. He was a merchant, working for Thomas & Searls on the West side of the Square in Sulphur Springs. Mrs. Virgia Thomas was his nearest relative. He was short, stout with brown eyes, brown hair.

Hubbard is said to have died of influenza and the date of 1918 has been suggested which is confirmed by his death certificate.

Texas Death Certificate #56820
Hub. H. Thomas died in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co, TX on 8 Dec 1918. He was said to have been born 1878 in Hopkins County and was age 40. He was a merchant. He died of pneumonia following the flu. His father was Wm. Thomas; his mother Susan Buford. Mrs. H. H. Thomas was the informant. He was buried City Cemetery, Sulphur Springs.

I have often wondered if Hubbard was in some way related to the other Thomas family that married into the Holderness family back in Virginia. The above death certificate and the information from the censuses about his father William, indicates that he does not seem to be. John Haden remembers visiting the son Harold in Wichita Falls, and knew he was related - and he was, but through his mother, Virginia Russell. John and Harold were second cousins.

1860 Census. P.O. Bright Star, Sulphur Springs Town, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 195
Wm Thomas, age 24, b. TX Susan, age 22, b. TX
William, age 8 months.

1870 Census. P.O. Bright Star, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 16
William Thomas, age 34, b. TX Susan, age 32, b. TX
William 9. John 6.
Jane, age 21, b. TX
There was also in Sulphur Springs, an older William Thomas, born South Carolina, age 61, with a much younger wife and small children.

1880 Census Justice Prec 1, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 314
William Thomas, age 44, b. TX, parents b. NC
Sue J. age 42, b. TX father b. SC, mother b. TN
Willie B. 20. John W. 17. James E. 15. Henry B. 9. Marvin 7. McT???? age 5. Thomas Y. 3.
Hubby, age 1.

1900 Census. Justice Prec 1, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 300
William Thomas, b. Feb 1836, age 64, married 43 years. Born Texas, parents b. NC
Susan, wife, b. Sep 1837, age 62. Had 13 children, 6 are living. Born TX, father b. MO, mother b. TN

1900 Census. Prec 3, Grayson Co, TX. Whitewright City, Hh 90
Hubbard H. Thomas, b. Dec 1878, age 21, married 1 year. Born TX as were his parents. Merchant, shoes
Virgie C., wife, b. Jun 1881, age 18, no children, b. TX as were her parents
Eddie Russell, sister-in-law, b. Apr 1886, age 14

1910 Census. Sulphur Springs, Ward 1, Hopkins Co, TX Hh 175
William Thomas, age 74, married 53 years, b. TX, parents b. KY
Susan, wife, age 72, 13 children, 6 are living; b. TX, father b. MO, mother b. TN

1910 Census. Sulphur Springs Ward 1, Hopkins Co TX Hh 179
Hub H Thomas, age 30, married 10 years.
Virgie C., wife, age 28, three children
Marvin R. age 9. Harold H. age 4. Robt. E. age 2.

1920 Census. Sulphur Springs Ward 2, Hopkins Co TX Hh 127
William Thomas, age 83, b. TX, parents b. VA.
Susan, wife, age 32, b. TX father b. MO, mother b. TX

Virgie and children were on the same page, Hh 132.

Virginia Clara RUSSELL and Hubbard Harrison THOMAS had the following children:



Marvin Russell THOMAS135 was born on 16 October 1900 in Whitewright, Grayson County, Texas.151 He died on 11 November 1968 at the age of 68 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

Wife was Margaret Quinn.

Marvin's date of birth was given in the Holderness book as 16 Oct 1920. That was obviously a typo.

1930 Census. Corsicana, Navarro, TX
Marvin R. Thomas, age 29, b. TX, parents b. TX, manager of a shoe sore
Margaret, wife, age 29, b. TX, father b. Wisconsin, mother b. TX
Marvin Jr., son, age 5 years, ? months
James, son, ? months [months are unreadable]

1940 Census. Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, TX, Hh 29
833 North Davis St - in 1935 they lived in Corsicana, Navarro County
Marvin R. Thomas, 39, b. TX, salesman for George Dewitt Shoe Company
Margret A., wife, 39
Marvin R., son, 14
Jimmie R., son, 10

Texas Death Certificate #82100
Marvin Russell Thomas Sr. died at All Saints Hospital, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX, on 11 Nov 1968. He lived at 1007 N. Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co TX. Marvin was born 16 Oct 1900, Whitewright, TX and was age 68 at his death. Her father was H. H. Thomas; his mother Virgie Russell. Mrs. Margaret Thomas, wife, was the informant. He died of a heart attack. Marvin was buried City Cemetery in Sulphur Springs.



Harold Hubbard THOMAS150 was born on 8 December 1905 in Coalgate, Coal County, Oklahoma.150 He died on 25 April 1986 at the age of 80 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.92

1930 Census. Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX. at 1411 10th St. Hh 369 [likely an apartment]
Harold Thomas, age 24, b. OK, parents b. TX; advertising man for dry goods store.

At the time he applied for his Social Security number 30 Nov 1936, Harold was employed at W. B. McClurkan & Co, located on Scott at 9th St in Wichita Falls. He lived at 1411 10th St.

Texas Death Index gives Death Certificate #047137-86; these are closed to all but immediate family members for 25 years. The Index gave date of death and Wichita Co as place of death.



Robert Edward THOMAS135 was born on 22 November 1907 in Texas.151 He died on 18 December 2000 at the age of 93.

It's hard to be sure given the common name, but in 1930 Robert was not in his mother's household. I found in University Park, Dallas Co, TX, the following single man listed as a Lodger.
Robert E. Thomas, age 22, b. TX, working as a traveling salesman for a shoe company.

Wife was Hazel Taylor.
Robert E. "Bob" Thomas
Birth: Nov. 22, 1907
Death: Dec. 18, 2000
B: Sulphur Springs, Tx. D: Dallas,Tx. Buried: 12/23/00
Note: Survived by wife Hazel Thomas who he married in 1936.
Sulphur Springs City Cemetery
Sulphur Springs
Hopkins County, TX

The SSDI gives the last residence as Dallas.



Virginia THOMAS was born on 14 January 1915.151

Invitation found: "Mrs. Hubbard Harrison Thomas announces the marriage of her daughter Virginia to Mr. William Weldon Taylor on Thursday, December the thirty-first Nineteen hundred and thirty-six. Sulphur Springs, Texas.



Earl Franklin THOMAS135 was born on 2 May 1918 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas.151

Wife was Margaret Allan.