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Eighth Generation

249. Robert N. HOLDERNESS46,76 was born on 2 April 1858.75,76,78 He died on 12 August 1905 at the age of 47 in Black Jack Grove, Hopkins County, Texas.69,78

The Holderness book has Robert "N." Newspaper article also has Robert N. 1880 Census has Robert "M" but also has the surname spelled "Holness". Robert was working as a clerk in a dry goods store at that time.

A list of the postmasters in Hopkins County, TX shows that Robert N. Holderness was the Postmaster at Black Jack Grove in 1887, again in 1893, continuing through 1896 when the post office was renamed to Cumby.

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 15, No. 301, Ed. 1, Wednesday, August 12, 1891
300 Votes for the Plucky Orphan
Black Jack Grove, Aug 10. Place 300 votes to the credit of Miss Willie Devall, and here's check to pay for the same. East Texas, look well to your laurels! Miss Willie should win this race by all means, as there is none more deserving, and she had the ability to reflect credit upon the state. Votes contributed as follows: Dr. George W. Holderness, 25 votes; R. N. Holderness, 12 1/2 votes.
This was a page in the paper devoted to a contest for art scholarships for ten Texas Girls

Serial Set Vol. #2568, Session Vol. #4, 50th Congress - 1st Session
H Misc Doc 87, pt 2 [Miscellaneous House Document]
Official register of the U.S. containing list of officers and employees in civil, military, and naval service as of 1 Jul 1887. Postmasters
p.685 Black Jack Grove Hopkins Co TX R. N. Holderness $426.47
as of 1 Jul 1889
p.752 Black Jack Grove Hopkins Co TX R. N. Holderness $460.20
In 1895, he received $590.00 - in 1897 he received $597.82.

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 337, Ed. 1, Friday, October 26, 1894
Barn and Horse
Black Jack, Tex. Oct 25. The barn of R. N. Holderness, together with a lot of hay and corn, burned this afternoon.
A valuable horse that was in the barn was burned to death. Loss, $350. No insurance.

1900 Census states that Robert N. was 41, born Apr of 1859.

Buried Cumby Cemetery.

Article from Hopkins County Heritage of Mar, 1998, states that he was engaged in the drug business in Black Jack Grove.

An article describing the fire which consumed the City Hotel in Black Jack Grove, which apparently happened not long after Robert's death, reveals that he died while in residence there.
R. W. Harris - The Passing of Cumby Land Mark
June 7, 1932
In the burning of the City Hotel about midnight Friday night, one of the
historic landmarks of old Black Jack Grove was destroyed. This well known
hostelry was erected in the summer of 1885, by R. R. Williams, who at its
completion gave a supper and dance, for which he charged $1.50 a head,
taking in $150.00 in cash receipts on the occasion.
..... The building was noticed to be on fire in the upper story shortly after
midnight by our efficient night watchman, Dan Rippy, who immediately gave
alarm and although the fire boys responded promptly and labored
heroically, yet before the fire was placed under control, the house was
damaged beyond repair and is practically a total loss.
...At the time of the fire, it was occupied by H. C. Mathis and family as a
home, but it had not been operated as a hotel for the past couple years.
...There has been
many joyous occasions when extra special meals were given and hilarity
and joy reigned supreme and again deaths have been recorded inside its
spacious rooms. The late Robert N. Holderness died there in August of
1905, and both Sam S. Mathews and his good wife breathed their last in
the old hotel, and there have also been other deaths.

Robert N. HOLDERNESS and A. V. "Lola" PHILLIPS were married on 1 September 1887 in Delta County, Texas.102 A. V. "Lola" PHILLIPS75 was born on 7 April 1871. She died on 22 October 1895 at the age of 24 in Hopkins County, Texas.

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 19, No. 176, Ed. 1, Monday, May 20, 1895
Sulphur Springs
Mrs. Bob Holderness and Miss Willie Holderness of Black Jack spent Wednesday with their sister, Mrs. John Russell.

Lola was not present for the 1900 Census. Robert and children were living with his father. Alabama was given as the birthplace for their mother.

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 19, No. 311, Ed. 1, Wednesday, October 23, 1895
Died of Consumption
Mrs. Lola Holderness at Black Jack, Texas
Black Jack, Tex. Oct 22. Mrs. Lola Holderness, wife of R. Holderness, died here of consumption this afternoon.

Robert N. HOLDERNESS and A. V. "Lola" PHILLIPS had the following children:



Junius "Ive" HOLDERNESS.