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Eighth Generation

268. Kate Lee HOLLAND was born on 22 September 1865 in Virginia. She died before 1920 at the age of 55.

Lineage book by Daughters of the American Revolution - 1901, - Google Books Result

Mrs. Kate Holland Judkins
Born in Virginia.
Wife of William Duncan Judkins.
Descendant of Robert Richardson, of Virginia.
Daughter of Christopher Grant Holland and May Katherine Walters, his wife.
Granddaughter of Azariah Graves Walters and Elizabeth Payne Richardson, his wife.
Gr. - granddaughter of Edmund Richardson and Mary Harrison, his wife.
Gr. gr.- granddaughter of Robert Richardson and Frances Harrison, his wife.
Robert Richardson was a soldier and received land warrants for three
years' service in the Revolution.

Provided it is accurate, that does certainly suggest that Elizabeth Richardson Rice who married Archibald Walters in his old age, 2 Jul 1840, Rockingham, was a sister to Edmund Richardson [therefore an aunt of Ann Eliza Payne Richardson Walters] and provides a name for the husband of the widow Frances:

Elizabeth was first married to James Rice, 20 Dec 1824.
Frances Richardson, mother, gave permission for the marriage of Elizabeth and James Rice. Charles Lucas was bondsman. William Blair was the minister. Elizabeth also signed for herself since she was certainly of age.

I did go to the DAR site and Kate Holland Judkins is the only applicant listed for Robert Richardson ....and there is a warning note "FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST COMPLETE ". There apparently is not a complete proof of lineage to Robert Richardson now on file. This is somewhat different from the warning often seen as "Future Applicants Must Prove Correct Service".

Kate also applied under Robert Walters & John Stamps, both lines still acceptable.

Also found in database online:
Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622
Ninth Generation
4713. Mary Gray Ball 1 (Dorothy Hodson McCabe , Mary Strother Gray , Mary Strother , Lucy Coleman , Robert , Thomas , Robert , Robert ) was born on 12 Feb 1835. She died on 3 Aug 1858.
Mary married W.E. Judkins 1 on 15 Nov 1855. W.E. was born about 1833. He died ?.
They had the following children:
6069 M i William Duncan Judkins 1 was born on 9 Dec 1856 in Virginia. He died ?.
William married Kate Lee Holland 1 on 9 Dec 1886. Kate was born on 22 Sep 1865. She died ?.

Kate Lee HOLLAND and William Duncan JUDKINS were married on 9 December 1886. William Duncan JUDKINS138 was born on 9 December 1856 in Fairfax County, Virginia. He died in May 1930 at the age of 73 in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. 5, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Lewis Historical Publishing Co, NY, 1915.
William's father was Rev. William Elliott Judkins, b. 10 Apr 1829, Southampton Co, VA, son of Jarratt Wallace Judkins and Content Whitehead. Rev. Judkins was a Methodist clergyman, a graduate of Randolph-Macon and trustee of the college. William's mother was Mary Gray Ball, eldest daughter of William Waring Ball and Dorothy McCabe. Six of Mary's brothers fought in the Confederate Army, two were killed in battle. Mary Gray was born 12 Feb 1835, died 3 Aug 1858; she married Rev. Judkins, 15 Nov 1855.

Obviously, William's father married again after the death of Mary Gray Ball. Here he is in 1880.
Richmond, Henrico Co, VA, Hh 197
William E. Judkins, age 51, minister of gospel, b. VA as were his parents
Esther L., wife, age 48, b. VA
Mary McK., dau, age 14, at school
Lewis McK, son, age 9
Esther McK, dau, age 7
Connie L, dau, age 2
Anna E. Randolph, B, age 23, servant

Likely William was living in Lynchburg in 1880, boarding in the household of Thomas Early [minister], age 22, clerk in a store.

William attended Randolph-Macon College, then went into the hardware business for five years at Lynchburg. He went to Baltimore, then New York City, returning to Danville in 1890 where he was engaged in tobacco manufacture. He returned to New York in 1898 until 1903; he then spent the next five years in Europe. He returned to New York in 1908 and was engaged in investment securities.

William apparently made a trip to Cuba:
Found on Passenger Arrival Lists at Ancestry:
23 Apr 1894. SS Saratoga arrived in New York from Havana, Cuba.
William D. Judkins, age 38, merchant, U.S. Citizen

I did not find William & family in 1900 or in 1910
31 Dec 1900, William Duncan Judkins of Pittsylvania Co, VA applied for a passport for himself and his wife Kate Holland Judkins who was born 22 Sep 1863 at Danville, VA. He was born at "Woodbury" [probably the name of a plantation], Fairfax Co, VA 9 Dec 1856. They lived in Danville where he was engaged in manufacturing. They planned to return within a year. Description: 44 years of age, 6 feet tall, broad forehead, blue eyes, straight nose, full mouth, round chin, brown hair, fair complexion, oval face. He asked that the passport be returned in care of the Victoria Hotel, New York

Passport Application was made 21 Jan 1903 from New York. W. D. Judkings stated he was born 9 Dec 1586, Fairfax Co, VA. He father was a native citizen. Judkins residence was Pelham Manor, New York and he was engaged in the tobacco business. He planned to return to the U.S. within the next three months. He was age 46, 6 feet tall. He asked that the passport be returned to C. A. Haynes & Co, Customs Brokers, 66-70 Beaver St., New York City.

Judkins obviously made a number of trips across the Atlantic. Arrivals in New York City, as found on Ancestry follow. He also made a number of arrivals into Liverpool, England, but I don't have the subscription to that database.

S. S. Baltic sailed from Liverpool, England, 12 Jul 1905, arrived New York July 21st.
William D. Judkins, age 49, residence Pelham Manor, New York

S. S. Cedric sailed from Liverpool, 13 Jul 1906, arrived NY, July 22nd.
On the manifest: William Duncan Judkins, age 49, U. S. Citizen
He was crossed out on the manifest of the S. S. Teutonic scheduled to sail on 11 Jul 1906.

S. S. Oceanic sailed from Liverpool, 13 Feb 1907, arrived NY, Feb 21st.
William Duncan Judkins, no age given, U. S. Citizen

9 Aug 1907 S. S. Adriatic sailing from Cherbourg on July 31st, by way of Southampton, arriving in New York, Aug 8th.
William Duncan Judkins, age 50
Kate Holland Judkins, age 43
Dorothy Ball Judkings, age 13
Katherine Lee Judkings age 9
Master Holland B. Judkins, age 11 is listed further down the page. All listed as U.S. Citizens.
Note: This is probably when the family returned to New York; they had been abroad about five years.

S. S. Celtic sailing from Liverpool 21 May 1908, arriving New York, May 31st
William "Juskin" Judkins, age 51, U. S. Citizen

S. S. Oceanic, sailed from Cherbourg, 3 Feb 1909, arrived NY Feb 11th.
William D. Judkins, age 52, U. S. Citizen

S. S. Lucania sailed from Liverpool, 26 Jun 1909, arriving in New York, 3 Jul 1909
On the manifest: William D. Judkin [sic], age 52, merchant, U.S. Citizen

20 Jan 1915. William D. Judkins made application for passport from New York. His residence was then 563 Park Avenue. He planned to return within six months. He was going to England and France on commercial business. Description reveals he was then 58, and his hair was gray, mixed. Photo is included. He desired his passport be sent to W. D. Moore & Co. 74 Broadway, New York. A second application was filed in October of the same year, for the same purpose, was accompanied by a letter signed by W. D. Judkins on a letterhead which states, Sloane Manufacturing Co., Sole Manufacturers of Sloane Aeroplanes, 1737 Broadway, New York. W. D. Judkins was Vice-President.

S. S. Adriatic, sailed from Liverpool, 3 Mar 1915, arriving in New York, Mar 15th
William Duncan Judkins, age 57, born 9 Dec 1856, Fairfax Co VA, residence 563 Park Ave, NY

1920 Census. Sanibel, Lee Co, Florida
William Cowan Barnes, age 59, hotel keeper of the Casa ??? Hotel. He was born in India and written in is "son of missionary". His parents born in KY.
Nellie, wife, age 52, b. KY
William D. Judkins, boarder, age 63, widowed, b. VA, parents b. VA, manufactures air craft
Jean F. Barnes, daughter, age 28, b. KY, stenographer at Superior Court

17 Jan 1921. William Duncan Judkins applied for a passport from Hillsborough Co, Florida. He was born "Woodbury" Fairfax Co, VA, 9 Dec 1856. His father Wm. E. Judkins was born Southampton Co VA and was then residing at Norfolk, VA, age 92. Judkins residence was Ashville NC and Clearwater, FL; he was retired. His last passport was obtained from New York City in 1916 to travel to England and France. At the present time he is going to Cuba to visit his son, leaving from Tampa on the P & O SS Line, 20 Jan 1921. Photo included. Description: 64 years old, 6 feet tall, high forehead, blue eyes, regular nose, moustached, regular chin, hair grey - bald, fair complexion, oval face.
Affidavit signed by Lewis McK. Judkins, brother, who testified to William's age and place of birth "Because the parents of W. D. Judkins at the time and places named were living in Virginia." Lewis lived in Richmond.
Note: in the article in Virginia Biography, Lewis was Lewis McKenzie Judkins, born Petersburg VA, 20 Nov 1869.

1930 Census. Savannah, Chatham Co, GA
William D. Judkins, age 73, b. VA
Ruth S., age 63

The Bee, Danville, VA, 20 May 1930
William Judkins, former resident, Dies in Savannah
Funeral services will be held today in Savannah GA for William D. Judkins, aged 75, father of Holland Judkins, both formerly of this city. Mr. Judkins had been in ill health for some time, the end however, coming unexpectedly. He was planning to go to Asheville, NC to regain his health but never lived to undertake the trip.
Mr. Judkins is well remembered by the older people in Danville being engaged in the tobacco business. He had been living at Savannah for the last two or three years.
Mr. Judkins was twice, his first wife being Miss Kate Lee Holland of this city. He is survived by the following children. Holland D. Judkins of New York City; Mrs. Reuben J. Clark of Albany NY and Mrs. John D. Newton Jr. of Saranac Lake, NY. He is also survived by his second wife of Savannah.

Kate Lee HOLLAND and William Duncan JUDKINS had the following children:



Rebecca Addison JUDKINS was born on 14 December 1889 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She died on 15 December 1889 at the age of 0 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.



Holland Ball JUDKINS was born on 4 June 1891 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Passport application for Holland Ball Judkins, 13 Nov 1919. He was born Danville, VA, 4 Jun 1891; his father was William Duncan Judkins born Fairfax, VA and now residing Asheville, NC. Holland's residence was Pelham Manor in New York. Occupation was hotel manager - he intend to go abroad temporarily and return within two years. He was going to Cuba as a hotel manager, leaving from the port of Key West, sailing on the P & O SS, 19 Nov 1919. This is his first passport. Description: 28 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, regular forehead, blue eyes, small regular nose, small regular mouth, oval chin, dark brown hair, fair complexion, oval face. Picture is included.
A letter from the Biltmore in New York stated Judkins was going to Cuba in their interests.



Dorothy Ball JUDKINS was born on 28 October 1893 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

November 22, 1914, Sunday New York Times -
William Duncan Judkins has announced the engagement of his daughter,
Miss Dorothy Ball Judkins, to John Brockenbrough Newton, Jr., of
Roanoke, Va. Miss Judkins, who is a sister Holland Ball Judkins,
of this city is at 20 West Seventy-fifth Street for the winter. No date
has been set for the wedding.
April 16, 1915, Washington Post
Abstracted: Dorothy was married this day [April 15] in New York at the Church of the Transfiguration. Her sister Katherine was her attendant. Joseph Walton was best man. Only family was in attendance. The bride and groom had known each other since childhood when both lived in Danville. Dorothy had made her debut in society two years earlier.
Although the engagement had been announced a few months previously, the wedding article stated they had been engaged for six years, since he was a freshman in college.



William Waring JUDKINS was born on 5 December 1895 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He died on 9 June 1897 at the age of 1 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.



Katherine Lee JUDKINS was born on 17 September 1897 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Married Reuben J. Clark according to her father's obituary.