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Third Generation

8. William STAMPS1 was born in St. Mary's White Chapel Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia.1 He died before 26 May 1763 in Fauquier County, Virginia.1

Married Ellinor Brent on 14 Nov 1750 in Lancaster Co VA. Charles Chowning consented on behalf of William; Catherine Brent consented on behalf of her daughter. Robert Brent & Jesse Carter, sureties. Ellinor's father was James Brent.

Goochland DB 7; p.56
2 Jul 1755. Philip Webber, the Elder, gave his son Philip Webber, the Younger, 207 acres on Bowlings Crk adj 925 belonging to sd Philip the Younger by deed from Arthur Hopkins. Also 200 acres being land I bought of Jane Grave, 6 slaves, etc. Wit: William Stamps, Genj Bowles, Willm. Miller. Witnesses proved 16 Dec 1755.
Goochland DB 7; p.116
18 Sep 1756 William Stamps to Margaret Hubbard for £75. 100 acres, S side Dover Mill Creek. Bounded: near Johnson's Spring, line between Joseph Johnson & Sd Stamps, to corner tree between William Miller & William Stamps. Part of tract where Stamps now lived. Signed: William Stamps. Wit: Sherwood Harris, William Woodlow, William Johnson, James Mayo. Ack. 21 Sep 1756. [This would appear to be the younger William Stamps' inheritance.]

Louisa Co VA DB B
p.224  22Nov 1757  Andrew Greenhorn and Christian his wife to William Stamps of Goochland. 20#'s.  400 acres.  Begin Mouzley's line to Morrises line; Henry Fords line; to Walter Mouzelys corner. Signed & ack. By Greenhorn, 22 Nov 1757.   Christian privately examined.

Goochland DB 8, p.22
11 May 1759 William Stamps to Robert Burton. 300 acres for 290£. North side James River bounded by William Miller, Thomas Hubbard, Joseph Johnson, & Philip Webber. Signed: William Stamps. Wit: John Brent, Charles Hunt, William Pay. Wm Stamps ack. 17 Jul 1759. Eleanor, wife, relinquished dower.

There is an entry in The Douglas Register at the beginning where Rev. Douglas lists the Vestry for the year 1756 when he began the book.
"Capt Will: Stamps dec. 1758"
That of course cannot be this man who was still selling land in 1759 and his wife relinquished dower. Yet Stamps is recorded as Capt William Stamps in the list of implied marriages, as marrying Elenor Brent, 17 Oct 1757, which is the date their daughter Catherine was born. The birth and baptism of son James took place in January of 1760. There is also the baptism of a Negro belonging to Capt. Stamps. And there is the will of Elinor's mother, dated 6 Sep 1760, when she mentions Mr. William Stamps and my daughter Elinor.
Certainly William Stamps was not deceased in 1758 - I wonder if the original record was transcribed incorrectly.

The following have been attributed to this William Stamps - but I have confirmed none of them:
In 1762 William Stamps of Bedford County purchased from John Woodson, of Goochland County, 100 acres in Goochland County.
On Oct. 20, 1763, Stockly Towles, executor of the estate of Catherine Brent, executed a deed of gift, recorded Oct. 21, 1763 in Lancaster Co., to Mrs. Elinor Stamps of Bedford County, negroes in the possession of Captain William Stamps and her daughters Catherine and Mary Stamps. The will of Stockley Brent, brother to Elinor Stamps, dated Nov. 20, 1764,recorded in Lancaster County on June 17, 1765, made bequests to his nieces Catherine and Mary Stamps and to his nephews John and NewtonStamps.
In 1763 William Stamps was appraiser in the estate of Benjamin Davis of Bedford County and in 1763 he furnished the bond in the case of James Maze and John Lewis, in Bedford County. Between 1762 and 1767 there are ten deeds on record in Bedford County involving WilliamStamps.
In 1766 he purchased 1020 acres in Birch Creek in Halifax County and in 1768, he purchased 500 acres on Tuckahoe Creek, where William Harding lived, from Edward Carter of Spottsylvania County, VA.

The Douglas Register has a list of the Vestry, 1756 and is says
"Capt Will: Stamps dec. 1758
This isn't possible given the above records in Bedford Co and births of two of his children when he is again called Capt. Will: Stamps. Other say this William died in Fauquier Co about 1763, but he appears to have been purchasing land in Halifax County in 1768.
Other than Catherine and James, a slave was noted at St. James Northam - Dick a Negro boy, belonging to Capt Stamps, born 29 Feb 1756.

William STAMPS and Ellinor BRENT were married on 14 November 1750 in Lancaster County, Virginia.5 Ellinor BRENT was born (date unknown).

Ellinor's parents were James Brent whose will was dated 9 Apr 1750 and probated 11 May 1750 in Lancaster Co. His wife was Catherine. Her will is dated 6 Sep 1760 and was probated in Lancaster Co on 20 Feb 1761. One of the provisions was "I lent to Mr. William Stamps and my daughter Ellinor my negro fellow, etc. and after their death to their children.

William STAMPS and Ellinor BRENT had the following children:



Catherine STAMPS was born on 17 October 1757 in Goochland County, Virginia. She was christened on 4 November 1757 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.6

Catherine's birth recorded in The Douglas Register. She was baptized on 4 Nov 1757.



James STAMPS was born on 6 January 1760/1 in Goochland County, Virginia. He was christened on 29 January 1760/1 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.6

James birth is recorded in The Douglas Register. He was baptized 29 Jan 1760/61.
Probably died young as he did not receive a bequest from his uncle Stokely Brent in 1765 and his siblings all did. Or the abbreviations for Jas. and Jno. were misread and this is actually John Stamps.



William STAMPS.



Mary "Polly" STAMPS.



John STAMPS died in 1787 in Bedford County, Virginia.

John's will is on filed in Bedford Co VA, dated 11 Mar 1787. His widow was Anne.