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Fourth Generation

16. Timothy STAMPS12,13 was born about 1728.1 He died before 27 January 1801 at the age of 73 in Jackson County, Georgia.1

Married Catherine "Caty" Rhoades and had 8 children. She was a daughter of Mary Rhoades, who had witnesses Timothy's father's will. Timothy is said to have been a physician.

25 Mar 1762 Fauquier Co Court, Timothy Stamps was one of the Ensigns that took oath for service in the French & Indian Wars. According to Rev. Elias Dodson, although Timothy was not a combatant during the Revolution, he made gunpowder for the War.

He inherited land from his father's estate, probated 26 May 1762.

Dismissed from Broad Run Baptist Church in Fauquier Co VA, 7 May 1763, to Halifax County. Timothy was baptized on 7 May 1763; Katherine Stamps on 20 Jul 1763. Son George was received into the care of the church on 9 Oct 1763.

Registered land entries in Halifax Co on 11 Jun 1764. One tract of 400 acres adjoined Thomas Walter's entry, Sandy Creek. 4 Mar 1765 he enter the vacant land, 400 acres, between the lines of Russell, King, and Payne. 9 Sep 1765, he entered another 400 acres on a branch of Birch's Creek. 28 May 1768, another 400 acres beginning at a broken chestnut tree on top of the mountain. The land where he eventually settled was by then in Pittsylvania Co, later became part of Henry Co.

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists.
Timothy Stamps was listed as having a new grant issued between 7 Jan 1782 and 1 Jul 1784. In 1785, he was listed as having 164 acres in Henry County.

Pittsylvania Co DB 7
p.703 25 Oct 1784 Timothy Stamps of the state of Georgia to Peter Morton. 150£.576 acres on Branches of Sandy Creek & the upper Double Creek. Begin William Paynes Corner, Parrishes line, Elitouis Musicks line, William Kings line, crossing a branch to a pine in William Russells line, Thomas Hardy's line. Signed: Timothy Stamps. Wit: Zachaes Seale, Uriah Owens, John Stamps.
20 Jun 1785 Proved by two of witnesses.
11 Oct 1786 further proved

1 Jun 1787, a plat for a headright grant was surveyed for Timothy Stamps, 200 acres on Ogeeches Waters, Long's land on one side.

31 Oct 1787, Timothy acquired 277 acres, waters of Shoal Creek, and on 1 Oct 1797, he acquired another 222 acres, also on Shoal Creek.

By 1796, records of Timothy, witnessing wills, etc. appear in Oglethorpe County. Sometime after 1797, he was living on a plantation in the newly formed county of Jackson.

Timothy Stamps died in Dec of 1800. His will has been lost, but his son James Stamps received administration. Inventory was presented to Court 21 Feb 1801. The will was used in Clarke Co GA to establish title to the land on Shoal Creek to his son John. Son Timothy signed a receipt to Jimy Stamps, executor of the Estate of Timothy Stamps, for his share, 19 Feb 1804. Son George signed a receipt for his share 23 Sep 1804. Son John signed a recipt, 2 May 1806. No receipts have been found for the son Thomas Jr. or for daughter Sally. Samuel Street received the share of daughter Polly.

In 1807, son John deeded the home site and plantation of his father in Jackson Co to Charles Doughtery and Thomas Gree.

Timothy STAMPS and Catharine "Caty" RHOADES were married circa 1749. Catharine "Caty" RHOADES was born (date unknown).

Timothy STAMPS and Catharine "Caty" RHOADES had the following children:



Mary "Polly" STAMPS was born (date unknown).

Polly married (1) William Street, 15 Dec 1783, Henry Co VA. Street was a captain in the Revolution. In 1799, he was granted 92 acres in Green Co, GA. Polly married (2), her brother-in-law Samuel Murray Street. In 1800, Samuel filed petition for a headright in Oglethorpe Co, GA.

Samuel Street received a portion of the estate of Timothy Stamps in right of wife Polly.



Thomas STAMPS was born on 21 October 1750 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died before 1840 at the age of 90 in Coweta County, Georgia.

Thomas married Rhoda Witt, probably in Henry Co, VA. They removed to Georgia along with the rest of the family - he is found in the tax records of Greene Co GA, 1793. Thomas Stamps, Sr. was a revolutionary soldier. This is indicated by the initials "R.S." which appear after his name on the grant of land made to him on Dec. 20, 1825. The initials "indicate that he drew and was granted this lot as a veteran of the Revolution." There is a record of a Thomas Stamps being an ensign in the Halifax County militia during the War of the Revolution. In 1830, Thomas Stamps, Sr. was 80 to 90 and lived with his son, Moses Stamps, in Coweta Co., GA






William STAMPS was born circa 1753 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died before April 1833 at the age of 80.

William married Sarah Sanford, probably in Henry Co, VA. They apparently could not decide whether to live in Tennessee or go on to Georgia, but they did elect Tennessee.

William purchased land in Hawkins Co., TN, south of the Holston River on Dodson's and Hunnicutt's Creek where it is still part of North Carolina. [obviously some confusion about boundary line.]
On March 08, 1797 he bought an additional 30 acres in Hawkins County from Mark Mitchell for $100.
On Oct. 07, 1795 he sold 160 acres for 150 pounds to Gabriel Phillips; the deed having been witnessed by Lazarus Dodson and recorded Aug. 25, 1795 in Book 3, p. 118.
On Feb. 27, 1800, he deeded 250 acres on the west fork of Dodson's Creek, near the head, to his son Edmund Stamps.

Hawkins Co Deeds:
7 Oct. 1795: William Stamps, of Hawkins County, Territory of the United States, South of the River Ohio, to Gabriel Phillips of the same county and state, for 150 pounds 160 acres in Hawkins County, on the south side of the Holston River on the head draft of Honeycutt's Creek, being the place where he lives on, adjoining James McGee, Lazarus Dodson.Witness: Registered 25 Aug. 1796 Hawkins County, Tennessee, Deed Book 3 page 118.
8 Mar. 1797: Mark Mitchell, of Hawking County, Tennessee, to William Stamps, of same county and state, for $100.00 30 acres in Hawkins County beginning where Stamps' line crosses Mitchell's. Acknowledged. Registered 22 May 1797. Hawkins County Deeds. Book 2 page 291.
27 Feb. 1800: William Stamps, of Hawkins County, Tennessee, to Edmund Stamps, of same county and state, for a sum of money paid by Timothy Stamps for said Edmund Stamps, 250 acres in Hawkins County on the west fork of Dodson's creek near the head. Thomas Jackson, witness. Acknowledged Feb. term 1800. Registered 1 Mar. 1800. Hawkins County Deed Book 4 page 498 from Old Book 1 page 524.

In 1801, he purchased a tract of land on Sandy Creek in Oglethorpe Co., GA. This land he later sold to Moses Stamps, son of his brother Thomas Stamps Sr. On Sept. 22, 1806, he signed a receipt for his share in the personal estate of his father, Dr. Timothy Stamps, in Jackson Co., GA.

1830 Census of White Co., TN: He was over 45; one son under 18; two sons 18 to 26 and one daughter.

The will of William Stamps was proved and recorded in White Co., TN at the April Session of Court in 1833. His brother, James Stamps, married Sarah Johnson, daughter of Dr. Thomas Johnson. Sarah's brother, Samuel Johnson, witnessed William's will.

I, William Stamps, being of sound and perfect mind and memory, do makeand publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Sarah Stamps, one baymare, also two cows and yearlings, also five head of sheep and all the hogs now in my possession and all the beds and all the household furniture, also one saddle, also tools and blacksmith tools and all the corn and bacon now on hand.
And one dollar to Sanford Stamps, his heirs, besides the land that was deeded to his heirs by Edmund Stamps.
Also one dollar to John B. Cheney and all the rest of the heirs to have all the rest of the property to be divided amongst them, except the tract of land whereon I live, containing fourteen and three quarters acres,land I purchased of Thomas Horn, which tract or parcel of land I give and bequeath to John B. Cheney, my son-in-law, which land he shall have no control over until the death of myself and wife aforesaid, and such part as may be necessary for the comfort and convenience of his own family by the consent of myself and wife, Sarah Stamps &c.
And I do appoint and constitute my son Edmund Stamps my executor in fact that he may see and attend to the faithful performance of this my last will.
Signed, sealed and published the day and date above written before us.
William Stamps [seal]
Dennis Hargis July 4th 1830
Samuel Johnson July 4th 1830

23 Oct. 1833: Edmund Stamps, of White County, Tennessee, to Thomas Self of Hawkins County, Tennessee, for $200.00 all that track of land in Hawkins County on which William Stamps once lived containing 250 acres at the head of the west fork of Dodson's creek.
Acknowledged in White County 29 Oct. 1833
Hawkins County Deeds 15 page 122.



James STAMPS was born on 31 December 1759 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died on 9 August 1845 at the age of 85 in Chambers County, Alabama.

James married Sarah Johnson, daughter of Dr. Thomas Johnson of Oglethorpe County.

During the 1790's, James Stamps obtained headright land in Oglethorpe Co., GA. He participated in land lotteries in 1805 and 1807 in Oglethorpe Co. and Jackson Co. in 1820.

1820 Census of Oglethorpe Co. Georgia: He and his wife were 26 to 45.Children: 1 son 10 to 16, 2 sons under 10, 1 daughter 10 to 16, 1 daughter under 10. He owned 3 slaves. 1830 Census of Oglethorpe Co.,GA: He was over 45. He had 1 son 16 to 26, 1 daughter 10 to 16, 1 daughter 16 to 26.

Sarah Stamps died March 29 1836. James made his will on Oct. 29 1836.He lived in Walton Co., GA and stated that he was 77 years old. During the 1840 Census of Chambers Co., James was living in the home of his son,Britton Stamps. He made a codicil to his will in LaFayette, Chambers Co., AL on Feb. 28 1843.

James Stamps died Aug. 9 1845. He was buried in the Stamps' family cemetery, which is no longer in use. The cemetery is located on property which Britton Stamps purchased from John and Dorothy Dorsett on Feb. 6,1844.

Last Will & Testament of James Stamps
I, James Stamps, of the State of Georgia and County of Walton, being old,now in the seventy-seventh year of my age, but enjoying reasonable health and of sound and disposing mind and memory, but knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.
In the first place, I recommend my Soul to Almighty God in hope of its gracious acceptance by Him, and my body to the earth to be buried in a neat and Christian like manner, and as touching the things of this world,it pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of in the following manner,viz:
Item 1st. My will and desire is that all of my property be sold and my just debts be first paid, and then the proceeds of sale and all of the money I may have when collected, also all that I may have in hand,including all my estate, be equally divided between my seven children,namely, Thomas J. Stamps, Britton Stamps, James Stamps, Dicy O'Kelly, Henry Stamps, Polly O'Kelly and Sally O'Kelly, and provided either of my above named children die previous to my death, my will and desire is that their children, the heirs of their body be entitled to the portion allotted to their decreased father or mother.
Item 2nd. I do hereby constitute and appoint my son, Britton Stamps, executor to this my last will and testament.
In witness and ratification whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-nineth day of October in year A.D. 1836, signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of:
James Stamps [seal]
George W. Darden
Milton Stevens
Henry Kellam, J.P.

State of Alabama,
Chamber County,
I, James Stamps, formerly of the County of Walton and State of Georgia, now of the State and County first above written, did execute a last will and testament in October in the year of our Lord 1836 by which I expressed the desire that all of my property after the payment of my just debts should be equally divided be- tween my seven children, Thomas J.Stamps, Britton Stamps, James Stamps, Dicy O'Kelly, Henry Stamps, PollyO'Kelly and Sally O'Kelly, subject to a certain provision thereunto annexed. Not therefore since the making and execution of said last will, I have let said James Stamps have on the 26th of December 1839 the sum of$192.37 1/2 for which amount his note was taken by Britton Stamps due me,and which is now held by me. I have also recently let my son James Stamps have the sum of $40.00 for which his receipt was taken, which two sums make in the aggregate the sum of $232.37 1/2 and which sum I consider more than one- seventy of my estate. Now, therefore, I, the same James Stamps, being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this codicil altering so far as may be ex-pressed the terms of said last will and testament.
Item first: It is my will and desire that my executor (sic) shall not call on my son James Stamps for any portion of said sum as before expressed as his full share of my estate and that he have or take nothing further.
Item second, It is further my will and desire that all of my property of what kind soever, instead of being divided as in my said last will, may be equally divided between my six children, to wit: Thomas J. Stamps, Britton Stamps, Dicy O'Kelly, Henry Stamps, Polly O'Kelly and SallyO'Kelly and the benefit of the provision in my last will to the survivors of my said (sic) six children and their heirs, and any writing last will, as anything theretofore written to the contrary notwithstanding, and further I do hereby declare and make void any bequest in my last will which conflicts with the foregoing.
In Testimony whereof I do hereby publish make and declare this as an amendment of my said last will. In testimony of which I have hereunto set my hand and seal at LaFayette this 28th February A.D. 1843.
Signed, sealed and published the day above written in the presence of:
James Stamps [seal]
G. W. Gunn
Thos J. Harrell
Edward Croft
E. Croft and B. Stamps sworn and examined and will and codicil established and ordered to record 18 Aug. 1845.
C. C. Forbes, J.O.C.



Sarah "Sally" STAMPS was born circa 1763. She died before 1800 at the age of 37 in Georgia.

Sarah "Sally" Stamps, married Samuel Murray Street in Henry Co.,VA. He was a private in Capt. James Hook's Company of the 13th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. William Russell of Pittsylvania Co., VA. Samuel Street enlisted in 1777 for three years. He attained the rank of major. General George Washington presented him with the sword of General Lord Cornwallis for meritorious conduct. After the conclusion of the war, he moved to North Carolina, probably to Surry County. In the 1790's he lived in Wilkes Co.,GA; during which time, he was granted a headright in Oglethorpe County. At this time, there were six in his family. Sarah Stamps was not mentioned in her father's last will, so she probably died prior to 1800. Samuel Murry Street married (2nd) his sister-in-law, Mary Stamps Street.

Some descendants of Samuel Murray Street disagree with the above, saying there is no proof Samuel was ever married to either of the Stamps girls. However, Samuel Street received a legacy from the estate of Thomas Stamps, their father, in the right of his wife Polly (Mary).



George STAMPS was born in October 1763 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died after 1850 at the age of 87 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

George David/Davis [did he really have a middle name?] Stamps, born Oct. 1763 in Fauquier Co., VA.

An abstract of the Minutes of the Broad Run Baptist Church in FauquierCounty, reads: "On October 9, 1763 the following infants were received into the care of the church...George Stamps, son of Timothy Stamps."

George married Mary Lovell in Henry Co., VA; but the record shows no date. Mary was the sister of Daniel Lovell, senior Warden of the Masonic Order when it was organized on Sept 15, 1788 at the Pittsylvania County Court House.

On Dec. 31, 1802, George witnessed a deed in Oglethorpe Co., GA. On Sept. 26, 1804, he signed a receipt for his share of his father's personal estate. In 1805, he participated in a land lottery in Clarke Co.

Evidently, George moved back to Virginia. The 1830 census for Pittsylvania Co., VA indicated that he was 55 to 60 years old; and his wife was 50 to 60 years old. At home were two sons 10 to 15 who could be grandsons. He owned 8 slaves. When the 1850 census was taken for Pittsylvania Co., VA, he was 80 years old and lived with his son, William Stamps, 60 and Nancy Stamps, 65.



Timothy STAMPS was born circa 1770 in Virginia. He died before 1840 at the age of 70 in Allen County, Kentucky.

This Timothy married Millicent Dodson.

Timothy Stamps was born ca. 1770-1775 in either Pittsylvania orHenry Co., VA. He married Millicent Dodson in Surry Co., N.C. Milly was born ca. 1775 in North Carolina to Charles Dodson & Lucy Morgan

Milly's father, Charles Dodson, was born Feb. 02, 1747 in England; at least, according to his tombstone. His parents were Joshua & Rut hDodson. Joshua Dodson was born to Thomas Dodson & Mary Durham on May 25,1725; North Farnham Parish (N.F.P. Register). Since Joshua & Ruth Dodson were born in Virginia, it is not clear why Charles was born in England.Were they visiting relatives. Or, is some folk tale involved???... [I believe this is the classic error - if you don't know his parents, he must have been the immigrant!]

Charles Dodson married Lucy Morgan in North Carolina. He lived for awhile in South Carolina, returning to North Carolina, where, on May 15,1777, he enlisted under the Company of Capt. Joseph Phillips, Fourth North Carolina Regiment under the command of Col. Thomas Polk. He served to the end of the Revolution.

The 1800 Census of Pendleton District, S.C. shows the following persons on the same page: Charles Dodson, father of Milly; Dillingham Dodson,son of Charles; and, Timothy Stamps. Later, Charles Dodson moved to Kentucky, settling in that part of Warren County which later became Allen County. It is interesting to note that Dillingham Dodson had been in Kentucky in 1799. On April 27, 1799, he married Mahala Logan in Allen Co, KY. Charles Dodson made his home on John's Creek about seven miles east of Scottsville. Charles Dodson died in Allen Co., KY on May 02,1831.

On Feb. 02, 1794, Timothy Stamps purchased land on the Little River of the Keowee in Pendleton District, S.C. Pendleton Dist. was located north of Abbeville Co., and included what was to become Oconee, Andersonand Pickens Counties. Timothy also owned, in 1794, 375 acres on Long Creek, adjoining Zachareah Arnal, Wilkes Co., GA.

1800 Census of Pendleton District, South Carolina: Timothy Stamps,26-45; 1 female (wife), 16-26 2 males under 10; 2 females under 10. The sons are Nathaniel and Charles; the two daughters are Diadima Sarah and Lucinda.

On Feb. 19, 1804, Timothy Stamps signed for his share of his father'se state in Jackson Co., GA. In 1808 and 1809, Timothy was in Clarke Co.,Ga. He owned no land there.1 In 1810, Timothy was in North Carolina,where his son, Elijah, was born. Their son, Charles, married in 1816; Morgan Co., GA.

The 1840 Census of Allen Co., KY indicates the possibility of Milla Stamps, a widow, living with her son, Charles Stamps.

In 1850 Milly was living in the home of her sister, Rebecca Logan:
1850 Census of Allen County, Kentucky:
Stamps, Molly (Milly) 75 KY
Logan, R. 64 S.C.
R. 58 GA
L.L. (female) 28 KY
R.J. (male) 24 KY
Z.J. (male) 22 KY
R.E. (female) 20 KY

In July of 1860, Milla lived with Matthew Garrison, 84, born N.C. He was maybe the father of Lucy Garrison who married Milla's son, Nathaniel Stamps.