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Fifth Generation

58. John STAMPS Jr.7,33,34,35,36 was born about 1784 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1 He died before 14 September 1843 at the age of 59 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

John Stamps lived in Milton, Caswell Co NC. He was a sheriff of Caswell; deeds referring to his sales to satisfy debts as early as 1807 and until April of 1814. A deed of Jul 1816 refers to John Stamps, late sheriff, so his duties had ended.
Obviously John Stamps was acquainted with members of associated families. Jno Stamps & Asa Thomas witnessed a quit claim for Nancy, a Negro girl, property of Peyton Thomas and sold to Peyton by Joyce Thomas (his mother) on 11 Mar 1803. [Caswell DB N, p.1]
Jno Stamps and Major Price [who marrled Sally Walters] witnessed a deed of John Roper to Thomas Fisher on 29 Mar 1808. [Caswell DB P, p.199]

John Stamps also acted as trustee for Peyton Thomas when he sold the land he had inherited from his brother George.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.402 20 Mar 1805 John Stamps Junr as Trustee for Peyton Thomas. John Lewis & Durett Richards payment of 500£ & charges on tract of land near the Island ford in Dan River being Peytons' part of a tract of land wil'd by George Thomas to Asa & Peyton Thomas. Said John Stamps as Trustee duly advertised on the 16 day last and did sell the same for 501 £ to the said Durrett Richards who was the highest bidder. I hereby sell to the said Durett Richards all the said tract which was bound by virtue of the Deed in Trust. Signed: John Stamps Junr. Wit: ??? Sutherlin, Robt Dix, Thos. Wilkinson, Francis Dabney, Christopher L. White
16 Sep 1805 John Stamps Jr. ack deed.
p.407 23 Mar 1805 Peyton Thomas to Durett Richards of Caswell Co NC. For 500£. Tract near the Island ford, one half of land wil'd by George Thomas, de'cd to Asa Thomas & Peyton Thomas. Bounded from Dan River by the state line to a corner of John Thomas and along his line between the land wil'd to him by George Thomas, Dec'd & the above mentioned line wil'd by George Thomas to Asa Thomas & myself, to Elizabeth Hopson's line, thence to Dan River & up the river to the State line. Divisions of land hath not been made between Asa Thomas & myself., any part which shall come to me & confirm to the said Durett. Signed: Peyn. Thomas Wit: John Stamps, Danl. S. Farley, Richard Johnson, Jno William Whitehurst, Thos. Connally 17 Jul 1805. proved by two of witnesses. 16 Sep Proved by another witness and recorded.

1 Jul 1807 Elijah Graves sold 100 acres on the Dan River to John Stamps. Caswell DB P, p.92.
11 Dec 1809 Charles Yearby sold John Stamps 75 acres on Country Line Crk adj Hemphrey Roberts, Barzillai Graves, Thomas Slade Senr [his father-in-law], Francis Smith. These lands Yearby got in right of his wife. Wit: James Slade, Thos. Slade Caswell DB Q, p.54
24 Jan 1812 John Buchanon sold John Stamps 150 acres on Country Line Crk at the middle main trading road between Samuel Moore & Ibzan Rice, Russell.

In Dec of 1815, John Stamps was the bondsman for the marriage of Elizabeth Henderson and Absalom Watt; Witness was Azariah Graves.

Caswell Co Deeds
DB S, p.136 20 Nov 1817 John Stamps to George Courts. 86.2 A adj Stamps, Powell, Hudnal, Patterson, Ford, Dixon. Wit: James Holderness, Thomas Vaughan.

Minutes of Trinity Bapt Church Record Book [in Hull papers]:
Sat Oct 31, 1840. John Stamps elected one of the first deacons.
Oct 7, 1843, new deacon elected to fill John Stamps' place caused by his death

CASWELL CO NC WILL BOOKS 1843-1868, abstracts by Katharine Kerr Kendall, 1986
Book P [1846-1847], p.379 Acct current, Rufus Stamps admin. of John Stamps, Dec'd

Children of John and Nancy are detailed in the Hull papers.

John STAMPS Jr. and Nancy SLADE were married on 13 January 1808 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1,34 Nancy SLADE, daughter of Thomas SLADE and Isabella GRAVES, was born on 10 November 1792 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1 She died before 10 November 1844 at the age of 52 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

The Marriage date is actually the Bond date. Bondsman was Barzilla Graves; witness Sol. Debow.

Death Info: from "The Church Book of Trinity Baptist Church": "Nov 10, 1844, Old Sister Stamps and her daughter Sister Emily Stamps' funeral preached from Prov. 8, Chap. 17th verse by Rev Elias Dodson Jr."
Elias Dodson Jr was the son of Elias Dodson and Nancy Stamps and was therefore a nephew of John Stamps Jr. & Nancy Slade.