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Third Generation

18. WILLIAM AVERY11,12,13,14 was born on 11 May 1803 in Otsego County, New York.1,11,12 He was blessed on 8 January 1846 at by John Smith, Patriarch in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois.15 He died on 21 December 1867 at the age of 64 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.16

According to email correspondence (and the LDS Ancestral File) William's father was Daniel Avery Jr, his father was Daniel, his father was David, his father was Robert. This is yet to be confirmed. There are some serious problems with the years between generations and some of the locations in this material. However, since I first received the database, I have been able to find enough documentation that I believe that lineage is correct.

The link from William to his father Daniel is proved by circumstance and proximity, but also by the receipt of William's Patriarchal Blessing which states his parents were Daniel & Sarah. They were in Franklin Co, Ohio, together. They came to Schuyler Co, IL at the same. Solomon Wixom, an elder in the Mormon church and William's brother-in-law, kept a Diary. A few of his entries substantiate these relationships. On the 6 of Aug 1835, he said "Then went to the Avery's and baptized four more, Margaret Avery, the wife of William Avery, and Margaret, the wife of Dan Avery, and Sarah Avery and her daughter." On the Sabbath, the 7th of Feb 1836, Wixom held a meeting at William Avery's; and on Wednesday at Father Avery's. On Monday, 14 Feb 1836, Wixom was married to Sarah Avery [the daughter of "Father" Daniel Avery & his wife Sarah]. A later note refers to the laying of hands on Brother William Avery's child who had been scalded very bad. "The fire came out and in the morning it was perfectly well". He had also laid hands on Mother Avery and his own wife and child, all who recovered immediately. He mentions several other meetings as Father Avery's [obviously his father-in-law].

William Avery and Margaret Pickle were married by Lyndes L. Latimer, JP, in Franklin Co OH

They seem to have been living with his father in 1830 - William is not found as head of household that year:
By 1830 the index shows Daniel, Daniel Jr. & Stephen all in Franklin Co - so this is definitely the right family. William and family may have been living with them - he had married in that county in 1828.
Daniel Avery was in Perry, Franklin Co Ohio:
1m 15-20 [Pelatiah was 19], 2m 20-30 [Chancy probably still at home, no marriage record found - he would be about 29, William was married but age 27 - older sons Stephen & Daniel Jr in their own residences], 1m 60-70 [Daniel himself]. 1f -5 [William & Margaret's daughter Sarah born 1829], 1f 10-15 [Sally was about 13], 1f 15-20 [Mariah was 18], 1f 20-30 [William's wife Margaret would have been about age 22], 1f 50-60 [Sarah Sargent Avery was about 58]

1840 Census, Schuyler Co IL, Precinct 4, p.112. William Avery, 1m -5 [William], 1m 10-15 [Philo], 1m 30-40 [William]; 2f -5 [Elisabeth & Mary J], 1f 10-15 [Sarah], 1f 30-40 [Margaret]
Although the ages aren't exactly as given in later censuses this is the correct number and sex of the children of William and Margaret in 1840, with the exception of the son Joseph who was perhaps born in late 1840 rather than in 1839.

William Avery was paid for 6 days of Jury duty on the Grand Jury in Schuyler Co IL, April Term 1842.

Land Records 1844, 977.3475 R2s, Family History Library
Entered Lands: Woodstock, Twp 1N, 3W
40 Acres, William C. Avery, NE 1/4 of the NE Qtr of Section 1
[Note: this is the same tract listed for Daniel Avery, SR, in 1841]
It may be this tract:
Schuyler Co IL DB E, p.482
15 Apr 1837 Daniel Avery and wife Margaret sold to Daniel Avery Sr and Chancy Avery for $150 the NE 1/4 of the NE Quarter, Section 1, T1N, R3W.
Signed: Daniel Avery Jr, Margaret Avery.
Acknowledged and dower released on the same day.

The family of William Avery lived next door to Ira & Eliza Irwin in 1850. Mary J. born 1835 seems to be the first of their children born in Illinois. The oldest daughter of William & Margaret, Sarah who married Goveneur Butterfield, was in the household just before theirs. Sarah appeared to have a 3 year old son William and a year old daughter named Almira. The children of William & Margaret living at home were Philo age 20, b. Ohio, Mary J. age 15, William age 12, Joseph age 10, Emma age 7, David age 6, and Solomon age 3. Also living with them was Barbara Pickle, age 56, probably Margaret's mother.

In 1860, Eliza J. Roberts, age 20, born in VA lived with William & Margaret Avery. Their children still at home were William, age 23, Joseph 21, David 14, Solomon 11, Hiram 8, Margaret 6, and Rosetta 4. Daughter Emma, married to Willis Lewis was the next household enumerated, and they had a year old son named Elias. "Philow" was next. Philo and Rebecca had Allis 8, Sarah 4, and Joseph 2, as well as Isaac "Peckell" age 25 living with them. The family enumerated after Philo was his sister Mary J. and her husband Elbridge [spelled Abbridge] Morrell and their two-year-old Samantha. The next three households were Irvins - first Elizabeth Ann Avery's in-laws, Robert & Lavina; then her husband's brother Harrison and his family; then Eliza A. and Ira with William age 9, Edith 4 and Robert F. 2. This accounts for the entire Avery family with the exception of oldest daughter Sarah and her husband Governour Butterfield.

1865 Illinois State Census. Woodstock. On the same page with Robert & Ira Irwin.
William Avery: 1 male and 2 females under 10. 1 female 50-60. 1 male 60-70.
Philo, William C. & Joseph were on the same page, all the Averys in a row.

The following data was found online, but I was able to order a copy of the Patriarchal Blessing of William Avery from the LDS Church. Most importantly it does state that William Avery was the son of Daniel & Sarah Avery and was born May 11, 1803 in Otsego County, New York.
Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1830-1848
Name: Avery, William (Source: Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46 Temple Index Bureau (TIB) Family Group Sheet-Self Book of Patriarchal Blessings Index (Pat Bless) Our Pioneer Heritage. Carter, Kate. 1958 )
Gender: Male (Source: Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46 Temple Index Bureau (TIB) Family Group Sheet-Self Book of Patriarchal Blessings Index (Pat Bless) Our Pioneer Heritage. Carter, Kate. 1958)
Birth Date: 11 May 1803 (Source: Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46) Birth Place: Ostego, , NY, USA (Source: Temple Index Bureau (TIB))
Alternate Birth [sic - death] Place: Date: July 14, 1870 Family Group Sheet-Self
Place: Rushville, Schuyler, IL, USA Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46 Father: Avery, Daniel
Mother: Sargent, Sarah Alice Dean
Spouse: Pickle, Margaret
Marriage Date: 5 November 1839
1. Avery, Philo 1830
2. Avery, Mary J. 1835 Schuyler, IL, USA
3. Avery, William C. 1838 Schuyler, IL, USA
4. Avery, Joseph Sydney 1840 Schuyler, IL, USA
5. Avery, Emma 1843 Schuyler, IL, USA
6. Avery, David 1844 Schuyler, IL, USA
7. Avery, Solomon 1847 Schuyler, IL, USA
Church Ordinance Data: Avery, William (Male)Ordained Elder Book of Patriarchal Blessings Index Patriarchal Blessing Book of Patriarchal Blessings Index Date: January 8, 1846 Place: Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA Officiator: Smith, John Temple Ordinance Data: Avery, William (Male)BaptismTemple Index Bureau (TIB) Date: August 29, 1967 Temple: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Endowment Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46 Date: January 12, 1846 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois
Comments: Avery, William (Male)William was wounded in a battle with Indians on April 29, 1866. Our Pioneer Heritage. Carter, Kate. 1958 Avory [This statement is highly doubtful!!!]
The database is comprised of a 50-volume list created by Susan Black about people who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1830 to 1848 and who lived in the United States, Canada or Great Britain. The database was compiled using more than 300 primary and secondary sources on early Latter-day Saints, but it does not necessarily include every member of the Church who lived during the time period.

William Avery died at his residence on 21 Dec 1867. Margaret made an undated Petition for Administration of the estate. Heirs were listed as Margret Avry, widow and children: Sarah Dailey, Philo Avry, Eliza A. Irvin, Mary J. Morrell, Wm. C. Avry, Joseph Avry, Emmy Avry, H. P. Avry, Margaret E. Avry, Rosetta Avry. 14 Feb 1868, Margaret Avery received letters of Administration on the estate of William Avery, Schuyler Co, IL. Bond was set in the amount of $400. Ira Irvin and William C. Avery provided security.
Probate Notice appeared in the Rushville Weekly Times for six consecutive weeks, certified by E. A. Snively. A copy of the notice is enclosed - on both the petition for Administration and the notice, Avery was spelled "Avry" although it was correct on the Letters of Administration and the bond.
Copies of debts in the file included one to William Stargil in 1866 for building a fire place $4.00 and one in account with W. W. Wells for $61.36. There was an account of debt to W. D. Scott in the amount of $21.19 for meal and bran which was perhaps feed for livestock.
Inventory was presented 21 Apr 1868 by Margaret (X) Avery. Real Estate noted was the NE Qtr of the NW Qtr of Sect No. One Tp 1N.3W purchased of Daniel Avery and Chancey Avery, held by Warranty Deeds. bottom land some swampy, worth about $600. The Inventory of the estate included two beds, various household items, a stove and pipe for it, a rifle gun, 2 cows, 6 shoats [pigs], a Bible. Notes listed included N.L. Government Bounty - $90. [Although the inventory states plainly that this was the NE quarter of the NW quarter - that may be an error. Earlier records indicate the land he lived on that came from Daniel Avery Sr & Chancy was the NE quarter of the NE quarter of Section 1.]
Appraisal of the personal property had been done by Henry Chew, Enoch Gilham and Ezekiel (x) Abbott on 19 Feb 1868. There was a printed form which included a section for their "Estimate for the Widow" and had a preprinted list of items - the appraisers had some math difficulties. The list of items presented by Margaret Avery was itemized to the total of $128.20 yet the estimate for the widow came to a slightly incorrect total of $588.75. I can only assume this indicated she was entitled to more than the estate was worth - however, it also included food stock & fuel, and wearing apparel for the widow and family that were not included in the inventory of William's personal effects.

29 Oct 1870, one W. W. Wells deposed in Court and stated Margaret Avery had died on 4 May 1870, leaving the estate of William Avery unsettled. That the estate owed affiant the sum of Sixty One and 36/100 dollars as filed in court against the Estate on 21 Apr 1868. He requests to be appointed Administrator de bonis non that the Estate may be settled.
Then on 1 Nov 1870, Wheeler W. Wells was appointed Administrator as requested. He gave bond of $800, Gideon Goodwin signing as security.

At the January Term 1871 of the Schuyler County Court, W. W. Wells presented the following letter to the Hon. E. J. Pemberton [Judge of the Court]:
The undersigned Administrater [sic] of the Estate of William Avery deceased would respectfully report that nothing has come to his hands as Such Administrator from Said Estate there being no personal property now belonging to Said Estate and that the real Estate belonging to Said Estate is not Subject to Sale on account of being encumbered as homestead of the minor heirs of Said William Avery deceased. Said Administrator would further report that he has given notice thereof as required by law as will appear by proof of the Same herewith filed and does hereby resign his office as Administrator
of the goods chattels rights credits and effects of said William Avery deceased and prays that his resignation be accepted and that he be discharged from the further exercise of his Said Office as Adminitrator aforesaid. Signed: W. W. Wells

The notice of resignation enclosed was dated 19 Dec 1970, and also included two IOU's signed by Wm Avery - one dated 1 Jan 1861 to Wilson Green for $6.75 and one dated 5 Jan 1859 to Thos. Wilson for 39.75.
A copy of the newspaper notice of Wells resignation was included in the file and certified that it was run in The Rushville Times for four successive weeks by Edwin Dyson, Publisher.

WILLIAM AVERY and MARGARET PICKLE were married on 25 February 1828 in Franklin County, Ohio.11,14,17 MARGARET PICKLE12, daughter of Minor/Minard/Myndart PICKEL and BARBARA MELLICK FARLEY, was born on 20 August 1809 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.11,12 She died on 4 May 1870 at the age of 60 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.

From Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848, by Susan Easton Black:
Margaret Pickle. Father, Minard (Miner) Pickle. Mother, Barbara Farly..
Born 20 Aug 1809. Hunterdon Co, NJ
Ordinance Data: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL
Household Members: Margaret Pickle (self), William Avery, spouse.

Married by Lyndes L. Latimer, JP. Consent of her father Minard Pickle. Witness: David Avery Jr.

Living in the household of William & Margaret in 1850, is Barbara Pickle, age 56, born in New Jersey. Margaret's mother.

WILLIAM AVERY and MARGARET PICKLE had the following children:



Sarah AVERY was born in 1829 in Ohio.18

Marriages Vol 1, p.134. License #00001159. Sarah was a niece of Butterfield's first wife.

1850 Census. Living next door to her parents. Governeur Butterfield, age 38, b. NY.
Sarah, age 21, b. Ohio. William H. age 3 b. Illinois, Almira, age 1, b. Illinois.
And just on the other side of Goveneur and Sarah was a Samuel Butterfield, age 33, b. PA, his wife and two young children.

Schuyler Co Estates, 1850 - 1868
Feb 4, 1850 Estate, Benjamin BUTTERFIELD. Gouveneur BUTTERFIELD, Admr. Thomas L BINKLEY, bond



Philo AVERY12 was born in December 1830 in Ohio.11,12 He died on 22 September 1910 at the age of 79 in Mason County, Illinois.2

Living with Philo's family in 1860 is Isaac "Peckell" age 25, born in Ohio. He is likely an uncle - Margaret, mother of Philo, did have a brother named Isaac, but that Isaac would be more likely age 35 in 1860. Isaac was apparently mentally handicapped and may not have appeared his age. In 1870, Isaac was living with Philo's sister - in his old age he was admitted to the almshouse as a pauper and feebleminded.
In the 1870 Census, Rebecca has apparently passed away as she isn't present. Mary A., Sarah, Joseph, George, William & Henry are all living with their father. Philo's name is given as Philip in this census.

DB 31, p.23
William C. Avery to Philow Avery, 4 Mar 1861.
William C. Avery and Nancy his wife to Philow Avery for $300. The SE 1/4 of the NE Quarter of Section 31, Twp 2N, Range 2 West. 40 acres. Signed by Avery; Nancy made her mark. Deed acknowledged and Nancy relinquished dower the same day.

DB 32, p.162
Wm C Avery & wife Nancy to Philo Avery. 25 Aug 1863.
For $250. The East half of the South half of the NW Quarter, Section 31, Twp 2N, Range 2W. Acknowledged and dower released on the same day. Filed 4 Mar 1864
Philo sold this tract and made a nice profit...
DB 32, p.163
Philo Avery & wife Rebecca to George Little. 4 Mar 1864. For $465. The East half of the South half of the NW 1/4 of Section 31, T2N, R2W. Signed: Philo Avery, Rebecca X Avery.
Wit: James L. Anderson, County Judge & ex officio JP. The deed was acknowledged the same day and filed. Rebecca relinquished dower.

1865 Illinois State Census. Woodstock Twp.
Philo Avery: 4 males and 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-20; 1 male & 1 female age 30-40; a total of 5 males, 3 females in the household.

1870. Woodstock Twp, Schuyler Co IL, p.o. Rushville Hh 46
"Philip" Avery, 38, Farmer, b. IL as was the whole family
[wife has apparently died since the birth of Henry in 1868]
Mary A. 18. Sarah 14. Joseph 11. George W. 9. William 7. Henry 2.

1880 Census. Lynchburg, Mason Co, IL, Hh 75
Philo Avery, 49, Farmer, b. Ohio, father b. NY, mother b. NJ.
Elisabeth, 26, wife, b. IL, father b. Virginia, mother b. IL
Henry 13, son. David, 5. son. Berry, son, age 1.
William Avery, 18, nephew, log cutter.

1900 Census. Lynchburg, Mason Co, IL, Hh 33
Philo Avery, b. Dec 1830, age 69, married at 29, b. Ohio, father b. NY, mother b. NJ, Fisherman
Elizabeth, wife, b. Jan 1854, 46, was 28 at marriage, 7 children - 6 are living, b. IL
Solmon, son, b. Nov 1881, age 18
Samuel, O., son, b. Oct 1887, age 12
Daniel, son, b. Aug 1891, 8
Jessie, son, b. Jan 1896, age 4

1911 City Directory, Beardstown, Cass, IL
Elizabeth Avery, (wid Philo), r 908 Wall.
Daniel Avery, wks Burl, r. 908 Wall



ELIZA ANN AVERY19 was born in 1832 in Franklin County, Ohio.12,20 She died on 21 May 1881 at the age of 49 in Schuyler County, Illinois.19,21

Rushville Times 26 May 1881
Mrs. Eliza Ann Irwin, wife of Mr. Ira Irwin, of Woodstock township, died on the 21st of May, 1881, after an illness of many weeks. She was 48 years old, lacking one day, being buried on her birthday - last Saturday. Sister Irwin was a true-hearted woman, a kind wife, loving believed in Jesus and has gone to the rest which remaineth for the people of God.
Dearest sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can still our sorrow heal.
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of Heaven is fled
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tears are shed.
J. H. B.

The 1910 census shows Ira with wife Kate to whom he has been married 14 years - since 1896.

If you wish to follow the descendants of the Eliza Avery and her husband Ira Perrin Irwin, go here . You will be leaving this file. You can also return to the Leaves of the Tree homepage and choose the link to Avery.



Mary J. AVERY was born in 1835 in Illinois.11,12



William Clark AVERY12 was born on 24 November 1837 in Illinois.11,12 He died on 16 January 1902 at the age of 64 in Schuyler County, Illinois.12

Schuyler Co, IL, DB 27, p.245
Ira Irva & Wife to William C. Avery
Recd. Jany 31st 1859
This deed made and entered 31st Jan 1859.. Ira Irvin and Eliza Irvin his wife of Schuyler Co, Illinois of the first part and William C. Avery of the second. For the sum of $200 paid by Avery, have conveyed a parcel of land in Schuyler County: East 1/2 of the NE Quarter, Section 5, Twp 1 N, Range 2 of the fourth principal meridian, 72 acres more or less. signed Ira Irvin, Eliza Ann (+) Irvin.
Wit: James H. Browning, William P. Hall.
Deed was proved by the same and Eliza Ann examined and relinquished her dower. James H. Browning, JP

DB 28, p.408
William C. Avery to Ira Irvin
Recorded March 3rd 1860
Indenture made 11th March 1859 between William C. Avery of Schuyler County, Illinois of the first part and Ira Irvin of the second part. Sum of $200, land described as 72 acres, the East 1/2 of the NE Quarter, Section 5, Twp 1 North, Range 2 West of the 4th principal Meridian. Signed: William C. (X) Avery.
On the same day William C. Avery acknowledged the deed.

DB 31, p.23
William C. Avery to Philow Avery, 4 Mar 1861.
William C. Avery and Nancy his wife to Philow Avery for $300. The SE 1/4 of the NE Quarter of Section 31, Twp 2N, Range 2 West. 40 acres. Signed by Avery; Nancy made her mark. Deed acknowledged and Nancy relinquished dower the same day.

DB 32, p.162
Wm C Avery & wife Nancy to Philo Avery. 25 Aug 1863.
For $250. The East half of the South half of the NW Quarter, Section 31, Twp 2N, Range 2W. Acknowledged and dower released on the same day. Filed 4 Mar 1864
[Philo & wife Rebecca sold this same tract to George Little on the same day the previous deed was filed, 4 Mar 1864.[

1865 Illinois State Census. Woodstock Twp
William C. Avery: 1 male under 10. 1 male & 1 female age 20-30.

A second marriage is given in Schuyler Co IL for a William C. Avery - Mattie Morgan on 21 Sep 1868, but this must not be the same William. In 1870, William's wife in the census is still listed as Nancy. Avery file information indicates only one wife, Nancy, and she outlived William.

Early Members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:
William C. Avery was baptized and confirmed a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 11 February 1869 at Schuyler County, Illinois, by D. J. Wetterbee. He attended the Illinois branches at Alma and Beardstown.
Born Nov 1837. Died Jan 1902.

1870 Census.
Living with William and Nancy and their daughters Sarah & Ida in 1870 is Marshal Cubey, age 13, b. IL. William C. was 32. Nancy 28. Sarah G. 2 and Ida V., 7 months old.

1880 Census. Woodstock, Schuyler Co, IL, Hh 100
William C. Avery, 42, farmer, b. IL, father b. Ohio, mother b. N.J.
Nancy, 38, wife, b. IL, father b. NY, mother b. OH
Sarah J. 12, dau. Ida Viola, 10, dau. Richard 8, son. William W. 4, son.

1900 Census. Woodstock, Schuyler, IL, Hh 67
William C. Avery, b. Nov 1837, age 62, married 29 years, b. IL, father b. Ohio, mother b. PA
Nancy, wife, b. Dec 1841, age 58, had 8 children - 3 are living, b. IL, father b. NY, mother b. Ohio

According to the Avery file, William was a preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Greenlief/Pickle Cemetery, Schuyler Co IL
William C. Avery 1837-1902 Died at 64 years, 1 month, 22 days.
Nancy Black Avery 1841-1919



Joseph Sidney AVERY2,12 was born in 1839 in Illinois.11,12 He served in the military in 1862 at Company C of the 119th Illinois Infantry, Volunteers in Civil War. He died in 1898 at the age of 59 in Yosemite, California.2

Marriage record says Joseph Avery to Lorena Curry 23 May 1861. Name was given as Serena in Census transcription.

1865 Illinois State Census. Woodstock Twp
Joseph Avery: 1 male under age 10. 1 male and 1 female age 20-30.

Served in Company C of the 119th Illinois Infantry, Volunteers. Mustered out 26 Aug 1865.

Occupation in 1870 was that of Cooper. The family was in Buena Vista Twp in Schuyler Co., Hh 46 Joseph Avery, age 35. Crena 25. William 8. Mary 4. and Cornelius 2.

A death date of 1898 is unlikely since in 1900, Serena had been married to Asher Kent for 17 years. Also seems unlikely he died in California. Finding Serena or Joseph in 1880 might help with this problem.

A WorldConnect database:
William Franklin Avery b: 19 FEB 1862 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
Mary Australia Avery b: 24 JUN 1864 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
Frederick Cornelius Avery b: 20 AUG 1866 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
Richard Monroe Avery b: 13 JUL 1873 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
Lydia Luella Avery b: 7 DEC 1875 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
Ada Adell "Della" Avery b: 3 DEC 1878 in Hannibal, Marion, MO



Emma AVERY was born in June 1842 in Illinois.11

Listed as age 20 in 1860 Census, or born 1840; she was listed as age 7 in 1850, born 1843.

1860 Census, Woodstock, Schuyler Co IL, Hh 786
Willis Lewis, 21, b. IL
Emma, 20 b, IL
Elias, age 1, b. IL

I believe Emma married a second time.
Birth Records, Schuyler Co, IL
male child, b. 17 Dec 1883, Buena Vista Twp to Emma (Avery) Curry and William Curry

Looking at the Illinois State Archives online, I found that Mrs. Emma Watson, married William J. Curry, on 30 May 1866, Schuyler Co IL. That would seem to suggest she may have married three times. And indeed, there is a marriage for Emma Lewis to Frank Watson, 16 Mar 1865, Schuyler Co.

William J. Curry was a son of Matthew and is in the following census records:

1850 - Schuyler Co IL, Woodstock Twp, Hh 57
Matthew Curry 31, Nancy 33 -b. KY
Henry C. 16, James 14, William 11 - b. KY
John 8, Serena A. 6, Sallie 5, Taylor, 2 - b. Illinois

1860 - Brown, IL, Cooperstown, Hh 525
Nancy Curry, 45, b. KY
W. J. 21, b. KY. Jno W. 18, b. IL. Serena A. 16, b. IL. Sarah, 14, b. KY. Taylor 10, b. KY. M. J., age 9, female, b. IL

1870 - Schuyler, IL, Buena Vista Twp, Hh 175
William Curry, 31, b. KY
Emma, 28, b. IL
Eva L. 3. William S. 1.
Elias, age 12, b. IL - should have been listed with Lewis surname - see 1860 census
Rosetta, age 15, b. IL - Emma's youngest sister - Rosetta Avery - or should this be Rosa, age 5! And if Rosa was age 5, then 15 in 1880 - was she William Curry's child since Emma & William did not marry until 1866. Was she Frank Watson's child?

1880 Census. Prairieville, Pike, MO, Hh 171
William Curry, 41, b. KY, Farmer
Emma, wife, 37, b. IL as were all the children
Rosa, 15, dau. William 11, son. Julious 9, son. Cretie, 5. dau. Stella, 3, dau.
Elias Lewis, 21, StepSon
Hh 172, but same residence
Taylor Curry, 28. Alice, 26, wife.

There is a mystery about Rosa/Rosetta and Eva. If they were two different daughters, one was missed in 1870, one missed in 1880. Also Emma claims 7 living children on two occasions which would indicate this is the same daughter unless another child died. Without the 1890 census, it becomes difficult. There is a marriage record in Schuyler Co for Eva L. Curry to Jordan Miller, 29 Aug 1886 and a marriage record for Rosa H. Curry to George R. Givens, 23 May 1886.

1900 - Schuyler, IL, Buena Vista Twp, Hh 260
Alla Morrell, b. Apr 1875, age 25, married 4 years
Rosetta, wife, b. Jan 1872, 28, 1 child (said to be living but not listed), b. IL
Although this Rosetta appears to be the approximate age of Rosa Curry - a marriage record in Schuyler Co for Allie Morrell to Etta Clayton, 27 Feb 1896, would indicate this lady was nee Clayton.
Hh 261
William Curry, b. Jan 1839, 61, married 40 years, b. KY
Emma, wife, b. Jun 1842, age 57, 10 children - 7 are living, b. IL
Alexander, son, b. Dec 1883, age 16, b. IL
W. J. Miller, grandson, b. Apr 1887, age 13, b. IL
Millard Curry, grandson, b. Jul 1897, age 2, b. IL

1900 - Jackson Twp, Miami County, IN, Hh 307
Jordan Miller, b. Dec 1861, 38, married 13 years, b. IN
Eva, wife, b. Mar 1870, age 30, 3 children, b. IL, parents b. IL [Eva curry was already age 3 in 1870]
Jordan, son, b. Apr 1887, 13. Myrtle, dau, b. Apr 1890, 10. Clyde, son, b. Jan 1894, 6.
Sarah, mother, b. Mar 1835, 69, widow - six living children

1910 - Schuyler, IL, Buena Vista Twp, Hh 159
William J. Curry, 71, married 44 years, b. KY
Emma, wife, 67, 9 children - 7 are living, b. IL
Millard, grandson, 12, b. IL

William Curry was born Jan 1839, KY; died Sep 1920; buried 21 Sep 1920, Rushville Cemetery,
Children said to be Rosanna, b. 1865; Eva, b. 1868; William, b. 1869; Alexander, b. 1883



David AVERY was born in 1844 in Illinois.11,12 He died on 2 March 1863 at the age of 19 in Humboldt, Gibson County, Tennessee.
David Avery, son of W. & M. Avery, died 2 Mar 1863.
Company C, 119th Illinois Infantry. Died at Humboldt, TN.
Buried Greenlief/Pickle Cemetery, Schuyler Co, IL



Solomon AVERY was born in 1847 in Illinois.11,12 He died in 1861 at the age of 14 in Schuyler County, Illinois.
Greenlief/Pickle Cemetery, Schuyler Co IL
Solomon Avery, son of W. & M. Avery, died 1861.



Hiram P. AVERY12 was born in 1852 in Illinois.12

In the 1870 Census Hiram "C" Avery lives with the Fosters next door to brother Philo, Rushville, Woodstock Twp.. Age 19, b. IL, working as a farm hand.

I have never been able to find Hiram after 1870, although he seems to possibly be this man:

21 Nov 1907
"Pink" Avery, a former resident of this county, died on Friday of last week at Beardstown, where he has made his home of late. He arose that morning and built the fire ant then retired to bed, where he died suddenly of neuralgia of the heart. Mr. Avery was fifty six years of age and had been married three times. On Sunday afternoon at 2 o-clock funeral services were held at his residence and the remains were interred in the city cemetery.

That Hiram was married three times is substantiated - he married twice as Hiram P. Avery and once as H. P. Avery. The 1870 census suggests Hiram was born 1851 - a man who died age 56 in 1907 would have been born in 1851.

If his middle name was perhaps Pinkney, that would explain the nickname. The following items might suggest why he would avoid census enumerators.

Excerpts from
The Schuyler Citizen

February 1, 1872
On Monday afternoon last, about sundown, as John Lambert, the jailor, was carrying a bucket of coal into the hall of the county jail, and just while in the act of passing the bucket through the partially opened door, he was seized by Pink Avery and dragged inside. In the scuffle that ensued two of the other prisoners joined in, one of them striking Lambert on the head with an iron bar and a chunk of coal, when he was dragged into a cell and the door closed on him. The three prisoners, Avery, Lynn and Carter then made a rush for the door, and just as Avery was passing out, Lambert fired at him with a single barrel pistol through the grating of the cell door. He aimed a death deal, but the ball struck the fleshy part of his thigh and ranged downward, striking the bone and glancing. He fell forward, but immediately sprang up and out of the door and away.
The alarm being given at the first onset, Mr. Weber, a neighbor, ran in to help, but was knocked down by one of the three men, all of whom reached the street and started on the double quick for the timber. Lambert was released from the cell by Mr. Fannen, who was too infirm to run, and immediately gave chase. Others joined in.
Carter was overtaken in the field just south of Wm. Hedge's residence by Mr. James Scull, Carter made show of resistance, when Scull tripped him up, and he was secured and brought back.
Pink Avery ran to a point just west of Geo. Barnhart's residence, over a half mile distant, hotly pursued, where, climbing over a fence, he sank down exhausted, his wound bleeding profusely. He was taken in hand at once by Thomas Burnsides and Ed. McClure, who were close on his heels, and escorted back to his prison home. His wound is not considered to be fatal, but will be very painful. Avery claims he has been shot at twenty-three times, making several hairbreadth escapes. But, Pink, death will claim you one day: hadn't you better make friends with him

February 15, 1872
Pink Avery, who was shot in the thigh while breaking out of jail the other day, in improving.

February 29, 1872
"PINK" AVERY BAILED.--On Monday last a brother of Pink Avery became his surety in the sum of $600; but, with the prison jewels still on him, he was immediately rearrested on a warrant from Brown county for the robbery of a coal digger, whom he knocked down and robbed of a gold watch and $250 in money early last fall, and for which he was indicted by the grand jury of that county. He will probably be held here until next week, when the Brown county circuit court will be held and he removed to Mt. Sterling for trial. The proper place for this man is inside the walls of Joliet, and we doubt not justice will be done him by Judge Higbee and the jury that will investigate the charges against him.

Based on the above news articles, I believe this is probably Hiram in 1880, even though much of the data is not quite right. I would expect prisoners to perhaps give incorrect information about their families.
Illinois State Penitentiary; Joliet, Will Co, IL
Listed in the Cooper Shop, Register Number 2851 is
H. B. Avery, white male age 27, single, Cooper, b. Illinois, father b. Ohio, Mother b. PA.

He was not still listed at Joliet Prison in 1900, but neither have I been able to find him in Cass Co where he married for the third time in 1897 and is said to have died in 1907 - nor anyone resembling the third wife.

Death Certificate posted on tree,
H. P. Avery, age 56 years, 6 months. Born Illinois. Salesman. Died 15 Nov 1907, 9 A.M.
Died in Beardstown, Married.
Buried City Cemetery 17 Nov 1907



Margaret AVERY was born in 1854 in Illinois.12



Rosetta AVERY was born in 1856 in Illinois.12

1870 - Schuyler, IL, Buena Vista Twp, Hh 175
William Curry, 31, b. KY
Emma, 28, b. IL
Eva L. 3. William S. 1.
Elias, age 12, b. IL - should have been listed with Lewis surname - see 1860 census
Rosetta, age 15, b. IL - Emma's youngest sister - should have been listed as Rosetta Avery