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Third Generation

15. William RATCLIFF1 was born on 15 September 1696 in Talbot County, Maryland. He died about 1775 at the age of 79 in Talbot County, Maryland.

William married Mary Fellows, daughter of Robert and Sarah Fellows, Third Haven Monthly Meeting, 1719, 9m, 26d. Mary received "Arcadia", 34 acres, from her father's estate. Robert and John Fellows, her brothers, were administrators of the estate. Mary remarried after the death of William, to John James, 1732.

From a distant cousin on 23andMe, email 12 Apr 2012:
William Ratcliff m. Mary Fellows
William Ratcliff m. Susannah Thomas (dau. of Thomas Thomas and Susannah CLOTHIER)
Robert Clothier Ratcliff (b. 1764 MD, d. 1815 LA) m. Elizabeth Fields; Robert Clothier Ratcliff was in Anson County, NC by 1790, Beaufort County, SC by 1810, Colleton County, SC by 1810, and after that to Louisiana; reportedly they left North Carolina due to familial tensions- his family were Patriots, his wife's family were Loyalists; he was a lieutenant of the Louisiana militia at the Battle of New Orleans, wounded in battle, and died a few days later.
Robert Ratcliff (b. 1801 SC, d. bef. 1880 LA) m. Mary LNU
Jane Ratcliff (b. 1833 LA, d. 1917 LA) m. Theophilus Drakeford Blount
Jane named one of her sons Robert Clothier Blount, who also named one of his sons Robert Clothier Blount. The younger one was my great-grandmother's father, and he died in 1965. I find it quite fascinating that they kept a family name, acquired through marriage in the early 1700s, going as a middle name for more than 200 years.

Some claim Richard's son William had a twin, Robert or Robert Anthony Ratcliff. The Ratcliff book that cites the births of the children recorded at St. Michael's Church Register, Talbot, MD does not have any sets of twins, nor any son Robert Anthony. There was a son named Richard, born 5 Mar 1691/2 - certainly not a twin and probably died young as the will of William's father mentions no son Robert or Anthony. I suspect this is another fraudulent connections probably perpetuated by an old Ancestral file, carried forward by FamilySearch. That there was a Robert who married Mary Touchstone seems to be true - he just may not have been a twin of William. Others give Robert a birth of about 1690 in Sussex, England.

Found on JSTOR:
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 29, No. 4 (1905), pp. 427-438
"Register of St. Michael's Parish, Talbot County, Maryland, 1672-1704" contributed by M. Atherton Leach.
Mr Leach points out that this is all of the register that survives prior to 1823.
On p.435, the only entries for Ratcliffe:
Richard Ratcliffe, of Auderbies Creek, had these children: Richard, b. 5 Mar 1691/2. James, b. 6 May 1693.

William RATCLIFF and Mary FELLOW were married in 1719 in Talbot County, Maryland. Mary FELLOW, daughter of Robert FELLOW and Sarah LITTLEBOY, was born (date unknown).

f. 385-386. Feb 16, 1719. ROBERT and JOHN FELLOWS of Talbot County, for the brotherly love favour good will and affection which we have and do bear to our well loved sister, MARY FELLOWS, now MARY RATLIEFFE...give land containing 100 acres and four perches, it being part of two tracts of parcels of land, the on ecalled Abraham's Lott ye other part of Ar?adia lately purchased from William Bush?? [LDS Microfilm 014,496]

Mary must have married again to John James
Folio 14, p.75-77  
6 May 1735   Mary James brought a deed of gift with one Certificate, to be enrolled among therecords of Talbot County.   John and Pheby Fellow for love and affection to our sister Mary James, now the wife of John James, planter, confirm the tract called Abrahams Lott on north side of Tredhaven Creek, Pitts his bridge branch; line of Goughton, containing 58 acres.  6 May 1735.  Signed: John (I) Fellow, Phebey (R) Fellow. Wit:  Jos. Parrott, John Frith.  John and Pheby Fellow appeared in court on 6 May 1735 to acknowledge the deed of gift to Mary James.
6 May 1735  Then comes John Fellow and brought a deed of sale with one Certificate to be enrolled among the records of Talbot County.  John James and Mary his wife to John Fellow,  for 30 #’s current money, the same 58 acresas above.  Signed:  John (+) James Junr, Mary (M) James.  Wit: John Frith, Jos. Parrott.   James and Mary appeared that day in court.

26d, 8m, 1732: The widow Mary (Fellows) Ratcliff has been married by a priest.
26d, 3m, 1736: Mary James, formerly Mary Ratcliff, gave unto this meeting a few lines condeming her disorderly marriage and that spirit by which she acted therein. (Vol 1, p. 482)

William RATCLIFF and Mary FELLOW had the following children: