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Second Generation

10. RICHARD RATCLIFF1,2 was born on 29 September 1661 in Chapel Hill, Rossendale, Lancashire, England. He died on 1 June 1721 at the age of 59 in St Michael's, Talbot County, Maryland.

Richard was born 1661, 7m, 29d. Marsden MM Register. The 7th month in 1661, was September. Digital image on Ancestry - birth recorded, Monthly Meeting of Lancaster, Lancashire. He died at St. Michaels, Talbot Co, MD, circa June 1721
"on the 29th day of the 7th month 1661 Allis the wife of Richard Ratclife did beare a son & they called his name Richard"

Richard came from Liverpool to Maryland on the "Submission" in 1682. They were bound for the Delaware River or elsewhere in Pennsylvania. However, the Captain, James Settle, claimed to not know his exact location and one researcher speculated he had landed in Maryland where he would receive head-money for each new immigrant. However, the ship's logs revealed storms and considerable damage to the ship. The passengers were unloaded at Choptank, MD, 10 Nov 1682.
Individual Ships of Penn's Fleet and their passengers
The Submission
November 2, 1682, James Settle, master, one of Penn's fleet.
Randall and Allis Blackshaw and family: Phebe, Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, Mary, Nehemiah and Martha
Robert Bond
Roger and Eleanor Bradbury and family: Jacob, Martha, Jospeh, Sarah and Roger
Elizbaeth Breadbury
James and Jane Clayton and children: James, John, Joshua, Sarah, Mary and Lydia
Jane and Margery Maude
Allis Dickenson
James and Ann Harrison, Agness Harrison
Ellis and Jane Jones and family: Barbary, Dorothy, Mary and Isaac
Jane Lyon
Joseph Mather
Marjory Mede, Jane Mede
Phineas and Phebe Pemberton and children: Abigail and Joseph
Ralph Pemberton
Richard Radcliffe
Joseph Steward
Lydia Wharmby

The Captain's Log survives and has been copied.
Michael Tepper, ed., "The Sailing of the Ship 'Submission' in the Year 1682, With a True Copy of the Vessel's Log" in NEW WORLD IMMIGRANTS: A CONSOLIDATION OF SHIP PASSENGER LISTS & ASSOCIATED DATA FROM PERIODICAL LITERATURE, vol. 1 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988) pp. 235-238.
There were 49 passengers on board, many of them members of six families. The passenger list shows Richard Radclif, age 21 - he seems to have traveled alone although the Harrison & Pemberton families from Lancashire were aboard, as well as several other singles.
The log states that they were bound to Pennsylvania. They went aboard at the Port of Liverpoole 1682, 5th of the 7th m [September]. James Settle was Captain, the mate was Samuel Rigg; there were 9 other crew members. Abraham, age 10, son of Randolph Blackshaw, died at sea. On the same day they were struck by a storn that staved in part of the boat and broke the mast. There were two days when the captain noted great schools of Porpoises following the boat. The log is mostly a weather report. When they were within 80 leagues of land, the captian noted smelling the pines. The voyage took 58 days.

Richard transferred his membership in the Society of Friends to the Third Haven Monthly Meeting in Talbot Co, MD in 1682. He was witness to numerous marriages and his own marriage is recorded there.

Richard and Mary Caterne first announced their intentions to marry at the Third Haven Monthly Meeting, 1690, 12m 6d. Richard was required to write to a Friend in Pennsylvania, Henry Baker, and get from under any entanglement for the account of marriage with Henry Baker's daughter. Apparently James had lived for a short time with his older brother James in Bucks Co, PA. Church records in the town of St. Michael's indicate they had at least eight children.

From Maryland Quaker Records by Lucy Kate McGhee, online at
Vol 3, Part 1, p.36
Whereas Richard Ratcliff of Talbot County in the province of Maryland, sawyer [also transcribed by some as lawyer], and Mary Catherine Caterne, spinster of the same county and province, aforesaid, having declared their intentions of marriage two several times at several meetings, of the people of God called Quakers, in the county aforesaid, which was approved on by those meetings, now these are to certify all people whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of the intentions aforesaid this 13th of the 3rd month called May in 1691 in an assembly of the aforesaid people of God at their meeting house at Tuccaho Creek in the county aforesaid, Richard Ratcliff did solumnly in the fear of God according to the example of the Holy men of God recorded in the Scriptures of Truth take the said Mary Caterne to be his wife and in like manner she the said Mary Caterne did then and there take the said Richard Ratcliff to be her husband, each of them promising to be faithful one to another, as husband and wife so long as they shall live and we who were present at their taking each other have hereunto set our hands, witnesses unto the same, the day and year above written.
Richard Ratcliff, Mary [her mark] Ratcliff,
John Pitt, Thos. Cook, Samuel Usley, Bazl. Stone, Edward Clark, Wm. Berry, John Baynard, Thos. Alcock, George Pratt, Jon Newman, Jonathan Ary, Thos. Aylor, Richard Hall, Jon Pemberton, James Rdly, Robert Regester, Jon Jadwin, Benj. Parrott, Jon. Wotters, John Esdale, Sarah Pitt, Mary Sockwell, Hannah Jadwin, Sarah Hall, Elizabeth Allcock, Elizabeth Parrott, Mary Goult, Elizabeth Pitt.

1710, Richard Ratcliff bought "Jerusalem", a 400 acre tract in Queen Anne's Co, MD from Charles Hollingsworth and wife Mary. The land originally taken up by John Hollingsworth. It was on the south side of the Chester River, the SE branch of the head of the river. Liber 7, p.147a [part of this deed is missing at the Maryland Land Records online site]

1 Nov 1715, Richard sold 200 acres of "Jerusalem" to Richard Tilghman.

5 Nov 1715, Richard Ratcliff, planter & weaver, bought 170 acres called "Jacob & John's Pasture" from Samuel Cochayne, gentleman, and Anne his wife for 15,000 #'s of tobacco. Richard Carter, late of Talbot Co, merchant, deceased, purchased a tract of John Newman and Jacob Abraham which was afterward divided between John Newman and Thomas Eubanks. Sold by John Newman and wife Joan as the same moiety [half] of 170 acres. Boundaries begin at the line of Thomas Eubanks, descending to a valley on the Mill Branch, East side of the Court Road, by a great marsh and the road side, till it intersects Thomas Eubanks. Signed by Samuel and Anne Cochayne. Wit: Thos. Emerson, W. Clayton, Theodorus Bonner. On the same day the deed was acknowledge by Samuel and Anne Cochayne released her dower rights. Liber 12, p.220

Will of Richard Ratcliff
"IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. I, Richard Ratcliff, of Talbot Co., Md., being at this time in perfect health and sound mind and perfect memory and knowing the uncertainty of this life do therefore make and ordain this my last will and testament upon this eighth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and twenty, revoking all other will or wills heretofore made by me and this my last will to stand authentic above them all.
"I give and bequeath my soul to the Almighty God that gave it, hoping that by and through Jesus Christ our Lord his only son to obtain remission for my sins and to find acceptance with Him, and my body buried in Decency at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named.
"And for those worldly goods that it has pleased the Almighty God to bestow on me, I give and bequeath as follows:
"Item, I give and bequeath unto my son, James Ratcliff, one half of one hundred and seventy acres of land called by the name of Jacob and John's Pasture, next to the main road on the plantation where I now live, to him and the male heirs of his body forever. [The entail "to the male heirs of his body forever" would cause problems among his great-grandsons as late as 1791, as they cleared title to this tract]
"Item, I give and bequeath unto my son John Ratcliff, the other half of that tract of land called Jacob and John's Pasture, and next unto hog neck, to him and his male heirs forever, with one forty foot tobacco house. [John sold his part to his brother James before leaving for North Carolina. John's eldest son Joseph would also have to "break the tail" of this provision, 1775.]
"Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel Ratcliff, part of a tract of land called by the name of Jerusalem, lying in that part of the land that I sold to Col. Richard Tilghman, 100 acres of land to him and his heirs forever.
"Item, I give to my well beloved wife, Mary Ratcliff, the plantation and the moveables, during her life, and after her decease the moveables to be equally divided amongst my three sons and two daughters, That is to say, John, William, Samuel, Alice and Mary Ratcliff.
"I also appoint my wife, Mary Ratcliff, James and John Ratcliff, to be wholly and solely executors of this my estate.
s/"Richard Ratcliff (SEAL)
"Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us.
"And: Allen
"Edward E. F. Fish.
"Dominick Cowen
"Item, I give and bequeath unto my son, John Ratcliff, one steel whip saw."
WILLS, Vol. 16, page 484, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.; as cited in Clarence Earl Ratcliff, B.S., M.A., RICHARD RATCLIFF OF LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND AND TALBOT COUNTY, MARYLAND AND HIS ANCESTORS AND DESCENDENTS, 1066-1988, (1963; eighth edition privately published by Clarence Earl Ratcliff, 1988), and published on the Internet at URL

Some claim Richard's son William had a twin, Robert or Robert Anthony Ratcliff. The Ratcliff book that cites the births of the children recorded at St. Michael's Church Register, Talbot, MD does not have any sets of twins, nor any son Robert Anthony. There was a son named Richard, born 5 Mar 1691/2 - certainly not a twin and probably died young as the will of William's father mentions no son Robert or Anthony. I suspect this is another fraudulent connection probably perpetuated by an old Ancestral file, carried forward by FamilySearch. That there was a Robert who married Mary Touchstone seems to be true - he just may not have been a twin of William.

The first four children are recorded as born Anderbies Creek, Talbot Co - there is no longer any place of this name in Maryland. However, there is an Anderby Creek - a hamlet - in Lincolnshire, England.

Found on JSTOR:
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 29, No. 4 (1905), pp. 427-438
"Register of St. Michael's Parish, Talbot County, Maryland, 1672-1704" contributed by M. Atherton Leach.
Mr Leach points out that this is all of the register that survives prior to 1823.
On p.435, the only entries for Ratcliffe:
Richard Ratcliffe, of Auderbies Creek, had these children: Richard, b. 5 Mar 1691/2. James, b. 6 May 1693.
A footnote states this transcript of the Register was copied twelve years earlier from the time-stained almost illegible original and differs in a few particulars from a later manuscript copy made by and in the possession of the Maryland Historical Society.

RICHARD RATCLIFF and MARY CATERNE were married on 13 May 1691 in Talbot County, Maryland. MARY CATERNE was born (date unknown).

Mary was probably the daughter of Edward Cattering, an early settler in Maryland.

RICHARD RATCLIFF and MARY CATERNE had the following children:



Richard RATCLIFF was born on 5 March 1691/2 in Talbot County, Maryland. He died before 1720 at the age of 28.

Richard probably died young as his name does not appear in his father's will in 1720.



James RATCLIFF was born on 5 May 1693 in Talbot County, Maryland. He died in 1765 at the age of 72 in Talbot County, Maryland.

13 May 1735. James Ratcliff came into court to have the following deed enrolled.
18 Mar 1734. John Ratcliff, planter, and Sarah his wife, to James Ratcliff, planter. For £40. All that part of land called "Jacob & John's Pasture" bequeathed by his father, Richard Ratcliff, deceased. Lying next to Thomas Eubanks. Moiety laid out for 85 acres. Signed by John Ratcliff and Sarah Ratcliff. Wit: P. Benson and N. Benson. The deed was acknowledged by John and Sarah relinquished dower on the same day. Liber 14, p.77

25d, 10m, 1734: James Ratcliff informs this meeting that John Ratcliff and John Fellows intends to remove themselves and families to some part of the government of Carolina and desires a few lines by way of certificate. This meeting appoints Thomas Atkinson and James Ratcliff into these conversations and arcienstandes (?circumstances?) so that care may be taken that they leave our parts in honor and provide a certificate against our next monthly meeting for approbation and signing. (There was no indication for the next 4 meetings that this was done.) (Vol 1, p. 469)

Presumably James Jr. was his son, since James & John inherited Jacob & John's Pasture and John is not known to have a son named James.
8 Jan 1755. Edward Eubanks, planter, and Elizabeth Eubanks [probably not his wife, perhaps his mother or sister] sold to James Ratcliff Jr. for £35, part of the tract called "Jacob & John's Pasture" lying near the head of a branch of St Michael's River called the Eastern Branch, containing 50 acres. Signed: Edward Eubanks, Elizabeth (x) Eubanks. Wit: J.Goldborough, W. Thomas. Acknowledged by Edward Eubanks and Elizabeth Eubanks [not a dower release]

James died 1765, 8m, 8d. He married at the Third Haven MM, 1720, 11m 12d, to Sarah Warner, dau of William & Magdalene (Gary) Warner.

Probably a son of James:

9 Mar 1767. William Radcliffe, planter, and Sarah his wife, sold to William Marsh Catrup [?] for £4, part of a tract called Jacob & John's Pasture. Begin one of the original boundaries of the tract on the East side of the Court Road; by a great marsh; original line to the main road; along the main or public road, three acres of land with all buildings, etc. Signed: Wm Radcliffe. Sarah Radcliffe.
Wit: Edward Oldham, Risdn. Bozman. Acknowledged by William and Sarah released her dower rights on the same day.
9 Feb 1768. William Radcliffe Deed of Mortgage to Stephen Garey Warner. For £74, 6sh. Three Negro slaves, woman named Priscilla, boy named Paris, and girl named Esther. To pay by 10 Jan 1770. Signed by William Radcliffe. Wit: Robt. Goldborough
26 Jun 1770. Stephen Garey Warner brought in to be recorded the following:
Dated 12 Jun 1770. William Radcliffe Deed of Mortgage. He is indebted to Stephen Garey Warner in the sum of £339, 1sh, 3p. Interest in the moiety of a tract called Jacob & John's Pasture, being that part that Richard Carter, merchant, deceased, had purchased from John Newman and Joan his wife, laid out for John Newman and Jacob Abraham and divided between John Newman and Thomas Eubanks. Lying next to Thomas Eubanks, by a valley on the Mill Branch. Originally 170 acres. To pay by 12 Jun 1772. Signed: William Radcliffe.
Wit: M. Tilghman, James Dickenson. Acknowledged by William Radcliffe the same day.

In 1775, Joseph Ratcliff, eldest son of John & Sarah, released all right and title to the Jacob & John pasture tract to William Marsh Catrup, breaking his right of entail, part of the tract being originally left to his father and his heirs forever. However, Joseph's father had previously sold all his share to his brother James, making me think the above William was indeed a son of James.

However, this was not the end of the story concerning the tract known as Jacob & John's Pasture.
Folio 24, p.234-235
18 Jan 1791.  James Ratcliff Junr, Joiner, of Talbot Co to William Marsh Catrop of Talbot Co, farmer, for 100 #’s all that part of a tract of land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture.  50 acres.   Signed: James Ratcliff.  Wit:  David Kerr, Wm. Dawson
4 Mar 1791   Richard Ratcliffe to Robert Sharp Harwood, for 5 sh. Part of a tract called Jacobs and Johns Pasture which descended to him from his great-grandfather Richard Ratcliffe, containing 120 acres.  Signed: Richard Ratcliffe.  Wit:  James Neighbors, James Faulkner
5 Mar 1791  Robert Sharp Harwood to Richard Ratcliffe, for 5 sh. The same 120 acres.  Signed:  Robert Sharp Harwood
p. 636-638
16 Apr 1792   John Ratcliff of Dorchester Co, Maryland, house carpenter, son of Stephen, to William Marsh Catrup of Talbot Co.  For18 #’s.   His undivided interest in a tract called Jacobs and Johns pasture, whatever quantity of land and all right,title, and interest.  Signed:  John Ratcliff.  Wit: J. Goldsborough.  Fanny Ratcliff, wife of John, examined and did willingly consent.
16 Apr 1792   Thomas Ratcliff of Dorchester Co, Farmer, son of Peter, to William Marsh Catrup of Talbot Co, gentleman.   For 13#’s,10 sh.  All his interest in the undivided land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture. Signed:  Thomas (X) Ratcliff   Wit: J. Goldsborough.   Thomas Ratcliff acknowledged.
20 Jul 1792  Deed brought to court.  On 26 Jun 1792, James Ratcliffe of Queen Anne Co, joiner, and Mary his wife, sold to John Daugherty for 16#’s, all their interest in a tract of land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture, estimated at 6 acres. Signed:  James Ratcliff, Mary (X)Ratcliff.   Wit:  David Kerr, W. Dawson.   26 Jun 1792, James & Mary acknowledge;Mary examined and consented.









Jane RATCLIFF was born on 7 March 1698 in Talbot County, Maryland. She died before 1720 at the age of 22.

Jane probably died young. She does appear in her father's will in 1720.



Samuel RATCLIFF was born on 31 March 1700. He died in Carolinas.

4 Mar 1741 John Warren (Warner?) to Samuel Ratcliff for £20. Two parcels of land in Talbot Co MD, on Bullinbrook Creek, which John Hamberston, deceased, bought of Alexander McCotter as by deeds recorded in Talbot Co. Liber 15, p.172 (webpage no longer available)
b: 31 March 1700 Talbot Co., MD.
d: bef. 27 Jan 1778 Craven Co., St. Mark's Parish, SC.
m: ? Talbot Co., MD.
Rachel Warner - widow of Richard Fairbrother and daughter of William Warner
b: c1700
d: bef. 27 Jan 1778 Craven Co., SC.

SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR., "of Duplin Co., NC and early Craven Co., SC.", was likely born 31 Mar 1700 in Talbot Co., MD and the son of RICHARD RATCLIFF the immigrant. The 8 Jan 1720 Will of RICHARD RATCLIFF had left 100 acres of his Talbot Co., Maryland "Jerusalem" to his son SAMUEL RATCLIFF. SAMUEL RATCLIFF had been a Member of the Third Monthly Meeting of Friends until 1741. It is possible that SAMUEL RATCLIFF had moved to North Carolina and received a 200 acre Johnston County grant in 1749.

Records indicate that SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. was in Duplin Co., NC as early as 1756. He obtained three Duplin Co., North Carolina patents on 6 March 1759. North Carolina records indicate the 200 acres between the Northeast and Goshen Swamp called "Jerusalem" was developed by SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. The 100 acres on the north side of Goshen Swamp called "Ratcliff's Chance" was developed by SAMUEL RATCLIFF JR. and the 100 acres on Panther Branch of the Northeast called "Ratcliff's Venture" was developed by JAMES RATCLIFF. Records indicate they developed their Duplin Co., NC plantations and made improvements.

By 1764, this SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. family had removed to early Craven Co., SC. where they settled about Lynches Creek in that area which was later Sumter Co., SC. (see map) It was in 1766 that South Carolina records first designate SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR., to distinguish from that of Samuel Ratclff Jr.

Research indicates the Ratcliffs had moved to South Carolina at about the same time as that of William & Jean Bell Byrd, who were close neighbors in both North and South Carolina. RICHARD RATCLIFF had purchased 100 acres of Duplin Co., NC (later Sampson Co) land from William & Jean Bell Byrd in 1758. This North Carolina "Six Runs Swamp" land had also neighbored the King Family and Moses Daniel. It is also interesting to note that after the death of JAMES RATCLIFF's first wife, he had married Prudence Mixon, the widow of Moses Daniel.

South Carolina research shows that RICHARD RATCLIFF owned land on Lynches Creek in 1765 neighboring that of JAMES RATCLIFF. The Ratcliff family had many interactions with the King, Byrd & Bell families in both North and South Carolina. The records of Sumter County, SC show that William Byrd had died before 1777. John King had administered the 1782 SC Estate of SAMUEL RATCLIFF.

SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR., SAMUEL RATCLIFF JR., JAMES RATCLIFF and RICHARD RATCLIFF are all documented in early Craven County, South Carolina before 1769. They lived on the west side of Lynches Creek in that area which was later Sumter County and cut into the formation of present day Lee County, SC. Research also indicates that SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. had at least two daughters. The first daughter, who had passed away by c1756, had married Jethro Butler. The second daughter RACHEL RATCLIFF had first married James? Goodson, and after his death she married her deceased sister's widower Jethro Butler. RACHEL RATCLIFF GOODSON had land on Lynches Creek next door to her father SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. in South Carolina. Many old family letters also confirm the relationships.

The 29 Jul 1772 St. Mark's Parish, Craven Co., Camden Dist., S.C. (1774-9; pg. 582) Will of SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. <wills.htm> mentions "wife" and names grandsons SAMUEL BUTLER and JOHN BUTLER. The house and 100 acres of land on Lynches Creek were given his "wife" for her lifetime and then to grandson SAMUEL BUTLER. SAMUEL BUTLER sold this property on 27 Jul 1778, so evidently both his Ratcliff grandparents were deceased by this date.

Based on the fact that SAMUEL RATCLIFFJR., JAMES RATCLIFF and RICHARD RATCLIFF owned and developed land in Duplin Co NC in the 1750s time period and were established in early Craven Co., SC. in the 1760s, they were likely born during the 1720-1730 time period. Based on the time frame of their births and the fact that SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. had grown adult BUTLER grandchildren by the date of his 1772 Will, he was likely the SAMUEL RATCLIFF SR. b: 31 March 1700 in Talbot County, Maryland.

[It is vital to note that while these Ratcliffs were residing in Duplin Co NC and then later in Craven Co SC., there were other SAMUEL RATCLIFFs residing geographically elsewhere during the same time period. For example, there was a SAMUEL RATCLIFF family in Anson Co., NC.]



Alice RATCLIFF was born in 1702. She died about 1790 at the age of 88 in Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina.

Alice probably married John Kennedy and moved to Craven Co, NC, 1734. However she is also suggested as wife of John Fellows. John's wife is recorded as Phebe in several deeds that overlap the time period when the Kennedy's left Maryland.



Mary RATCLIFF was born about 1704. She died in Dobbs County, North Carolina.

Mary probably married John Fellows - but Alice is also suggested as John's wife. The Inventory of Richard Ratcliff's estate, 17 Jul 1721 lists next of kin as John Fellows and John Kennedy, indicating likely two of Richard's daughters married these men. Alice may have been the wife of John Kennedy.