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Third Generation

14. JOHN RATCLIFF1,3 was born on 15 September 1694 in St Michael's, Talbot County, Maryland. He died in December 1771 at the age of 77 in Dobbs County, North Carolina.

John and Sarah were married at the Third Haven Monthly Meeting, Talbot Co MD. They declared their intention to marry for the first time:
"At our monthly meeting at the head of Third Haven Creek, also called Tread Avon Creek, the 30th day of the 7th month 1719, John Ratcliff and Sarah Fellows appeared in this meeting and declared their intentions of marriage the first time." Peter Harwood & Thomas Atkinson were to inquire into his clearness.
At the quarterly meeting on the 28th and 29th of the 8th month, 1719, they declared intentions for the second time. They had consent of their parents and nothing appeared to obstruct the marriage. They were married at the monthly meeting at the house of John Stevens on Dividing Creek, the 26th of the 9th month [November], 1719. His brother William was married on the same day to Mary Fellows, Sarah's sister.

John and Sarah had at least six children - birth order is unknown. There is scant proof for their children other than proximity of residence and records.

Sarah received 100 acres from her father's estate, Robert Fellows of Talbot Co, called "Goughton", 7 Jul 1720. Mistakenly called 120 acres in the Radcliff book.
John received one half of the 170 acre tract called "Jacob & John's Pasture" in his father will, dated 1720. [85 acres]
They owned other lands as evidenced by deeds of sale - 109 acres called "Radcliffe's Choice" and the "Galloway Grant"

Talbot Co MD Deeds, Folio 12, p.404
Robert and John Fellow for brotherly love to our beloved sister Sarah Fellow, now Sarah Ratcliffe, 100 acres, part of a tract called Goughton, originally surveyed for Robert Gough, deceased, and purchased of William Gough by Robert Fellow late of Talbot. Between branches of Tredhaven Creek and branch of Kings Creek called Galloway Branch.  7 Jul 1720.   Signed: Robert (R) Fellow, John (I) Fellow. Wit:  Dens. Hopkins, Wm Ratcliff.    Robert & John acknowledged in open court.

1725, 11m, 29d. Reported to the meeting that John Hubanks [Eubanks] and Mabel his wife are both departed this life, leaving two small children. Their grandfather, Thomas Hubanks, Gentleman, is willing that they be bound to John Ratcliff

18 Mar 1734. John Ratcliff, planter, and Sarah his wife, to James Ratcliff, planter. For £40. All that part of land called "Jacob & John's Pasture" bequeathed by his father, Richard Ratcliff, deceased. Lying next to Thomas Eubanks. Moiety laid out for 85 acres. Signed by John Ratcliff and Sarah Ratcliff. Wit: P. Benson and N. Benson. The deed was acknowledged by John and Sarah relinquished dower on the same day. Liber 14, p.77
13 May 1735. James Ratcliff came into court to have the deed enrolled.

1734, 10th m, 25th & 26th days. Monthly meeting at the head of Tread Avon Creek. James Ratcliff informed the meeting that his brother John Ratcliff and John Fellows intent to remove their families to some part of Carolina and desire a certificate. Thomas Atkinson & James Ratcliff were proved to take care that they leave on our part in honor and to provide a certificate.

16 May 1735. Edward Harding came to have this deed enrolled.
2 May 1735. John Ratcliff and Sarah his wife to Edward Harding, Junr, planter. For £20. Parcel called "Ratcliff's Choice" lying next to a parcel called Bedworth in the possession of William Shield. Standing on the East side of a branch of Kings Creek called Wooden Hawks Branch. 109 acres. Signed: John Ratcliff, Sarah (S) Ratcliff.
Wit: Dennis Hopkins, Robt Lowry. On the same day the deed was acknowledge by John and Sarah relinquished dower rights. Liber 14, p.80

The Radcliff Book has that John, Sarah & Joseph sold the 100 acres called "Goughton" in 1737, to Gabriel Horoson and references Liber 19, p. 8-10. However the date on that deed was 1759, the sale was to Gabriel Ferson and was 100 acres called the "Galloway Grant" and was next to "Goughton".

13 Oct 1738. John Ratcliff entered 100 acres in Craven Co, NC at the juncture of the Neuse River and Lower Falling Creek.

20 Feb 1739/40, John Ratcliff petitioned the Newton Council for a warrant for 300 acres in Craven Co. Apparently his petition was denied.

12 Mar 1745/6. John petitioned the Council at Bath Town, NC for a warrant of 50 acres in Craven Co.

18 Mar 1745/6. John bought 400 acres in Craven Co from his brother-in-law Robert Fellows. This land described as being on the north side of the Neuse River and the east side of Lower Falling Creek and included part of Tom's Pocosin, a swamp. This land is recorded as "Ratcliff's Chance", but it could also have been "Rathcliff's Choice" as his land was named in Maryland.

Craven Co NC. had been formed 1712. Johnston County was formed out of Craven in 1746. Dobbs County was then formed from Johnston County in 1758 - and in 1791, Dobbs became Glasgow and Lenoir Counties. So the Ratcliff records are found in all these locations.

John was likely a charter member of the Lower Falling Creek Monthly Meeting, Society of Friends, organized in 1748. The Society often met in his home.

6 Apr 1750. John Ratcliff petitioned at New Bern for a warrant of 250 acres in Johnston Co. It was granted 10 Jul 1750. It was part of a survey for John Fellows, his brother-in-law.

As John Ratcliff Sr. he sold part of his lands to sons Joseph and John Jr., circa 1754.

John had not sold all of his property in Maryland:
20 Nov 1759. John Ratcliff of Dobbs County, province of NC, planter, and Sarah Ratcliff his wife, and Joseph Radcliff oldest son and heir at law sold to Gabriel Ferson, taylor [tailor], for 50 pistoles, all that tract of land between the branches of Tread Haven Creek and Spring Creek called the "Galloway Grant". Begin at a line of the whole tract called "Goughton", by the part purchased of Wm Gough, adjacent tract called Armstrongs Marsh. Containing 100 acres. Signed by John Goldsborough by virture of a letter of Power of Attorney.
Wit: James Lloyd, Trisn. Thomas
11 Dec 1759 Acknowledged by Goldsborough. Power of Attorney dated 20 Nov 1759. Sarah Ratcliff had relinquished her dower rights in Dobbs Co NC on 20 Nov 1759. Liber 9, p.8-9.
The Power of Attorney from Dobb County is recorded Liber 9, p.10. Signatures of John Ratcliff, Sarah Ratcliff, and Joseph Radcliff. Witnessed by James Adams, Charles Young, and Grave Young. James Adams attested to the signatures in Talbot Co MD. 11 Dec 1759.
The Radcliff book mistakenly interpreted the above deed as a sale to John Goldsborough.

10 May 1760, John was granted 140 acres, now in Dobbs Co, NC.

In 1760, the Quaker evangelist, Daniel Stanton visited the home of John Ratcliff - Moses [probably John's son] brought Stanton there.

27 Apr 1767, John Ratcliff was granted 90 acres in Dobbs Co.

John Ratcliff died intestate and letters were issued by the Secretary of State [NC] for distribution of his estate at the Jan 1772 session of court, Dobbs County.
Thomas Cox was appointed overseer of the Lower Falling Creek Meeting "in the room of John Ratcliff, deceased". Joseph Ratcliff, shoemaker, received letters of administration from the Dobbs Co Court and was authorized to sell the property of John and Sarah Ratcliff on 24 Apr 1775. The lands were sold in 1777 to John Kennedy [my research does not show that all lands were sold to such a person]. John Ratcliffe apparently also left personal estate of £500.

Folio 20, p.425-426
3 Jan 1775.  William Marsh Catrup brought to court the following Deed.  3 Jan 1775. Joseph Ratcliff of Talbot Co, shoemaker, to William March Catrup of Queen Anne’s County.   The father of said Joseph was seized in part of a tract of land called Jacob and John Pasture in Talbot Co and conveyed the same to James Ratcliff his brother.   The said father is dead and Joseph is heir at law.  Joseph has conveyed said land to said Catrup.  Now confirms in fee simple for 5 sh and other valuable consideration.   Signed:  Joseph Ratcliff

The tract called Jacob & John's Pasture also figures in these deeds down to the 4th generation. The above Joseph, shoemaker, and son of John Ratcliff, seems to have relinquished all title. The following deeds may be heirs of John's brother James:

Folio 24, p.234-235
18 Jan 1791.  James Ratcliff Junr, Joiner, of Talbot Co to William Marsh Catrop of Talbot Co, farmer, for 100 #’s all that part of a tract of land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture.  50 acres.   Signed: James Ratcliff.  Wit:  David Kerr, Wm. Dawson
4 Mar 1791   Richard Ratcliffe to Robert Sharp Harwood, for 5 sh. Part of a tract called Jacobs and Johns Pasture which descended to him from his great-grandfather Richard Ratcliffe, containing 120 acres.  Signed: Richard Ratcliffe.  Wit:  James Neighbors, James Faulkner
5 Mar 1791  Robert Sharp Harwood to Richard Ratcliffe, for 5 sh. The same 120 acres.  Signed:  Robert Sharp Harwood
p. 636-638
16 Apr 1792   John Ratcliff of Dorchester Co, Maryland, house carpenter, son of Stephen, to William Marsh Catrup of Talbot Co.  For18 #’s.   His undivided interest in a tract called Jacobs and Johns pasture, whatever quantity of land and all right,title, and interest.  Signed:  John Ratcliff.  Wit: J. Goldsborough.  Fanny Ratcliff, wife of John, examined and did willingly consent.
16 Apr 1792   Thomas Ratcliff of Dorchester Co, Farmer, son of Peter, to William Marsh Catrup of Talbot Co, gentleman.   For 13#’s,10 sh.  All his interest in the undivided land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture. Signed:  Thomas (X) Ratcliff   Wit: J. Goldsborough.   Thomas Ratcliff acknowledged.
20 Jul 1792  Deed brought to court.  On 26 Jun 1792, James Ratcliffe of Queen Anne Co, joiner, and Mary his wife, sold to John Daugherty for 16#’s, all their interest in a tract of land called Jacobs and Johns Pasture, estimated at 6 acres. Signed:  James Ratcliff, Mary (X)Ratcliff.   Wit:  David Kerr, W. Dawson.   26 Jun 1792, James & Mary acknowledge;Mary examined and consented.

JOHN RATCLIFF and SARAH FELLOW were married in 1719 in Talbot County, Maryland. SARAH FELLOW1, daughter of Robert FELLOW and Sarah LITTLEBOY, was born in Talbot County, Maryland.

7 Jul 1720, Sarah Ratcliff received a 120 [it was 100, see later] acres tract of land "Goughton" from her deceased father's estate, Robert Fellows of Talbot Co MD. Her brothers Robert & John Fellows were administrators of the estate.

Robert & John Fellows, for brotherly love and affection to our beloved sister, Sarah Fellows, now Sarah Ratcliff, parcel of 100 acres, called "Goughton" originally surveyed for Robert Gough of Talbot County, deceased, and purchased of William Gough by Robert Fellows. Between Tred Haven Creek and a branch of King's Creek called Calloways Branch. One of the boundaries was land called "Armstrongs Marsh". Dated 7 Jul 1720. Robert & John Fellows signed with their marks. Wit: Dens. Hopkins and Wm Ratcliff. Robert & John acknowledged the deed in court, 7 Jul 1720. Liber 12, p.404.

Sarah's sister Mary, married another Ratcliff - William - brother of Sarah's husband John.
The parents of Sarah, Mary, Robert, and John, were Robert Fellow, b. about 1665, died before Jul of 1720, thought to have married married Sarah Littlebor, 19 oct 1690, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

More information about the Fellow/Fellows family:

Before Dec 1697, the family had immigrated to Talbot Co, MC. The eldest son, Robert, was likely born in England; the rest in Maryland.

In Sep 1697, Robert Felowes, joiner, was guardian of William Anderson, Talbot Co MD.

Deeds from Talbot Co, MD include:

Folio 9, p.174-175
10 Jun 1703   Dan’l Sherwood and wife to Robert Fellow, all of Talbot Co, for 16,000 #’s tobacco,  tracts known by the name of Burshley & Thief keep out, on the North side of Cl\hoptank River; creek called the Second Creek.   [irregular metes & bounds]  100 acres. Thief keep out begins lower down the creek – also 100 acres   Signed: Dan Sherwood, Mary Sherwood. Names of witness very faint but seems to be Wm (WW) Webb and Jon. (I) ???Junr
Folio 9, p.375-376
16 Nov 1705   Hugh Gorman, planter, and Judith his wife to Robt Fellows, carpenter.  For 100#’s of tobacco paid and 400 #’s tobacco or four barrels of Indian corn to be paid yearly during the natural life of Judith Gorman, wife of Hugh Gorman. Payments to begin 10 Nov 1710 if said Judith do long live.  Two tracts of land known and called by the names of BattellField and Prices Neck on the north side of the Choptank River and West of the Second Creek, excepting a plantation and 50 acres of land adjoining for their own use during the life of the said Judith Gorman.  Signed: Hugh Gorman, Judith (O) Gorman. Wit:  Danl. Sherwood, Jno (+)Gordin.  Reg. 20 Nov 1705.
Why was Robert Fellows making these arrangements to take care of Judith Gorman – is there a relationship to the Gorman family? Could Judith be a remarried mother-in-law?

Folio 12, p.71-73
5 February 1711   John Gough, planter, to Robert Fellow, carpenter, both of Talbot Co.  For 10,600 #’s of tobacco, a tract of 170 acres, part of land formerly surveyed for Thomas Smithson know by the name of Neil Roads Second Addition between branches of King’s Creek and St. Wensors River.  Begin at white oak at head of Galloway branch, lines of Galloway, the main road, land Thomas Smithson formerly sold to William ?Begisters, bounded by the Begisters land and by Galloway.  170 acres of land,   Signed: John Gough.  Wit:  Tho. Reems, John Bullen

Folio 12, p.166-167
16 Mar 1713   William Gough, gentlm, to Robert Fellow, carpenter. For sum of 3,500 #’s good tobacco, all the tract of land called Goughsten, in Talbot County between the branches of Tredhaven and a branch of Kings Creek called Galloway branch. Begin Galloway’s line; land now in possession of said Robert Fellow, and adjoining; to Neil Roads Second Addition and Galloway; remaining part of Goughsten.  94 acres.    Signed: William Gough.  Wit:  Richard Cooper, Wm (W) Dodson, Jonathan Taylor.  Acknowledge by William Gough, 17 Mar 1713.

Folio 12, p.227-229
3 Dec 1715   William Gough, cordwainer, to Robert Fellow, carpenter. For 6,000#’s tobacco, all that tract called Goughton, the other part purchased before by sd Robert Fellow. Between the branches of Treadhaven and a branch of Kings Creek called Galloway Branch.  Land of Robert Gough formerly called Armstrongs; dividing line of William Gough and Robert Fellow.  106 acres.  Signed: Will. Gough.  Wit:  Thos. Emerson, W. Clayton, Junr.  Acknowledged same day.  Memorandum: William Gough did reserve his mother’s third before signing the deed.
Folio 12, p.230-231
8 Mar 1715    John Reynolds of Kent Co in Pennsylvania to Robert Fellow of Talbot County, for 8,000 #’s tobacco, a tract called Abraham’s Lott on the North side of the Choptank River on branches of Tredhaven Creek. Lane of William Sharp, the main branch. 200 acres.  Signed:  John [O] Rennals  Wit: Roger [R] Rogester, Thomas [T]Smith.  Acknowledged same day.
Folio 12, p.232-233
6 Mar 1715    Robert Fellow and Sarah his wife to Robert Dawson, all of Talbot County, MD.  For 20,000 #’s tobacco,  the tracts of land known as Birchley and Thief Keep Out; Choptank River and west side of Second Creek.  Signed:  Robert Fellow, Sarah (~)Fellow.  Wit: Robt. Goldeborough, John Botfield.  26 Mar 1715, Robert Fellow acknowledge; Sarah was examined as the law directs.

JOHN RATCLIFF and SARAH FELLOW had the following children:



Joseph RATCLIFF was born about 1720 in Talbot County, Maryland. He died before 1790 at the age of 70 in Dobbs County, North Carolina.

Deed record and power of attorney of 20 Nov 1759 from Dobbs Co NC, describe Joseph as the "oldest son & heir" of John Ratcliff.

Joseph either never left Maryland or returned, or his residence is wrong according to the following. The deed seems to be just a formality to clear title to the tract called "Jacob & John's Pasture".
3 Jan 1775. William Marsh Catrup brought the following to be enrolled in the deed book of Talbot Co MD.
Deed dated 3 Jan 1775. Between Joseph Ratcliff, shoemaker, of Talbot County and William Marsh Catrup of Queen Anne's Co. The father of Joseph was seized of part of a tract of land called "Jacob and John's Pasture" in Talbot County and conveyed it to James Ratcliff, his brother. Joseph's father is now dead and Joseph is issue entailed by law. Joseph has sold his share to William Marsh Catrup and desires to break the entail by this instrument. Conveys by the sum of 5sh. Signed by Joseph Ratcliff.
Wit: Thomas Brasscup, John Siddle, Elijah Duling, Joseph (x) Duling. Liber 20, p.425-426

Joseph's wife is unknown. He had sons Isaiah, Richard, Samuel, and Lewis.

The Richard Ratcliff manuscript has these children, adding a son William:
Children of (1J3A) Joseph Ratcliff and his wife, Dobbs Co., N. C.:
(1J3A1) Isaiah Ratcliff, b. Johnston Co., N. C., 24 April 1750.
(1J3A2) William Ratciff, b. Johnston Co., ca. 1752.
(1J3A4) Richard Ratcliff, b. Johnston Co., ca. 1755.
(1J3A5) Samuel Ratcliff, b. Johnston Co., ca. l757.
(1J3A6) Lewis Ratcliff, b. DobbsCo., ca. l760.

The Tax List of l769, Dobbs Co., gives the names of Joseph and sons: Isaiah, William and a John Young, possibly an overseer.

Only fragments of the Lower Falling Creek Quaker meeting near Kinston, Dobbs Co, do not mention Joseph. He may have been disowned.












Benjamin RATCLIFF.



William RATCLIFF was born about 1730 in Talbot County, Maryland.

William Ratcliff appears on the Dobbs Co NC Tax List of 1769.