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Sixth Generation

66. Sarah RATCLIFF4 was born on 15 December 1786 in Chatham County, North Carolina. She died on 27 October 1836 at the age of 49 in New Vienna, Highland County, Ohio.

Sarah married John Smith, 29 Nov 1812, Highland Co, Ohio. After her death, John married Dorcas Ratcliff, 25 Dec 1845, Newberry Monthly Meeting, Martinsville, Clinton Co, Ohio. Dorcas was Sarah's first cousin, the daughter of Abner & Sarah (Cashatt) Ratcliff.

Sarah is buried Fetterling Cemetery, near New Vienna, Highland Co, OH.

Children were Hannah, Rachel, Levina (or Sinea), Sarah, Margaret, Elizabeth, John R., and William Smith.

Sarah RATCLIFF and John Thompson SMITH were married on 19 November 1812 in Highland County, Ohio. John Thompson SMITH, son of William SMITH and Margaret [SMITH], was born on 8 November 1792 in North Carolina. He died on 27 March 1860 at the age of 67 in Clinton County, Ohio.

Sarah RATCLIFF and John Thompson SMITH had the following children:



Hannah SMITH was born on 24 February 1814 in Clinton County, Ohio. She died on 1 June 1876 at the age of 62 in Howard County, Indiana.



Rachel SMITH was born on 9 May 1815 in Ohio. She died on 26 February 1893 at the age of 77 in Redwood Falls, Redwood County, Minnesota.



Levina SMITH was born on 16 October 1816 in Highland County, Ohio. She died in July 1886 at the age of 69.



Sina SMITH was born on 29 September 1818 in Clinton County, Ohio. She died on 24 August 1901 at the age of 82 in Alamosa County, Colorado. She was buried in Speiser Cemetery, Alamosa County, Colorado.

1850 Census. Clark Twp, Clinton, Ohio, Hh 865
William Hockett, 33, Carpenter, b. Ohio
Sinai, 21, b. Ohio [error - she was a year younger than William]
Asa, 10, b. Ohio

1860 Census. Clark Twp, Clinton, Ohio
William Hockett, 43, Farmer
Sina, 42
Asa, 20

1870 Census. Clark Twp, Clinton, Ohio, Hh 362
Shown as living in the same household with Anna & Sampson Wright, but I suspect that was an error and they just forget to number...
William Hockett, 51, farmer, b. Ohio
"Vina", age 49, b. Ohio
Asa, wife and four children named as those in Sina's letter below, were living in Highland Co, Ohio. Asa's wife on FindAGrace is said to be Anna Barrett and they are living next door to a Barrett family.

1880 Census. Guilford, Hendricks, IN, Hh 173
Asa Hockett, age 40, farmer
Annie, 42, wife
Emma, 17, daughter
Alvin 16, son
Alma 12, daughter
Sina, 9, daughter
Levi, 7, son, b. in Indiana
Sina, age 61, mother

1900 Census. Hooper Precinct, Costilla Co, Colorado, Hh 96
Asa Hockett. b. Dec 1839, age 60, married for 39 years, b. Ohio
Annie B., wife, b. Aug 1836, age 63, 6 children - 4 are living, b. Ohio
Hh 97
Sina Hockett, b. Sep 1818, age 81, widow, b. Ohio

Sina is buried Speiser Cemetery, Alamosa Co, Colorado.

Find A Grave Memorial# 13138440
A letter from Sina to her Uncle Seth and Aunt Polly Smith and written from Graham in Nodaway Co, Missouri on May 30th, 1883, tells much about her story and her family.
Dear Uncle and Aunt, I take this oppertunity to pen you a few lines to let you know how we are gitting a long. We are all well. We live inn Missouri, Nodaway County. I live with Asa. William [Hockett] isn't a living, he past a way three years a goe last February the 21. I haven't heard from you for along time I under stand that Aaron isant a living we moved from Ohio too Ind. Plainfield when he died then I went too live with Asa and his family and one year agoe last spring tha took a notion to move hear and Asa the only child that I had, I had to come too. I had none of my relations ther but William Smith and family tha live inn Moorsville, Morgan County, Ind. I suppose you hear from Ohio; All of my sisters are living but Sarah Pike and Hannah Hopkins John isant a living. Isom Hopkins isant living he died after Hannah died. Mary Ann Smith is living with her olds daughter Carry Green at the ould home sted. hour stept mother isant a living. Ephraim Smith, he lives at nits town, Henry County, Ind. We resceaved a letter from William Smith a few days a goe tha wer all well the too boys has had the measels but is about well now tha recieved a letter from Ephraim Smith tha wer all well.
Well how menny Children have you got and are tha all Married and doing for there selves and what are there names I have for got everone of ther names and wher doe tha live and wher is Uncle William Smith Children. I want thee to weight mee a letter and tell mee all about where tha all live we live here wher all is strangers too us and I feel so lonely.
I would be glad to hear from you. I saw advertisement inn a paper by the name of Carey Smith living inn Iowa Citty. Is it Uncle Williams Cary. Asa has bought him a farm with one hundred and sixty acres inn it and five inn nother place with timber onn it he has a good farm and doing well sofar I have plenty to keep mee as long as i live and I am so thankfull that I have so that I never may become burdensom to ennyboddy Asa is good and kind to mee as enny child can be.
I would be so glad to see thee and aunt we live about foreteen mils from Maryville and how menny Mils doe you live from Ioway line and what part doe you live inn I meen the line between Missouri and ioway, it is five miles from her to Mateland wher the Railroad Station is Livina and James Moon lives in Minnesota and all of there Children tha live near Redwood Falls, Minnesota. that is there post offes if thee was to wright to her it would pleas her verry much. Rachel lives inn Westborow, Ohio, Margaret lives wher she did when thee was out there. John Smith brought that farm onn the other side of the road from wher father lived and he bought fathers farm too if the[e] Remembers the place wher there was pine trees set out inn front of the house; he left plenty for all off his children and Mary Ann to; tha had one boy and too girls, Asa has five children living. I will send there names Emma, Alvin, Alma, Lina, Levi he is the baby 10 years old. Well I will have to draw this scribling to a Close I am a fraid you cant read this if you cant come over and I will tell it to you I am a verry poore hand to spell and to wright but I wanted to hear from you so verry much I was bound to try and see if I could git answer. now wright soon to your well whishing niece.
Sina Hockett

Since Sina died in Colorado, they must not have settled too long in Missouri. The letter does raise a question or two. Her son Asa, is shown as buried back in Hendricks Co IN, in the cemetery where his father is buried. The stone is pictured and looks to be from about the time he died in 1919. His wife, Anna Barrett had died in Colorado in 1900 - about the same time as Sina. This brings on another more serious problem - the wife and children which are listed in the above letter, are not the ones provided in the family tree for my autosomal match - I have since proved conclusively that the tree of the match is simply wrong and that cannot be where our families join.



Sarah SMITH was born on 9 April 1820 in Ohio.



Margaret SMITH was born on 7 December 1821 in Ohio. She died on 3 March 1889 at the age of 67 in Brown County, Ohio.



Elizabeth SMITH was born on 31 May 1824 in Clark Township, Clinton County, Ohio. She died on 4 September 1905 at the age of 81 in Martinsville, Clinton County, Ohio.



John Ratcliff SMITH was born on 13 June 1826 in Clinton County, Ohio. He died on 20 September 1878 at the age of 52 in Clinton County, Ohio.



William Ratcliff SMITH was born on 28 March 1829 in Clinton County, Ohio.