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Fifth Generation

20. William PRICE30,38,41,42,43,44 was born on 3 September 1730 in Henrico County, Virginia.45 He died in 1815 at the age of 85 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.35

Goochland DB 6, p.32 23 Sep 1749 John Price for love & affection to my son William Price after my decease. Tract whereon I now live ...330 acres, slaves Isam, Jack, Nan. After decease of my loving wife Hannah Price to sd son William a Negro man Job and Woman, Jenny, Woman Moll, Girl Edom. Signed: John (X) Price
Witness: Wm Street, Robt Willis Junr, Ellender Willis.
Also 2 feather beds, 3 iron pot, dishes, etc. Rec. 21 Nov 1749

Goochland DB 7; p.31 5 Jul 1755. Wm Price & Susanna his wife to John Bibb. 30£ 71 acres being part of tract by deed from John Price to his son William Price. Robt Willis's; Watson's tract; line of the sd John Bibbs. Signed: William Price, Susanna (X) Price. Wit: John Hughes, William Barnett, Richd Barnett
Susannah relinquished. 16 Sep 1755

In 1757, William and Susannah of Goochland bought 186 acres in Goochland from Samuel & Elizabeth Shepherd of Henrico Co. The land was bounding on John Watson, Richard Loving, Samuel Ligon and William Wade. Wit: Robert Willis, Leonard Henley and John Crow. [Goochland DB 7, p.151. William Price and Elizabeth Shepherd were brother and sister.] In 1769, William & Susannah Price sold this same 186 acres to John Williamson.

Henrico Co VA Deed Book 1767-1774, p.211
27 Nov 1769 Samuel Liggon of Henrico to John Williams of Goochland for £60, 200 acres adj William Wade, David Gwine, William Harlow, Richard Loving, and William Price. Wit: Pleasant Willis, William Price, William (X) Liggon. Signed: Samuel (x) Liggon. Rec.7 May 1770.

On 22 Aug 1776 William Price purchased land from Mark Harden in Pittsylvania Co VA. They did not go there to live at that time, but were apparently in Louisa Co.

VA Land Patent, Grants A, p.200 27 Jan 1779. William Price, Louisa Co. 110 acres on branches of Fork Creek.

Goochland DB 13
p.86 19 Aug 1780 William Price & Susanna his wife to Matthew Vaughan. 2800£. In fee simple, 400 acres whereon the said Price and his wife now live. Bounded by Pleasant Miller, Daniel Wade, said Prices. Stephen Giles Letchers line; Joseph Watsons line; Loving's fence, his line; John Williams spring branch; Signed: William Price, Susanna (+) Price. Wit: Shipply Broaddus, John Pryor, George (+) Hancock.
20 Nov 1780. Proved by oaths of witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. William Price, 600 acres.
In 1783, he is listed as having received 1250 acres from Charles Burton. He also sold 100 acres to John Prewatt. In 1784 he sold 500 acres to Joseph Tomberlin.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.201 15 Jan 1784 Charles Burton of Pittsy and William Price of Louisa County 1000£ Tract on Dry Fork of Sandy Creek of Dan River. 300 acres. Hughes line, John Tomlins line, Halls line. One other parcel on branches of Sandy River 352 acres. Evens Stokes line, Roberts line, pine in sd Burtons former line near Piggs Road, Billings old line. Another parcel both sides of Sandy Creek of Dan River containing ?600 acres [cut off by edge of page]. Rockey Branch, Hughes & Winbush lines, Quinns line, on the main county Road, Roses line, Stokes line. Signed: Charles Burton
17 Feb 1784 Ack by Charles Burton
[Charles Burton probably a kinsman of Susannah. Did he encourage the Prices to move?]
Unrecorded Deed as listed in the book, LOUISA CO RECORDS YOU PROBABLY NEVER SAW OF 18TH CENTURY VIRGINIA, compiled by John C. Bell, 1983.
p.58/13-14 of original] William Price to John Price 3 Oct 1784. John was son of Wm. Wit: Robt George, Benja. Mosby, Nanthl. Burton, Chas. Burton. Proved by Mosby & Burton, May 1785.

Louisa Co VA Deed Books E & F 1774-1790; Rosalie Edith Davis
p.47; DB E, p. 204 26 Nov 1786 William Price Senr & Susanna his wife of Pittsylvania Co to Benjamin Cranshaw of Louisa for #600. 845 acres Trinity Parish on Pamunka River; Capt Wm Meriwethers corner, Clarks corner, capt Meriwethers to the county line, on the line, Clarks line, Diggs line, Diggs formerly Francis Clarks line, to Joseph Clarks corner. Signed: William Price, Susanna (X) Price
Wit: Wm Price Jr, Susannah Price, Nathl Burton
8 Jan 1787 proved by Nathl Burton. 11 Jun 1787, proved by William Price Jr & Susanna Price
p.98 DB F, p.455 1 May 1789 William Price Senr of Pittsylvania to Wm Price Junr of Trinity Parish, Louisa. Wm. Price Senr & Susannah his wife for #100. 200 acres on Roundabout Crk, Stephen Hunters line, along a new line made by John & William Price to the schoolhouse path & Anderson Parrishes line to Edmond Humphreys to Stephen Hunters line. Signed: William Price. Wit: Athanasius Barnett, Joseph Purkins, John Price. 13 Jul 1789 proved by Purkins. 10 Aug 1789, proved by John Price & affirmed by Atha. Barnett.

On 3 Oct 1784, William Price of the Parish of Trinity, Louisa County gave to his well beloved son John Price and heirs forever half the tract whereon he now lives, being bounded by Anderson Parrishes line, land formerly William Cannon's, Richard Johnson, Garth formerly Stathaams, Stephen Hunter's, Edmund Farr's, William ?Humphrey, Edmund Humphry. The land to be the lower end of the tract. Signed: Wm Price. Wit: Robert George, Benja. Mosby, Nathaniel Burton, Chas. Burton. Clerk's notation: May 1785, ordered to be recorded. [Unrecorded original deed at Louisa Court House.]

By 26 Nov 1786, William Price Sr and wife Susannah were living in Pittsylvania Co. They sold 845 acres in Louisa Co on Pamunkey River in Trinity Parish to Benjamin Crenshaw of Louisa. Adj Capt Merriwether, Smith, Green's formerly Joseph Clark, Digg, and Francis Clark [Pittsylvania DB 4, p.368]

Pittsylvania DB 7
p.523 17 oct 1785 William & Ann Quin to William Price Senr. 100£. Camden Parish, 153 acres. Billing's line. Signed: William (W) Quin, Ann (X) Quin. Wit: William Price Junr, James Robison, John Adams.
17 Oct 1785 Ack & Ann Quin relinquished dower.

Pittsylvania DB 8
?p.142 17 Sep 1787 John Tomblin Senr & Mary his wife and Jasper Tomblin & Ailsey his wife to William Price. Sum of 150£. 270 acres on Sandy Creek of Dan River. Begin North fork of said Sandy in sd Tomlins line, crossing the north fork of the said creek, crossing the South fork.
Signed: John (X)Tomberling, Jasper (X) Tomberling, Ailcey (X) Tomberling.
Wit: John May, Daniel Price, Cutbird Price.
18 Feb 1788 proved by witnesses
15 Jun 1789 Geo. Adams to Wm Price Senr. 40£. Tract in Pittsylvania. S. side Sandy Creek. Thomas Doake's line. 40 acres. Frances Ross purchased of Charles Burton to gether with the land & plantation that said Ross formerly lived on containing in the whole 100 acres. Signed: Geo. Adams
Wit: D. Price, Robert Price, Maraday Price.
20 Apr 1789, proved by oaths of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.36 18 Mar 1791 William Price to William May. For love & Good will to Francis Rose and Mary, do give one certain tract of land. 240 acres in Pittsy. Magruders line, Smiths & Davisons line, along Davisons line & Quinns line to red oak in Adkinsons line, Rosses line. I William Price have freely given the aforesd land to Francis Rosse and Rosse to William Maye. Signed: Wm Price. Teste: Daniel Price, Maraday Price, Cutbird Price
18 Jul 1791 Proved by witnesses & ordered recorded
p.39 5 Mar 1791 Hezekiah Smith to William Price. 20£. Tract on Sandy Creek 40 acres. Evans Stokes' line; Burtons former line; down the branch as it meanders to Sandy Crk then down the Crk to Stokes line. Signed: Hezekiah Smith. Wit: Daniel Price, Maraday Price, Cutburd Price. Proved by witnesses on 18 Jul 1791.
p.41 18 Mar 1791 Francis Rose to Robert Price. 50£ pd by William Price. Tract of 112 acres on Waters of Sandy River. Begin Billings line. Francis Rose & Priscilla his wife. Signed: Francis (X) Rose, Priscilla (X) Rose. Wit: Daniel Price, Marady Price, Cutburd Price. Proved by witnesses 18 Jul 1791.

Pittsylvania Co Va DB 11
p.258 9 Apr 1798 William Price and Susanna Price his wife of Pittsylvania to Christopher Roberts. $764. 382 acres. Begin white oak stump on Sandy Creek in Faulkners line, down the branch to Sandy Creek, crossing the Creek Signed: William Price, Susanna (x) Price Wit: Cutbird Price, Washington Thompson, Major Price 16 Apr 798 proved by witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.20 21 Aug 1799 Matthew Clay to George Shelton. 73$. Tract on Sandy Crk branch of Barister River. 73a part of tract sold by Henry Fox & Kitty his wife of Gloucester Co 20 Jun 1799. Singed: M. Clay Wit: David Allin, William Price Junr, William Price Senr, John Price, James (x) Mading 21 Oct 1799 ack by Matthew Clay

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.22 30 Apr 1802 Cuthbert Hudson & Peter Goodwin to George Shelton & William Price. Two acres. 20sh. South side of Piny branch.. Proved by witnesses.
This deed could be William Senr or Junr

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.365 7 Jun 1805 James Fowlkes to William Price. 22£ 16sh. Tract South side Sandy Crk 18 12 acres Begin Price's at a branch, with his line, to Sandy Creek and up the same to the mouth of a Branch. Signed: James Fowlkes, Sally Fowlkes. Wit: Adin Gray, Cutbird Price, Christopher Robertson. 15 Jul 1805 Ack by James & Sally and Sally relinq dower.
This deed could be William Senr or Junr

p.467 26 Nov 1805 William Irby to William Price Senr [Sandy Creek of Sandy River].Lands sold by Tax Collector at Publick Sale, Lewis Tucker. Land bounded by the said William Price, Geo Robertson, James Fowlkes. 91 acres. 20£. Signed: Wm. Irby 16 Dec 1805, ack by William Irby

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.399 31 Jul 1809 William Quinn and Ann his wife to Cutbird Price. 120 #'s. 205 acres. Begin Adkinsons corner, Berry lines, Wilsons lines, Wilsons Spring Branch. Signed: William Quinn, Ann Quinn. Wit: John Conner, Richard G. Keatts, William Price, John Fowlks. 21 Aug 1809, acknowledged. Ann examined privily.
This deed could be William Senr or Junr

William Price's will was dated 4 Dec 1809 and made in Pittsylvania Co. He stated previous gifts to children. Cutbird to receive the land where he was living, 220 acres, and a parcel bounded the the old Path, the Rocky Branch, and Adkinsons line - 40 acres. Son-in-law William McDaniel $1. The rest of the estate for maintenance of wife Susannah Price, to be distributed by her as she wished. Sons Daniel, Maraday, and Major to be Executors. Signed: William Price. Wit: James Matney, Leroy Shelton, Adin Gray and Joseph Talor. Proved 20 Nov 1815.

There were possibly two more daughters but no definite proof is known. A Joyce Price married 14 Feb 1805 William Soyars of Pittsylvania Co VA. Hannah Price said to have been named in a court suit resulting from the indenture of Susannah Price in 1815 - this paper has not been located. Neither of these possible daughters were listed in the family Bible record. I would strongly suspect that these are daughter of a son, quite likely son William.

William PRICE and Susannah BURTON were married on 29 March 1752 in Henrico County, Virginia.41,45 Susannah BURTON35,41,42, daughter of Hutchens BURTON and Susannah ALLEN, was born on 15 January 1738 in Henrico County, Virginia.45 She died after 1815 at the age of 77.

Henrico Deeds 1767-1774
p.262 16 Apr 1771 Susannah Burton to her daughter Susannah Price, for mother-like love, Negro boy Toney. Signed: Susanna (X) Burton. Wit: Leonard Henley, Richard Burton, Richardson Henley. Rec. 4 May 1771.

Susannah made a deed on 18 Sep 1815, quite possibly this was done upon the death of her husband. It was made between Susannah and Daniel Price also of Pittsylvanis and Major Price of Caswell Co, NC. Cites the last will and testament of William Price, dec'd. Susannah had arrived at advanced age and was infirm and she wished to give her children and grandchildren their property. She named the following: William McDaniel, son-in-law; Polly Burton, daughter; Children of Robert Price, son, and released him for any indebtedness to the estate; children of Patsy McDaniel, dec'd daughter; children of Molly McDaniel, dec'd daughter; children of Nancy Stokes, dec'd daughter; John Price, son; Betsy Perkins, daughter; Cutbird Price, son; Major Price, son of Caswell Co NC; Maraday Price, son of Caswell Co NC. Deed signed: Susannah Price, Maradeth Price, Major Price, Daniel Price. Wit: Silvester Stokes, Joseph Taylor, William D. McDaniel, James Layans, W. Beavers, Jeduthan Carter Jr. [Pittsylvania DB 21, p.9]

William PRICE and Susannah BURTON had the following children:



Sarah PRICE35 was born on 8 January 1754.35,45

Sarah married 13 Feb 1773, Walthall Burton, a first cousin, son of William Allen & Mary Walthall Burton. They were living in Chester Co SC in 1784 when Waltall Burton purchased 400 acres from Daniel Price, Sarah's uncle. Walthall Burton sold this land and moved to Stokes Co NC where there is a deed of sale for a slave on 7 Sep 1796.



Susannah PRICE35,46 was born on 26 March 1756.45

There is a marriage of a Susannah Price who married 5 May 1805 in Pittsylvania Co VA to Drury Adkins. John Price was bondsman. William Price, Sr, her father, gave permission.

This is surely a third generation Susannah, not a daughter of William Price & Susannah Burton. It is possible the transcription is in error and her father was William Price, Jr. Or possibly Susannah Price has a brother or younger cousin in the area who was still another William.



Elizabeth PRICE.






William PRICE.



Cuthbert PRICE.



Daniel PRICE43,46,47 was born on 17 August 1766.45,47

The Price book lists his birth as 6 Oct 1768.

Daniel Price married 26 Nov 1790 in Pittsylvania Co to Lucy Coleman, daughter of Stephen Coleman. She was born 14 Aug 1771 and died 6 Aug 1831.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10:
p.163 6 Mar 1795 John May & Susannah his wife and Joseph Tomlin, to Meredith Price. 250#'s. Tract on upper Sandy Creek of Dan 335 acres. Begin at mouth of a branch, up the branch, Daniel Prices's line, Tomlin's line, William Astins line, oak on Logan branch and down the same, burnt Cabin line, crossing Ash branch & Sandy Creek, along Cuddy Prices line. Signed: John May, Susannah (X) May, Joseph (X) Tomlin
Wit: Daniel Price, William W. Guinn, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price20 Apr 1795 Ack & Susannah relinq dower right.
p.165 9 Mar 1795 Robert Price & Salley his wife to John May. 50#'s. tract on waters of Sandy River – 112 acres. Billings line. Signed: Robert Price, Salley Price
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price20 Apr 1795 Ack & Salley relinq dower right.
p.175 9 Mar 1795 Meredith Price & Polly his wife to John May. 100#'s. Waters of upper Sandy Creek. 100 acres. George Sutherlins line, back of the Creek, up the manders, Fallings order line. Part of Mrs. Ann McDaniels Survey of 469 acres. Signed: Marday Price, Polly Price.
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price
20 Apr 1795 Ack & Polly relinq dower

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.232 15 Nov 1797 Matthew Wynne to Daniel Price. 200#'s. Tract of 305a both sides Rutleges Creek. Thomas Frances corner in Charles Wynns line, along Wynnes line. William Frances's line. Signed: Matthew (x) Wynne Wit: Robert Payne, Achillis Whitlock, Thos H. Wooding, Ths. Barnett, Thos. Fegan, Maraday Price, H. Towns. 15 Jan 1798 Proved by three witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.176 13 Mar 1800 Stith Wynne & Rebecca his wife to Daniel Price. $78. 58a. waters of Rutleges Crk. Signed: Stith (x) Wynne, Rebecca Wynne. Wit: Thomas Duncan, Timothey (x) Adams, John Travis 15 Sep 1800 ack by Stith Wynne, Rebecca relinq

Daniel Price died on 23 Jan 1846 - his will recorded in Pittsylvania Co VA. His wife was not named but he named the following heirs: son William A. Price, deceased; dau Sally Paxton, son Stephen Price, dau Ann Harper, dau Betsy Perkins. The gift to Betsy Perkins was for her use and at her death to be divided between her children and the children of her deceased son Daniel Perkins. A slave was left to Madison Millnor who had married his grandaughter. There was a $200 bequest to Keziah Sparks who resided with the family. Wit: Lyles W. John, John Ross, R. Hopkins and S. ?Nottrooh. Executors: John W. Paxton and George Townes.

Elizabeth Price, daughter of Daniel Price married Joseph Perkins 4 Dec 1815 in Pittsylvania Co
Ann Price, daughter of Daniel Price married Charles Harper, 25 Mar 1823, Pittsylvania Co.



Robert PRICE35 was born on 6 October 1768.45

Robert married 3 Sep 1788, Sally Church, daughter of Jonathan Church.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.165 9 Mar 1795 Robert Price & Salley his wife to John May. 50#'s. tract on waters of Sandy River – 112 acres. Billings line. Signed: Robert Price, Salley Price
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price
20 Apr 1795 Ack & Salley relinq dower right.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.443 28 Dec 1797 Robert Price to William Murphy. 250#'s. both sides of Moblies Crk. 229a. Begin Harrisons & Tompkins's line, with Tompkins line, crossing a branch. Crossing Mobley's crk. Signed: Robert Price Wit: Josephine H. Conn, Samuel (x) Davis, Jonathan Mont J. Church Jr., Walter Guild. 16 Apr 1798 proved by two witnesses. 15 Apr 1799, proved by third.
Pittsylvania Do VA DB 12
p.126 Relinq of dower of Sarah Price, wife of Robert Price. Sale 28 Dec 1797 to William Murphy. 229a. 25 Feb 1800

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.326 12 Apr 1803 Robert Price to Robert Mack. Mortgage deed. Debt of 23#'s.
p.510 8 Nov 1803 Robert Price & Sarah his wife to Peter Wilson. 100#'s. 180 acres on Mobley's Mountain. Signed: Robert Price, Sally Price. Wit: Robt Mack, Ro. Harrison, Samuel Trahern. Wm & Ro. Harrison obtained Sally's permission on 10 Dec 1803. 19 Dec 1803, proved by witnesses.
p.541 ___ of ____ 1801 Jonathan M. Church Senr to Robert Price. 100#'s.187 acres. Wilsons & Trahern's line, Davis's line. Signed: Jonathan M. Church Wit: Saml. French, Jonathan M. Church Jr, Wm Cobbs, John Guinn. 20 Jul 1801, proved by two witness; 16 Jan 1804 proved by third.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.279 15 Jun 1805 Robert Price to David Rice to secure debt.



Meredith PRICE.



Molly PRICE35 was born on 6 May 1772.45

Molly married William McDaniel on 16 Dec 1793.



Nancy PRICE.



Patsy PRICE.



Major PRICE.