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Eighth Generation

212. Mary Pauline JOHNSON107,111 was born on 28 November 1810 in Kentucky.238,239 She died on 21 February 1865 at the age of 54.239

Mary Pauline JOHNSON and Samuel Smith PERKINS were married on 16 March 1832 in Logan County, Kentucky.240 Samuel Smith PERKINS63,241,242, son of WILLIAM PERKINS and Mildred BAGWELL, was born in 1807 in Virginia.206,243

Logan Co DB S, p.202 13 Nov 1833 Major Stanfield & Elizabeth C. his wife to Samuel Smith Perkins for $700. 137 acres on Little Whipporwill, adjacent John H. Thomas, corner to Goff, corner to John Perrin, on John Gillins line.

Logan Co KY Deed Book U, p.231-233
Dated 28 Jan 1836. Samuel H. Haden & Francis [sic] Haden his wife of Logan Co KY of the one part to Samuel Smith Perkins of the other part. Sum of $1350. Tract in Logan Co on Black Lick fork of Gasper River where the said Haden now lives. 206 acres. All of tract of land conveyed to said Samuel H. Haden by James Haden & other heirs of William Haden Dec'd on 5 Jan 1821 except about 25 acres conveyed by said Samuel H. Haden to Phillip Warden and 42 acres 100 poles conveyed to William Haden by said S. H. Haden as per deeds of record in Logan Co court clerk's office. The description includes metes & bounds as well as the following: Begin at tree on the Black Lick Fork, corner to William Haden Junr thence with his line; corner to Drake's line; Clark's Military survey. Originally 271 acres more or less. Signed: Saml. H. Haden, Frances Haden. Wit: M. J. Price, Thos Blakey.
Witnesses were also the Justices of the Peace that examined Francis Haden, wife of Samuel H. Haden, and she consented. 28 Jan 1836.
Proved on 9 Feb 1836 on oath of Major J. Price and Thomas Blakey. Rec. by Marmaduke B. Morton 8 Mar 1836

Logan Co DB U; p.389 Peyton W. Lyon for $200 to Samuel S. Perkins. Black mare. 23 Jun 1836. Wit: Thos. Blakey. Ack by Lyon & rec. 1 aug 1836.

Logan Co DB V; p.121 3 May 1836 Samuel S. Perkins to Phillip Warden. $40. tract of 4 ½ acres. Bank of the Black Lick Fork of Gasper River; up the creek with its several meanders. Signed: Samuel S. Perkins. Wit: James Blakey, Thos. Blakey. Proved 30 Mar 1837.

Logan Co DB X; p.390 8 Aug 1840 Samuel S. Perkins & Mary his wife to Phillip Warden. $187.50 Tract on Black Lick fork of Gasper. Sugar tree corner of sd Wardon, bank of the Creek, with Perkins Pond.
Signed: Samuel S. Perkins, Mary P. Perkins.
Wit: Thomas Blakey, Byram Wardon.
Relinquished to Thos. Blakey & Byram Warden, JP's
Proved 24 Apr 1841 & rec.
p.392 26 Dec 1838 Samuel S. Perkins & Mary to Philip Wardon. $32. Tract on Black Lick Fork of Gasper cont 8 ½ acres and 32 poles. Corner Clarks Military Survey.
Wit, etc. same as previous

1840 Logan Co KY Census: Samuel S. Perkins age 30-40 (he was 33), 1f 20-30, 1m 10-15 ?
George D. Blakey refers to a son of William as "Smith" which may have been Samuel's middle name.
1850 Census. Samuel S. and Mary P. No children.