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Seventh Generation

131. Elizabeth Price "Betsey" BOWLES was born on 22 December 1781 in Goochland County, Virginia.

The Douglas Register:
Jo. Bowles & Eliz Curd a child named Betsy Price, born 22 Dec 1781; baptized 17 Mar 1782.

In the will of her father, John Bowles, it is noted that Sally W. Glenn and Betsey Bowles and the heirs of Nancy Johnson, are each to receive $80 from their brother Charles K. Bowles according to an agreement relative to a tract in Virginia; interest also to be paid from the time the land was sold. Each of the three sisters, or their heirs, also receive an equal part of the remainder.

There is also a statement that John Bowles' executors are to reserve out of Thomas Bowles' part, the debt due and owning by him to John's son Charles K. Bowles. Thomas Bowles is not included as one of the children that are to receive an equal part of the remainder of the estate, but the daughter Betsey Bowles is named. I believe Betsey was the wife of Thomas Bowles. The old Bowles book found on Google suggests that Betsy married Robert Glenn but if she did so, she must have remarried prior to 1830.

And there is a marriage in The Douglas Register; Thomas Bowles to Elizabeth P. Bowles, 2 Oct 1806.

Elizabeth Price "Betsey" BOWLES and Thomas BOWLES were married on 2 October 1806 in Goochland County, Virginia.105 Thomas BOWLES, son of Knight BOWLES and Sarah CURD, was born (date unknown).

Thomas had gone to Kentucky before 1817 when his father, Knight Bowles, wrote his will. When John Bowles wrote his will, 1830, in South Carolina, he mentions Thomas Bowles and indicates he was most likely his son-in-law married to daughter Betsey. John Bowles also mentioned a deceased son, with heirs, who was also named John Bowles. Thomas and Elizabeth Bowles were witnesses to the Will of John Bowles, 1824, in Logan Co, KY.

John Bowles Will dated 3 Feb 1824. To Elizabeth, wife, all of estate. Children indicated but unnamed, implied as young. Wit: Thomas Bowles, Lewis Wood, Elizabeth Bowles. Probate 6 Sep 1824.
Logan Co WB C, p.101

Warren Co Will Book B 1814-1823

POTEET, Job. Inventory. Apprisers Thomas Bowles, Daniel Price, George Frazer, sworn before John Porter, J.P. December 12, 1815. Recorded january Court 1816. pg89

BURCH, Cheadle. On January 6, 1817, Lewis Wood, Peter R. Beauchamp, stated that on December 23, 1816 Cheadle Burch told them that he wished his wife Frances to have and settle his estate. This noncupative will was recorded January Court 1817. Appraisers appointed were Wm. Anderson, Lewis Wood, William Stagner February 1, 1817. Thomas Bowles acted with Fanny Burch as executor. pg156

JACKSON, Burwell. Inventory Admr. Thomas Bowles, R.W. Ryland signed appraisment march 29, 1823. Recorded April court 1823. pg519

I believe these are records of Thomas Bowles in Warren Co KY
Warren Co DB D, p.85
6 Oct 1808 Will Capline to Thos. Bowles, $1000 for Negroes
8 May 1810 Thos. Chapman to Joseph H. Smith, 200 acres patented to Rachel Hendricks at next to Jess Cavin's corner.. Thos Bowles & Nathaniel Harrington witnessed.
12 Oct 1811 Thos. Bowles and John Porter were witnesses to a power of attorney for the heirs of their father who was heir at law of Elizabeth Gill in Williamsburg, VA
DB F, p.115
25 Mar 1812 Thos R. Shannon & wife Betsy sold to John May for $750, 100 acres on the Gasper River where Shannon formerly lived, certificate granted Andrew Camerhan, 21 Jul 1796, as settlers South of Green River. Wit: Thos. Bowles, Loranzo Webb
DB G, p.94
14 Nov 1815 Wm Stewart of Logan Co to Shaderick Walker, 177 acres by Thos. Bowles' corner.
13 May 1816 Henry Banks of Virginia to Thos. Bowles & Jas. C. Barentt, by Banks' attorney Thos Bryan. 400 acres on Salt Lick Creek, beg. Cheadle Burch's original survey [see Cheadle Burch's estate settlement, earlier] of Alexander Skinner's 1200 survey.
DB H, p.82
21 Oct 1816 William Stewart of Logan Co KY to Solomon P. Sharp for $800, 100 acres, patent to Stewart, assignee of John Bowles, to Benj. Covington's line. Wit: F. R. Johnson, H. P. Gaines
John Bowles, likely brother-in-law of Thomas.
DB H, p.98
23 Sep 1816 William Stewart of Logan Co to Daniel Price for $800, 375 acres on Naked Fork of Gasper's River begin John Jones' corner to Booker's military line, to Thos. Bowles' spring. Wit: Thomas Bowles, Shaderack Walker.
18 Feb 1817 Charles Bunch to Stanley Anderson for $500. 200 acres on Gasper River begin Shannon's corner. Note DB F, p.115 for Shannon. Wit: Wm Marshall, Thomas Bowles.
26 Dec 1818 Shadrack Walker to Ludwell Hunton for $1377.12. Six and 3/4 acres, west side of Naked Fork of Gasper River. Begin Thos. Bowles' corner, to Jas. Tiller's to survey Walker now lives on.
19 Mar 1818 Abraham Sharp to Wm. Anderson for $150. 60 acres on Salt Lick Creek, begin Alexander Skinner's military line, to top of ridge, to land surveyed for Jane Chears and patent to said Sharp. Wit: Thomas Bowles, Benj. Martin.
19 Jun 1818 Abraham Sharp to Thos Bowles for $36. Six acres on Salk Lick Creek, begin Wm. Anderson's corner near Ellison's old school house. Wit: Burwell Jackson, Daniel Price.