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Sixth Generation

84. John PRICE62,65,66,67,68 was born on 25 March 1760.45 He died before August 1824 at the age of 64 in Logan County, Kentucky.69

July 31, 1779. John Price to Mary Johnson; sec., David Johnson, Jr.; Wm. Price consents to son's m'ge. MARRIAGE BONDS IN GOOCHLAND COUNTY William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 3 (Jan., 1899), pp. 197-200
Mary's guardian was Isham Johnson. Wit: Walthall Burton, James Johnson, Samuel Price, David Johnson, Benjamin Johnson.

Unrecorded Deed as listed in the book, LOUISA CO RECORDS YOU PROBABLY NEVER SAW OF 18TH CENTURY VIRGINIA, compiled by John C. Bell, 1983.
p.58/13-14 of original] William Price to John Price 3 Oct 1784. John was son of Wm. Wit: Robt George, Benja. Mosby, Nanthl. Burton, Chas. Burton. Proved by Mosby & Burton, May 1785.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.47 12 Dec 1799 Sarah Williams to Nathaniel W. Williams. 100£. Nathaniel Williams not to have complete possession until after the death of Sarah. Land on Sandy Creek, branch of Barister River 400 acres where Sarah now lives. N fork of Sandy Creek to William Prices line Signed: Sarah Williams. Wit: Washington Thompson, John Price, William Price Junr
16 Dec 1799 proved by witnesses

Logan Co DB C; p.96 1 Mar 1810
John Wigginton, Polly Wigginton and William Haden to John Price ....$1000 for land on waters of Gasper. 250 A, part of military survey granted to Philip Slaughter assignee of Reuben Long. Signed: William Haden, Senr, John Wigginton, Polly Wigginton. Witnesses: Sir Francis Drake, Samuel H. Haden, William Haden, Junr. Proved by oaths of Sir Francis Drake & Samuel H. Haden 21 May 1810.
[Philip Slaughter was a cousin to the James Slaughter found in Logan Co KY; a brother to Thomas S. Slaughter]
Deed Book D; p.89 28 Mar 1814
John Price Sr. and Mary his wife to Reuben Rogers for $750 ...waters of Gasper ...125 acres Signed: John Price, Mary Price Witnesses: David Price, Joseph Soyars [Sawyers], John Price Jr.
Deed Book D p.90 28 Mar 1814
John Price Sr. & Mary his wife to Joseph Sawyers ...$700 125A on Gasper (next to Rogers) Witnesses: John Price Jr and David Price

Logan Co Tax Records:
In 1808 John Price appears for the first time. After 1811, he will be designated as John Price Senr. No land the first year, but had 3 white males over 21, 27 slaves, 10 horses. He is there in 1809 but still has no land listed - 3wm, 25 slaves, 12 horses. In 1810 there are 200 acres on the Gasper River, entd/survd by Long & P.Slaughter; also 350A in Warren Co - only 1 wm now along with the slaves & horses. In 1811, he had 250 acres on the Gasper, Long & P. Slaughter, also 450 acres on Muddy River. In 1812, there are 415 acres on the Gasper entd/survd by Harvey and the 250, Long/Slaughter. Acerage varies in 1813-15 but it's all part of the Gasper River, Harvey parcel; by 1815 he has only 265 acres. His slaves vary from a high of 27 in 1812, down to 18 by 1815. He was also in Wigginton's Company in 1814, Whitsitt's Company in 1815 - the part of Logan Co where Hadens, Proctors, Whitsetts, David Johnson, James Slaughter all lived.

1820 US Census, Logan County KY
Price, John: 1m 45+; 1f 45+ 13 children
Price, John: 1m 45+; 1f 45+ 1m 16-45, 1m 16-26, 1f under 10

Deed Book I/J, p.85 18 Feb 1821. Major J. Price sells 111 acres to John Price, Sr. on the waters of the Gasper River and describes: part of a Military Tract of 1400 acres entered & surveyed by John Harvey, patented to Thos. Carneal & Thos. Hopkins; allotted to Geo. W. Morton as share of estate of William Morton, father to sd George. Deeded by George to Andrew Caldwell and by Caldwell to David Price and by David Price to Major Price.
Deed Book I/J, p.206 18 May 1821. George W. Morton of Fayette County.

Will written 16 Sep 1820; probate 6 Sep 1824.
p.102-104 Will of John Price Senr. To beloved wife the plantation where I now live, 415 acres with five of my Negroes, etc.
To William & Mary Ann Price, children of dec'd son John Price, Fanny & her two children
Son Thomas the plantation bequeathed to my wife after her death or marriage, Negro boy. When Thomas reaches age of 21, he shall have use & possession of ½ plantation
Balance of property to children: Ann Johnson, Daniel Price, David Price, Major Price, Sucky Duncan, Polly Price & Thomas Price to be equally divided taking into consideration sums already provided
After death of wife to be divided among children
Executors: Son Major Price & friend Gabriel Lewis
16 Sep 1820. Wit: John Price, Garret (X) Daniel, Francis Venke
6 Sep 1824 Will produced in open court and proven by oaths of John Price and Garrent Daneil and ordered to be recorded. Signed: Spencer Curd.

Will Book C, p.128-9 John McCarley, William Wilson and Isaac B. James, Commissioners appointed to divide the Slaves of the estate of John Price, dec'd. Allotments to Major J. Price, David Price, David [repeated but must surely mean Daniel], Nancy Johnson, William Duncan, Joel Price, Thomas Price. Each share was valued at $850. 9 Nov 1824. Delivered in court on 6 Dec 1824 and ordered recorded.

Logan Co Deed Book I/J, p.85 18 Feb 1821 Major J. Price sold 111 acres to John Price, Sr. William T. Duncan & Major Price, Jr. were witnesses. [Wm T. Duncan is a son-in-law. John Price had both a brother and a son named Major Price, there may have been others.]

Taken from old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history, newspaper
unknown. These clippings are about 100 years old (1997). Reprinted in
Kentucky Explorer, Volume 10, Number 5 - October, 1995. p. 95. Logan
"My grandfather, John Price, of Louisa Co., married Mary Johnston about the
year 1799. The children of John Price were Nancy, William, James, Daniel,
John, David, Mason, Susan, Mary, Merredith, Thomas and Sarah. Several
married in Louisa Co., Va., near the beginning of the present century.
John Price and family emigrated to Logan County, Ky., about the year 1809."
Price Johnston

John PRICE and Mary JOHNSON were married on 3 August 1779 in Goochland County, Virginia.33,70,71 Mary JOHNSON71,72,73, daughter of James JOHNSON and Rachel HADEN, was born on 19 April 1763 in Goochland County, Virginia.74 She was baptized on 25 May 1763 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.74 She died on 24 December 1822 at the age of 59 in Logan County, Kentucky.70

There seems to be some question about the parentage of Mary Johnson. Her parents have been given as James Johnson & Rachel Haden in Blakey, Price, and Haden research but without documentation. Records that have come to light in Virginia as the result of Johnson research have been interpreted that she was the daughter of James Johnson & M:ildred Mims instead, but there are also problems with that assumption. [See also the discussion under Mary's brother David Johnson.]
Goochland Order Book 12, p.336
August Court 1773 Isham Johnson comes into court and undertakes the guardianship to the orphan children of James Johnson Jr, dec'd. Benjamin Johnson entered security for same.

Here is her marriage record:
Bond dated 31 Jul 1779. Mary Johnson's guardian is Isham Johnson. Surety: David Johnson, Junr. Wit: Walthall Burton, James Johnson, Samuel Price, David Johnson, Benjamin Johnson.
Goochland Co VA Marriage Bonds abstracted in WILLIAM & MARY COLLEGE QUARTERLY, Vol. VII; Series 1; p.197-200. William Price consents to son's marriage.

The Chancery Court case #1799-00, Goochland Co VA, reveals that Isham was guardian of David, Nancy and Molly Johnson [presumably these girls are Ann & Mary and these are the children of James Johnson Jr as seen in the Order Book in Aug of 1773] from Aug 1772 and paid expenses for these three for the next seven years. From the St. James Northam records of Rev. Wm Douglas, only James & Mildred Johnson have children of all three names born in that time frame. But they also have several other children that would have required guardianship in 1772 had they died. James & Rachel Haden Johnson had daughters named Ann and Mary baptized in this time frame, but only these two girls are listed, no sons, but they were married five years before the record of Ann, born in 1760, so likely had a child or children earlier.
The case itself was filed in 1795 by David Johnson Sr, administrator of Isham Johnson, dec'd against David Johnson Jr and Agnes Johnson. David Sr, Isham, and Agnes were siblings, children of James Johnson, usually referred to "the Elder". Another of their siblings was probably James Johnson who married Rachel Haden. [This is not the usual placement of this James - he is usually ascribed as the son of John & Mary Pledge Johnson. There are several reasons why this isn't likely.] David Jr was not a son of David Sr, but likely the son of James & Rachel born prior to the time the Rev. Douglas started recording baptisms. He appears to be the same as the David who was a ward of Isham Johnson. This case was a dispute regarding deeds signed by Isham distributing his property which was in conflict with Isham's will. There was a claim that Agnes had lived with Isham before his death and she and David Jr had destroyed the personal papers of Isham and had refused to allow David Sr to submit the will to probate.
David Johnson Jr, in his testimony during this suit, stated that in 1779 and 1780 he made two contracts, one with his sister [unnamed] and the other with another sister's husband [both unnamed]. These contracts settled a portion of his father's [unnamed] estate on the sisters in return for their agreement to release Isham Johnson from any claims they might have against him as their guardian. [This can only be the three - David, Molly, & Nancy, for whom Isham was guardian. This cannot be the children of James & Mildred Mims Johnson who were not old enough to enter into contracts. By this time, 1779 & 1780, the daughters of James & Rachel Haden Johnson were old enough. Ann was 18 by Nov of 1778. Mary was married in August of 1779 to John Price. The David son of James & Mildren Johnson would have been only age 17 in 1779. If the David, son of James & Rachel Johnson was born prior to his sisters, then he could have been age 21 or older by 1779. As children of James & Rachel Johnson they would have no longer needed the guardianship of Isham Johnson.]Jacob Johnson, son of Drury - another sibling of the above legatees and child of James Johnson the Elder - claimed there was a will of Isham which gave Isham's land to James, son of David Sr who filed this complaint. Apparently David Sr was trying to secure this legacy for his son James which could not be substatiated by the presence of a will.
Another fact which came out in this case is that John Price testified that the above spinster Agnes Johnson had lived with them and died in his house. Agnes Johnson in her will recorded 14 Jan 1799 in Louisa Co, made bequests to Jacob Johnson's daughter named Agnes and to John Price. John Price was her Executor. This John Price was a resident of Louisa Co VA; he was apparently the husband of Mary Johnson who was a ward of Isham Johnson.

Both Irene Cook and Jack Thacker, Haden researchers, placed Mary as the wife of John Price of Goochland. Subsequent researchers have also done so. Isham Johnson was guardian of Molly Johnson as early as 1772. When Mary Johnson married John Price in 1779 in Goochland, her guardian was listed as Isham Johnson. That seems to assure us that Molly ward of Isham in 1772, was indeed the Mary Johnson who was wife of John Price.

Some Johnson researchers believe that Mary Johnson, wife of John Price, was the daughter of James & Mildred Mims Johnson, but that doesn't seem to work out with the above chancery Court suit in Goochland Co for the reasons cited above.

John PRICE and Mary JOHNSON had the following children:



Ann "Nancy" PRICE.



William PRICE.



James PRICE was born on 2 December 1785.47,75 He died on 27 December 1785 at the age of 0.76



Daniel L. PRICE.



John PRICE Jr..



David PRICE.



Major J. PRICE.



Susan\Susanna "Sucky" PRICE.



Mary J. "Polly" PRICE.



Meredith PRICE77 was born on 24 November 1799.75

Name is Meredith in Haden-Johnson-Price record. Have seen it also as Nerradith., but Meredith is a traditional Price name.
He probably died before Nov of 1824 because he did not receive a share in the slaves of his father's estate.



Thomas PRICE.



Sarah PRICE.