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Fifth Generation

27. Pugh PRICE II48 was born on 3 July 1734 in Henrico County, Virginia.48 He died on 14 April 1814 at the age of 79 in Fayette County, Kentucky.48

Pugh II and Catherine had the following children: Bird, John R. Mary Margaret, Pugh III, Daniel, Williamson, Andrew, and Philemon.

p.33 13 Aug 1806 Pugh Price, Senr to Philemon B. Price both of Fayette. Sum of 4sh. Parcel on water of North Elkhorn, 197 1/3 acres. Corner to James Happy, now Andrew F. Price in a line of William West; corner to Williamson Price in Wm Hustons line; to Williamson Price in John Prices line, line of Bird Price, corner of Wm West & Bird Price; which the said Philemon B. Price is now in possession of in a part of the improvement on said land. Understood that myself and my wife Catharine are to live and control the tract of land as we think proper during our natural lives, after which Phil is to have possession
Signed: Pugh Price
Wit: Andrew F. Price.
9 Sep 1806 Rec

Pugh PRICE II and Catherine BIRD were married about 1754.48 Catherine BIRD48 died before 1826 in Fayette County, Kentucky.48 She was born in Middlesex County, Virginia.48 Catherine's parents were Robert Bird and Dicea Williamson.

Pugh PRICE II and Catherine BIRD had the following children:



Bird PRICE was born about 1755. He died in 1829 at the age of 74 in Fayette County, Kentucky.
Burnt Records of Fayette Co KY
Bird Price Will p.111 - Tiny fragments cash & personal estate to wife Martha

This was a most puzzling record since a Price did not marry a Bird, until the marriage of Pugh II and Catherine Bird. Information from the Price book is that Bird died 1829. The records were burned in 1803.



John R. PRICE.



Margert/Mary/Nancy PRICE was born about 1760 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.



Pugh PRICE III was born about 1764 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He died before 1814 at the age of 50 in Mason County, Kentucky.

Fayette Co KY DB 5/E
p.503 27 Jul 1811 Pugh Price Jr and Latia his wife of Woodford Co to John Fisher of Fayette



Daniel PRICE was born about 1768 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He died before January 1813 at the age of 45.



Williamson PRICE was born about 1774 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Married Ann Starkes, 23 Dec 1818.



Andrew F. PRICE was born about 1779 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He died before August 1833 at the age of 54 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Andrew's wife was Mary W.

LDS #8690 Fayette Co KY Deeds
DB H County Court 1812-1814
p.18 1813 Heirs of Levi Todd dec'd: Andrew F. Price & Mary his wife to Robert Stewart & Hannah his wife, Charles Carr and Elizabeth his wife. John Todd Sen & Nancy his wife. David Todd, John Todd, Jun. Maria Todd, Robert L. Todd, Samuel Todd, Jane Todd, Worth Todd, Margaret Todd, James Clark Todd. Exchange of land agreed upon by said Andrew F. Price & Levi Todd in his lifetime. For 5sh. 200a

p.46 1 May 1813 Andrew F. Price & Mary his wife to George Morton, all of Fayette Co. $2000. Tract on north fork of Elkhorn Crk, 100 acres. Corn to Williamson Price, Mary P. Russell's line, Ridge between Elkhorn & Hickman, corner to John Price, corner to Williamson Price. Signed: Andrew F. Price, Mary W. Price
Wit: Ben Smith, Williamson Price

p.71 1 May 1813 Exchange of above. Robert Stewart & Hannah his wife, Charles Carr & Elizabeth his wife, John Todd Senr & Nancy his wife, David Todd, John Todd Jun and Maria Todd all over 21 years of age. Robert Todd, Bird Price & George Hunt appointed at Nov. Court 1807 to covey for Robert S. Todd, Samuel M. Todd, Jane Todd, Worth Todd, Margaret Todd & James Clarke Todd under the age of 21 years to Andrew F. Price. Tract on waters of North Elkhorn, 200a line of John Morrisons settlement; corner to McClean.



Philemon B. PRICE was born on 25 January 1783 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He died on 7 September 1835 at the age of 52 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philemon's records are usually as Philemon B. Price. Databases show his middle name as Bird - he also has an older brother name Bird. Philemon died of cholera while on a business trip to Philadelphia. His marriages indicated he was at that time probably living in Kentucky:
He married (1) Corrilla Mansell, 6 Oct 1803, Fayette Co, KY and (2) Mary Dorsey "Polly" Wilmot, 26 Mar 1810, Bourbon Co KY.