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Seventh Generation

161. John R. PRICE II143 was born in 1775 in Virginia.144 He died before February 1856 at the age of 81 in Logan County, Kentucky.143

This John Price is listed in the tax records of Logan Co KY as John Price, redhead.

There is a peculiar situation regarding the wife/wives of John R. Price. Obviously his wife was named Elizabeth on 27 Mar 1846 when he wrote his will. There is a marriage of John R. Price to Elizabeth Scarborough on 30 Nov 1847, in Logan Co KY which is more than a year after he named an Elizabeth in the will. In the 1850 Census, John R. Price is 75 years old; the lady living in his household is Elizabeth, age 31, born in Tennessee. Apparently John was married to an Elizabeth who was the mother of all his children; she died following the writing of his will; he soon remarried to Elizabeth Scarborough.

Logan Co WB H, p.431-434 John R. Price 27 Mar 1846
To Elizabeth, wife, support for her lifetime. To Albert Price, grandson, son of deceased son Greenberry Price, $600 to be paid to executor for his benefit at age 21 or upon his marriage. Nine equal shares then to the following:
William Dixon Price, son
Patsy Harrison, dau, wife of Samuel Hannan
Samuel Price, son
Polly Harrison, dau, wife of Thomas Hannan
Nancy, dau, wife of Fielding Wilson
Thomas Price, son
children & heirs of James Price, deceased son
Sally Johnson, dau, wife of John P. Johnson
John Price, son.
If Albert dies before 21 with no heirs, his legacy to be divided among the others. John P. Johnson can have no control over his wife's legacy & if she dies before him, a trustee is to control her legacy for benefit of children. The 100 acres on which Sally lives shall be under the same and she shall be charged $300 for said land. Executors to keep $200 with 6% interest from 16 Jan 1840 until the debt contracted by John & Greenberry (dec'd) is paid (hold from John Price's legacy.) Money to be paid to heirs of Greenberry. If grandson Albert is dec'd this money to be paid to his mother, Mrs. Catharine Price, widow of Greenberry.
Executors: William Dixon Price, son, and Fielding Wilson, son-in-law.
Wit: Gabriel Lewis, John G. Lewis. Signed: John R. Price.
Date of probate: 22 Feb 1856.

John R. PRICE II and Elizabeth [PRICE] were married.143 Elizabeth [PRICE] was born (date unknown).

John R. PRICE II and Elizabeth [PRICE] had the following children:



Greenbury W. PRICE.



William Dixon PRICE.



Patsy PRICE.



Mary Ann "Polly" PRICE.






Samuel PRICE.



Sarah "Sally" PRICE.



James PRICE.



Nancy PRICE.



Thomas PRICE.

John R. PRICE II and Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH were married on 30 November 1847 in Logan County, Kentucky.145 Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH was born in 1819 in Tennessee.144