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Fourth Generation

9. John PRICE IV10,23,24,25 was born about 1690 in Henrico County, Virginia.24 He died before 1751 at the age of 61 in Goochland County, Virginia.24

Deed in December of 1713. Hugh Ligon and Jane his wife, relict of John Price dec'd gave to John Price, eldest son of John Price, dec'd, one-half of the tract on which Henry Pew lived. By virture of deed made to Jane by Henry Pew bearing the date 30 Jul 1688. [Acerage not stated]
Patent of record to Henry Pew, dated 23 Apr 1688 named 411 acres on 4 Mile Creek.

John Price & James Cocke made a land swap on 4 Jan 1713. John Price swapped 50 acres on the North side of the James, formerly given by Henry Pew, dec'd to his daughter Jane, then wife of John Price and by Henry Pew, on 31 Jul 1688. Hugh Ligon & Jane, now his wife, made over to John Price who is the eldest son & heir to Jane by their deed dated 7 Dec 1713. Coke assigned 50 acres near Chickahominy Swamp where he had lately built a house. Signed: James Cocke. Wit: Thomas Jefferson, Jno Archer.

Henrico Court, April 1720. Brother Daniel Price leaving no issue. John as elder brother was sole heir; Pew Price brought suit but did not win.

2 Oct 1717 John & Hannah Price sold a small parcel to Ann Scott. This parcel was part of a patent to Henry Pew, Dec'd, and contained 100 acres. Bounded by Darby Enroughty, Four Mile Creek. Thomas Childers, Wm Frogmorton & Wm Rabone witnessed.

On 1 Jul 1723, John Price sold the 50 acres that had formerly belonged to James Cocke to William Spraggin for 25 £. Wit: Nowell Burton, Howard Judkins & John Lewis

VA Patent Book 12, p.13 9 Jul 1724 390A Henrico, N side James R, branch of Tuckahoe Creek, Charles Hudson.
VA Patent Bk 12, p. 284 17 Aug 1725 John Price. 375A on Deep Run a branch of Tuckahoe, falling into James R.

6 Dec 1726, John Price sold Samuel Hix 69 acres on Tuckahoe Creek. Hix was already living there. Wit: Abraham Childers. Hannah, wife, relinquished dower rights.

Thomas Williamson made a gift to his grandson, son of John and Hannah Price on 4 Dec 1727, the land to come into his possession after the decease of John and Hannah. 100 acres on Upham Brook.

Patent Bk 15, p.174 23 Mar 1734 John Price 400A Goochland, North side Appomattox on main ridge parthing the James & Appommattox. Adjacent Francis Eppes, said Price, Stephen Cox.
Patent Bk 15, p.179 23 Mar 1734 John Price 400A Goochland, North side Appomattox adj Henry Anderson, Stephen Cox, his own, Francis Eppes.

5 Apr 1736, John and Hannah Price sold two tracts containing 800 acres in Goochland Co to Henry Cary. The land was on the North side Appomattox adj Henry Anderson, Stephen Cox and Francis Eppes. Hannah relinquished dower rights.

In 1740 and 1742, John Price of Henrico Co bought land of Robert Willis of Goochland on Tuckahoe Creek. After 1748, deeds state John Price lived in Goochland Co. The last record is a deed of gift to son William on 21 Nov 1749.

John Price died before 1751. No will or administration of an estate has been found; it's likely he had deeded everything to his children before his death. A deed from his son Daniel to John Bibb in Goochland Co on 20 Aug 1751 includes a dower release from Hannah Price, relict of John Price, dec'd. Mary, Daniel's wife also relinquished her dower rights. This deed was for the 220 acres John Price had sold to Daniel in 1748.

Henrico DB 1750-1774
p.189 15 Aug 1762 Daniel Price and Mary his wife, of Lunenburg Co, and John Price and Hannah his wife, of Henrico [Daniel's parents] to Thomas Williamson of Henrico for 150£, 100 acres on south side of the Brook at the mouth of Timber Branch adj. Jacob Smith, John Price, William Snead & Nathaniel Bridgwater. Signed: Daniel Price, Mary Price, John (X) Price, Hannah (X) Price. Wit: Jonathan Patterson, Harwood Bacon, Benjamin Estes, David Allen, William (W) Jones, Samuel Williamson. Rec. 7 Mar 1763.
[Would seem that this is the only John Price/Hannah couple. Yet John Price was likely deceased. Daniel Price, son of John & Hannah, is the only Daniel Price known to be in Lunenburg Co at this time. John Price, husband of Hannah, made a distinctive mark for his name - I'd like to see a copy of the original. The younger John Price, brother to Daniel is believed to be married to a Sarah but it's possible he's been identified incorrectly.]

John PRICE IV and Hannah WILLIAMSON were married about 1715.11,12 Hannah WILLIAMSON, daughter of THOMAS WILLIAMSON and SUSANNAH CARTER, was born about 1698 in Henrico County, Virginia.11

John PRICE IV and Hannah WILLIAMSON had the following children:



Daniel PRICE.






William PRICE.



Mary PRICE12,24 was born (date unknown).

Proof that John and Hannah had a daughter Mary is circumstantial. It's possible she was the wife of Robert Willis.

Robert Willis of the Parish of St James in Goochland Co VA sold 200 acres in Goochland to John Price of Henrico on 15 Dec 1740; it was on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek where Robert Willis then lived, bounded by a corner of Price's own Land. The deed was witnessed by Wm Street, Daniel Price & Major Willis [Goochland DB 3, p.382. This may have been 300 acres as that was what was stated in the dower release of Mary in Oct of 1742]

19 Oct 1742, Robert Willis of St. James in Goochland sold 350 acres to John Price of the same Parish. The land was in the same location - on the north branch of Tuckahoe and part of the tract where Robert Willis lived. Mary Willis, wife of Robert, relinquished her dower rights to this tract and also to 300 acres which Robert Willis had sold to John Price some time before. Wit: John McBride, Pleasants Cocke, M. Cadet Young. [Goochland DB 4, p.82]
[This makes probably 650 acres of Willis' original 750 tract. John Price sold 220 acres to his son Daniel, gave 100 acres to son-in-law Samuel Shepherd & his wife Elizabeth, and deeded 330 acres to son William after John & Hannah's decease - this makes up the 650 acres.]

Other deeds of gift to John's son Daniel and daughter Elizabeth Shepherd, also give John Price's residence as being Goochland.

On 14 Nov 1748, Robert Willis of Henrico Co sold John Lipscomb of Caroline Co 400 acres in Henrico. Land was located on Jordan's Branch and was the land John Price GAVE to Robert Willis, bounded by John Williamson & Colonel Byrd. Wit: Thomas Harlow, Thomas Hughes, Wm Kelley. [Henrico Deeds]
[As John Price made deeds of gifts of land to other of his children, it would appear he had also given land to Robert Willis and his wife Mary. No such deed has yet been found.]



Elizabeth PRICE24 was born (date unknown).

John Price of Goochland deeded his son-in-law, Samuel Shepherd and well beloved daughter Elizabeth Shepherd, 100 acres in Goochland Co 18 Jul 1748. This was a deed of gift. The land was on a branch of the Tuckahoe and part of the tract where John Price lived which he had bought from Robert Willis. This gift was made on the same day as a gift to Daniel, son of John Price. [Goochland DB 5, p.448]