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Sixth Generation

85. William PRICE12,35 was born on 2 March 1762.45

This William apparently married (1) Susannah Cocke in 15 Mar 1784, Goochland. Married (2) Elizabeth Littlepage of Amelia Co VA [date unknown]

Louisa Co VA Deed Books E & F 1774-1790, Rosalie Edith Davis
p.47; DB E, p. 204 26 Nov 1786 William Price Senr & Susanna his wife of Pittsylvania Co to Benjamin Cranshaw of Louisa for #600. 845 acres Trinity Parish on Pamunka River; Capt Wm Meriwethers corner, Clarks corner, capt Meriwethers to the county line, on the line, Clarks line, Diggs line, Diggs formerly Francis Clarks line, to Joseph Clarks corner. Signed: William Price, Susanna (X) Price
Wit: Wm Price Jr, Susannah Price, Nathl Burton
p.98 DB F, p.455 1 May 1789 William Price Senr of Pittsylvania to Wm Price Junr of Trinity Parish, Louisa. Wm. Price Senr & Susannah his wife for #100. 200 acres on Roundabout Crk, Stephen Hunters line, along a new line made by John & William Price to the schoolhouse path & Anderson Parrishes line to Edmond Humphreys to Stephen Hunters line. Signed: William Price. Wit: Athanasius Barnett, Joseph Purkins, John Price. 13 Jul 1789 proved by Purkins. 10 Aug 1789, proved by John Price & affirmed by Atha. Barnett.

These deeds do not specify which William, Senr or Junr, but certainly involve the other sons of William Senr.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.165 9 Mar 1795 Robert Price & Salley his wife to John May. 50#'s. tract on waters of Sandy River – 112 acres. Billings line. Signed: Robert Price, Salley Price
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price 20 Apr 1795 Ack & Salley relinq dower right.
p.175 9 Mar 1795 Meredith Price & Polly his wife to John May. 100#'s. Waters of upper Sandy Creek. 100 acres. George Sutherlins line, back of the Creek, up the manders, Fallings order line. Part of Mrs. Ann McDaniels Survey of 469 acres. Signed: Marday Price, Polly Price.
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price 20 Apr 1795 Ack & Polly relinq dower

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.20 p.20 21 Aug 1799 Matthew Clay to George Shelton. 73$. Tract on Sandy Crk branch of Barister River. 73a part of tract sold by Henry Fox & Kitty his wife of Gloucester Co 20 Jun 1799. Signed: M. Clay Wit: David Allin, William Price Junr, William Price Senr, John Price, James (x) Mading 21 Oct 1799 ack by Matthew Clay
p.47 12 Dec 1799 Sarah Williams to Nathaniel W. Williams. 100#'s. Nathaniel Williams not to have complete possession until after the death of Sarah. Land on Sandy Creek, branch of Banister River 400 acres where Sarah now lives. N fork of Sandy Creek to William Prices line Signed: Sarah Williams. Wit: Washington Thompson, John Price, William Price Junr
16 Dec 1799 proved by witnesses

These deeds also do not specify which William Price and could be either....

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.22 30 Apr 1802 Cuthbert Hudson & Peter Goodwin to George Shelton & William Price. Two acres. 20sh. South side of Piny branch.. Proved by witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.365 7 Jun 1805 James Fowlkes to William Price. 22£ 16sh. Tract South side Sandy Crk 18 12 acres Begin Price's at a branch, with his line, to Sandy Creek and up the same to the mouth of a Branch. Signed: James Fowlkes, Sally Fowlkes. Wit: Adin Gray, Cutbird Price, Christopher Robertson. 15 Jul 1805 Ack by James & Sally and Sally relinq dower.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.399 31 Jul 1809 William Quinn and Ann his wife to Cutbird Price. 120 #'s. 205 acres. Begin Adkinsons corner, Berry lines, Wilsons lines, Wilsons Spring Branch. Signed: William Quinn, Ann Quinn. Wit: John Conner, Richard G. Keatts, William Price, John Fowlks. 21 Aug 1809, acknowledged. Ann examined privily.

William PRICE and Susannah COCKE were married on 15 March 1784 in Goochland County, Virginia.78 Susannah COCKE died before 1787.79

William PRICE and Susannah COCKE had the following children:



Susannah PRICE46,79 was born (date unknown).

There is a marriage of a Susannah Price who married 5 May 1805 in Pittsylvania Co VA to Drury Adkins. John Price was bondsman. William Price, Sr, her father, gave permission.

This is surely a third generation Susannah, not a daughter of William Price & Susannah Burton. It is possible the transcription is in error and her father was William Price, Jr. Or possibly Susannah Price has a brother or younger cousin in the area who was still another William.

This is thought to be this Drury:

1820, Dickson Co, TN
Drury Adkins: 3m -10, 2m 10-26, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 1f 26-45.

1830, Humphreys Co, TN
Drewey Adkins: 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 2m 15-20, 2m 20-30, 1m age 40-50. 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, and 1f age 40-50

1840, Dickson Co, TN
Drewry Adkins: 2 males age 15-20, 1male age 50-60. 1f age 10-15.

1850, Dickson Co, TN, Hh 779
Drewry Adkins, age 66, b. VA, farmer
Edward, age 32, b. TN, farmer
James, age 30, b. TN, school teacher



Hannah\Harriet PRICE.



Joyce PRICE79 was born (date unknown).