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Sixth Generation

89. Meredith PRICE43,47,80,81 was born on 1 June 1770.45 He died in May 1816 at the age of 45 in Caswell County, North Carolina.82

Variations on the given name are seen, particularly Maraday.

Meredith married 27 Dec 1795 to Mary "Polly" McDaniel. He died in 1816 in Caswell Co NC; she died in 1858.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.163 6 Mar 1795 John May & Susannah his wife and Joseph Tomlin, to Meredith Price. 250#'s. Tract on upper Sandy Creek of Dan 335 acres. Begin at mouth of a branch, up the branch, Daniel Prices's line, Tomlin's line, William Astins line, oak on Logan branch and down the same, burnt Cabin line, crossing Ash branch & Sandy Creek, along Cuddy Prices line. Signed: John May, Susannah (X) May, Joseph (X) Tomlin
Wit: Daniel Price, William W. Guinn, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price20 Apr 1795 Ack & Susannah relinq dower right.
p.175 9 Mar 1795 Meredith Price & Polly his wife to John May. 100#'s. Waters of upper Sandy Creek. 100 acres. George Sutherlins line, back of the Creek, up the manders, Fallings order line. Part of Mrs. Ann McDaniels Survey of 469 acres. Signed: Marday Price, Polly Price.
Wit: Daniel Price, James Fowlkes, Major Price, William Price
20 Apr 1795 Ack & Polly relinq dower

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.232 15 Nov 1797 Matthew Wynne to Daniel Price. 200#'s. Tract of 305a both sides Rutleges Creek. Thomas Frances corner in Charles Wynns line, along Wynnes line. William Frances's line. Signed: Matthew (x) Wynne Wit: Robert Payne, Achillis Whitlock, Thos H. Wooding, Ths. Barnett, Thos. Fegan, Maraday Price, H. Towns. 15 Jan 1798 Proved by three witnesses.
p.373 9 Apr 1798 Maraday Price and Polley his wife of Caswell Co NC to John May of Pittsy. 250#'s 335a on upper Sandy Creek of Dan. Begin on one fork of said Cree, as it meanders, red oak in Daniel Prices line and along same, Tomlins line, William Astins line Signed: Maraday Price, Polly Price. Wit: James Teahean, William Beavers, Cutbird Price
15 Oct 1798 Proved by wit

His first deed found in Caswell Co: DB K, p.70. John Sammons to Maredy Price for 150 £, 302 acres on Hogan's Creek. Dated 27 Mar 1797. On 31 Jul, he bought another 295 acres on Moon's Creek from Robert Mathews.

The division of his land is in Caswell DB S, p.173.
21 Mar 1817
1. Pinkney Price, 73 acres adj Major Price, William Penix
2. Polly Price, 77 acres
3. Washington Price, 77 acres
4. David Price, 77 acres
5. Major Price, 77 acres
6. Meredith Price, 77 acres
7. Susannah Price, 73 acres
8. Joel Price, 76 acres
9. Addison Price, 77 acres
10. Nancy Price, 84 acres
11. John Price, 84 acres.
William W. Price relinquished all claim to said lands.
Commrs: Elijah Withers, Benjamin C. West, Jas. Burton, John Cobb, Henry Howard. Daniel S. Farley, surveyor.

Caswell WB H, p.35
Apr Court 1817 Sale, estate of Meradith Price, 7 Feb 1817. Buyers included Polly Price [widow], Daniel Price, Wm. W. Price
p.37 Inventory of property of Meradith Price, dec'd.
Jul Court 1817
p.44 Allotment to Polly Price, widow of Meredith Price for her & family.
Jan Court 1818
p.120 Div of negroes belonging to estate of Meredith Price to legatees:
Joel Price, Mrs. Price
To Susannah, John, Polly, Daniel, Meredith, Nancy, Addison, Pinckney, Major, William W. and Washington Price.
Commr: Elijah Withers, Dudley Gatewood, Benj. C. West, William Pennick.

Will said to be in WB R, p.592.

Caswell DB S, p.246
6 Mar 1818 Allotment to Polly Price her dower in lands of her dec'd husband Meredith Price. 284 acres adj. Major Price, Benjamin C. West on the Danville Rd and road to Dixe's old ferry.

Son Meredith seemed to have money problems and had to mortgage his slaves.
Caswell DB V
p.393, 25 Oct 1821 Meredith Price to Charles P. Harrison, trustee, and Benjm. C. West, Negro man about 24 years for debt due West, $35.25. Wit: Wm. P. McDaniels
p.394 20 Oct 1821 Meredith Price to Daniel Price of Pittsylvania Co VA and Thomas Penich, trustee (Price in debt to James Sawyer, Judethan Carter, James D. Patton for $303) negro woman Fan, 45 and Nathan, 9, and Stanfield, age 2, her children; wagon and gear. Wit: Chas. P. Harrison, William W. Price.
Did the son Meredith also marry a McDaniel - Sarah, daughter of William and Jane? I found this deed, Caswell DB V, p.317. William McDaniel to daughter Sarah wife of Meredith Price, for love and affection, 339 acres whereon he lives reserving peaceful possession for him and his wife Jane during their life. Wit: Hiram McDaniel and Daniel Malone. Dated 8 Jan 1821 after the death of Meredith's father.

1850 Mortality Schedule, Caswell Co.
Meredith Price, age 57, widowed, died of "Drink"

Meredith PRICE and Mary "Polly" MCDANIEL were married on 27 December 1795 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.46,82 Mary "Polly" MCDANIEL82, daughter of William MCDANIEL and Anne SMITH, was born about 1772 in Halifax County, Virginia.82 She died on 21 October 1857 at the age of 85 in Caswell County, North Carolina.82

Mary was the daughter of William McDaniel and Anne Smith.

Meredith PRICE and Mary "Polly" MCDANIEL had the following children:



Joel McDaniel PRICE.