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Fifth Generation

13. WILLIAM PRICE17 died before January 1793.

William Price and Mary and her brother Cuthbert Williamson moved to Charlotte Co VA by 1765. William bought land on Louse Creek from John Clark of Louisa Co. [Charlotte DB 33, p.47]

Charlotte Co VA DB 1, p.48
4 Jul 1765 John Clark to William Price, for 50#'s, 254 acres both sides of Louse Creek, Kennon's line. Wit: Elisha White, John White, Martha White, Bartlet Green, Peter Rawlins, Rob Williams. Mary Clark, wife, relinquished dower. Recorded 5 Aug 1765
3 Sep 1765 James Martin to William Price for 60#'s, 324 acres on branches of Louse Creek, bounded by John Watson, Richard Adams, John Waller, Weatherford, Kennon. Wife Margaret Martin relinquished dower. Recorded 3 Sep 1765

Charlotte Co VA DB 1, p.452
4 Feb 1768. Cuthbert Williamson to William Price for 1 sh sterling, Slaves: Jack, Sarah, Cloe, Joe, Jack, Charles, Gabriel, Bob, Roze, Sarah. Derived from the estate of my father, Cuthbert Williamson Sr. Wit: Daniel Harwood, William Davis, Hawrood Bacen. Recorded 6 Jun 1768

16 June 1768 List of Justices of the Peace of Charlotte Co VA included William Price. 2 May 1770 - he was again listed.

Charlotte Co VA DB 3, p.63
6 Apr 1772 William Parson to William Price for 40#'s, 37 acres in fork of Butterwood & Cub Crks, Major Weatherford's ford on Cubb Crk. Wit: John Dabney, Cut. Williamson, William White. Recorded same day.
7 Jun 1773 Dudley Barksdale to William Price for 30#'s, 268 acres South side Cubb Crk. Recorded 7 Jun 1773.

Charlotte Co VA, Wills, 1765-1791
WB 1, p.94. William Price, Gent. was security for the executors of the probate of the estate of Joseph Marshall, brother Thomas Marshal and wife Judith Marshall. Will written 25 Dec 1772, probate 4 Jan 1773
p.95 John White's will dated 13 Apr 1782. Names a grandson, Charles Williamson, son of Cuthbert Williamson - a daughter named as Susanne Williamson. Notes lands on Cub Creek. The will was proved 4 Nov 1782 by Wm Price & Thomas North, two of the witnesses. William Price Jr. also witnessed. William Price also served as security for the executors.
p.98. Also security for the executors, Douglas & William Watson, Jr. , friends of testator John Anderson whose will was written 17 Aug 1772, proved 1 Mar 1773
p.106. Security for the executors of the will of James Grigg, written 13 Mar 1773, proved 5 Oct 1773. Executors were John White, Samuel White, Mary Grigg

Charlotte Co VA DB 3
p.533 4 Aug 1775 James Francis to William Price for 430#'s, 295 acres bounded by Samuel Clark, Cardwell, the mill pond, the old field. Wit: John White, Samuel White, Thomas Epperson, Thomas Cardwell, Dudly Barksdale, Samuel Clark. Recorded 4 Sep 1775
p.558 1 Jan 1776 William Price to Dudley Barksdill for 350#'s, 578 acres both sides Louse Creek. 324 acres patented to John Coldwell, 26 Sep 1760 (sold to Price by James Martin, 3 Sep 1765 - see DB 1, p.89) and 254 acres patented to John Mann & Essex Worsham, 20 Aug 1748 (sold to Price by John Clark, See DB 1, p.48). Bounded by Kennon. Wit: Samuel Clarke, Samuel White, Cutberth Williamson, John White. Recorded 6 May 1776

Database of Virginia Military Records on
1777 Charlotte Co VA Militia Officers.
August Court. Wm. Price, Gentleman, one of the captains of the militia of this county came into court & resigned his commission, whereupon the court recommended Samuel Clark to that office.

Virginia Publick Claims, Charlotte County, Abercrombie & Slatten, 1991
William Price - 4 days wagonage. £2.
Court met on 10 Jan 1782 for the purpose of adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for Publick use.

Charlotte Co VA, Wills, 1765-1791
Will Book 1
p.168. William Price was one of the appraisers of the estate of Thomas Joyce, recorded 5 Feb 1781
p.310. Wm Price was one of the appraisers of the estate of William Soblet, 7 Oct 1782.
p.321. 23 Dec 1782. William Price was one of the appraisers for the estate of Dr. James Cunningham
p.33. William Price was security for the executors of George Hannah Sr., whose will was dated 11 Feb 1783, proved 5 May 1783.

10 Jan 1782:
William Price, 4 days wagonage £2

Price, Williamson, self, 1m 16-21; 3b +16; 6b -16; 2 horses, 2 cattle [not tithable]
Price, William, self, 0 m 16-21; 15b +16; 9b -16; 15 horses, 22 cattle
Price, Wm Jr. pd by William Price

CHARLOTTE CO VA WILL BOOK 2 1791-1805; Bel Hubbard Wise
p.36 William Price, Senr. 30 Aug 1791; probate 7 Jan 1793
Son Daniel, tract he now occupies
Son Samuel, tract on Wards Fork Creek & bounded by son Williamson and Paschal Greenhill, 474A and Negroes Dick & Stephen, wagon & team of horses
Daus: Nancy, Polly, Sarah, Lucy, each a horse and saddle, livestock, feather bed
Dau Elizabeth & son Williamson, 20sh each
Deed to be made to Perrin Alday for 500 acres on Cub Creek which has been exchanged for lands in possession of son William.
Wife Mary Price, dwelling house and after her decease to Williamson.
Executors: Wife Mary, Sons William, Williamson, Daniel and Samuel
Wit: Thomas Moore, William Johnston, John Hannah
p.46 Inventory and appraisment of estate of William Price, Dec'd. Rec. 2 Jun 1794

WILLIAM PRICE and MARY WILLIAMSON were married before June 1751. MARY WILLIAMSON27, daughter of CUTHBERT WILLIAMSON and ELIZABETH CURD, was born about 1733.11

In 1751, the dower was laid off to Elizabeth Allen, Mary's mother. Mary's name was given as Mary Price so she was already married. If she was 18 in 1751, she was born as early as 1733. The date of birth as 1737 given in other references is obviously an estimate and an error.

If the Williamson database shown here is correct, Mary and William were "half" first cousins. They shared a grandmother, Susannah Carter who married first Daniel Price and second Thomas Williamson. William's father was Daniel Price son of Daniel Price & Susannah Carter; Mary's father was his half-brother, Cuthbert Williamson, son of Thomas Williamson and Susannah Carter.

WILLIAM PRICE and MARY WILLIAMSON had the following children:



Daniel PRICE died before 27 February 1804 in Halifax County, Virginia.28

Daniel married 23 Mar 1781, Lydia Morris, in Bedford Co VA. His will proved in Halifax Co on 27 Feb 1804 names his wife as Lydia. Daughter Susannah Booker. Sons, Samuel, William and John. Another daughter Ann D. Price. Executors: wife Lydia Price and brothers William Price, Williamson Price and friend John Morris. Dated 3 Mar 1802.

Halifax Co VA, Will Book 6 [actually lists children not abstracted above.... there were four sons, three daughters]
p.612   Feb court 1804  Daniel Price LW&T  Of Halifax. Dau Susannah Booker has been lent a slave.  very faint and difficult to read.  Son Samuel.  Son William.  Son Daniel.  Son John.  Dau Lydia Price.  Dau Ann O. Price.  Slaves to be delivered when the children come of age or marry.  Beloved wife Lydia Price ...for support of children.  If she marries estate to be kept together until son John comes of age, then to be equally divided. [It is evident most of the children were minors]  If she doesn't remarry, she is to have benefit for life.   Dau Susannah Booker has already received hers.  Wife Lydia, brothers William & Williamson Price and friend John Morris to be Executors.  3 Mar 1802.  Signed Daniel Price Wit: J. Scott William Miller, Nathaniel Jones.  27 Feb 1804.  Proved.

Halifax Plea Book 23
p.24 Feb Court 1804 The LW&T of Daniel Price, dec'd was presented in court and proved on the oaths of two of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.



Samuel PRICE28 died before 7 December 1801 in Charlotte County, Virginia.

CHARLOTTE COUNTY VA WILL BOOK 2 1791-1805; Bel Hubbard Wise
p.212 Samuel Price 15 Apr 1801; probate 7 Dec 1801
Son William. Wife, tract whereon they now live.
Executors: Wife, Friends Tho. Read Senr, Wm Price, Jno N Read & Clemt R. Jameson.
Memo: Wife to have Negro Abby.
Wit: Edmund Read
p.214 Inventory and appraisal of estate of Samuel Price dec'd taken 13 Dec 1801. Rec. 4 Jan 1802.
p.278 Account Current, estate of Samuel Price Dec'd with John Daniel Junr admin from 24 Dec 1801. Rec. 4 Jun 1804.



William PRICE17 was born (date unknown).

There are two Charlotte Co marriages for a William Price; the first of which seems to be too early for this man. Both could belong to someone else entirely given the common status of the name.
William Price to Mary Gaines, 12 Dec 1771. Richard Gaines, father of the bride
William Price to Caty Gaines, 1 Mar 1790. Wm. Gaines, bondsman.
Charlotte County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1765-1863; Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1937



Williamson PRICE17 died in 1823.17

Married on 31 May 1786 to Susannah Booker of Halifax Co VA.

1820 Census. Meadsville, Halifax, VA
1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1m over 45. 1f 16-26, 1f over 45. 19 Slaves.



Nancy PRICE.



Mary W. "Polly" PRICE.






Lucy PRICE was born (date unknown).



Elizabeth PRICE was born (date unknown).