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Sixth Generation

51. SARAH PRICE50 was born about 1772.

From Charlotte Co Marriage records:
"I Mary Price, the Wife of William Price Decd, William Price & Williamson Price Son of Wm Price Dec'd do Certify that Sarah Price the Daughter of the sd Mary Price & Wm Price Dec'd that she is Twenty one Years of Age Given under our hand this 7th Day May 1793. Signed: Mary Price, William Price, Williamson Price. Test: John Smith, Samuel Price."
"This is to certify that I have given my concent for Nathaniel Thomas to take out Lycence. Given from under my hand this 7th day of May 1793. Signed: Mary Price, Sarah Price. Wit: John Smith, Williamson Price
The Bond of Nathaniel Thomas, 7 May 1793. Security Samuel Price. Wit: Wm Morton Jr.

Nathaniel Thomas and Sarah Price, dau. William Price dec'd and Mary Price. Sur. Samuel Price. Retuned to October 1793 Court by Rev. John Chappell. [Marriage Record Book 1; p. 195.]
The book CHARLOTTE CO MARRIAGES & MINISTERS RETURNS has Sarah's mother recorded incorrectly as Sarah Price. The original permission and certification of Sarah as over 21 are both signed by her mother, MARY Price.

Pittsylvania Co Court Records refer to Sarah Thomas as Administrator of the Estate of her late husband Nathaniel in December of 1799. By May Court of 1800, John Epperson is acting Administrator in right of his wife Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Thomas.
Sarah Thomas, Widow, married John Epperson 18 Mar 1800 with William Tulloch as bondsman. Richard Elliott was the official.

SARAH PRICE and NATHANIEL THOMAS were married on 7 March 1793 in Charlotte County, Virginia.51,52,53,54 NATHANIEL THOMAS, son of WILLIAM THOMAS and JOYCE WATKINS, was born on 2 July 1759.55 He died on 1 May 1799 at the age of 39 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.51,55

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.258 7 Apr 1784 William Thomas to Nathaniel Thomas. For love and affection. Tract of 216 acres. Begin Byrds Corner, Byrds line, the Country Line, on the said line. Another tract adj the first and on the branches of Dan River. Begin James Glasby's corner in said Thomas line, along his lines. Cargills line. Patent dated 22 Mar 1775. 320 acres. Another tract adj the other two being land purchased of Samuel Harris. 112 acres on Cane Creek, reference to Halifax records.
Signed: Wm Thomas. Ack by William Thomas 19 Apr 1784.

Pittsylvania Co DB 8
page numbers not visible
13 Jun 1787 Robert Lumpkin to Stokely Spelsby Coleman of Caswell Co NC. 100£. Tract both sides of Dan River, 126 ½ acres part of larger tract whereon sd Lumkins now lives. Bounded S side of the road, sd Coleman's own line, Jacksons Creek. Signed: Robt Lumkins 16 May 1787
Wit: Robert Payne, Henry Campbell, Robert Payne Junr, William Dix, Nathaniel Thomas, William B. Burton, Thomas (X) Bohard
17 Mar 1788 Ack by Robert Lumkins

Caswell Co NC Deed Books:
DB D, p.287 Grant #891 from the State of NC. 18 Aug 1787 188 acres to Moses Pearce both sides Jourdan's Crk adj James Caden entered by Nathaniel Thomas, the Orange Co line, and Obediah Martin.
DB K, p.176-168 23 Jan 1797 Nathl Thomas witnessed deed from Commissioners of town of Milton to Robert Lewis of Halifax, Lot #6 in Milton on Broad St [Should this have been Asa Thomas that witnessed as a Commissioner?]

Pittsylvania Co VA
DB 9, p.500 3 Feb 1794 Thomas & Robert Atkinson of Dinwiddie to Nathaniel Thomas for 97£ 10sh, 130 acres on Cane Creek bounded by Nathaniel Thomas & Thrashers Branch, down Cane Creek. Signed: Thomas Atkinson, Robert Atkinson. Wit: Asa Thomas, William Wright, Wm Thomas Sr. Pdroved by witnesses & Rec. 17 Feb 1794.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.513 16 Jan 1806 Durrett Richards & Asa Thomas, Executors of John Thomas to John Lewis. 201£, 6sh paid by John Lewis. On the 4th day of this present month agreeable to the Last Will & Testament of said John Thomas, sold at Publick auction to John Lewis a certain tract in Pittsylvania Co. Begin pointers in Wm Thomas's line, red oak on Nathaniel Thomas's line and along the same, Byrd's line, John Thomas's corner pointers on the road, along his line 281 acres. Signed: D. Richards, Asa Thomas Wit: John Walters, Jesse Harper, Jacob Johns, Thos. Gatewood, Allen Waddill, Daniel Everitt, James Woodey, Thomas Vaughan, John Akin
20 Jan 1806, presented in court and proved by three of the witnesses.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
Apparently Nathaniel's widow sold her dower lands.
p.33-34 31 Dec 1805 John Epperson and Sally his wife to James Robinson of Halifax. 50£ James & Sally have sold to said James Robertson his heirs & assigns during the natural life of the said Sally Epperson. Tract in Pittsylvania. Begin at white oak - lands of John Thomas dec'd…..50 acres. Signed: John Epperson, Salley (x) Epperson. Wit: Hollaway Pass, Alex Going (x). Jess Going (x) 21 Apr 1806 ack by Epperson
p.494 17 Dec 1807 John Lewis to Charles Lewis of Caswell Co, NC. 200£ 13sh. Land in Pittsylvania on the north of the said Charles Lewis. Begin pointers in William Thomas's line, running with the said line, Nathaniel Thomas's line and along the same. 142 and 1/8 acres one half of tract sold by John Thomas's Executors to the said John Lewis. Signed: John Lewis.
Wit: Wm. L. Williams, Asa Thomas, Geo. Dabney, Francis Dabney, Francis Epperson, John Walters 15 Feb 1808. Proved by three of the witnesses.

21 May 1810 Pittsy CR 14, p.288 Asa Thomas summoned to appear and give security for his guardianship of the orphans of Nathaniel Thomas, dec'd and failing to do so ..he is to deliver the Estate of the said orphans into the hands of James Hopkins & Philip Thomas on their giving Bond and Security and the said Asa Thomas to pay costs.
Feb 1818 Pittsy CR 19, p.13 Commissioners to settle account of Asa Thomas Guardian of Nath'l Thomas's Orphans with Phil. Thomas the Adm'r of sd Asa & Make report.
[Asa has died and apparently was never removed as Guardian. Philip has become their Guardian by default.]

SARAH PRICE and NATHANIEL THOMAS had the following children:



William P. THOMAS.




SARAH PRICE and John EPPERSON were married on 18 March 1800 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.46,56 John EPPERSON, son of John EPPERSON and Elizabeth [EPPERSON], was born (date unknown).

The Guilford Co NC Militia [in which many of the Pittslyvania and related men served) lists a John Epperson, private.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.346 17 Jul 1800 John Epperson & Sarah his wife to William Tulloh. 7#'s. 30 acres on waters of Cain Crk. Begin at Spring known as Holways Spring, ridge path, John Thomas's old line. Signed: Jno. Epperson, Sarah Epperson. Wit: Francis Epperson, Fanny (x) Wafe, Roger (x) Wafe. 20 Jul 1801. Ack by John Epperson.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 13
p.95 14 Jun 1802 Thomas & Robert Atkerson of Dinwiddie to Francis Epperson of Person Co NC. 50#'s 15sh. Tract on S Side of Cain Creek. Begin at path leading from Island ford of Dann River to Dixes Ferry, Nathl Thomas deceast line. Signed Thomas Atkinson for self & attorney in fact for Robert Atkinson. Wit: John Epperson, Jesse Harper, William Tulloh. 20 Sep 1802 Proved by witnesses
[William Tulloch was Bondsman for the marriage of John Epperson to Sarah Price Thomas in 1800.]

p.530 I Elliott Coleman for love & good will for my beloved daughter Alethe Moon Coleman grant all part of the estate of her Grandfather John Epperson which shall or may be coming to me as a Legatee of the said John Epperson, dec'd at the Division of the said Estate & at the death of her Grandmother Eliza. Epperson. 11 Jan 1804. Signed: Eliott Coleman.
Wit: Francis Epperson, Jesse Harper, Jno. Epperson. Coleman Ack. 16 Jan 1804.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.111 17 Sep 1803 John Epperson for the sum of $300 paid by Durett Richards for Jeffreys & Richards and for Richards & Samuels. Sell to the said Durrett Richards: Negro boy named Frank, girl named Jinny, three feather beds, bay mare, black walnut chest, two black walnut bedsteads, two black walnut tables, crop of corn and tobacco on the plantation.
Conditions of the Bill of sale is that if John Epperson shall pay all the money which he is in debt to the said Jeffries & Richard & Samuels & Richard for 24 #'s.. [This is a Mortgage Deed] Signed: Jno Stanfield, Jeffreys & Richards, Richards & Samuels, John Epperson. Wit: Jesse Harper, William Johnston, Alex x Going
17 Sep 1804, Bill of Sale from John Epperson to Durrett Richards was presented & proved by witnesses.

p.271 John Epperson for $40 paid by Jesse Harper, do sell all parts of my mother's in the estate of John Epperson Dec'd that would have fallen to me at her death, my part of her one-thirds of the estate of the said John Epperson Dec'd. 22 ??? 1804. Signed: Jno Epperson
Wit: Jno Stamps, Robert Oliver, John Herring. 22 May 1805, Bill of sale presented and ack by John Epperson.

p.375 23 Aug ___ John Epperson to William Tulloh. Said Tulloh has become security to said Epperson in a bond executed by John & Francis Epperson, called an Injunction bond given in Pittsylvania Co Court in order to obtain an Injunction against the said Francis Epperson. 5sh. Tract of land now in possession of Samuel Dabney, 50 acres to be laid off & surveyed. Lower corner of the tract. Signed: John Epperson, William Tulloh.
Quarterly Court 23 Aug 1805, mortgage was presented & Ack by John Epperson.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
Not only did John & Sarah sell his inheritance, they also seem to have sold Sally's dower lands. p.33-34 31 Dec 1805 John Epperson and Sally his wife to James Robinson of Halifax. 50#'s James & Sally have sold to said James Robertson his heirs & assigns during the natural life of the said Sally Epperson. Tract in Pittsylvania. Begin at white oak - lands of John Thomas dec'd…..50 acres. Signed: John Epperson, Salley (x) Epperson. Wit: Hollaway Pass, Alex Going (x). Jess Going (x) 21 Apr 1806 ack by Epperson

p.387 27 Apr 1807 John Epperson and Sarah his wife for 60#'s paid by William Tulloh, do sell unto William Tulloh a tract of land in Pittsylvania Co, both sides of Cane Creek near the Carolina line, 60 acres more or less. Begin Reynolds line, along the creek, red oak corner, large beach, to the ridge path, white oak in Hudsons line, down the branch to Jessee Harpers corner, Harpers line, the old spring, crossing the creek, then to Reynolds' line, dogwood on the Danville road, down the said road. Also two feather beds & furniture, two black walnut bedsteads and chest, sorrel horse called Jack, one blaze face cow & yearling, pots, flat irons, grind stone, large bell and also sll the crop of corn, wheat & tobacco to be made the present year. Signed: John Epperson, Sarah Epperson. Wit: Wm P. Harrison, Thos. B. Tunstall.
Sarah Epperson cannot conveniently travel to court. 27 Apr 1807. Justices ordered but no return.
18 Aug 1807. Ack. By John Epperson

1820 Census, Pittsylvania Co VA
Enumerated next to William Thomas [2m 16-26]
John Epperson, 1m 16-18, 2m 16-26 [William P. & Nathaniel P. Thomas, stepsons, would be ages 24 and 22, but they appeared to be living next door - perhaps they were counted twice.], 1m +45 [John]. 1f -10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45.
[Sarah Price Thomas Epperson was married the first time in 1793 - her mother testified she was age 21 at the time. The lady with John Epperson in 1820 could be Sarah, but only if she cheated a bit on her age. He appears to have a younger wife in 1830.]
1830 Census, Pittsylvania Co VA
On the same page as Wm P. Thomas and Nat. P. Thomas
John Epperson: 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 50-60 [b. bet 1770 & 1780]. 2f -5, 1f 30-40. [He appears to possibly have married a younger wife and started a new family.]