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Ninth Generation

159. David POINDEXTER46,174,175 was born on 15 March 1763 in Louisa County, Virginia.107 He died on 16 April 1833 at the age of 70 in Stokes County, North Carolina.107

Louisa Co VA:
Book: J, Page: 527, Grantor: Watson Gentry and Theodosha his wife, Grantee: Edward Edwards, Date: 01-Feb-1803
Watson Gentry and Theodosha his wife of Rockingham County, David Poindexter and Frances his wife of Stokes County, North Carolina, David Hambleton and Elizabeth his wife, William Poindexter, Gabriel Poindexter of Louisa to Edward Edwards of Louisa for £100 money of Virginia for tract on Taylors Creek containing 125 acres adjoining John Burnley, John Diggs, Dudley Diggs, Gabriel Poindexter, Christmas's Road. Wit. John Draper, Daniel Gardner, William Johnson, Thomas Gardner, John Foster

David is said to have served in the Revolution as a substitute for older men. His pension record is S-3723. He applied 18 Apr 1833 in Stokes Co NC but stated that his service was from Louisa Co, VA where he was then living. He stated he was born in Lousia Co, 17 Mar 1760. He did serve as a substitute, first in 1778 or 1779 for John Moss; then later in the same year for his father. In the summer of 1780, he served for Watson Gentry of Hanover Co VA. Most of the tours were for two months. Later in 1780, or 1781, he served two months for William Ryan, and in 1781 for Joseph Streat both of Louisa Co. He was in the siege of Yorktown while serving for Thomas Garland. About 1793 he moved from Louisa Co, VA to Rockingham Co, NC, later moving on to Stokes Co.

William Apperson of Stokes Co NC, first cousin of David Poindexter, was said to have served one tour of three months in place of David Poindexter, Spring of 1780. Apperson served in Capt. Joseph Philips Co in Col. Wm Shepperds Regt., transporting lead from the lead mines to the Main Army at Salisbury. He also went out in pursuit of the Tories in several different directions. Testified by Apperson's wife when she applied for Pension, W-3915. There was another David Poindexter living in the area of North Carolina at this same time - his relationship to this family has not been established, but he seems to have been the area much earlier than this David, who stated he was in Virginia throughout the Revolutionary War. Although most researchers have assumed William substituted for this David who married Frances Johnson, I think it most likely he was substituting for the other David who actually lived in Surry Co at the time.

In 1786, William Poindexter and his wife Elizabeth deeded 150 acres of land to their son David Poindexter. [Louisa Co VA DB E & F, 1774-1790, abstracted by Rosalie Edith Davis]

David & Frances must have left Virginia soon after their marriage and moved to North Carolina, first to Rockingham Co and Stokes.

David Poindexter is in the 1790 Rockingham Co NC Census. 1 male over 16, 3 females, 1 slave. I believed he moved over into Stokes Co by 1800.

Another David Poindexter was in the 1790, 1800 & 1810 Surry Co NC Census. In 1790, his household was: 1 white male over 16, 3 white males under 16, 4 white females. I believe this David moved to Jackson Co TN before 1820. His parentage is unknown.

1800, Salisbury, Stokes Co NC
David Poindexter 3males under 10; 1m age 26-45. 3f 10-16; 2f 26-45. 4 Slaves.

1810, Saury Town, Stokes Co NC
David Poindexter 3m under 10; 1m 10-26; 2m 16-26, 1m over 45. 1f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26. Frances probably is in the wrong column. 9 Slaves.

1820, Stokes Co NC
David Poindexter 2m 10-16, 2m 26-45, 1m over 45. 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45 11 slaves

1830, Stokes Co, NC
David Poindexter: 2m 20-30, 1m 60-70. 1f 20-30 9 slaves.
It would seem to me perhaps Frances was already deceased by 1830. There is no older woman in the households of other Poindexters found in 1840 and she isn't in that census as head of household.
The dates of birth and death as shown here and given in the Poindexter book are slightly incorrect. The Pension application of David Poindexter was made in court on 18 Apr 1833 in Stokes Co. He stated he was age 70 on the 17th of March last when he was sworn in. Later in the deposition he stated that he was born on the 17th of March, 1763, in Louisa Co. and continued to reside there throughout his service in the Revolution. He moved to Rockingham Co, NC about 40 years ago and then to Stokes Co where he has lived ever since. He was allowed pension.

David POINDEXTER and Frances Pope JOHNSON were married on 16 March 1787 in Louisa County, Virginia.67 Frances Pope JOHNSON was born on 6 January 1770 in Louisa County, Virginia.107 She died before 1830 at the age of 60 in Stokes County, North Carolina.