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Ninth Generation

117. Charles POINDEXTER87 was born about 1773 in Louisa County, Virginia.85,158 He died in 1851 at the age of 78.85

Louisa Co VA DB, p.631
14 Sep 1826 The following sold their share of property to Charles Poindexter: The old home place of William Poindexter. Relinquishing claims were: Arnett, Peter, William of the state of KY, Samuel, Richard Thomas Poindexter & John S. May of Louisa Co VA, and Sarah Tate of Newton Co GA.

Following is the will of Charles M. POINDEXTER:

In the name of God Amen I Charley M. Poindexter of the coumty of Louisa and the State of Virginia of sound mind and Deposing memory do hereby declare and publish this writing to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and annulling all other wills heretofore written or made by me.
First I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid.
Secondly I desire that the bonds which been executed to me by any of my children, with interest on each from the date of its execution, shall be accounted to my executor hereinafter named by my said children who have so executed said bonds, in the final distribution of my estate, as so much of their legacies respectively.
Thirdly It is my will and desire that my executor hereinafter named shall be trusted to hold in trust ....... sale and seperate use of my daughter Mary Landrum, free from any claim, debt or demand of her husband Lewis Landrum, or any future husband, the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) for and during her material life. The said trustee to pay to my said daughter, Mary Landrum legal interest on the said sum annually. At her death the said sum of $500.00 is to be disposed of by the trustee aforesaid in the manner hereinafter provided. Neither my said daughter Mary Landrum nor her issue is to have any further interest in my estate.
Fourthly As my son Charles Poindexter has received property ie during his life it is my will and desire that in no extent shall his children receive any part of my estate after my death.
Fiftly It is my will and desire that the rest of my estate both real and personal, be sold on a credit of mine or twelve months and the money arising from which be divided among my surviving children and grandchildren herein named so as to make them equal to wit, John B, Poindexter, William H. Poindexter, Merith Poindexter, Dabney Poindexter, Elizabeth Gooch wife of James Gooch , and my grand children Robert Butler and Sarah Butler the children of my deceased daughter Martha Butler. My said grand children to take equally between them the share that their mother deceased mother would have taken if alive, which would be one sixth of my estate. My Executor in making my aforesaid children and grand children equal shall take into consideration the bonds and interest thereon, mentioned in the second clause of this my will.
Fifthly It is my will and desire that the portion of my above named grand children shall be retained by my executor as trustee until they shall respectively attain the age of twenty-one years or marry, no interst thereon to be paid to them or either of them, or to their guardians , or to any other person in the mean time: but the interest is to accumulate and to be paid to them my said grand children together with principal of that legacy when they shall respectively attain the age of 21 years or marry.
Sixthly It is my will and desire that should my said grand children or either of them die before they respectively attain the age of twentyone years or marry, that his,hers or their portion hereby devised and bequeathed to him, her or them shall return to my estate and be equally divided among my surviving children and Grand children the former taking cap...... .. ...... ... .......
Seventhly It is my will and desire that when and so soon as my daughter Mary Landrum shall die that the above named portion of five hundred dollars shall return to my estate and be divided equally among my surviving children and grand children - the former taking the capital, the later ... .......
Eightly It is my desire that should any of my children be dissatisfied with the provisions of this my will, that he, she or they shall be be cut off and have not part of my estate whatsoever.
Ninthly I hereby constitute and appoint George W. S. Harper executor of this my last will and testament,
The inter.......tion " Children" between the 3rd and fourth lines was made by me before execution. In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand and affix my seal this 13th day of March 1851
Charles M Poindexter (seal)
Signed sealed and acknowledged by Charles M Poindexter as and for his last will and testament in our presence and in the presence of each of us and at his request the 13th day of November 1851
Robert S. Jones
Samuel Ogg
below written in a different hand) Dabney Poindexter

Post on Poindexter Message Board, 10 Jul 2010
David T. married Martha Jane Poindexter c. 1842 in Louisa County. I also had found the two children you mention, Robert L. Butler and Sarah Elizabeth Butler. David remarried (c. 1851) Angelina Krise (from Orange Co.?) and they had several children - so far I've documented; Sophia Angeline, William David, Mary Ella, Preston Julian, Phillip and John Wesley. There also may have been a Joseph. My husband's GGrandfather is John Wesley Butler. It is reported on his death certificate that he was born in Louisa County, VA on 21 March 1861, however his tombstone in Scottsville gives the year as 1862. On Sarah Elizabeth's death certificate, the name given for her mother is Elizabeth Poindexter. Sarah Elizabeth was very tiny - not much over four feet tall(I have one picture of her). She lived with John Wesley and his wife, Ella Carson Phillips, at the Butler farm on Route 6 east of Scottsville, until her death in 1938. Aunt Sophia also spent a lot of time at the farm in her later years. David T. Butler, Angelina, Sarah Elizabeth and Sophia Angeline are all buried at the Mt. Zion Churchyard in Esmont, VA. Preston Julian and his family are buried there, too. John Wesley died on 12 January 1946 in Richmond, Virginia at the home of his daughter, Agnes Angeline Butler Gianniny.
John Wesley and Ella had three children, Claude Phillips b. 1897, Lindsay Wesley b. 1899 and Agnes Angeline b. 1902. Claude Phillips Butler was my husband's grandfather.
... I ran across a deed dated 4 December 1900, where Ella "buys out" other family members who have an interest in the farm property in Albemarle. Three names I am not familiar with are Walker P. Butler, Henry W. Butler and James C. Butler. I've wondered if they are possibly brothers of David or perhaps heirs of children who predeceased David?

Post on Poindexter Message Board, 20 Jan 2012
Robert L. Butler is my great-great-grandfather. Many of his descendants still live in Louisa County. Robert L. Butler first married Angelina Gibson and had Julia Lee, Alice M., and Robert N. Angelina's mother was a Krise. Then Robert married Luella Wayland and had Catherine Lee (Katie) and William David. They grew up in the Green Springs area of Louisa County and the property adjoined Doctors Road.
I am descended from Julia Butler's children. She married Beauregard Butler and had many children, one of whom was my grandmother Lillie. Lille married Sam Vogt and they had a home off Doctors Road as well.
Katie Butler also married a Vogt, and he was Eddie Vogt the brother of Sam. They had many children, too, and also grew up off Doctors Road. Three of their children still live in Louisa and I have regular contact with them. One is Raymond Vogt, one is Eddie Vogt, Jr., and one is Elnor Vogt Whitlock.
By the way, the third child [Martha Jane Butler] of David and Martha Jane Butler wasn't born until after Charles Poindexter's will was written. That's why she is not named in the will. My Note - then how is it her mother is noted as deceased?

Charles POINDEXTER and Sarah MAY were married on 9 January 1792 in Louisa County, Virginia.67 Sarah MAY was born (date unknown).