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Seventh Generation

32. Phillip POINDEXTER2,42 was born in 1708 in New Kent County, Virginia.2,13 He was christened on 26 December 1708 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.24,43 He died on 15 August 1790 at the age of 82 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.2

Philip, son of Mr. Geo. Poindexter & Mary his wife was Baptized 26 Dec 1708.

Goochland Co VA Deed Book 4
p.328 5 Jan 1744 John Stoval to Philip Poindexter of New Kent County - 200 acres in Goochland on branches of Deep Creek, South side James River.
p.487 19 Feb 1744 Joseph Sanders of Parish of Southam in Goochland to Philip Poindexter of same. 200 acres on South side of James on Deep Creek - moiety of 400 acres to John Stoval by patent. [Philip Poindexter now owns the full 400 acres.]

Goochland DB 5
p.497 20 Dec 1748 Phillip Poindexter of Goochland to James Hollaway of Amelia Co. 27£ South side James near head branches of Muddy Creek. 40a. Bounded as in patent granted to Phillip Poindexter dated 5 Mar 1747. Adj Sam. Nuckols & sundry others. Signed: Phillip Poindexter. Witness: Bowker Smith, Peter Holland. Elizabeth his wife relinquished Dower.

CAVALIERS, Vol, V, p.248 Philip Poindexter, 400 acres Goochland at head of Muddy Crk. adj. Jacob Winfrey, Samuel Allen, William May, John Robinson, Samuel Nuckolls. 5 Mar 1748 PB 26, p.249. Land formerly granted Francis Stegar 12 Feb 1743 who assigned his Title to Foliet Power and sd Power assigned unto sd Poindexter.

Virginia Land Grants, other than the above grant in Goochland, to Philip Poindexter:
10 Sep 1755 Lunenburg Co. 1250 acres on south side south fork of Meherrin River adj Joseph Davis, Grant, etc. PB 31, p.645
10 Sep 1755 Lunenburg Co. 400 acres south side of Meherrin River, begin at Tandy Walkers corner on the Juniper Crk just above where it runs into the river. PB 31, p.565

In the first Will Book of Lunenburg Co VA, 1746-1762, there are at least three estates for which a Philip Poindexter was involved. 20 Jul 1651, he was one of the appraisors of the estate of Godfrey Ragsdale. 8 Nov 1752, he was one of three to present the account of the estate of John Peter Bilbo, Adam & Eliza. Winders, Admin. On 4 Jul 1753, he also certified the estate account of Francis Howard, Thomas Hawkings, Admin.

Phillip POINDEXTER and Elizabeth [POINDEXTER] were married in 1734 in Virginia.2,43 Elizabeth [POINDEXTER]43 was born (date unknown).

Phillip POINDEXTER and Elizabeth [POINDEXTER] had the following children:



Mary S. POINDEXTER was born on 30 March 1736 in New Kent County, Virginia.44



George POINDEXTER was born on 16 March 1737/8 in New Kent County, Virginia.43

George was baptized St. Peter's Parish, 23 Apr 1738













Phillip POINDEXTER and Sarah CRYMES were married on 18 August 1761 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.43 Sarah CRYMES39 was born on 20 August 1744. She died in 1781 at the age of 37 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.43

Sarah was the daughter of George Crymes and Sarah Stephens.

Phillip POINDEXTER and Sarah CRYMES had the following children:






Nancy Charlotte POINDEXTER44 was born (date unknown). Goode, Richard & Nancy Charlotte Poindexter, 8 Oct. 1781, Phil Poindexter sec.
"The Marriage License Bonds of Mecklenburg County, Virginia "



Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" POINDEXTER.



Mary Stevens POINDEXTER44 was born (date unknown).

Possible marriage?
Green, William W. & Mary Poindexter, 3 Jan. 1803, G. H. Baskervill sec.
"The Marriage License Bonds of Mecklenburg County, Virginia"



George Crymes POINDEXTER.



Martha "Patsy" POINDEXTER.