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Eighth Generation

76. Frances POINDEXTER88 was born in January 1737 in Louisa County, Virginia.89 She died before June 1778 at the age of 41.95

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Frances Poindexter married Robert Anderson abt 1745 in VA. Her parents were John and Christian Poindexter. Christian's will dated abt 1778 lists her daughter Frances Anderson as deceased. Does anyone know the names of Robert and Frances Anderson's children. I am trying to find the parents of John Poindexter Anderson who died in Nelson Co KY in 1814

When Frances' mother wrote her will 25 Jun 1778, she said "my daughter Frances Anderson being dead I give her part to her children. Louisa Co VA WB 2, p.358. Rec. 14 Jun 1779.

Frances POINDEXTER and Robert ANDERSON were married. Robert ANDERSON95 died before June 1782.95

Although both of Frances Poindexter's parents named her as Frances Anderson in their Wills, there is doubt over exactly which Anderson she married. However, there is apparently a deed of 1746 when Robert and Frances sold land on Taylor's Creek, part of a patent to David Anderson, to Richard Ambler.

Robert said to be the son of David Anderson & Susannah Swann of New Kent Co.

Louisa Co, VA
Book: A, Page: 222, Grantor: John Starke, Grantee: Robert Anderson, Date: 27-May-1746
John Starke of Louisa co., to Robert Anderson of same. £63 currt. money. for 379 acres on Ducking Hole Swamp land said Starke purchased of Maj. William Morris; part of a larger tract granted by patent 20 Jul 1738 adj. James Roach. Sig. John Starke. Wit. Richard Terrel, Jr., Chas. Bickley, James Yancey. Ack. by Anne, wife of John Starke.
Book: A, Page: 265, Grantor: Matthew Anderson, Grantee: Robert Anderson, Date: 04-Jan-1745
Matthew Anderson of St. Paul's Par. Hanover County, Merchant, to Robert Anderson of same, planter; 400 acres lying near the Mountains; granted unto said Anderson by letters of patent, mortgaged unto William Prentice of City of Williamsburg, Gent for a sum of money with other lands recorded in the Secretaries office in Williamsburg. Matthew Anderson purchased the same of said Prentice, and in consideration that Robert Anderson by deed released and made over his right and title in two tracts adjoining each other, containing 200 acres, doth release and forever quit claim unto said Robert Anderson all right and title. Sig. Matthew Anderson wit. John Anderson, Mary Cocke, William Roach, Richd. Johnson, Jas. Littlepage, Daniel Williams.
Book: A, Page: 266, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: John Moore, Date: 17-Aug-1746
Robert Anderson of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover Co., Planter to John Moore of St. Martins Par., Hanover Co., planter for +45 currt. money for 400 acres granted said Anderson by patent near a tract taken up by Col. Meriwether late of Hanover Co., dec'd. a little below the mountains and adjoins land of Samuel Dalton and that which was Edwards Hix's on a branch of the south River called in said patent, Anderson's Creek.
Book: A, Page: 431, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: Charles Barret, Date: 26-Jun-1751
Robert Anderson of St. Martins Par. Hanover Co. Planter, to Charles Barret of Fredericksville Par., Louisa £265 currt. money for 184 acres adj. sd Anderson, Lickinghole branch, Rices' corner, Barrets, part of 284 acres granted by patent 10 Jun 1740 to sd. Anderson. Sig. Robert Anderson. Wit. Thomas Perkins, Chars. Bickley, Henry Shelton.

Book: A, Page: 464, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: David Anderson, Date: 23-Jun-1752
Robert Anderson of St. Martin's Par., Hanover co. to David Anderson of same. £30 for 100 acres on each side of Lickinghole branch, Fredericksville Par; part of a tract of 284 acres granted sd. Anderson by patent 10 Jun 1740 .... Barrets' corner at head of Lickinghole branch, down same to Barret's corner ... along sd. Anderson's several lines. Sig. Robert Anderson (RA)

Book: D1/2, Page: 33, Grantor: Robert Anderson Gent. and Frances his wife, Grantee: John Nelson, Date: 12-Mar-1767
Robert Anderson Gent. and Frances Anderson his wife of Trinity Par. Louisa co. to John Nelson Gent. of same +400 curr. money for 479 acres in Louisa being land purchased of John Wash and Robert Estis, Jr., adj. Ann Cosby, John Poindexter, William White, Charles Daniel, Jr., Francis Lea, dec'd. and Majr. William Morris dec'd. Sig. Robert Anderson. wit. Harry Robinson, John Todd, John Timberlake.
Book: D1/2, Page: 129, Grantor: David Anderson and Judith his wife, Grantee: Robert Harris, Date: 10-Apr-1769
David Anderson and Judith his wife of St. Martins Par. Louisa Co. to Robert Harris of Hanover co. St. Martins Par. £35 for 284 acres granted to Robert Anderson by patent 10 Jun 1740 ... Barretts Corner ...head of Lickinghole Branch, down sd. Branch to Barretts corner along the sd. Robert Andersons line. Sig. David Anderson and Judith Anderson (x) 10 Apr 1769 by David. Anderson and his wife.
[See Deed Book A, p.431 & 464]
Book: D1/2, Page: 274, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: Revd. Robt. Yancey, Date: 11-Feb-1771
Robert Anderson of Louisa Co. to the Revd. Robt. Yancey of Louisa Co. for £20 my Negro girl named Unity aged about 14 years and her future increase. 11 Feb 1771.
Book: D1/2, Page: 445, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: Rich. Poindexter, Date: 15-Sep-1772
Robert Anderson of Louisa to Rich. Poindexter of same 20s for slaves Judy and Pat for the use of Frances Anderson, wife of sd. Robt. Anderson; sd. Frances shall have full power and authority by deed in her lifetime or by her last will to dispose of and convey the sd. slaves and their increase to and amongst such of the children of sd. Robt. Anderson and Frances his wife as in her direction discretion shall think right; in case sd. Frances shall survive her sd. husband and should marry again then sd. Frances' Power shall cease and become void and the above slaves shall be divided amongst all the children of the sd. Robt. and Frances, except Elisabeth Ammon and Fanny White. Sd. Richard Poindexter doth convenant and agree that he will well and truly perform the trust herein. Sig. Robert Anderson and Richard Poindexter.
Note: Frances Poindexter Anderson had a brother Richard. Apparently the two men had the above agreement concerning two slaves that were to be for her use.
Book: E, Page: 31, Robert Anderson, Thomas Johnson Jr., Richard Anderson, David Anderson: , Date: 25-Oct-1774
We Robert Anderson, Thomas Johnson, Jr., Richard Anderson, David Anderson, Richd. Swift, James Bunch and John Robinson are bound unto George III in sum of £500. Condition is that Robert Anderson is appointed Sheriff of Louisa Co. 25 Oct 1774 and shall collect quitrents, fines due to his Majesty. 12 Dec 1774 bond acknowledged.
Book: E, Page: 94, Grantor: Jersone Gibson, Grantee: Robert Anderson Gent., Date: 13-May-1776
Jersone Gibson of Trinity Par., Louisa Co. to Robert Anderson Gent. of same; #6 10s ; 25 acres in Par. afsd. on Eastern side of Peters Cr. known by the name of Goodmans hill, bounded by Peters Cr., the land of sd. Anderson and James Johnson. Sig. Jerson Gibson (X) Wit. Jno. Watson, John Hogan, Thos. Johnson Shf.
Book: E, Page: 110, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: Michael Ailstock Jr., Date: 14-Oct-1776
[month and date blank] 1776 Robert Anderson of Trinity Par. Louisa to Michael Ailstock, Jr. for £12 for 108 acres on both sides Gibson Mill Creek being part of a larger tract belonging to sd. Anderson, Gent. on upper side Gibsons Creek. Sig. Robert Anderson wit. Nathl. Garland and Wm. Hughes. Ack. by Anderson 14 Oct 1776.
Book: E, Page: 145, Grantor: Robert Anderson and Frances his wife, Grantee: George Terrill, Date: 10-Apr-1777
Robert Anderson and Frances his wife of Louisa Co. to George Terrill of Caroline Co for £4 for a tract on Peters Creek cont. 100 acres adj. Robert Anderson, Col. John Bolling and William Davis. Sig. Robert Anderson wit. Hezekiah Rice, John Poindexter, Jr., Sachville King. ack. by Anderson 10 Apr 1777.

Robert Anderson had died before 28 Jun 1782, when his son David divided 1000 acres descended to David among his siblings, Robert, John, Ann, Susannah, Kitty & Sally, reserving 1/7 for himself.
Louisa Co DB H, p. 207
28 Jun 1782 David Anderson of Louisa Co VA to Robert, John, Ann, Suzannah, Kitty & Sally Anderson for natural love and affection David bears his brothers and sisters. Tract in Louisa on Peters Creek where our father the late Robert Anderson was possessed in his lifetime purchased by him of James Johnson, reserving for himself 1/7 equal part. Rec. 8 Jul 1782.

Frances POINDEXTER and Robert ANDERSON had the following children:



David ANDERSON96 died before October 1781 in Louisa County, Virginia.

Lousia Co VA:
10 Apr 1769 David Anderson and Judith his wife of St. Martins Parish, Louisa Co. to Robert Harris of Hanover Co, St. Martins Parish. 35£ for 284 acres granted Robert Anderson by patent 10 Jun 1740. Barrets corner, head of Lickinghole Branch, down sd Branch to Barretts corner along sd Robert Andersons line.
Signed: David Anderson, Judith Anderson

Cty. Lou, Book: 2, Page: 392, David Anderson, Type: Will, Date: 01-Nov-1782
Submitted by Ray Anderson ( In the name of God Amen. I David Anderson of the County of Louisa and the Parish of Trinity being very sick and weak but of a sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testiment in manner and form following. I commend my soul into the hands of merciful Redeemer who gave it my body. To enter at the discretion of my Exors., hereafter named and as to worldly goods with which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me. I give as followeth. Item – I lend to my beloved wife Judith Anderson my whole estate both real and personal during her natural life in order to enable her to support and bring up my children. Item – My will and desire is that after the death of my wife that my land be equally divided between my following, four sons John. Charles Archilus & David at the discretion of my Exors. Which sd. part so I laid of I give to my sons to them and their heirs forever. Item – I give and bequeath to each of my sons as named above at the death of my wife one cow and calf & one sow and pig to be delivered to them by any Exors. Item - My will and desire is that as my daughters come of age or marries that my whole estate which I have lent my wife (except the land given my sons) be valued by my Exors., and that one fifth part be delivered to her and to the next that shall come of age or shall marry a fourth and so on to the last, all which parts I give to sd. daughters. Item - My will and desire in that the part remaining in the possession of my wife at her death be equally divided between my four daughters Mary, Sarah Susannah and Elizabeth. Item - I do constitute and appoint Capt. Joseph Shelton and Perrin Farrar Exors. to this my last Will and Testament revoking all other wills by me heretofore made. Signed and acknowledged before us David Anderson (seal) her Elizabeth x Johnson mark Elizabeth Johnson Mary Lacy

Judith Anderson widow made Exor. At a court held for Louisa County on Monday ye 8th day of October 1781. This will was this day exhibited in open court and proved by the oaths of Elizabeth Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson two of the witnesses thereto and by the court ordered to be certified and at a court held for this County at Louisa the 12th day of November 1781 Joseph Shelton and Perrin Farrar who were left Exor. To this this day certified under their hands that did not think it proper to qualify as Exors. to the will. Therefore on the motion of Judith Anderson widow to the ad. David Administration is granted her with the will annexed who to the oath of an Administratrix and entered into bond according to law.



Robert ANDERSON96 died on 13 May 1826 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Robert married Mary Reed 29 Mar 1784 in Hanover Co VA. He served in the Revolution as a private in the artillery, Continental line for three years. Was at the Battle of Guilford Court House. After the war he moved to Henrico Co VA, then to Bedford Co in 1787. In 1804 he moved to Nelson Co KY. Moved after 1818 to Giles Co TN until 1821 when they moved to Davidson Co TN. He received a bounty land warrant that his brother David located in Kentucky.



Elizabeth ANDERSON was born (date unknown).

Married Thomas Ammon about 1766.



John P. ANDERSON97 was born (date unknown).

Please note: This is an unproved connection. I have never discovered exactly what John Anderson this was, nor what Louisa [or Lucy?] Poindexter.

This John????
Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana DAR:
John Anderson, b. 25 Dec 1757 in Virginia, married Louisa Poindexter. Served as Private in Dandridges' VA Regt. Enlisted May of 1778, served 2 months in Capt. Gaddis Winstons' Co, Col. Wm. Dandridge's Regt. Later enlisted in Capt. Elisa Whit's Co, Col. James Monroe's VA Regt. On 1 Sep 1781, enlisted for 3 months in Capt. Isaiah Haden's Company, Col. John Taylor's VA Regt. Amounted to 5 to 7 months in all.
Children: Robert b. 1801, John Poindexter Anderson, b. 1803. Rice William Anderson. Nancy Agnes. Tabitha. National DAR Number 587255.

The very unreliable Poindexter database calls this man John Poindexter Anderson and has him married to Elizabeth Rice. He was circa 1754 and died 15 Aug 1814, Nelson Co, KY. Children listed in the database are: Nancy, Jefferson, Robert, David, George, Betsy, John, Rice, and Agnes.
John said married 2nd to Elizabeth Clark, 16 Oct 1815 - but that's after the date of death given.



Susannah ANDERSON97 died before August 1841 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

The Poindexter online database says that Susannah married married John B. Miller on 22 Sep 1783 in Bedford, Virginia, USA. John was born on 8 Mar 1761 in Caroline, Virginia, USA. He died on 16 Jun 1848 in Sumner Co, Tennessee, United States. John signed a will on 15 Sep 1848 in Sumner Co, Tennessee, United States.

Susannah is said to have died before Aug of 1841, Sumner, TN.



Kitty ANDERSON97 was born about 1765 in Louisa County, Virginia. She died about 1833 at the age of 68 in Adair County, Kentucky.

Kitty, or Katherine married Zachariah Holliday about 1796. She is said to have died Adair Co., KY about 1833.
Known children were Sarah, b. 1797, John, b. 1800, William, b. 1802, and Joseph, b. about 1805 (birth years are estimates). There may have been a daughter Mary who died young (female under age 10 in the 1810 census).



Sally ANDERSON97 was born (date unknown).

Sally married Joseph Higbee. She died in Jessamine Co. KY



Ann ANDERSON97 was born (date unknown).

Ann married 29 Dec 1784 in Bedford Co to Archelaus Moon, son of Jacob & Mildred Cobb Moon. He died 17 Jul 1796 in Kentucky.



Frances ANDERSON97 was born (date unknown).