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Eighth Generation

73. William POINDEXTER46,62 was born about 1734.55,83 He died in April 1808 at the age of 74 in Louisa County, Virginia.83

Poindexter, A Norman Family, gives year of birth as c 1734. Poindexter Family History says about 1732, but says the same year for older brother John.

One of the bequests of the will of John Poindexter who married Christian, was 200 acres on Golden Mine Creek & a slave named Leander to son William - later William and wife Margaret deeded 100 acres of land on Goldmine Creek to John Poindexter. In 1771, William Poindexter of Trinity Parish was listed as owning a slave Leander. Solid evidence that William who married Margaret was a son of John and Christian Poindexter.

Louisa Co DB C 1/2
9 Oct 1764   William Poindexter of Louisa Co to John Poindexter. For 30#'s.100 acres. On Goldmine Swamp being of a larger tract bounded as follows.  Begin N side of S fork of Gouldmine Creek; the north fork; up the creek to Poindexters line.  Signed: William Poindexter, Margret (x) Poindexter.
Wit:  Wm White, John Gardner
Acknowledged same day; Margaret released dower
9 Oct 1764  William Poindexter of Louisa to John White.  493's.  100 acres on Goldmine Swamp, part of larger tract bounded as follows. Begin N fork of Goldmine Creek; on the patent line; Capt Hills line.  Signed: William Poindexter, Margret (x) Poindexter.  Wit: John Poindexter, John Gardner
Acknowledged same day; Margaret released dower
[most of the page numbers were not visible but the page following the above deed was - p.47]

Here are William's neighbors - also from DB C 1/2
12 Aug 1765  William Tandy of Albemarle to John Gills of Louis. 25#'s  Tract of 50 acres on the road leading over Goldmine Creek Bridge, part of larger tract sold to Tandy by Joseph Lipscomb.  Begin on in John Thomsons line; along same to William Poindexters line; to Rowland Gooches line; John Gills' line  to the road where it divides the line of John Gills & Joseph Lipscomb
Signed:  Wm Tandy    Wit:  Robt Anderson, James Overton, Jos. Poindexter
Ack by Tandy.  Jane hisdwife released dower

Louisa Co DB C p.151 Deed of John Austine and Margaret his wife of St. David's Parish, King William Co to William Poindexter of Trinity Parish, Louisa ...103 acres adj Nathaniel Pope, John Matlock, James Travilians old line, Susanna Crenshaw, Mr. Chamberlane.

Will Book 5, Louisa Co VA
p.289-290 Estate settlement William Poindexter
16 Apr 1808 - Inventory totaled 603.15.6
Names wife Margaret, she claimed advancements to children Peter, John, William, Charles, Joseph. John Tate married to Sally. Slaves, beds, cow & calf.
Slaves named in Inventory: Caleb, Amy & child Charlotte, Lucy, Rose, Tandy, girl Mary, girl Clary, boy Wyatt.. Caleb, Amy & Charlotte, Tandy & Mary alloted to Margaret as part of her dower. Peter had received 1 Negro boy; John received 1 negro boy; same to William, Charles & Joseph. Sally had received 1 woman and child.
Margaret also received 1 cow, 1 sow & 3 pigs; 8 shoats; 5 old sheep & 2 lambs; plough & harness; two feather beds 2 bedsteads & cords, dishes, pots, chest, table, 12 chairs, one mare
The land was not divided at this time. James Porter, William Bibb, Robt Dalton. 11 Jul 1808. ordered recorded by John Poindexter

William POINDEXTER and Margaret DANIEL were married on 9 June 1762 in Goochland County, Virginia.83 Margaret DANIEL32, daughter of Charles DANIEL and Jane MICKELBURROUGH, was born in 1742 in Middlesex County, Virginia.83 She died about 1815 at the age of 73 in Louisa County, Virginia.83

Margarent Daniel's surname, as in the case with so many of these early wives, is clouded with doubt. A member of the Research committee of PDA has found documents concerning the settlement of Margaret's dower among the heirs in Lousia Co VA in 1826. The names of William's children are given as Peter, John, William, Charles, Joseph and Sally - there is apparently no Richard or Thomas.

William POINDEXTER and Margaret DANIEL had the following children:















Richard POINDEXTER32,46,84 was born about 1778 in Louisa County, Virginia.85 He died on 13 March 1863 at the age of 85 in Louisa County, Virginia.85

Richard is not named in the court proceedings concerning his mother's dower and her heirs. Neither is he listed in the appraisal of William's estate. I would consider his placement here questionable.

The Poindexter book states that he served in the War of 1812. He was drafted at Cosby's tavern about the 26th of Aug 1814 for three months and served as a private in the Company commanded by Capt. George Morris, 1st Regt of Virginia Militia. He was discharged at Bottoms Bridge VA on 26 Nov 1814. He swore to the above on 23 Nov 1850 in order to obtain bounty land. His discharge paper was included in the file. Warrants were issued for land but he apparently never claimed it.

He married 20 Aug 1817 to Lucy T. Nelson.

1850 Census. Louisa Co VA, p.361. Richard Poindexter, age 71; Lucy T. age 51. Frances A. age 21, Huella 13, Henry H. 10 and Robert T. age 7. All b. Virginia.
1860 Census. Louisa Co VA, p.835, Fredericks Hall P.O. Richard Poindexter age 80. Lucy T. age 61. Sarah J. age 25, blind. Huella 22, Robert T. age 16.
1870 Census. Louisa Co VA, p.341, Fredericks Hall P. O. Lucy Poindexter, age 70, lived alone.
1880 Census. Amherst Co VA, Temperance District, p.298A. , Houshold 109. Ella Jerdan, age 42. Son Henry F. age 17, Son Chas. R. age 18, Daughter Mary A. age 12, Daughter Cora age 9. Lucy T. Poindexter, age 81, Mother. Sarah J. Poindexter age 46, Sister. Caroline Snead, age 9, Black, a House Servant.






Thomas POINDEXTER32,46,85 was born (date unknown).

Thomas is not named in the court proceedings concerning his mother's dower and her heirs. Neither is he listed in the appraisal of William's estate. I would consider his existence doubtful, or that he died young. The Poindexter book has no information other than his name.



Sarah "Sally" POINDEXTER32,86,87 was born on 9 June 1782 in Louisa County, Virginia.86

This date of birth as 9 Jun 1782 in the first Poindexter Family History book would seem to be the date that Rev. William Douglas recorded the birth of a child to William Poindexter & Margaret Daniel. He did not name this child. The birth date has also been assigned to Sarah's brother Joseph.

Sally married 12 Mar 1799, Louisa Co, to John Tate. The marriage record gives her father as William Poindexter. Poindexter books show a daughter born to this couple in 1802, a Susan who married Napoleon Ball ca 1821 in Elbert Co GA.

There is another Louis Co, Virginia marriage of a Sally Poindexter to a Thomas Johnson - 11 Apr 1803 - I've not been able to find another Sarah "Sally" Poindexter. Could this have been a second marriage? Could the second Sally have been a Poindexter widow?