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Seventh Generation

30. Anne POINDEXTER2,38,39 was born on 6 February 1696 in New Kent County, Virginia.39 She died in 1754 at the age of 58 in New Kent County, Virginia.

This Anne is not mentioned in the Pettit book. In some genealogies she is said to be the daughter of Thomas Poindexter & Sarah Crawford - by some she is thought to be the same as Susanna, daughter of Thomas & Sarah [but Susanna married John Snead so she cannot also be Anne]. The Poindexter Family History book places her here as does the Poindexter Descendants Association database.

Other children are listed in the PDA database - Sarah, George born ca 1718, Richard III, and Mary.

Some of the children placed in the family of Richard Clough and Anne, could not have been born to her - she was past childbearing age. I wonder if granddaughters have been placed as daughters.

Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 23:46:37 EDT
Has anyone researched Ann Poindexter's children with Richard Clough from
Hanover Co., circa 1729? I know that Nan Overton West has done research and I
have a copy of her book documenting it. I've found a little bit of other
information. I know that their son, Richard, died at an early age and their
daughter, Elizabeth, married Robert Anderson and I've spent a lot of time in the last
4 years searching in the Anderson family with no results. I'm focusing now on
Ann's son, George. George had a son with Mary Nelson named John and 2 other
sons (Robert & George) but I believe John is the only one who fits into the
right timeframe. If anyone has any information on this line of Ann Poindexter
and her son, George, I'd love to have the information.
I'm beginning research in the Poindexter line for possible connections to my
ancestor, John Clough of Rockingham Co., VA. I've searched for possible
connections with the New England Cloughs, to no avail.
Thanks in advance,

Anne POINDEXTER and Richard CLOUGH were married on 9 June 1718 in New Kent County, Virginia.2,24 Richard CLOUGH40 was born in 1691.39

Said to have been a native of Wales. He was a son of George Clough, Clerk of New Kent Co from 1720-1740.

The Lewis/Meriwether book states that Richard Clough's wife was a daughter of a Massie & Lucilla Poindexter, and a granddaughter of George Poindexter, the Emigrant. The marriage record at St. Peter's Parish would indicate Ann's surname was Poindexter, not Massie. Her given names are also seen as Cecilia and Caroline and Susannah.

Anne POINDEXTER and Richard CLOUGH had the following children:



Elizabeth CLOUGH.



George CLOUGH was born circa 1729. He died in December 1797 at the age of 68.

Married Mary Nelson. He was deceased by Dec of 1797 - his son Robert was Executor of his estate.



Ann Booker CLOUGH41 died in 1814 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.41

Ann married John Overton. Her will said proved Aug, 1814.



Rebecca CLOUGH41 died in 1781.41

Rebecca married Richard Eggleston, son of Joseph & Ann Pettus Eggleston. He was appointed guardian of Molly Clough, Rebecca's younger sister, in 1754, Cumberland Co VA.



Sarah "Sally" CLOUGH was born circa 1745.

In 1763, in Louisa Co, Sally requested John Overton, her brother-in-law, as her guardian, implying she was over the age of 14 and probably was close to being full age.



Mary "Molly" CLOUGH was born after 1747.

In 1765, Richard Eggleston, her brother-in-law was appointed her guardian. She is said to have left a will dated 9 Apr 1779 in Powhatan Co, VA. No indication that she married.



Elizabeth CLOUGH was born circa 1750.

When Elizabeth married Charles Barret, 5 Nov 1770, in Louisa Co VA, her guardian, S. Temple, gave consent, implying she was not yet of age. I am sure if that would have meant she was still under 21, but likely it was 18. I am a bit bothered by her young age, as her mother would have been close to being past child-bearing years. I have seen consent papers when I knew the lady was of full age - seemed to be more of a courtesy than a requirement.